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Blend S
Blend S
9 hours ago
Watching 3/12 · Scored -
Ousama Game The Animation
Ousama Game The Animation
9 hours ago
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
9 hours ago
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
Apr 3, 1:19 AM
Reading 91/? · Scored 8
Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Feb 12, 9:53 PM
Completed 80/80 · Scored 8
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun
Jul 26, 2016 2:44 PM
Completed 147/147 · Scored 8


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Protaku 5 hours ago
Freed. Free to say what I want now.
Benkyo Oct 20, 4:37 PM
Haha wow, them kiddies seem to be a little too good at doing what they were doing. :P Yeah, you might as well give away those extra cards since I'd also feel bad for them just rotting away in a drawer. That'd be some decent and clever marketing scheme if them giving away so many souvenirs was so you could buy the anime or just advertise it.

I've always thought you've lived on the eastern side of America so that's actually surprising to hear that you live in California. Though damn, figures we'd be on the opposite sides of the state. And what, Cali's on fire?!?!! Impossible lol. Luckily where I live, I'm not close to the fire and I've heard of Cali always going fire haha, so hopefully I won't be unfortunate one day. Lol Fate/Zero level obliteration. xD But jeez, you've been that close to a fire that many times? o_o That's just ridiculous that you've had that many fires to begin with for that matter too. Hahaha looks I moved to a great state since I got fires, droughts, and a potentially huge earthquake! xD

Lewd figures kinda count as hentai I think ;)
Juni Oct 19, 4:32 PM
oml crippling depression. lmao what is crippling depression anymore? I'm used to it :)
TheHonestThief Oct 19, 3:42 PM
2-3 day workweeks with 4 days off? I'm in.
Anyone that's lived a life outside of high-school really can't blame you for not hopping on here as often. It's kind of funny, I have friends still in HS that complain about their workload and I sort of want to slap them because they know nothing. (I totally thought the same at their age but still.) xD
Exactly! Some people just don't like to work. I don't mind putting in the effort, but I feel like it's my entire life... It's not worth it at all. That much is for certain.

Oooo! English Degree! DO ITT! I remember you said you liked to write. How's your zombie story coming?
Right now I'm studying programming, but my long term goal is to grab a film/animation/creative writing degree. A lot of effort, but it fits in with my "dreams" perfectly.

Haha, solid advice from senpai. I shall take it to heart my friend. (Not a cashier, but I'll still take the advice to heart.)
Dude, I'm already encountering the "she has a kid" dilemma. I really don't want kids, no way I'd enter into a relationship with a girl who already has one.

DON'T GIVE UP YET! I'm sure you'll find a nerdy girl to weeb out with someday! Have hope, Protaku! Have faith! Believe in the me that believes in your future! I'm sorry I couldn't resist. xD
If you have the means I'd say go for it. Take that year, chill out, get your life back to where you want it to be. I'm jobless right now but it's the best place I've been mentally all year.
Memes always help:

Juni Oct 18, 4:12 PM
yeah but it still gets boring even with my phone, i start dying in the first hour.
lmaoooo sad ass life xD can you get a promotion or smth so you have different hours you can work?
TheHonestThief Oct 18, 3:17 PM
It really is insane to realize just how much of our lives we spend working. Sort of makes you want to drop everything and just live as a traveling hippy making a life by posting things to Instagram. xD
Sacrificing sleep is normal though. Be honest, conversations with me > Sleep every time.
Lol, I feel you. Those that didn’t share weebdom with us looked at us like we were complete morons.
I’ve personally found that making my bills each month really isn’t that hard. Working isn’t hard, it just depresses me when I realize the other things I could be doing...
What sort of degree would you go back for if you could convince your lazy ass to do so?

I read the blog... not the happiest read, that’s for sure.

WOOT! I WAS QUOTED! Feels good man. Feels good.
My future... I look forward to some small things. Anime, gaming. The cute girl that works at the grocery store I frequent. Cute girls in general really.. Alcohol. Taco Bell. And death. Not much if I’m being honest.
In all seriousness though, if you really have nothing in life you’re looking fkrward to make a change. Something that you want to do. Fuck what’s smart, fuck the responsibilities. Do something. Life really isn’t worth it if you legitimately hate every minute.

