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Clannad: After Story
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Clannad: After Story
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All characters in both series have some tragic past, accident or something tragic will during the series to them
report Recommended by Bladeguy
They are both set where the characters are in a highschool. Both are funny heartwarming and tear-jerking. The storyline with both drags you in and you cannot stop watching untill the last seconds of the last episode. They are also both made by Key, who are well known for their amazing anime. If you loved Clannad and Clannad: After story, you will love Angel Beats. Now go watch, Laugh and cry.
report Recommended by acidpanthers
Both of these anime are from the same anime company and both have a similar feel (mix of comedy and serious elements). They also share a powerful theme that is incredibly touching :)
report Recommended by gate-gate
The ending more or less gave me the almost same bitter sweet ending. Its one of those animes in which you kinda dont wish it to end but it kinda has to. Yes, it made me tear up, try it!
report Recommended by BloodyRage
Both visual novels are made by the company visual art's/key. Audience would love every character in both animes through the incredible back stories. Both contain extremely emotional tear jerking scenes as well as well-placed humor. Both animes contain the motif of love across dimensions.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Made by the same person. Sadness, awesomeness, friends, action, all you need.
report Recommended by VVBlastFuryVV
This story is originally wrote by the same guy. If you liked clannad you like this. The story is a little hard to get your head around at first but if you pull through the first couple episodes you will see the same comedy and ideals that were in clannad in angel beats! The story will touch you just as clannad did and even make you think about your own life. You may not cry as much but there are some pretty sad events here too
report Recommended by budaki
Angel Beats! and Clannad, both have the nice Slice of Life and fantasy mix in them, obviously Angel Beats! has a lot less slice of life, but those back story for the main characters is amazing. It is a lot like Clannad as they both have the depressing factor in them, The only real difference is Angel Beats! is not so romance/drama based. I highly recommend both, now go watch em'
report Recommended by redninga19
First of all, Clannad: After Story and Angel Beats! are both made by the same studios: Key. With that in mind, much of the art work, story, music and characters will have the same sort of emotional feel to them. People who enjoyed Clannad will definitely love Angel Beats! and vise versa. While there are many similarities, none are exactly easy to spot in the beginning. There is a significant time skip between the making of Clannad and Angel Beats! for the art to have changed. Both create an emotional setting that cannot be ignored.
report Recommended by Elucidor
These two series have same writer and can both invoke a whole mix of emotions. Both also have awesome OSTs. Angel Beats has really solid character development, and I was interested in all of the characters' stories. After Story did however lack a little and that will probably get me some flack, but I'll explain. In Clannad, they had AMAZING character development where you really got to know all the characters. But in After Story, it's just like "See ya everyone! Time to focus on Nagisa and Tomoya!" I really didn't care for that because Sunohara, Kyou, Tomoyo were all really well-done characters. What I   read more
report Recommended by Supson
They both are verry sad and they are made with a lot of heart. Clannad made me look on life in a different way. Angel beats is the same. It also made me look on life in a other angle. Watch theese to animes if you like sad stories who has a lot of work behind it! one last thing. Be prepared to cry //Sam
report Recommended by Endjui
Similar characters Both contain melancholic atmospheres Both hint towards the supernatural
report Recommended by Aerial_Assasain
This story is originally written by the same guy . If you liked Clannad you will probably like this. The story is a little hard to get to your head at first but if you pull through the first couple episodes you will see the same comedy and ideals that were in clannad in angel beats! The story will touch you just as clannad did and even make you think about your own life.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Both anime are made by Key, and will pull at your heart strings. Both anime have wonderful soundtracks and endings, and will leave you with tears in your eyes.
report Recommended by slucini
Both series makes you cry even if you dont want it
report Recommended by TCBfergie
Both are tear-jerkers. If you are into anime such as Drama, Romance, or Slice of Life, this is for you.
report Recommended by LelouchForPres
While this gets more mysterious, it is still similar to the first season. It feels more "melodic" than its predecessor and is a fantastic addition to the first season. I laughed sometimes, not as often as in the first season. Again, it is similar in charisma, character style and the fun factor is high.
report Recommended by lukii
If you want to cry more after Clannad, you should watch Angel Beats because both anime have a lot of sadness an funny moments. And also have good ending for both anime.
report Recommended by RaidDavid18
-Both are very emotional -Both deal with characters that have had something taken from them or with some sort of tragic backstory -Both have hilarious comedy -Both have a rare combination of the genres 'slice of life' and 'fantasy'
report Recommended by thelectricow
Both are dramas, romance, and sad. Both have compelling stories and great character development.
report Recommended by STROKEMEFASTR
Both have comedy reliefs between the drama (if they didn't have this, I would make suicide) but the drama in the two is so big that it's imposible to not feel sad. The two made good reflectings about life and how harsh it can be. Characters in both are lovable, and the most important is that their suffering is yours.
report Recommended by SuzuMine-chan
Eveyone, close your eyes. Now, imagine that you have just died. As you slowly open your eyes, you see a place. What would that place look like? Where would you be? Is it . . . the after-life?! This is exactly what happens to Otonashi Yuzuru, the main protagonist of Angel Beats. But, he finds himself walking in a rather common place—a school! Strangely enough, it's a school where the students are battling an angel who's trying to put them all to rest. Thinking with a jumbled-up mind, this place really be confused with the place known as the after-life. What's with the weird souls (students) and   read more
report Recommended by NabilAl-Muhammad
Want another dose of sadness then this is one of the best shots, with a very good story progression. I can't say much more about this than watching Clannad then After Story, kinda speechless of how good this anime is.
report Recommended by masterpreenz
Both shows contain a spectacular drama, charismatic characters, a very entertaining plot, and a very beautiful ending.
report Recommended by ShadowMv
If you watch will make you cry And in the end have supernatural spice
report Recommended by Shirokuza