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23feanor 6 hours ago
This was the review i just added: "a cgdct show about 5 girls, Miu (the annoying bratty one), Matsuri (the ditsy naive one with glasses), Ana (the outsider, a blonde girl from England who seems to have settled in well to Japanese life), Chika (the straight man of the group, always at odds and arguing with Miu) and Chika's older sister Nobue (college student, looks after the group, likes smoking and being lazy).

Miu was very aggravating, not like Toshino Kyouko in Yuru Yuri who has a cheeky appeal about her when she pranks everyone, or is overly lively and energetic. Whereas Miu was simply annoying and often did purely mean actions (spending others money or eating their food or generally acting out to get attention), which reminded me very much of a bratty younger kid irl, much more realistic than the usual cgdct characters who are overly sweet and cute to make them more appealing to the audience. After putting up with watching Miu I can see why now.

This was a type of cgdct show I haven't come across before, rather than the flights of fancy in most cgdct anime, this was very much a bunch of girls sat round in a room, going to the park/baths/restaurant/beach. The dialogue was surprisingly normal and there weren't any any fantastical elements, like depicting the strange thoughts of the girls in detail. We just watched the girls all sat around, mostly doing nothing.

The characters in this show were very sedentary, giving the show a comfy, slow paced feel, interspersed with the usual touching human moments we see in cgdct anime.

Average animation with simple character design and OST. A mid to high 6/10."

I did like it but it felt almost too realistic. I quite like the magical world setting of GochiUsa, the idiotic, pure comedy of Azumanga Daioh and the exaggerated nature of the personalities and comedy in Yuru Yuri. I found Miu really annoying, eg when she kept going to Nobue's work and pissed her off all the time so she ended up getting sacked, or making Chika run to the lake and then pushing the button for a hot drink when Chika was hot and sticky and needed something cold. It wasn't endearing or cute, just plain annoying. The rest of the girls, especially Matsuri and Nobue were cute and great in their respective roles. Chika felt flat, just the sounding board and target for Miu's antics.

I liked it enough to watch it straight through all day though. For me on the same level as other cgdct shows like Hinako Note, Kiniro Mosiac (which also had a girl from Cornwall England) or Blend S.
23feanor Yesterday, 7:34 AM
I see you've started Demon Slayer. I found it a bit dark and slow, but the action, mostly towards the end of the series, was pretty sensational, music was good too iirc. Characters were a bit flat and annoying as well. Funny i just read my review from June last year and my impression of the show seems to have gone down over time, strange that.

I was hunting for my next show and it's so useful having your tag comments and knowing your tastes a bit better now. I've got Strawberry Marshmallow on my list and after reading your positive review have decided to pick it up next (i wanted something lighter after Hanamonogatari and Yona, which is close to being finished). So thanks, always useful having a valued opinion i can rely on when deciding my next show ^_^

I just finished Hanamonogatari, the writing is so good, always makes you think i find and the art style is Shaft at it's best, although i prefer the Hidamari sketch style personally, a bit softer.
23feanor Sep 22, 4:00 AM
I was looking through some other Shaft works and stuff from Shinbo on my ptw list and found Negima!? Reading some of the reviews it sounds like if you like Paniponi Dash or works from Shinbo you'll like the Negima!? remake that Shaft did.

