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Start of like a comedy and increasingly develop intense drama. Both are adolescent stories with youths going for their life goal, or new life.
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both shows revolves around slapstick humor and cheap drama to entertain the viewer.
report Recommended by Wilio
Definately not the same story line but they're both comedic in the beginning and once it gets towards the end, they both get pretty sad and/or dramtic.
report Recommended by JaJang000
Both of these shows have tsundere leads, though it takes Yuri longer to soften. There's laughter along the way, adorable moments, and moments when it looks like everything will fall apart. Still no matter how hard Toradora! tries to convince you it's only funny or Angel Beats! that it's only serious, there's a gooey center in each of these shows that left me with a smile. :)
report Recommended by Sabeeh
Angel Beats is similar to Toradora! because they are both classified as romance animes that we all want to see more of. They are also similar because the two main characters in each anime start out as somewhat enemies but come to see that they want the same thing and end up falling for each other in the end.
report Recommended by Gwenben
Both are romcoms, and get into deep romance at the end of the show.
report Recommended by bemxio
Both animes are romance comedy and are really good and properly develops each character. And the end of animes they are heartwarming and sad but in a good way.
report Recommended by Reapercodbo3
Both stories started with comedy but as time goes by both developed into quite dramatic and romantic theme. However Toradora has good character development than the other but still if you saw one of these its highly likely that you will like the other one.
report Recommended by SimYeon
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