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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen
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Adnash93 Jul 13, 9:48 AM
Sure thing. Have fun and enjoy your summer vacations! :)
Adnash93 Jul 12, 7:18 PM
Have you seen Dr. Stone's episode 2, in which Tarzan-kun defeated a lion with one punch? ;DD
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 9:37 PM
As far as the definition of genius, that's not a definition, that is a phycological fact that's what separates a genius from a normal mind.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 9:30 PM
I'ma not telling you to watch them, I'm saying the label of shounen is irrelevant to how good the story actually is and some shounens are better than seinens. It's up to you if want to watch them.

The critism you offer comes from a professor background, and that's fine it's good educational information I don't equate that to poor writing, my standard for realism is something only the general audience member would have access that is what the medium presents and that's it.

But I understand that science is clearly a passion for you, more so than fiction and I can empathize not with science but with history especially sword play and weaponry, alot of shows and pieces dramatize and take exaggeration and liberation for real life logic for the purpose of entertainment and dramatizing their narrative and presentation.

I think Dr stone is show that can be labeled as good but inaccurate and anybody that isn't a scientist can enjoy, it like other shounens is power fantasy whereas they exaggerate the abilities of people in combat , Dr stone exaggerates the ability of science for it's entertainment.

I apologise for any aggressive comments I might have made but this is my standard when it comes to writing that I believe believe to be fair for a writer and general audience, is the consistent in world bull shit.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 9:04 PM
Well, in terms of character writing Dr stone may or may not be better, who knows, but in terms of having plot holes, so far dr stone has contradicted real word logic but it adheres to it's own fantastical logic for the sake it's own plot and inspite of that is more creative than alot of other shounen or seinens. Sure, it has fantastical and implausible physics and science but so does alot of shows, with the label sci fiction on them, and even breaking bad has unrealistic chemistry in there as well.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 12:40 PM
They don't just heat the plastic they do much more than that. I'm not sure they definitely made fuel from it from what I saw , its just the effeciency of it wasn't productive.

I don't know why you would roll your eyes to that , that's a legitimate characteristic of geniuses and not just in science anybody whose as a strong affinity for something would comment it on being easy while being unimaginative to other.

I think you're dismissing shounens as something only suited for kids and lacks the nuances and depth that seinens and more "mature" works do, the fact of the matter is that shounen character writing and plot can provide the same level of depth and nuance that a more media can do , the only difference is that it's content may be suitable for all ages. Take Vegeta from DBZ a classic shounen filled with troupes but his depth is on par with alot seinen characters.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 11:33 AM
Wait im confused , I've looked it up online and alot of people not in well off condition have been able to carry out this process in the past five years now, with lack of special billion dollar equipment. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but these people who supposedly create don't have the billion dollar funds, if you're talking about it being effecient as actual fuel he never stated it was.

In regards to your quotation for the thinker statue, in the eyes of genius that's how it would be.

What makes something cool varies from person to person, as far as okabe is concerned people have described as wacky or cringy but never cool, there is no right way to do something cool the best a written can do is make the characters understandable. That scene while it is purely comedic emphasizes it devil may care nature for rules and consequences, and gives ideas growth regarding his character. If you're issues that he's immature and pubescent , well yeah that's because he is , him acting like a teenager would fit his character better.

In reading this paragraph i see you do have issues with feasibility.

P.S you keep apologising for some reason, if you think you're hurting my feelings don't worry about, I just started this story I'm not that into it.

And you keep mentioning you're age , why I don't know? It's not relevant to this conversation, I never brought up your age when trying to refute your points. I address your opinions in a respectable manner even if you are 10 year old.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 8:23 AM
>PET, a polymer with extremely long chains, into shorter molecules again. Which then technically qualify as gasoline after distillation. The whole point here is that this process is extremely complex and consumes a lot more energy than it yields.

Right but it still is a valid option because it is an extremely complex process that alot of others aren't necessarily aware nor know how to perform. His motivation for making that fuel wasn't to introduce some revolutionary new fuel but was just a casual experiment that he wanted to indulge. Nor was the character trying to put forth a message that his fuel is more effecient so I don't see the issue with it.

>That is pubescent definition of cool,
I think this statement is a bit baseless, as this characteristic isn't something children consider cool but is something that comes from societal constructs in general as in all people share an admiration for this quality, it's part of the myth of the anti hero someone who indulges in his desires without fear of judgement and being reprimanded, it's found in adult fiction as well. The MC acts like a teenager well yeah, it's apt considering he is a teenager.

