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Roevhaal Sep 16, 4:43 AM
I would like to say I'm a fan of this type of series but in practice it's rather rare for something to keep me engaged throughout. It's a bit like walking a tightrope, most get unintersting or immersion breaking and fail spectacularly. SaiKano simply succeded, I'm a fan of the directing, sound design and music implementation aswell, really elevated the series.

My drama ratings skew towards the extremes more than less ambitious genres.
Samurotaku Sep 16, 4:38 AM
Please accept this starfish!
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Roevhaal Sep 14, 9:50 AM
I was sure I had NieA_7 on my PTW, apparently not. I'll try to prioritize that one. The 2000's seems like a good decade for anime, I watched She, The Ultimate Weapon recently and to me that's probably the most human feeling drama I've seen.
Roevhaal Sep 13, 9:22 PM
Live action eh? I'll think about it...
Kiwii_121 Sep 13, 7:38 PM
I think not having a main character worked on its favor, especially since it's trying to be morally ambiguous. I also really like some of characters (like this guy), and the designs are so cool. Its biggest flaw is definitely its slow pacing, but those last few episodes were so good, it all certainly pays out.
I do think Higurashi is better overall, but the horror in Shiki is the best I've seen in anime so far, especially in the last four episodes (including the specials, 21.5 was the best one). I'm trying to watch some more horror things before the Higurashi remake comes out, so I'll maybe finally watch Monoke and the Satoshi Kon movies.
Rsurect Sep 13, 1:15 PM
good (consistent) comedy anime are very far and in between
Rsurect Sep 13, 12:58 PM
thoughts on hina and hyouge?
Yataa Sep 13, 7:38 AM
Great to see that you enjoyed Cross Game as much as I did. Fantastic series.
Arin-san Sep 12, 6:55 AM
Even if Koe no Katachi is able to tell a story, it doesn't mean that the story is good, I found the story to be very lacking. Not only the story but the animation as well was very lacking. Kimi no Na wa's cinematography was on another level, one of the bests actually, and that's no surprise, I'm not saying it, everyone else is. The problem that occurs with Koe no Katachi is that it's targeted towards one audience, when the author was writing it he should've known that the story isn't compatible with everyone. Koe no Katachi is heavily focused on bullying, while I don't know if the author knows, but not everyone in this world has the same view on bullying, like me. To me, bullying is almost non-existent, never happened to me or in front of me, and because of this I seem to have started despising people who get bullied. I don't like how Nishimiya keeps getting bullied but she doesn't complain about it, you know hearing aids are really expensive, the fact that her mother has to buy those over and over again just because Nishimiya won't peep about the bully for whatever reason is really annoying, I watched Koe no Katachi with my friends and almost all of them were annoyed by that fact, none of us could sympathize with Nishimiya because we grew up in a different culture, and I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones like that around the globe. Sure, people who were in a similar situation would hold this movie in the highest regards but to me and a lot of other people, its just not it.

The biggest thing Kimi no Na wa does better than anything is the way it makes up for it's mistake, the soundtrack, the visuals, the cinematography all these made up for the weak plot execution which isn't even that noticeable unless you look really hard into the anime. Kimi no Na wa is enjoyed by all groups of people, the reason is that Kimi no Na wa's story doesn't cater to one type of audience, which is why Kimi no Na wa is so successful and Koe no Katachi isn't.

The reason behind my signature is that people keep coming to me whining about how Koe no Katachi is so good and probably better than Kimi no Na wa, and then when you try to explain it to them why you think Kimi no Na wa is better, they will instantly disregard everything you say. Isn't it funny? How Koe no Katachi is about bullying yet the fans keep going to everyone who likes Kimi no Na wa and feels the need to mention how Koe no Katachi is better, when the 2 movie has no relation to each other, neither is the story similar, they constantly compare them and trash talk others when they think Kimi no Na wa is better. The only way to shut those losers up is to mention the award count of Kimi no Na wa, that always seems to shut them up for some reason, hence, my signature. I have no interest in Koe no Katachi, that movie is so forgettable, if it wasn't for the people coming to my profile reminding me about that movie, I would've forgotten about it.
Kiwii_121 Sep 11, 7:55 PM
I'll definitely watch them. Shiki has such a cool aesthetic, and the story shows a lot of promise, might become one of my favorite horror anime.
Rsurect Sep 11, 11:42 AM
inim you watch freak, what are your top 10 favorite shows you've seen this year so far?
RafaelPereira97 Sep 10, 7:57 AM
there is any anime that you have watched and didn't like it ,but you genuinely though it was good?
SL786 Sep 9, 12:01 AM
Ahh, I get it! I think I had a similar experience with Richard. Just like Jacob, he too didn't have a lot of screentime in Monster and yet he was so relatable in so many ways that he almost made it to my list of favorite characters. This is one of the reasons why I love Monster so much- even characters that only show up for a few episodes can have such a huge impact.
SL786 Sep 8, 11:34 PM
Some nice reviews, man. I have a question though: out of all the characters in Monster, why is Jacob among your favorites? I often see Johan, Grimmer and Tenma in such lists but never Jacob.
jdvz Sep 6, 8:30 AM
About Kaname, her motivation requires no explanation, anyone understand her behavior. Additionally her respectful attitude to Koushirou adds sympathy to her.
Wasn't I mention it before, I'm not about stories, I'm about small details which makes realistic world of characters. I'm a fun of "slice of life", so let nothing happen in the ending, but the main thing is how we're reach it, how the path is shown.