Hana Arai

Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken
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Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken
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Hana Arai (荒井 花)

Hana Arai is the second main lead and deuteragonist of Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken. Alice ends up trespassing into Hana's house as she seemed to be part of the key to solving this "Juda" mystery.

Hana is a far more observant and thought-out person to counteract Alice's propensity to jump into any situation without much thought, at the mercy of her own whimsical nature. This isn't to say that Hana herself isn't a whimsical person; she very much is, she just keeps herself in check most of the time.

Where Alice is comparatively idealistic and childish, Hana is more than a tinge jaded, cynical and a tad bitter. Hana expresses most of her cynicism through deadpan humour; she is a deadpan snarker.

(Source: Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken)

Voice Actors
Suzuki, Anne
Molina, Graciela