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jdvz Yesterday, 8:18 AM
I've just found your message. I have a habit to speed up after the 6th episode if I can't deal with the setting rules or can't understand motives of characters. In any case it should be something incredibly boring for me to set up 2.0 speed, I usually use 1.4 - 1.6, which allow me to follow.
But my scores don't have any relation with quality. Probably I like good anime a little bit more, than bad anime, but it's not exactly.
My scores aren't something which can be used as a recommendation.
Finally I like anime as a conception, so if I gave 6+ means I like it. If I gave 4 probably I like it :)
23feanor Sep 25, 7:34 AM
Star Blazers Yamato from 2012 is already on my list and the space opera I was thinking of picking up for my next fix of space opera.

Herlock Odyssey has been on my radar for ages and more likely to pick it up soon after watching the 2013 cgi movie.

I've heard reference to Vandred on ecchi recommendation videos. Sounds good for a group watch to me.

The other space show I've had my eye on is Martian Successor Nadesico, a similar show to Irresponsible Captain Tylor according to mal.

Knights of Sidonia is on my list but hasn't grabbed my attention.
23feanor Sep 25, 6:57 AM
Sending a million troops to die because of honour huh, that sounds like WW1 and the British General Kitchener (Battle of the Somme, the French did the same thing at Verdun), we had to keep fighting, even when they knew it was pointless, because.......It was generals from a previous era fighting modern war in a manner that was unfamiliar to them, but they didn't want to show their lack of knowledge or weakness so they kept throwing men at the trenches instead.

Crest of the Stars looks good thanks. Space/military/mech/sci-fi is a an area where I feel I've only scratched the surface but enjoy more and more. I want to watch the whole LotGH, just not one day soon, maybe next year. Might pick up Crest of the Stars soon though, haven't watched a space opera since Macross F.

I didn't know that Mari Okada wrote the story for Iron Blooded Orphans, now I'm really interested, I've loved pretty much everything of hers I've seen. I thought O Maidens in your Savage Season was brilliant.
23feanor Sep 25, 6:15 AM
Gundam The Origin OVA now added to ptw list, looks good. Char is an interesting character, looking forward to seeing where the show takes us with him.
23feanor Sep 25, 6:09 AM
Thanks for that. I'm a big fan of Geoff, he has very similar tastes to me and his suggestions like Irresponsible Captain Tylor have been good. He did a great video about Kaguya-sama S3 recently. I'm going to try and pick up Iron Blooded Orphans over the winter to give myself a greater exposure to Gundam. I don't really want to dive down the rabbit hole of the Gundam universe, just get a feeling for what it's all about.

I've known about LotGH for ages and it's on my ptw list, just not very high up. In terms of longer shows I've got so many other ones that I want to watch first (need to finish InuYasha then either Ranma or Maison Ikkoku). I do like my grand space opera, but usually with a dose of comedy. Just discovered that LotGH is on HiDive which is helpful as I recently got a subscription.
fcbakgnsx12 Sep 24, 3:12 AM
23feanor Sep 20, 12:47 AM
I see you're watching Magicians Academy. I had so much fun watching that show, it's so wacky. Also one of the best xmas eps I remember, all out shenanigans. This show epitomises everything i love about 2000's wacky, zanny rom-coms, packed full of nonsense, action and look ok too. Kind of show that doesn't get higher than a 7/10 but I remember fondly all the same.
23feanor Sep 18, 5:52 AM
That's interesting, "little missy" heh, can't imagine many girls wanting to be addressed thus today, lol. I think i picked fraulein from movies and more recently the OVA Fraulein Yuna. Never heard of frau-chen before.
23feanor Sep 14, 11:43 PM
I'd heard of that series before, a collection of short stories, now added to my ptw list thanks.

All the other shows you mention, except Honey & Clover, are already on my list. I'm thinking Chihayafuru may be a good choice to bump up my priority list, also need to pick up Nana, hopefully this year, or this winter.

