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Seems like they're at a school type of setting trying to get over some sort of past they had to move on and live life. Each character has some unique personality or past that is gone over and also has a story to go with them.
report Recommended by Excelion
The dark theme, the romance between some characters, Grisaia no Kajitsu really gives a wave of Angel Beats! back to me, since I haven't cried on a 13-episode series since Angel Beats! Beautiful anime, also they reflect alot about death and what there is after it.
report Recommended by Animaker
During the first few episodes of Grisaia no Kajitsu, these two shows didn't seem to have any similarities. But as the story went on, I found they were quite alike. They depict how a past tragedy changes the characters' whole lives. And our protagonist helps them to accept their fate. Moreover, they both have a special school as setting, mild animation, and decent music composition.
report Recommended by dnpdn
~ Both feature a mysterious male protoganist joining a school ~ The school is filled with people with troublesome/dark pasts, including the MC ~ The MC tries to help everyone overcome their pasts ~ Both feature random spurts of comedy
report Recommended by Buttmuffin
2nd half of Grisaia no Kajitsu reminded me a lot of Angel Beats. Both series talk a lot about death and how people behave when they are on the brink of death. Both series feature characters who carry deep regrets after (they believe) causing the harm to their friend or family. Whereas Angel Beats is about purgatory, where every character in the story has already died, Grisaia no Kajitsu is about near-death experience, where characters come out of scenarios where they are the only surviving person. These issues are explored thoroughly from the 2nd half of Grisaia no Kajitsu all the way through to the two   read more
report Recommended by Mac97
The main male protagonist helps each one of the main characters to get over there tragic past and ends up solving their problems. The tragedies are also very similar to that of Angel Beats.
report Recommended by Rohit_Kumar
both are similar in terms of feels and stress but Grisaia no Kajitsu has 10 times more stress specially around the last 4 episodes of the first series
report Recommended by TheJohn
Both anime has characters with different tragic past . And one MC tries to fix or heal their past
report Recommended by 833M0L3
Each of the characters has their own personal story, and the series uncovers them one by one. They are much darker backstories than those of Angels Beats though
report Recommended by tommynguyen1