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FORMS COMPLETED‌ PST [2022/10/01] 2022 AWC Sign Up thread verified up to page #33 [ last turn-in taken (not verified) [#1840] RegularWeeb420 ] Participants that have finished may be queued. Please be patient, we will get to yours as soon as possible :) If you posted within the last challenge week, please be mindful that many others probably did as well and it will take us some time to get to everyone. If you reply to a PM during that time, the same applies. You will get a PM from AWC_mod regarding your turn-in form once it has been inspected, whether it is to ask for corrections or let you know that everything looks good. If there are forms on the completed list that have a finish date later than yours and you haven't received a PM yet, it could be because the participant(s) had corrections to do and updated their finish dates accordingly.
PLEASE NOTE You do NOT have to join this club in order to participate in the AWC yearly challenges! Feel free to use the resources provided and ask questions about the challenge as you like.
UPDATES/ANNOUNCEMENTS AWC 2022 is officially OPEN! Please check MAL Genre/Theme Updates post for information about the new MAL updates and how they will affect the challenge this year! Also added some banners created by taynis, so thank you for those! For further details and older announcements check in the AWC 2022 Updates/Announcements thread [AWC 2022 Completed Participants] | [AWC 2022 Donated Banners]
AWC TEAM @Aeradae @mozgow @BeanChagBear @CureEtude @Kaylee_ @Lestat- @Ranacchi @Yuki-Chan276 As AWC is an international challenge, the AWC Team has decided to share the languages they speak in case some participants feel more comfortable asking for help in a different language: mozgow, Kaylee_ : Polish Lestat- : Dutch, German Ranacchi, Yuki-Chan276 : Dutch
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AWC_mod - Dec 28, 2021
421 replies by mozgow »»
Yesterday, 5:18 AM
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AWC_mod - Dec 28, 2021
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Nov 18, 3:02 PM
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Nov 17, 5:08 AM
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AWC_mod - Jan 1
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Nov 14, 10:55 PM

Club Comments
Celine3107 | Jan 11, 3:14 AM
@mozgow thanks! :) I see now it's been updated.

mozgow | Jan 10, 4:08 PM
Banners are available in this thread:

Celine3107 | Jan 10, 1:42 PM
Hey are the participation banners for the AWC22 not out yet, or did I miss the link/where to find them? :)

Karinara | Jan 7, 12:52 PM
@tamilavolimacke Actually the challenge starts from the first day, meaning you can add all the anime you've watched since 1st of January but the rules just come whenever they have enough time.

kaede666 | Jan 7, 12:33 PM
lol it'll be my first year and i expected the challenge to start on Jan 1 morning tbh :D

Karinara | Jan 7, 10:20 AM
@ChadtheChampion I also filled up the bingo card, but I just used paint instead of printing it. It was so satisfying to see the card filling up. I'm too excited for the challenge. Should be pretty soon, I think. Last year it started the 8th.

ChadtheChampion | Jan 7, 10:16 AM
I think the 2021 challenge was truly an amazing challenge, with some really unexpected themes. I especially liked how it wasn't just a boring list of anime groups numbers, it was a bingo board that you could fill out as you went. I actually printed out the sheet and fill out the numbers as I finished each category. MAJOR HYPE!!

Scordolo | Jan 5, 8:39 AM
@Aeradae I completed Awc 2020 Bingo Rookie level successfully. Hoping to go a little more advance this year.

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