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Both series have clubs ,Some band playing, Gods, Fighting, and the Main characters are alike.
report Recommended by Sealkid
Many similar characters, both have some kind of club and supernatural aspects
report Recommended by doorotka
Some band playing in animu, characters, gods... Just gives the same feeling.
report Recommended by Nante
Both main characters have extremely similar personalities and furthermore, both series give similar feeling while watching it.
report Recommended by KitanoShirayuki
Yurippe is extremely similar to Haruhi, in both appearance and personality. There are other character similarities as well (Otonashi = Kyon, Angel = Yuki) although they aren't quite as strong. The more lighthearted episodes of Angel Beats remind me of the non-Melancholy episodes of Haruhi, although the shows have different styles when it comes to dramatic plots.
report Recommended by Nyktos
Angel Beats main character resembles Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's main character a lot. Yuri as crazy as Haruhi and have same kind of personality besides not only main char even story is unique too [ this is also same for another way :) ]
report Recommended by bolaykim
School setting with a group of teens and a suttle aproach to the supernatural. Leaders in both teams are know-it-all girls with an agenda (who also look alike), whilst the leading males are the non-doormat yet not highly assertive type.
report Recommended by Queen_Stars
Both have fantasy and very similar atmospheres and main characters, and don't take themselves too seriously.
report Recommended by Reichiru
Both have clubs, gods, and main character look alike.
report Recommended by SoFarGone
They have the same feeling. They're in school, in a club, in a sort of club. The leaders are so similar, in attitude and design. They have mysteries and a lot of fun.
report Recommended by Mitsuko5
The similarities are astounding: both center around clubs, both leaders are charismatic and random, both involve supernatural elements, both take place at schools, both leaders are eccentric and wear arm bands, the male protagonists both are very bland and just follow along... The list goes on! If you liked Haruhi, you'll like Angel Beats!
report Recommended by joshspeagle
i would say , they are both great animes to watch and characters are very similar Like Otonashi - Kyon , Haruhi - Yuri , Kanade - Yuki . And they both have mysterious surrounding xD .
report Recommended by Eternal_Shield
I find the two main characters of these TV series strikingly similar. Suzumiya Haruhi is very similar to Yuri. They are both headstrong characters with great leadership skills that lead their groups to "mischief" (to put it generally). If you love Haruhi, check out Angel Beats! Both are supernatural series but other than that they are pretty different.
report Recommended by butterflystudios
Paranormal things that happen are controlled by a certain person.
report Recommended by imprezagc8
They are both amazing animes that have some similar qualities. While Angel Beats also has a more serious and sad side to it, it is also very humerus and comedic like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. They both have the light-hearted school/club element, and the club leaders are both very enthusiastic. While neither of them are very focused on romance, they each have some romance between the characters that make the stories more interesting. I think that regardless of their similarities and differences, both Angel Beats and the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are amazing shows that deserve to be watched, and you will love them.
report Recommended by SomeLostMelody
Very similar in main characters being rebellious females leading a group. A lot of supernatural and slice of life as well as humor, romance and action. Also, similar music/concert scenes.
report Recommended by momoxtoshiro
Both main characters look the same act the same it has a super natural aspect some sort of love story involvements and involves a club
report Recommended by pseudo_persona
They are just too alike!Both series discuss the "God" topic.Also Haruhi is similiar to Yuri,Kyon is equal to Otonashi & Nagato looks like Kanade(Angel)(Tenshi).Although I think Angel Beats! is better.Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is awesome too but it feels a little random especially in season 2.
report Recommended by TragicRomance
It has a person that looks like Ms. Suzumiya and mentions "god" in it. Also has a character similar to Ms. Nagato.
report Recommended by KyonzumiNagato13
Both series have a brigade that involves supernatural things. Also the brigade leader (Haruhi and Yuri) have a very similar personality, and both series have many references to "God". In both there are some episodes with music concerts too.
report Recommended by Raizhen
Element of "god' in both series, except that in Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, Haruhi is the god, and in Angel Beats, Yuri is opposing the god. Supernatural elements in both (monsters). Both use character flashbacks for character development. Also, Yuki and Kanade are both danderes who are good at fighting
report Recommended by coolwolf
Suzumiya Haruhi is very similar to Angel Beats. There is a strong female lead character with involvement with sci-fi aspects, there's also minor romance involved in both series. The variety of characters in both series do share similar character archetypes. If you liked Suzumiya Haruhi, you'll enjoy Angel Beats.
