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Aru Tabibito no Nikki Specials
Aru Tabibito no Nikki Specials
May 16, 5:36 AM
Completed 3/3 · Scored -
Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?
May 11, 5:25 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden
May 6, 1:22 AM
Watching 1/13 · Scored -
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Akuyaku Reijou Koukyuu Monogatari
Akuyaku Reijou Koukyuu Monogatari
May 6, 2:51 AM
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Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
May 4, 9:51 PM
Reading 155/? · Scored 10
Kimi to Nadekko!
Kimi to Nadekko!
Feb 27, 10:14 PM
Completed 3/3 · Scored 7



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Akzhu7 May 3, 10:30 AM
Hey, fall-boy have you read The House in Fata Morgana? is a VN... It looks a bit interesting.
Akzhu7 Mar 23, 3:20 AM
rest in peace little degenerate
PalePurple Mar 5, 1:41 PM
Thanks for the add!
Zuguagle767 Feb 14, 7:33 AM
That sounds depressing but that sounds like you, so it makes sense! I think the same of you, it is not so easy to find people worthy of my appreciation. Most people leave much to be desired and give so little in return that they give me a disgust that you can not imagine. You are different from them, you have a way of seeing things in an abstract way like me and I must say that you are much more receptive to my ideas than most.

The good thing about VN is that it seems that authors are encouraged to write more things, it's like they have absolute creative freedom and that few things are left out of the script just because of common sense. VN authors seems that they are a bit more mature and dark than manga and light novels authors. It's as if the poor bastards are trying to tell you something they've learned, they are like people who are not right in the head and that gives the story a more personal and distinctive touch. I also see that the psychological factor is more common in VN. Also, VN concepts can become more original than manga and light novels because of the simple fact that it is easier to make a VN than an anime.

It's like the author knows that this is all they have and this is the final product, something like a manga that is a little more serious than the common one and with some of the charm of an anime without needing to be accepted by the majority of the public. VN are rare and rebellious, I realize immediately.

It is good to know that you have found something of your interest and that it is also of my interest, I am sure that you will save me some effort and time because I am just starting with this and you will have a more interesting list than most. If a VN has your approval that will be enough for me to consider reading that same VN at some time. Since I know you have a peculiar and genuine taste, not like other people who are so false and only seek to be respected by others, what a disgust those people give me.

Excuse me for INGLES MUCHACO... I will try to improve a little so that it is not so difficult to read me.
Zuguagle767 Feb 13, 3:03 PM
Good to know that one of my favorite people is still here!

I'll keep it in mind for some occasion when I have nothing to do! Also, I'm close to finishing Umineko! We're going to have THE Tea Party of the century! fall-boy!! I plan to read more VN after Umineko, I hope to find something of value someday and recommend it to you! I have a lot to learn and I hope we are together to discuss the different ideas of this new entertainment that I have discovered. After all VN are more interesting than I expected.

Zuguagle767 Feb 13, 11:16 AM
Natsuaki Dec 29, 2018 12:57 PM
Same about both the lack of OVAs and wanting to check out more older shows.
Though for me, I've gotten increasingly interested in the Lupin III franchise and want to watch a whole lot more of that. The90s certainly were an interesting time, especially post-Evangelion.

And yes, i agree. 90s Nostalgia aside, there were a lot very memorable shows in the west people still talk about to this day.

I think the pacing is one of the major appeals of Manga. And I agree that the difference in quality is much more vast than with Anime, but there also is more diversity in what can be done with them. Or rather, what is likely to get done since it's much less of a financial risk in any case.

And gotcha on the Romance. Nothing is worse than people who are only kept apart by convoluted bullshit or are just so perfect for each other that there's no conflict at all. That's why I couldn't stand to watch Ore Monogatari back when it came out. And part of what I love so much about Kare Kano.
I guess it just feels cheap. How many moments have you had in romances with a quiet moment, both of our leads are finally about to be honest with each other or something like that, only to be interrupted, setting everything back to square one.
I actually hate the "Status Quo is God"-Trope with a few exceptions (Space Dandy and Osomatsu did it really well). It's just so lazy. I can only tolerate that if I really like the characters a lot or if the show doesn't really have a personal narrative, or only does in the loosest sense - like with Kino's Journey, Mushi-shi etc.

In any case, I am pretty curious about it. I think Hakomari was recommended to me in the same breath as Monogatari and that one ended up among my favorites, so yeh. I'm just gonna see. I'll have to get around to it first though.