Seeing your scores for Kiss x Sis and To Love Ru i can't imagine this ecchi harem series would be something you'd like, but it's another Shaft/Shinbo show for me to look forward to.
23feanor Sep 22, 1:08 AM
That is a good find. I love 'old and gold' ecchi romcom and they have loads that I've never heard of.
23feanor Sep 21, 2:17 PM
Don't think that's a particularly evil plan, sounds quite sensible to me, watching all of Shinbou's works, especially given how much you've liked the shows he's produced. It's only been recently, in the last year that I've thought to search out anime by director, rather than the usual anime genre search i used to use.
23feanor Sep 21, 2:13 PM
Ok I've just checked out This Ugly Yet Beautiful World and also added it my ptw list, it does look good, but not as good as the other 2 shows. There's also an eng dub and story of alient girl suddenly appearing sounds just like To Love Ru, which is one of my favourite harem ecchi ever. I see you didn't like TLR and dropped it after a couple of eps. To be fair it was one of the first 10 anime I ever saw, along with Fairy Tail, so i was new to anime and everything looked good. That said even now i think it's one of the best harem shows, as most of the girls are aware of each others feelings, as is the MC and they have a pseudo harem, as much of a harem as any high school guy could ever dream of (different girls waking up in his bed and fighting each other for that privilege).
23feanor Sep 21, 1:53 PM
I truly loved Automatic Maiden, it even had me welling up at the ending when Suguru said to Mahoro "don't leave me ever again Mahoro" and she said yes with tears in her eyes knowing that she's only got a limited time left. I loved the fight and the ending, i loved the bickering between Mahoro and Miss Shikijou, when Mahoro would step in and prevent Miss S's antics from getting too out of hand or getting too close to Suguru. I loved how Suguru was fairly plain to begin with but you saw him open up and blossom after Mahoro came to stay and his life became more active. I just love this show and can't wait to watch S2, although I'll give it a little while to save it.

He Is My Master is already on my ptw list, reminds me of another show (can't remember the name or find it on my list) where a brother and sister get employed as maids, i remember liking it more than usual. Sakura Diaries looks great and I've added it to my ptw list. There's an eng dub, i checked it out and i love the character design and style, looks much older than 1997.

Would be up for either of these shows for our group watch at some point, we've got Macross and then Noein but after that would be good. Sakura Diaries might get my preference out of these two.

I've had a few shows recently that have been really good, Azumanga Daioh, Mahoromatic and now Paniponi Dash (I can't get the 2nd OP out of my head and keep humming it and even tried playing it to my missus, she wasn't impressed by found the tune catchy, especially that call and response part "aiaaa"). I love it when you find 'good' anime, by ones own definition and it reminds you why you love anime so much
23feanor Sep 18, 7:04 AM
Lol, no i stopped myself otherwise I was going to finish up Mahoromatic S1 too quickly, so I'm saving the last fews eps. I quite like the serious side of it. I instantly fell in love with Mahoro and I like Suguru as a MC, he's your typical male protag-kun but hearing his thoughts we know he likes sexy girls (who doesn't at his age). Something i think modern shows do poorly, you either get dishwater dull boring MC's (ie the Kirito from SAO model) or over the top horny (ie Isshei from Highschool DxD type). 90's and 00's shows seems to have more grounded, or balanced might be a better term, templates for the male protag's personality.

Yona is easy to watch, not too melodramatic, some nice adventure and the eng dub is on Funimation so easy to sit back and let it play. One of the reasons I realy liked Kamisama Kiss and Utena was awesome, hard at times, but still awesome, so I've been searching out more shoujo adventure shows as i often prefer the focus on interpersonal relationships and growth rather than the power ups and fighting you get in many shounen adventure (Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer etc).

What are you thoughts on Ore Tsushima? I think you might have told me it comes from the same team that made Gal & Dino, which i quite enjoyed. Fantastic Children looks like another good show that you've just finished .

I'm cutting down my seasonal intake after this season (also Fall 2021 doesn't have many shows that peak my interest), going from about 15 shows per season and I'm aiming to pick up about 5 going forward. This will leave me time to focus more on older shows. I've loved watching seasonals over the last couple of years, it was a completely new experience for me to follow a show weekly. But now I've had my fill, too many shows that end up being a fine 6 or scraping a 7, and I've got so many shows I'm itching to get my teeth into, Fushigi Yuugi, 12 Kingdoms, Planetes, Baccano, Shirobako, SuukaSuka. You know, the type of shows that have been sat on your mal list since you created it. Plus there's a bunch of sequels I want to get around to.

