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Similar animation style, both involving a mystery surrounding a high school. Similar character archetypes. Really funny moments of randomness, but can be very poignant at times, too.
report Recommended by Nek0
Opening up, both series have this air about them. The high school setting presents itself as normal, yet something tells the viewer it actually isn't normal. What isn't normal? Well, quite a few things, such as battling in school premises, but the school also holds secrets.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
-Jun Maeda is the writer of Little Busters! that also wrote Angel Beats, Air, Clannad, and parts of Kanon -The setting is similar but the story's concept goes on a different direction. If you love Angel beats, you will love this anime (because of all these strong similarities).
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both series involves the same writer, Jun Maeda. LB! and Angel Beats! has a similar feeling that involves supernatural themes set in a lighthearted mood with its cast of characters. Both series also involves a group of friends doing various activities and having fun. Both series has similar concepts and the main male protagonist has similar personalities. Both series' soundtrack also has a smooth melody as well as a lighthearted OP song. Both series has comedy, drama, and also some emotions as various episodes progresses.
report Recommended by Stark700
I just realized that Angel Beats! and Little Busters! are way more similar to each other than for example to Clannad. Of course it would be a huge spoiler to tell what makes them so similar
report Recommended by Khalan
Both animes are about a group of friends enjoying the time they spend together, they show an alike story line. They are both Key works and they have the same beautiful art.
report Recommended by vivitan
- In both anime they will be going on useless missions - The plot is slightly similar Without going into further details - A lot of MAIN character in both series - Takes place in school - Tear jerkers throughout both series - KEY
report Recommended by planetarian
I don't see how this relates to Clannad in any way. IMO, Little Busters and Angel Beats are very similar in its themes and they can easily be close to relate if it was understood in a better angle. Even if they have different story.
report Recommended by Kidele
its almost the same stories and painful stories are also almost same and the creator might be the same
report Recommended by blaziken11219
Both have insanely hilarious "battles" or "missions" with a side of full fledged emotion. Beautiful visuals and created by the same person, Jun Maeda.
report Recommended by RedCellophane
Beautiful emotional storyline with moments to laugh and ... to cry.
report Recommended by LeoTenshi
Both of the plots of these animes are basically almost the same concept, apart from the fact that in Angel Beats they are all in the afterworld. Just like Otonashi sticks with a whole group, Naoe Riki does as well. Both of these animes go deep into the past of most of the characters, and that's what makes them so similar.
report Recommended by Pietru
If you like a good drama or anime with deep emotions, Little Busters & Angel Beats are for you. -The MC in both series helps the other cast members to overcome certain problems in their life. -The use of emotion is used excellently in both series. -Each of the animes has a leader that guides the group and helps it grow. -The MC of each animes has certain problems of his own he must overcome with the help of his/her friends. -Both can be dramatic and sad but also comedic at times with both being done extremely well.
report Recommended by Miyuki_Kotone
- Both are sometimes funny, and sometimes sad; and have a great cast of characters that never get boring - Both have dungeons (LB! in season 3) - Both main characters must solve their friend's troubles - Both original works are made by the same people
report Recommended by LoliTentacleRape
Little Busters (and Refrain) is everything that Angel Beats should have been. While they are very similar, Little Busters succeeds in its storytelling unlike Angel Beats which succeeds merely in production value alone.
report Recommended by ZachM
They both were done by Key and Sentai Filmworks. They start the same way, but plots develop diffrently. While Angel Beats was rushed and had few holes in the plot, Little Busters is long and it has few mistakes. They are both fun and heartbreaking. If you love Angel Beats, you're going to love Little Busters.
report Recommended by Raito-senpai
They are both made by key. Just like little busters, Angel beats shows a group of friends and like the little busters, they also have a group of their own called afterlife battlefront. Angel beats contains many funny and random moments similar to little busters
report Recommended by Missanime2
It's KEYS! That's all you need to know! Both shows are brilliant and worth watching. "Little Busters ~Refrain~" is really good. But "Angel Beats!" is even better. My favorite anime if I can say so. You want some surnatural, drama and comedie???? GO FOR IT!!! Angel Beats! is a masterpiece, Little Busters is great, but you have to watch the whole first season to watch the second one and melt in pleasure at the end.
report Recommended by berzerke53
Both sad and beautiful stories and moments throughout the show
report Recommended by shinjisyndrom
What these anime have in common: ~Both have mainly a male main character. (Pattern? Noticed.) ~LOADS OF DRAMA AND SADNESS FOR ALL TO SEE. (P.S. Keep a pack of tissues handy. This could get messy.) ~A few Baseball scenes. ~Romance and somewhat comedy.
report Recommended by Eucharis
-Angel Beats was written by Jun Maeda of visual novel studio Key. He also authored Rin's Route and Refrain in Little Busters. -Share such similar concepts and structure that I have to argue that Little Busters might have been a prototype for Angel Beats. For example, the cast of both series are a tightly-knitted group of friends, story of both series starts off light-hearted before descending into heavier and deeper themes; these kind of stuff. -Art done by the same guy, Na-Ga.
report Recommended by blurpotato
The anime are both dramas made by Key Studios that have supernatural elements in them. Both main characters join a group of students in a school and end up doing several tasks with them. Both series also have mystery elements in them and revolve around discovering the "secret of the world". If you enjoy the type of emotional storytelling Key is known for, you'll probably like both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both made by Jun Maeda also both made by KEY Both have a similar atmosphere involving Mystery, Drama, Comedy and Romance Both Highschool Themed Story/Plot, Character Personalities are way too Similar Both will make you Laugh but also make you feel emotionally on some parts.
report Recommended by lEONHEL
Similar Art, Both are Highschool Themed. Similar Character Attitudes. Both have this Supernatural Concept. Both Jun Maeda's Works/ KEY. Also both will make you laugh but also cry as well. Recommended for Slice of Life Fans.
report Recommended by -Yoinokuchi