I've gotten fairly interested in both, too, recently. Though at least with Tezuka I've seen a couple of Anime.

Sounds like the show for me. I do prefer some amount of cynicism in the stuff I watch, but too much becomes a chore. All I ask for is self-awareness and interesting themes or takes on situations with well-defined characters.

Sign me up.

Well, of course, if you don't like children's shows with a comparatively slow progress, no reason to watch it. But if you ever feel like going back to a show like it, out of Nostalgia or when introducing a cousin to Anime or something like that, I think Tamers is the best Digimon has ever been.
(And stay far away from the .tri Movies, they're horrendous)

I guess I've misunderstood Furiagana then. I assumed they were added to magazines like the Shounen Jump so even children who're just out of kindergarten are able to read it easily and were the general way to enable children to read. Then again, with Death Note teaching vocabulary like how to spell heart attack, eh...

Yeah, I completel understand. Having a drive and something to work towards where progress is tangible is really healthy. That's why you sometimes experience a certain emptiness when achieving something, I suppose. Like finishing a long Anime you enjoyed or beating a boss, or finished that essay you were procrastinating on for so long.

Yeah, well. Let's just say I'm kinda grateful I grew up with German instead of having to learn it. I think English is much easier to pick up and learn, even though I can only judge from the perspective of someone who only ever learned English, French and Japanese.
I don't know, I've always been interested in all knds of media, though admittedly, Anime remains my favorite and the one I probably spend the most time with. Learning English was pretty much a given with how many Anime weren't even fansubbed and how many gaming franchises - like Ace Attorney - stopped translating their games into more than English.
And I've made the experience of just how much a difference reading a translation vs reading the original can make. It's fascinating.
I can understand only wanting to know English and Japanese though. I ean, that basically covers all the ground if it's Japanese media you want t sink your teeth into exclusively.

And of course, it's a skill I might someday find useful. It definitely is pretty rare, and if I can tell it's something I'm kinda decent at and learn easily, why not?
I've given up on the idea of studying Japanese at unversity though. You either get a great, well-paying job or you get no job at all, so I'd rather learn it at my own leisure.
I think I get it. I mean, whatever helps you memorize Kanji best is game. I recently looked up the literal translation for the Japanese title to Full Metal Alchemist and it was pretty fun. (Brotherhood of the iron goldsmith)
And I know that's not how you read it, but still.
I get the feeling I'd be an absolute Kanji nut if I had grown up with Japanese as my first language.

Yeah, it's like when you're on the comment section of any YouTuber who can speak or understand Japanese (and has a largely Enlish fanbase) and every video has a comment like "Aw, I sure wish I could understand Japanese" and it's like "Well, you could, but certainly not from wishing upon a star"

Sangatsu no Lion is an interesting case. It has really dark and depressing moments, but no other show can cheer me up the way Sangatsu can and that's how I'd describe its overall tone; A light in the dark. It's hopeful. It's hope for anyone who finds themself in a dark place like Rei does. And the main point is that nobody comes and saves him. He has friends and people who care about him, and that support is vital, but ultimately, it's himself who works himself out of his unhealthy mindset and gets better. He's the one who has to either reach out to or accept other people. It's not the kind of hope that you'll magically get better by sitting around, but instead that once you start working on yourself, you will be able to get better, despite failings and that eventually, you will be able to move on.
And it' also a valuable reminder that you're not the only one who's struggling, despite how much of a good front some other people put up or how cheerful they may appear. The show has no villains and everyone is very likable. And it's very, very dear to me and legitimately improved my life. So yeah, I'd want to let her know.
Akzhu7 Dec 23, 2018 7:36 AM
I am a step away from the golden land, I almost there! wait for me fall! You owe me a tea party lol
Natsuaki Dec 22, 2018 1:22 AM
Yeah, that may be part of it. Plus, a lot was going on with anime, especially in the 80s. So many genre were solidified in what we know them for today, OVAs were of high production quality and I love the old cel aesthetic.
Maybe it's kind of like being on a journey across the world; Sure, France, Spain, Japan and the United States are countries that are fun to visit and have a lot to offer, but visiting a completely different country you have not had the chance to familiarize yourself with can be even more exciting. I think it's a natural step for everyone who's really deep into Anime.

Although I have to say, I am very interested in the more experimental shows of the late 90s/early 2000s as well.