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
Both are mystery comedies based on similarly strange supernatural premises. Both do a great job of revealing a little bit more information each episode, which changes how you view the story and keeps things fresh.
report Recommended by Timofmars
-psychological, philosophical elements -religious questions (about god) -female leader and male protagonist -supernatural elements -characters have disturbing past -alternative reality themes -high school theme -sense of humor -both entertaining and without shallow scripts
report Recommended by Snake4fun
Both take place in a school type setting. Both involve clubs/bridges. And both deal with clashing ideologies of life. The main characters of Haruhi and Yuri also share similarities with each other.
report Recommended by Stunfisk
both involve one forceful girl leader, both center around a concept of rebelling against god in some form, both have a guy that changes the main girl, in some form
report Recommended by Classicola
It's obvious that angel beats took some parts here and there from Suzumiya Haruhi. Both are the leader of a Club, both have a similair style especailly the sailor school uniform looks really close angel beats is suzumiya haruhi no yuutsu just with more emotion but a much more senseless story and a very devastating bad 13th episode
report Recommended by NekrozOfGungnir
Similar female protagonist (in looks and in personality) Both feature a club established by the female lead Both contain a quiet girl with hax powers
report Recommended by Dashiawia
-Both main characters (Yurippe and Haruhi) are very similiar. -In both histories there is a club. -Supernatural elements and Gods. -School life.
report Recommended by cspi
Slice of life meets Sci-Fi. Watching them both, you'll see small similarities. Both great short series.
report Recommended by pr0wnage
They both have action though Angel Beats has more, both have decent characters, and they are both funny :D
report Recommended by pucalovesanime04
both yurippe and haruhi have almost the same character
report Recommended by haero
Not long after starting Angel Beats, I was surprised of how similar it was to (The Melancholy of) Haruhi Suzumiya series. First of all, the MCs: Otonashi (Angel Beats!) = Kyon (Haruhi Suzumiya) Both are the "normal" type of guy, who's enrolled into something despite themselves. They follow a group, somewhat uninterested, but enjoy it in the end. They are VERY similar. The Setup: Afterlife Battlefront (Angel Beats!) ~=~ SOS Brigade (Haruhi Suzumiya) Both take place in school (Slice of Life), and their "headquarters" are both a Club room. Both series don't take itself seriously thus include comedy. Overall: You follow the MC mostly. School life, meets people, enjoy company, makes friend. However,   read more
report Recommended by MasterHoover
Yuri = Haruhi, Otonashi = Kyon, both animes have a highschool-setting and are about clubs and supernatural things.
report Recommended by RedCola
The main female characters are very alike. Both lead a group that they made and actually, they kinda look like each other. The main male characters are also similar because they are the ones who realize the weirdness of their plans and also serve as a very important member of the group.
report Recommended by emanime
The female protagonists, Yurippe and Haruhi, are very similar characters. Both are energetic Tsunderes Both are leaders of school clubs that deal with the paranormal Both have a knack for having their way. In addition, the male protagonists are characters one can connect to easily. They are your average down to Earth teenagers who have to deal with many weird occurances. The genre of the two animes is also the same. Both are school life shows with a supernatural twist. The main difference between the two is that Angel Beats! has a much darker side to it, while MHS is lighter in terms of plot (its episodes are slightly episodic)   read more
report Recommended by stealthnuck
Both shows have a similar atmosphere and share a high school setting (although angel beats is set in the 'afterlife'). They both have elements of mystery and humor and some of the characters are quite similar like Haruhi<-->Yuri and Otonashi<-->Kyon.
report Recommended by sukidarou
Both follow a female "club leader" who are really similar to one another. Also, the comedy in both series a very similar.
report Recommended by jacobjr1
Deadpan snarker protagonist, tsundere jerkass leader, and super powered dandere.
report Recommended by NeoRinTinTin
- same character personalities/appearance. Haruhi to Yuri, Kyon to Otonashi, Nagato to Kanade. - both have clubs for special people doing special activities. SOS Brigade for Haruhi and SSS for Angel Beats
report Recommended by raviel_ken
Basically the music, both animes have awesome musics and the fact that both talk about teen's story and the main characters
report Recommended by Mitsuh
Both have hot-headed female leads who are somewhat incharge of the rest. Both shows are bottom line hilarious, not to mention the fair share of seriousness they both contain. Comedy, Romance, Tragedy, and action in both shows. If you're a Suzumiya fan, you'll definitely be a fan of Angel Beats!.
