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In both series the main characters are trapped in a world where they would rather not be in. They try to resist and fight this world in order to regain their freedom. This is why I would recommend watching both series if you liked one of them. Both of them also involve a love story
report Recommended by Darkbow
Death plays a major role in both shows. In Angel Beats! everyone is trying to atone for their past lives in purgatory while in SAO, everyone is fighting for their lives in order to make it back to the real world.
report Recommended by Jenaimemepas
Same. Brilliant story. Action, drama, and romance... Great combination of genres. Amazing characters. World of SAO is also brilliant.
report Recommended by XaooN
After world / another world. Where a group of people try to escape their world that they've been locked away in.
report Recommended by TheAnimeLover101
In both stories, the protagonists are stuck in an alternate world in which they have to live in, compared to Angel Beats, Sword Art Online takes place inside a video game.
report Recommended by nemesysgfx
I don't even know where to start with attempting to recommend Sword Art Online. The series is great, while it's in an outside reality and guilds take place- SOA, much like Angel Beats will have you liking some characters more than most and you'll probably be caught off guard and start feeling a little emotional like with Angel Beats.
report Recommended by ItsAlyssya
They're similarly paced so if you enjoy anime that rushes each arc into short 13 episode arcs with lovable characters, this anime is for you.
report Recommended by Bobulated
Sword art online is something I dropped half way through season 1 because of certain *events* but honestly Angel Beats is shorter and still is amazing, I've never laughed so hard at an anime before, while still having a sense of dread as the backstory of the characters is dark and is a main part of the plot as just like in Sword Art they are stuck in a game/like Limbo (Purgatory) and are fighting against the schools master. One of the best anime's that just keeps taking everything you thought you know and flipping it onto the floor before reforming it into a bigger   read more
report Recommended by Frostile
Both isekai. Both action fantasy. Both have nice females. Except Angel Beats has better writing and is more consistent with its enjoyment
report Recommended by RagonWest
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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