That's true. It's also helped by the fact that a Manga is so much easier to get out there. An Anime needs a whole team of production as well as enough money to finance all of it, while a manga can be released without even any kind of editorial interference if that's what you want.
It's also way less of a time investment because you can choose your own pacing while reading a manga. I think Anime like Bleach would be a much more enjoyable experience if they didn't drag their feet so much. (take it from someone who has not seen Bleach, but who has a brother who saw all episodes and regrets it to this day)

Got it, it's added to my Plan-to watch. Just going by the description makes it sound like my kind of thing, too.
The thing about romances in Anime and Manga is that there are so many that just don't go anywhere, aren't strong enough in their comedy to amke up for how frustrating their romance parts can be. Then there are works like Nisekoi that really don't have any excuse to be as long as they are. Or works where characters keep getting caught up in misunderstandings and bullshit like that.
So even if the comedy elements are clearly more in focus - like with Kare Kano, probably? - a good romcom is always appreciated a lot.

Ah, good thing you remind me HakoMari exists. I have been interested in it for years, but it keeps slipping my mind.

Ah, but by knowledgeable I didn't mean having read a lot, but more the general understanding of your own taste and the consensus.
With most anime that've come out 1995 or thereafter, I've at least heard of them, have an idea what they are like and sometimes, how people like it. And I can get an idea of how I may like it. I can make my way across all the shows I'm interested in.
But with Manga, all I could talk about are what's in Shounen Jump or what I've happened to have read sometime because of some random recommendation (or if it's JoJo).
Then again, I have been told I take my hobby too seriously before, so take it with a grain of salt.

Hm, I'd say Doremi isn't as cynical or dry as Hinamatsuri can be, but I suppose. You'll definitely know if you're going to like it very early. It remains consistent and keeps getting better.
And yes, it's really well-constructed. There is a lot of world building, a lot of well-written adult characters who aren't just there because kids need parents or to be dumb. There are a lot of mature themes some kids have to deal with, like divorce, all approached in a way that is never condescending yet at the same time very appropriate towards its child demographic.

And Tamers is similar. It has themes of trauma, realistically portrays what it actually would be like if a 10-year-old were to meet a dinosaur the same size as he is, takes its time to develop all of its children characters AS WELL AS their Digimon partners, and, once, again, has very well-thought-out world building and great adult characters.

And yes, I suppose. Nobody who is't a hardcore Anime-Completionist of some sort wouldn't want to watch 2000+ episodes of Sazae-san, anyway. At least I think so. Not that there aren't people who'd enjoy it, but... I can't really see it.

Really? Huh... I suspected they might be easier because you only need Katakana and Hiragana to be able to understand them. I'll keep an eye out for that, then.

Heh, well, it certainly is more challenging. But maybe that's why any kind of tangible progress also feels so satisfying. It sometimes feels like playing a game you love and are so passionnate about that you want to master even the smaller mechanics.

I've always kind of had a an affinity for as well as an interest in learning languages. I've grown up with German as my first language, but I'm interested in at least adding French and Japanese to my skill set. I just like the idea of being able to enjoy things like books and movies in their original language with the original inflections and all. Plus, while I have a full-time-job now, I can still go to college and become a translator or something once I've saved up. Hell, with all the reviews I've written, I've always tried to sort and translate my feelings towards that show.
Funnily enough, for some reason that's easier for me to do in English rather than German.
I've even entertained the idea to eventually get good enough to join a fansubbing group getting all these older shows to the west.

I think there really are contexts for Kanji that you just sort of have to remember or develop a feeling for. The book I have is very good with listing a lot of context situations for each Kanji, but even then.

Ah, so to you it's more about increasing the range of works you can enjoy by being able to understand them? An interesting approach. I myself want to visit Japan eventually, and even though I probably don't need to be even near fluid to get around in a city like Tokyo, I still want to be able to talk to people there.

Edit: Or do the most Otaku thing and send fan letters to authors whose work have changed my life, like Umino Chika.
Natsuaki Dec 21, 2018 2:12 PM
The thing with the older shows is that they're different enough from what we have today that I'm getting increasingly interested in what they specifically have to offer, even knowing that some of them may be less complex and/or more formulaic.
I want to get into Manga more, too, I get the feeling there's still a little more variety compared to what's on TV in japan right now - despite me enjoying following the season along - but I haven't found a good way to read them without a physical copy in my hand.
I am lucky enough that most of my favorites are availabe as paperbacks, but I am not nearly as knowledgeable about Manga as I consider myself about Anime. To the point that I get excited when I hear of an Anime title I've never heard of before.

