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Fates entwining, paths crossing perhaps only for a brief moment. Romance, sadness, packed together with a nice little bow of a well written plot, but prepare as well for a good cry.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
One thing is for certain; at the end of these two anime, you will need a new box of tissues. They both focus around the lives of two people, brought together by similar situations. They learn from each other and ultimately bring the stories to life, through their trials and tribulations.
report Recommended by PeterJWei1993
Both anime(s) are heart-warming, they exhibit the hardships of life, and friendship.Both are life-changing and they excel in their genre. Truly A MUST WATCH
report Recommended by Z-X-E
If you want to cry and feel satisfied about it then this one's for you. Don't get deceived by the genre and welcome to the feel ride. The story is satisfying and has much more depth associated. You'll love it.
report Recommended by Spock96
both have a beautiful and captivating design. We easily fall in love with the main characters. the story takes us to cheer for ther romance and makes us feel so happy ... so sad ... so excited.
report Recommended by shizukoo2
Both are tragic and heart-breaking shows that will hit you where it hurts. Both are funny while being tragic, and both have incredibly meaningful messages underlying their tragedy.
report Recommended by Suzu-kun22
Both are sad, with parts that will make all decent human beings cry... Angel beats isn't as focused on music, where only in the OP and with GDM, but still. Heartwarming and sad parts. Watch it, just watch both
report Recommended by Silver-King
Both have a sad ending Both show highlights for friend ship and developing strengths with help of others
report Recommended by jana_jandal
They both will make you cry
report Recommended by minori_oni
Both animes are very beautiful and emotional. They have pretty animation & an amazing opening. They're both packed with feels and endings that will make you cry. If you want another heartbreaking anime, Angel Beats! is for you.
report Recommended by -blank_
These shows are both a sad romance and they both have one of the main characters playing the piano.
report Recommended by SmileychanEmily
This series has a similar ending as Angel Beats. I should say Angel Beats was the saddest and one of the most touching anime when I watched it but Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso overtook it once I watched the last episode of it! It is really awesome and has very few or maybe no plotholes. If you are looking for an emotional anime with a good story and a strong musical connectivity, wait no more just watch Your Lie in April. And I can say for sure the suspense of "what is the lie" of the series is >= the suspense of the suspense   read more
report Recommended by barin_97
Similarities: -Both anime are in the genre of drama. -Both anime envisions scenes that involve music and concert. -Both anime offers some comedy. -Both anime represents a "Life and Death" plot. -Both anime very much likely could make the viewer cry. * Differences: -Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso focuses on one thing: Music while Angel Beats is one the point of climax within fighting using guns and weapons. -Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso does not have action as Angel Beats does. -Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is in a genre of Shounen while Angel Beats is not. -Artwork of the two anime are very much different from each other. -Music themes of Shigatsu wa Kimi   read more
report Recommended by Dorajiru-kun