report Recommended by b-ko
Both build off of the supernatural and revolve around it. Both have clubs and similar male and female protagonist.
report Recommended by TanookiTail
Both female leads look similar and have very similar characteristics, Both are about a group or club at a high school who go on spontaneous advanetures, both have a male lead who are placed in a situation unfamiliar to them but eventually just go with the flow, and both start off funny and light but get more and more deep as the story progresses.
report Recommended by KawaiiWallach
If you liked Angel Beats then I would highly recommend watching Haruhi, they both revolve around a club with quirky characters and there is some overlap in character tropes. In my opinion, the Haruhi series is better in just about every way. So I would recommend anyone who really liked Angel Beats to give it a try.
report Recommended by wzTK64
Both take place in high school and both revolve around an eccentric club leader. Both shows are comedic and enjoyable. The Melencholy of Haruhi Suzumiya also has an incredible movie to conclude the series much better than the Angel Beats ending.
report Recommended by parz
Each show focuses on a group of students dealing with the supernatural. Haruhi and Yuri have very similar personalities and go about things the same way. Feature slice of life elements and not so slice of life elements throughout the series'.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Both show us a girl as leader, who insatiably seeks an answer to the questions that she herself questions, not knowing that her response is so close to her. Both are related to the powers that are created by a being "divine" or "out of this world." Haruhi of the anime of the same name, look for aliens, espers, time travelers, who are created by their own existence and Yuri of the anime Angel Beats !, seeks angels and God, who are created in their mind, but are not real. The two series show two groups that perform different missions under the guidance of these   read more
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
High school boys, a crazy environment, a strong willed female protagonist, the world of Haruhi is pretty similar to the alternate world of angel beats. You will not have the feels that angel beats leave, but you will have the fun of a series of unexpected events that violate the law of physics.
report Recommended by Duo02
Yuri and Haruhi are similar characters, both energetic, group leaders, and struggling against resignation; Yuri doesn't want to disappear and re-make her life, and Haruhi rejects the idea of having an ordinary life and disappear from the world without anyone that remind her. Despite the melancholic concept that both shows can hold, there is a lot of comedy into them, and the atmosphere, it's similar as for slice of life, and also comedy is referred.
report Recommended by Shokko
- Both are clubs activities - Both characteristic in few character,Yuri like Haruhi,Otonashi like Kyon - Both are 'Great' Tachibana and Yuki - Similiar playing band music.
report Recommended by BernardHoover
Both animes show the theme of a club and the main characters are very similar
report Recommended by AnimeDude_14
In my opinion, these animes have a similar atmosphere, something serious happening but with a lot of humor and characters that do not show much interest in this serious thing. PT/BR:Na minha opinião,esses animes tem uma atmosfera parecida,alguma coisa séria acontecendo mas com muito humor e personagens que não demonstram muito interesse nessa coisa séria.
report Recommended by Hayate_Hamate
If you really enjoyed Angel Beats I would definitively consider watching the Haruhi series. If there is any shows that I have seen that are strikingly similar to Angel Beats, the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is the first that comes to mind. Both are very similar in their approach to the formula of the series. A main male protagonist gets pulled into a school club led by a strong female lead into a world he is unfamiliar with. Also both have another lead female character who is quiet, mysterious and very strong. Both have comical, emotional and serious subject matter that is shrouded in mystery. To   read more
report Recommended by ThrowSomePlates
Both are mystery comedies based on similarly strange supernatural events. They do a great job of revealing a little bit more information each episode, which changes how you view the story and keeps things interesting.
report Recommended by Keita2014
Angel Beats!, while being fundamentally distinct, references Suzumiya Haruhi in many ways that shouldn't go unnoticed. A lot of the characters in Angel Beats!'s Afterlife Battlefront feel like less-extreme, more flushed-out versions of SOS Brigade members. Like, how Otonashi is similar to Kyon in that he's the only "normal" one in the brigade, or how Yurippe is similar to Haruhi herself in that they both take charge and order everyone in the group to partake in silly tasks with a silly goal in mind. Despite this, the characters in Angel Beats! are still able to feel original given that they all possess heart wrenching backstories,   read more
report Recommended by Bocazon