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Mar 30, 2018

Garo: Vanishing Line is the third Garo TV series, with a modern setting with action happening in Russell City, it follows the story of Sword, a makai knight who dons the golden armor to protect human from the eternal threat called horror which comes to this world from Makai Realm using humans negative emotions, Gina, a makai priest who uses spells to destroy horrors, Luke, who uses guns to hunt horrors and Sophie, a girl who is searching for her brother.

Great unique story, well paced episodes having well choreographed battles, characters which whom you will instantly love and a ride that read more
Aug 1, 2016
Long story short two unrelated stories ,first about two classmates and the second one about two siblings .
Tags : vanilla ( not pure vanilla ) , flat chest , big boobs, borderline rape , younger sister , incest ,tsundere .

The first episode adapts chapter 5 ( Konna Mune Demo Aisaretai!! ) which tells the story of a girl with small boobs who used pads to make her chest look bigger and her classmate who discovers her secret .
The second episode adapts chapter 6 (I Know, I'll Practice with My Little Sister.) which tells the story of an elder brother who finally read more
Jul 11, 2016
Story :
This has a story is not full of sex scenes , the sex scenes are about 25% of this . For those interested this has monster rape, single female and vanilla , although the hentai should not be the main reason to watch it for.
Since the anime is so short things get rushed here and there , and some things seem to happen for the sake of the plot , but if you are not easily disturbed by that you'll enjoy it .

There is a lack of character development and sometimes characters make unexpected decisions .

Art :
Is good for an old anime, the read more
Jun 19, 2015
If you are looking for a hentai then don't bother with this , it's barely a hentai because of a scene or two and I'm not sure if those scenes can get this anime into hentai category .

Story :
The starving hero finally finds a village but it's no one there , soon he gets captured by female warriors of the kingdom with no men and is sent to their queen where is revealed that he might be the warrior from the prophecy. He goes to defeat the demon lord ,take photos of damsels in distress and save the kingdom .
Compared to some recent anime this read more
Nov 23, 2013

Binkan athlete is about female athletes who are too busy with training to relax and here kicks in the male character and the "story" is born. If you want to find more about the story you should read the synopsis because you can find more about it than watching the anime.


The art is great and it makes this enjoyable, the characters are well designed it. Unfortunately this is censored. I can say there is nothing exaggerated, everything is balanced, so no giant breasts for you. The sound is great and the seiyuu are skilled.


This isn't a hentai with a story so there is no character read more
Nov 20, 2013
I decided to write this review because this manga doesn't have one and because I'm a fan of Muv Luv series . I hope this will be useful .

First of all I must say that the story in this manga isn't mind blowing but is still good, but as a part of Muv-Luv trilogy this manga is worth reading because it's focusing on characters development and getting the reader more into Muv-Luv universe also this is a must read if you want to play/read ML Alternative .

The story starts with Shirogane Takeru waking up in a parallel world where aliens invaded Earth and the humanity read more
Oct 21, 2013
This borderline hentai picture drama is full of ecchi scenes and you will enjoy it if you like fan service .
For those who don't like ecchi scenes: don't waste your time watching this because there is nothing else here.

I've enjoyed to see Katja being the main character and also I liked how in this picture drama I got the chance to see most of her sides.

I must say the mix of humor and dirty pics made this very enjoyable.

Overall: if you watched Seikon no Qwaser for it's humor and dirty scenes you will love this.