>Long story short, my issue taken is not about feasibility, it's more about making scientific sense and sloppy language

I confused hear, you don't complain about the feasibility, but you complain about the scientific sense and sloppy language. But in the above paragraph you admitted that the process he committed as real logic and basis in scientific experimentation so its not scientific nonsense and sloppy language. But after that you criticized the nuances of the process and why it's so difficult, so I assumed you were talking about an exaggeration of feasibility and complaining about that. So I thought the feasibility is when you had the issues.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 7:09 AM
I don't know what that means to be having proper taste but regardless in accordance with your other points.

I admit I wasn't the biggest fan of fate zero but the dialogue exchanges i found to be quite deep and speaks of layers of truth about the human condition and it's relation to violence and conflict. That word pseudo philosophical always bothered me, I find any story that goes into the characters inner psyche and explores them and also explores the plot / setting to be deep and philosophical, it's just some stories are better than others. I'm not scientist , I studied psychology and philosophy and I don't consider the dialogue to be deceptive of human nature. Your belief might not sync up with theirs and you can disagree with them but it doesnt make it psuedo philosophical.

As for that scene, my understanding is that he took the plastic caps and turned it into fuel, something that constantly practiced and experimented on today from what I've read. Maybe it lacks the same level of depth and nuance to what the real life process is and is exaggerated, but the basis for it still exists in real life, it may not be called gasoline per se but fuel is created from polyethylene. As for him drinking in a chemistry lab, I've had friends and know teachers who have eaten their lunch in chemistry labs and I'm unaware of this being something that gets you fired maybe it's only a western thing, as for the fire thing I would imagine that would get you fired , but that scene served the purpose of characterizing him to show that he is charismatic in a certain way and his confidence in himself from being reprimanded for his actions and this adheres to his devil may care to ethical norms and rules and helps to paint him as an anti hero.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 7, 3:45 AM
Agree with most of what you say, but some things like complaining about bird skin is a nitpick at best , so what if he calls it bridskin what he chooses to call it has no bearing on the progressing narrative , it just sounds cool and is derived from the fact he experimented with birds to solve experiments, other than that I fail to see any poor dialogue between them main characters that feel out of place, and I can't speak on realism but what I can say that i fail to see any in world inconsistency that you stated were there after all it is the first episode. How is polyethylene an inconsistency and when does he mention it ?

And to be fair to the action genre, it is justified as to why the conflict proceeds in that manner especially in fate zero, and these type of stories incooperate action not merely to portray spectacule but as a tool in storytelling and resolving character conflicts and can be quite deep at times as well with its character writing.

For a world to be internally inconsistent there has to be actual plot or worldbuilding inconsistency that effect the progression and foundation of the narrative outside the characters and so far that hasn't happened. If it has be specific, and also two lines of dialogue aren't enough to break the in world consistency, what he calls the birds has no bearing on how he proceeds forward. Also I come from the manga and the words bird skin disease and polyethylene aren't even mention, he mentions ethanol, nital and nitric acid but not polyethylene. And what he uses to remove the stone is based on legitimate chemical principles albiet the effect is exaggerated.
Black_Sheep97 Jul 6, 10:47 PM
Well dr Stone is sci - fi so psuedo science is to be expected? Wants to be an isekai ,I'm not sure what you mean by that, plus shounen crap? Albeit, shounen does stick to alot troupes and conventions but that's no different than other demographics and genres like fantasy, seinen etc. Maybe the troupes in shounen annoy but I wouldn't equate them to bad writing.

BTW realistic doesn't equate good or bad writing,
Lucasvinicius Jul 2, 10:16 AM
Oh yes, true... (a little late...)
Whgedia Jun 29, 8:15 PM
Is from @-InfiniteLoop- comment, I dk how to quote, so I just copy and paste the list.
JokerVentura Jun 29, 2:45 PM
The horror of the real world....joking. Enjoy your holiday, hope it's somewhere nice.
I was sad about fox boy not being in it much too and after recently reading the manga, found out it's because the character didn't actually appear in a normal manga chapter, but just a bonus one.
I was also surprised to find out every season usually has an anime original episode, but unlike most anime there is no quality drop.
JokerVentura Jun 29, 11:58 AM
Glad you're enjoying it. How are you finding the characters so far?
Personally Nyanko-Sensei never fails to make me laugh, as do The Dog Circle.