For me the characters in Bunny Drop were like they had been taken from actual lives, you could categorise them (Daikichi's spoilt younger sister, talkative mum and quiet dad partnership) but they felt like they were far more nuanced than just "a quiet dad" or a "spoilt younger sister" even if they didn't have much screen time you felt they had so much more going on behind the scenes of the show. Best watch I've seen in the last year, including Gintama and Kaguya-sama S3 which I knew would be good.
Sep 5, 3:52 PM
~ Hello inim-san,
My name is Maru-chan, nice to meet you
I was created by my master to help other users on how to use MAL
Still under early development, but hope to be useful in near future
And yes, I am a bot-chan
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

sockerdricka Aug 9, 11:06 PM
Recent find: Showtime!: Uta no Oneesan datte Shitai
Yes it's a Hentai, but it also has all the nostalgic fluff that I tend to like in shows. I'm actually hoping it gets a normal anime adaptation so I can see just the story itself.

New question: I don't really have a good grasp of your taste in anime. Favorite genres/themes/traits? Do you have any short summary for that?
sockerdricka Aug 8, 12:55 PM
I just remembered you let me know earlier not everyone likes to be analyzed, didn't think about that. I'm sure I wouldn't like to be analyzed by you. I'm silly for complaining because you already explained about some of this earlier as well.

I won't laugh cause I can imagine you've mellowed out and you mentioned you were working on some things. I know you're always open for debate and different takes and you're way more outgoing than me on this site.I actually think lots of people here can appreciate an open minded "smartass". Thanks for the honest response and you drive home well why it's hard when you have different viewpoints, I feel like an a-hole now.
When you share and explain the reasons it makes it way easier to take.

I have nothing more tangible to discuss now but I will save those recent finds you shared. Edit: removed unnecessary question about links, already got one
23feanor Aug 6, 5:40 AM
This is just some guesses from watching the first few episodes. I reckon Fakir is either the raven or Drosselmeyer and is trying to stop Myuuto from regaining the lost pieces of his heart, because that would defeat the point of the princes sacrifice (using forbidden magic to seal the raven and in so doing sacrificing his heart). Although surely raven would be trying to help Myuuto regain his heart and feelings so he can break free of the seal?

Also pretty sure Duck will have the last piece to his heart and will give up her life so he can be whole. Duck has said many times she would give everything, even her life for Myuuto and I expect she'll be called on to do just that.
sockerdricka Aug 6, 2:22 AM
I could wriite a long response about Ukraine but I don't want to continue on that track with you.

Instead i will explain something: on the one hand, I love your analysis and logical takes on anime shows and everything else. You just speak logical sense. That's why I keep asking for your take on things.
On the other hand, I find that even when you speak of very highly subjective topics where there is no "truth", that your words still come across as if you believe you are delivering an undeniable truth. Maybe I did not explain that well but I don't know how to do it better. For me there are two consequences:
- In many subjective topics you plainly come off as rude (however I can dismiss that because I usually like to hear your take)
- In certain topics I'm interested in, it get's me triggered. I write something "hey here's my take" and what I get back from you is "no you're wrong, here is the ultimate truth". That always feels a bit insulting and triggering and it makes me respond even when I'm tired of a subject or don't want to talk about it anymore. It's a bad thing and I'm trying to avoid getting into that loop. I'm also trying to write this very plainly in the hopes that you understand what I mean.

Thank you for your recent find. I watched most of Casshern Sins but not all, I will likely ask more in the future. I know of Master Keaton and have started watching it but stalled. Macross F is the biggest surprise coming from you, I will have to look into it.
23feanor Aug 5, 11:50 PM
Only watched 2 eps so far but it looks something special. Love the music and it works with the story structure and dancing. I didn't know it was from same director as Aria franchise. Interesting approach, a story where the characters know it's a story, or at least so far Duck is aware she didn't exist 2 days ago. Duck is a brilliant genki girl character, full of rambling energy.

Yes the Meow marry me teacher is weird. Duck does comment on the strangeness of having animal characters as people but no one else says anything so she keeps quiet.