Nov 23, 2013
Zarnaav (All reviews)

Binkan athlete is about female athletes who are too busy with training to relax and here kicks in the male character and the "story" is born. If you want to find more about the story you should read the synopsis because you can find more about it than watching the anime.


The art is great and it makes this enjoyable, the characters are well designed it. Unfortunately this is censored. I can say there is nothing exaggerated, everything is balanced, so no giant breasts for you. The sound is great and the seiyuu are skilled.


This isn't a hentai with a story so there is no character development. Some characters that appear in this are : a masseur, 2 skaters (sisters) ,a tanned volley player.

This hentai is decent and it's not a romantic comedy or something psychological nor a disgusting netorare ,the only reason you could watch this is because of the "material" .