No worries at all mate. Just respond when you feel like it.
Juni Oct 17, 4:45 PM
same tho ToT
i have uni duhhhhhhhh
lecture to be precise kms
TheHonestThief Oct 17, 1:29 PM
Lol not even a little bit. Met a few cool people that helped me get through the day, but when they either got fired or left it was time for me to move on as well. Now I’m actually inbetween jobs, taking a few weeks off to get my grand thoughts on my life together. (You don’t realize how much time is in a day until you spend it not working. xD
I feel you man. I don’t even know what your political opinions are but don’t hold them back. Left, right, center... Green Party, liberatarian, anarchist, it’s your opinions and beliefs so have them. If people are going to hate you for that shit they weren’t worth having in your life. Same with anime and weeb stuff in general. Someone at my work once called me an “God-tier weeb”, and I was happy to bear such a moniker.
It’s really just an apathy towards the things that don’t matter, ya know?

Yeah, between working and time spent studying I just lack the free-time I once had. Gone are the days where I could spend hours debating people on this site and think nothing of it. I don’t mind the site or anything, but I’m just trying to keep my involvement here far more casual. If I don’t respond to someone’s message immediately it’s whatever.
What kind of job do have? Degree related or just a job to make bills?
Lol I had no clue you had left. My first day really back on and your thing said “last online 9 hours ago”. xD
Haha, thanks. I love my apartment, it’s simple, but my roommate and I have it fully furnished, and it feels great to not be sequestered to a single bedroom most of the day like it was when I still lived with the rest of my family.

Existing does suck, doesn’t it? I’m the furthest thing from an optimist, but I do try and find the things that make life worth it or I’m just like “why not just burn my life to the ground, change my name, and leave the country?” xD
Juni Oct 17, 3:34 AM
Yup yup ty lmao
Yeah it was summer so it was in between lmao
TheHonestThief Oct 17, 2:24 AM
Haha, I suppose I have. I'm going to blame that one on my (well now former) job.
Nothing wrong with some good old fashioned edge. Nihilism is in, man! Haven't you heard?
Yeah, I've really just lost my ability to care about most things. Life's too short, ya know? Why stress about anything? Kick back with a nice cold drink and just have a good time. Live life and shit! I've basically morphed into the edgiest hipster imaginable. xD

Nope, I still love Attack on Titan, I just felt a switch up was in order. I'd had the AoT love going since the day I joined the site. A bit of fresh air (ehr, a new face rather) was needed.
Lol yeah, the about me I ditched back when I first fell off the site a year and a half ago. I don't even remember quite why I ditched it, but it's whatever. I like the simplicity. Part of me likes the idea of people engaging with me if they want to learn more about me. Not to mention going back and creating a new about me would take a lot of effort I'm not too keen on expending at this time. xD

Ohmygod yes. If I could just stop time for a while that'd be great. Better yet, if I could just be immortal it'd really solve all my problems. I'm only about to crest 20 myself, but thanks to my brother (also my roommate) who is 25, I have myself a full supply of alcohol around the apartment. I find it does help with the depression. Though, I don't drink alone too often, I've heard that doesn't help with depression and the like...
Protaku Oct 17, 1:58 AM
I'm stuck in an eternal meme.
TheHonestThief Oct 16, 11:14 PM
Lol same. Life kinda sucks. I mean, even if I have a cool apartment, everything else is like super meh. Work? Boring as hell. School things, boring as hell. Not to mention expensive.
But, with every negative in life my ability to give a fuck has faded. I've reached a new level of edgy zen. It's been great. xD

(Copious amounts of alcohol helps too. And the occasional bit of weed.)
Juni Oct 16, 4:26 PM
I'm good, I'm in uni now so wooooo im a whole new person lmaoo
how are you?
TheHonestThief Oct 16, 3:23 PM
Yo! Long time no speak, mate. How have you been?
PriestSlayer Oct 16, 3:01 PM
Baka Tsuki maybe. It's been awhile since I last used that one though.