I notice that you tend to watch a whole franchise in one go, like we did for DtB, which is a good idea, but i have a habit of chopping and changing. And if i really like a series I like saving the later seasons, something nice in the larder so to speak. But now all my tasty shows are piling up (eg Bokuben, Freezing, Kamisama, Kaminomi) so i need to get round to whittling them down. I did watch a few of my sequels last winter but more have since come to take their place, lol.
sockerdricka Sep 15, 2:28 PM
@Analyze: good thing you atleast learned or tried to learn. I am very well aware of many of my fallacies (and blissfully unaware of many others) and judge myself frequently, but equally so often I don't like to look deeper. As you said, it can be painful.
"Pseudo-rational lies" and "deep rooted belief systems" - this struck home, because I'm unsure but it seems very plausible. Any tips how to go about getting a 3rd party analysis?

Thanks for the link, that was the find of the day. I'm actually liking those small mini-analysis of each show more and more, perfect tidbits.

Backstreet boys wasn't the focus, I wen't off on a tangent. And they're not famous, they maybe were famous 1-2 decades ago.. just school memories :)

Bothersome question:
Could you in any way distill your taste in anime so much as to compress it into one of those easily comprehensible tidbits just to make it clear what kind of shows you tend to like in general?
23feanor Sep 13, 10:17 AM
I did start Mahoromatic today and looks like I'm in for a treat. I love the visuals, definitely reminds me of 2000's animation and vibe, but not too over the top like say Good Luck Ninomiya-kun, Girls Bravo or Magicians Academy. I like shows that don't hide the cchi, but don't overdo it either, just somewhere in the middle, ie yes there are boobs but we've all seen boobs before so no need to go over the top crazy like in many modern ecchi (eg Highschool DxD and it's ilk). Also love the OST, the OP and ED are really catchy.

My favourite type of ecchi/harem romcom are the ones with an actual story behind them, no matter how fanciful, as long as there's some sort of cogent plot it drastically increases my enjoyment (good examples recently include Kemeko DX, UFO Princess Valkyrie and Magicians Academy).

There's an ok english dub as well which is also a bonus.
23feanor Sep 13, 5:01 AM
I remember looking this show up after you suggested it. Killing Bites is a show I'd never heard of before, I'll try and watch some clips to get a feel for the show. For me ecchi and gore aren't usually very compatible, also there are always exceptions to every rule.
23feanor Sep 13, 4:31 AM
It's funny I added it to my ptw list ages ago but took it off after watching/reading some bad reviews but like Agent Aika it sounds like funny ecchi trash so will give it a go some day.

I'll be starting Mahoromatic S1 soon, hopefully this week, so looking forward to that as well.
Rsurect Sep 8, 2:45 PM
thoughts on kaleido so far? been meaning to watch it for forever now
BiDiGiN Sep 6, 8:07 PM
And I'd agree with there being more socio-historic elements in AnJ, but I'd disagree with Joe's messaging to be political. He is a false idol to these terrorists, Joe is a symbol of hope and affirmation to the spectators of his fights. He trains under the bridge of tears, which is the separation between the "doya" (the slums) and the city. Danpei specifies he crossed the bridge to the slums years ago as he had become a drunkard and lost his job as a coach because of his aggressive tendencies, and boxing was everything for him, and now after having witnessed Joe's will he wanted to train him there specifically so he see's the other side. Joe is looking forward with conviction, it's even in the name: Tomorrow's Joe, looking forward to a better tomorrow. The context here isn't political, it isn't a strong message because of the late 1960s japanese conservative society, it is a strong message because of the devastating effects of WW2 on japanese society, and Joe serves as the ultimate underdog story, instead of resigning to depressing circumstances, Joe's passionate heat, his fire, makes him push through it all.
FMmatron Sep 5, 12:52 PM
We live in an insane world where some reactors make more money than the animators. The system is flawed, but as you said, the solution isn't feasible either.