But yeah, to each their own. I can certainly see why people would be more interested in older shows.

And about Doremi; It's always a great feeling to discover a childhood favorite of yours holding up, or getting even better with age. I guess in terms of how magic is treated, Doremi would be polar opposite to Minky Momo then, seeing how Magic use is limited, the girls have to earn money for every spell they use and they can't do spells relating to health (healing spells) for example.
And that they can still be similar in tone.

Kids shows can be just as engaging if done right. I'd like to refer to Digimon Tamers for more on that, heh.


Yeah, it really is. Maybe it's my completionist mindset, but I always hate the idea of things getting lost forever, or going even further, cold cases that never get solved. Video games I can't ever play on cartridge because they've gotten insanely overpriced.
And especially if it's preventable, like today, where newer shows will practically newer vanish because they are o freely available.
And that's also why I always love seeing another more or less obscure older show getting picked up and fully fansubbed, to be enjoyed by a much wider audience.

I agree with that, I wouldn't be interested in watching every episode just to be able to say that I have indeed done that, either, but more so as a taste of some culture.

And if you put it that way, I get it, yeah. Not like you can put a translator for Kanji into your DS, it would be much more tedious to look up Kanji. I own a physical copy of Arashi no Yoru ni though, another children's book with every Kanji having a hiragana-translation, that's probably also great exercise.

With learning any language, a solid foundation takes the longest to create, but is also the most helpful. That's how I learned English, too. I guess it's more difficult when you also have an entire new writing system to learn in addition, but it's still pretty fun to learn. (plus it even has the side effect of being able to at least read a little Chinese, too..?)

So like a crutch? You won't learn to walk if you always rely on it?

Hm.. I'd say I find it hard to get the grammar as well once the sentences get more complex. I mean, the intonation usually helps understanding what part of the sentence I'm in - as long as the words don't give it away, anyway - and I can tell when someone is using unusual or wrong grammar, but I'm nowhere near confidently constructing a functioning sentence. It's similar to where my French is.
Natsuaki Dec 20, 2018 10:26 AM
Oh, Jesus. That's quite the shame. Though 437 people of legend finished it anyway, huh.

Good to know though, that you can even watch some Doraemon series if you want to.
With Sazae-san, however, due to the late Mangaka's last will... there is no way. And apparently, even during times of internet uploads the Japanese are especially adamant about keeping Sazae-san off of there. I'm sure you can find some episodes, but probably not even one percent of all out there.

I see. I get that, but when I play stuff like a JRPG aimed at a younger audience or Pokémon, I actually make a point to talk to every NPC and stuff like that, while at the same time, I can still play it somewhat normally if I want to given 20 years of experience with the franchise (almost).
Knowing some of the dailogue already also helps me increase my vocabulary.

That's a good question... maybe about a 100? Kanji I really failed to keep up with my studies once I got into a regular 40-hour cycle week for week. Vocabulary is even more iffy. How do you determine that? Maybe just short of a 1,000 words, but that may also be a bit overconfident.
I do kind of try to sneak a little practise in every day, like reading packaging of random food items in the office kitchen or stuff like that.

Oh, I see. That might also pretty helkpful when visiting official homepages for anime releases of all kind. Really neat.
Natsuaki Dec 19, 2018 6:47 AM
Isn't it impossible to watch Doraemon in its entirety, too, the same way it is with Sazae-san? Though even then, you can at least watch Doraemon movies if you feel like getting a taste of it.

Ah yes, another one of the 80s Magical Girl classics, I'll make sure to check it out. It should be similar to Doremi in tone, too, right?

Hm... so far, playing games or reading Manga aimed at the 8 - 12 demographic has helped. I've gotten at least fast enough at reading Hiragana to be able to read the Karaoke-subtitles as they are displayed.
Plus, I have a book filled with like 3000 common Kanji, that also helps.

What's rikai-chan?
Natsuaki Dec 19, 2018 6:05 AM
I see. For a show I've heard about a lot before, I honestly was a little shocked that it wasn't available, at least not in its entirety. I found one of the OVAs, but that was it. I definitely have to get my Japanese up to a level that allows me to watch Raws, too.
Hopefully the resubbing will work out.
Natsuaki Dec 19, 2018 1:06 AM
Where did you find a place to watch enough Minky Momo to become a fan?
Frostbytes Dec 1, 2018 10:34 PM
Yeah even though I completed umineko reread a few days ago, doubt I would get time for this anytime soon. Maybe I will get back to it after a few years to recheck my analysis.