Aug 1, 2016
Zarnaav (All reviews)
Long story short two unrelated stories ,first about two classmates and the second one about two siblings .
Tags : vanilla ( not pure vanilla ) , flat chest , big boobs, borderline rape , younger sister , incest ,tsundere .

The first episode adapts chapter 5 ( Konna Mune Demo Aisaretai!! ) which tells the story of a girl with small boobs who used pads to make her chest look bigger and her classmate who discovers her secret .
The second episode adapts chapter 6 (I Know, I'll Practice with My Little Sister.) which tells the story of an elder brother who finally gets an offline date but being an inexperienced virgin has this "brilliant" idea to ask his sister for practice.
Chapters are faithfully adapted .

The first episode is a bit weird because sometimes the coloring feels unnatural . The second episode gets art becomes generic but it gets better . The art is not bad but not outstanding is just fair .

Funny , likeable characters .

The stories are short but are enjoyable because they are simple,sometimes humorous and have vanilla elements .
I recommend this to those who like vanilla and imoutos, also if you watched this and enjoyed it you might also want to check the manga since there are more good stories and the art is better.