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SunlitSonata 5 hours ago
Considering your love of Season 1, have a review for Clear Card in the books?
Kusootoko Yesterday, 2:10 PM
IllegalCyrus Yesterday, 2:02 AM
TheZester May 28, 12:14 AM
man youre totally the zeitgeist of japan!
Xletter May 24, 6:53 PM
buenas Mucho gusto , vengo para decirle que sus criticas (aunque no las he visto todas) son muy buenas, en verdad veo que usas la objetividad lo maximo que puede,algo que se agradece ya que eso agrega confianza para el critico y por ende sus criticas. Un Saludo
Mapplesauce May 23, 6:31 PM
yeah i'm really not a fan of any of the marvel movies (other than maybe iron man i guess), tbh id rather watch battle shonen anime if i wanted to watch mindless action because animation is cooler LOL

logan was a pleasant surprise though, kinda reminded me of the last of us in its character dynamic which IK you're a fan of lol
RhysCPFC May 23, 8:06 AM
haha, not a problem
Agreed though, Kanji was a right pain at first but like you say it gets a lot easier, can tell the difference a lot better now and can read Hiragana and Katakana almost like they are my native language. Still, a long way to go but never expected to get this far lol
(p.s can see why you love 3月のライオン, it's so so good)
Playcool May 23, 6:08 AM
I still have so much from VNs to play though, it was the reason I stopped learning japanese, I didnt need it to read VNs, there was alot of english stuff I still wanted to check out.
Well that Yuno remaster came in 2017, that is all I know, would like to see it getting a western release, considering it is from the same company as steins gate, and they have been doing these official western releases lately.

You planning on staying on Japan longer this time around? You were a student before while on Japan right? Plan to follow the translation or english teacher route?
(honestly working on a restaurants sounds more gratefying for me, not suited for teaching at all)

I avoid watching weekly for that exact problem, in bulk it is usually more enjoyable, I think I will leave sangatsu for fall, to go more with the mood, summer is too bright for it. (lol)
Talking about great stuff, have you read ReLife manga? Just finished it yesterday, it become one of my all time favorite manga, along with Pandora Hearts and Monster. I would guess some people would react to it stronger than others, overall it is a very solid read.
Would reccomend it, I saw the anime back in 2016, enjoyed alot but it wasnt anything special, so I was very surprised reading all of those chapters adapted and just loving it soo much more..

Ah, it definitly doesnt beat that Rewrite one that never came out (remenber that I read your Rewrite VN review and wrote that huge wall of text using PM? good times).
Np I understand, replying on MAL takes alot of time so I usually take more time to reply to stuff here now since I have other stuff I need to do first. Take your time.

Been in love with this song ever since I finished xenoblade 1 earlier this year:

I swear this goes well with any great memorable ending that you can imagine, as long as it isnt dark or very depressive!
(sometimes after great endings, that lounging for more hits, in case of ReLife it hit hard, this music been helping lol)
IllegalCyrus May 22, 11:26 PM
"I have aged and moved on since those times, as has the anime industry and its community"

Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that yes, for sure: you, anime and it's community degenerated.

Don't write shitty reviews anymore, fucking newfag normie. You miss all the arguments, your logic is broken, in fact there is no logic behind your criticism. Just words of a filthy bag of meat. Probably you are illogical biotrash yourself actually. Who compares to new shit of and 00s and 10s, while never compares to 60-70-80s. Shut up. That's it.
freecaio May 14, 2:09 PM
Thoughts on the second season of 3-gatsu no lion so far?
RhysCPFC May 11, 3:18 AM
Belated but Happy Birthday!
I have found tremendous help in learning Japanese by reading your guide and while I'm still far from even being good, without your guide I would have maybe never even got past the first few stages, so I would like to thank you for that. ありがとうございました
Mapplesauce May 9, 5:50 PM
happy birthday dude

btw have you watched Logan? imo its one of the few (if any lol) good superhero movies and its focused less on mindless action, and focused more on character depth/development. i think ud like it
Kineta May 9, 4:12 AM
Happy Birthday, Veronin :) Hope you have a great day!
RedCloudNinja May 5, 10:30 AM
Couldn't help but be intrigued by your stays in Japan... What process are you going through to stay there?
I assume you're there as a student?
Angel_Milk May 5, 4:29 AM
That's good. So I guess you got a work visa?

That seems really good if you manage to get a translation job. I am stuck JLPT N4 at the moment and still haven't really improved since 5 years ago since I have other materials to study. Good that you managed to improve so much.

I go to Korea every year during the winter in Korea, for about 2-3 months (sometimes summer but rarely). If you come during the holidays I could show you around in Seoul and could even stay at mine if you want.

Right now I am studying Applied Mathematics, so it is really hard at the moment.