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Master Keaton OVA
Master Keaton OVA
4 hours ago
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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
6 hours ago
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Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
Little Witch Academia: Mahoujikake no Parade
Yesterday, 6:01 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
Yesterday, 9:05 PM
Reading 2/? · Scored -
New Game!
New Game!
Yesterday, 4:56 AM
Reading 12/? · Scored -
Mar 24, 3:24 PM
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Max 2 hours ago
(insert sarcastically angry comment about how wrong you are about dragon maid despite not having seen it)

my friends are so divided on that show. i feel like i need to see it for myself
StyleF1re 4 hours ago
Yeah, I really need to watch how I play games like NieR. I know my racing games can be more physically demanding, but no way do I play them straight like how I did NieR! Well, I only played on normal difficulty so I can't really say if the bosses were anything spectacular gameplay-wise, though I'm sure I'd get worked on hard because of the one-hit and two-hit potential. The ending to the entire story was a rather thrilling experience to say the least in an intensely picturesque setting. Not to take away from the journey up to that point, but I literally stopped to take screenshots for half-an-hour on one part because of the backdrop. Took awhile for me to catch onto the main story and the machines possessing some anime-inspired quirks, but once the other character routes are played through thoroughly everything begins to make sense and come together. If you know of any games with similar combat mechanics paired with a similar package of aesthetics and narrative do let me know! I looked at the Megadimension Neptunia game and am probably gonna stay away from that... haha

I also have to consider whether a desktop is more viable for me at this point as well. Anyway, the graphics card and processor of what you're looking at sounds better than what's in the Spectre. Not even sure we should be overthinking these laptops because I feel as if they'll all be irrelevant in the near future. It's just that we'll be able to buy a year or two more of pure bliss as opposed to people who buy stuff under a grand (or 100k yen).

Nice. Would be nice to be able to balance both the real world and room world, but I guess you can't have it all in life! Have fun with all of that is all I can say. I need to get back to being myself as well, as I don't really like how this past week had transpired.

All right. I'll likely have the same schedule as always, with my free time mainly being MWF and also Tues afternoon. I could also take more days off too like said Tues or a weekend day to do random things, so maybe you should think about coming by earlier if possible! I wouldn't be surprised if I have more fun than you doing what most visitors to this island do.

Guarantee I missed a few things with my responses, so just ask if a question or concern comes up. Off to work!
Stark700 4 hours ago
Curious but thoughts on Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon so far this season?
Gonzo-lewd 5 hours ago
Does the protag seem like you by any chance?
X10A_Freedom 8 hours ago
So I was planning my Japan trip when I found out Google Streetview has tastes that is most excellent.
StyleF1re Yesterday, 12:24 PM
So let's see. I'm going to probably put NieR down after 57 hours of (clocked) gameplay. It was nice looking at 2B's and A2's butts and all... I mean, let me get a rewind there! It was nice playing through all the routes for the main characters, but I'm good with having the main story completed. Getting 100% completion is out of the question, since hitting all the quests, drops, upgrades, endings, and max level will be far too time-consuming. Anyway, without having to spoil anything you should pick up the game yourself! Well, unless you want my copy when you come by. I'll need to revisit the soundtrack down the road too, since different tracks played at different points in the game for each area.

But yeah, this week was quite off to say the least. I've only watched two episodes of anime since just after midnight on March 16 and only turned my racing game on once this past week for probably half-and-hour. Been feeling a bit tired and even frustrated at work, so I'll assume I'm not at all accustomed to the mental fatigue games like NieR can present when played so fiendishly in such a short span. There are other things, but nothing really to be discussed publicly.

I went to our local Best Buy and was looking at a few computers for fun the day I bought NieR there. Had no idea the African dude who rang me up at the register would be so on point with me losing touch over NieR and being bummed out over work and whatnot. Anyway, I can't decide whether to go with a gaming laptop like a higher-end Pavilion (better graphics card) or a 2-and-1 like the Spectre 360 (more flexibility). Gotta say, that Spectre was the most beautiful and professional looking piece of kit I've seen in a long time! But yeah, both are in the $1300-1600 range so not too sure yet. Bottom line is I want 4K display capabilities, 16+ GB ram, and a modern i7 or better processor for hopefully a fairly futureproof setup. But yeah, if I get either then maybe I can get started on those novels and stuff you've been telling me about for years!

I figure I should cut the comment here and ask you what's been good now. So tell me about things, man! Feel like I've been in hibernation or something for a while like with the Nagi no Asukara characters!
Gonzo-lewd Yesterday, 4:32 AM
y is 3 gatsu no lion so boring?
Max Mar 26, 10:59 AM
Oh, nice. It's probably still a bit too advanced for me, but it looks.. interesting. Both Oregairu and Jintai would appeal to me in text more than I did their respective anime adaptations. Not entirely sure why some things work better on paper for me.

Also, I just realised that the people that have been doing the soundtrack for the Nier franchise are the same ones that have been doing it for Aikatsu (MONACA). That's pretty cool.
Max Mar 25, 10:20 AM
what LN are you reading?
Noctur Mar 24, 10:32 PM
What is it that makes him much better than other anime characters? For you at least.
Gonzo-lewd Mar 24, 3:02 AM
I have the same pair. :)
Kiseru_Kojushima Mar 23, 8:00 PM
what did you mean that..... your saying a 3-gatsu no lion is trash so patheric
Scarlett_ryuken Mar 23, 7:07 PM
what did you replace 3-gatsu with in your fav?
StyleF1re Mar 23, 12:09 PM
Right? Nisekoi just felt a LOT better on the second go. Just needed to stop with the lock-and-key nonsense and make the characters have a few intimate moments. But man, I really wish this was a more progressive and more dedicated romance anime instead of one of those extended teaser exhibits. I still believe in a third season, but it would be cool if the story got moving more.

Ooooh those are looking clean! Black is just too good of a color with apparel, man! I was looking at a high-top Vans pair myself, but I have to keep the upper low just like how I keep myself on the low nowadays.

Wow. NieR robbed me of the past few days and will continue to do so until it's done. On the third main story route with like 35+ hours of game time logged. Very cruel game both story and even technically gameplay-wise. Only playing on normal difficulty because I'm a scrub and inconsistent with both the buttons and combat techniques. I actually had to turn the game down to easy once because I screwed up on one part, ran out of recovery items, saved per usual, and was left in a chain of main story quests that didn't allow for me to refuel on those items. Nonetheless, I've had my good share of frustration so I hope my relatives, neighbors, and tenants didn't hear me sounding off too much! Trust me, the only time you'll hear me swear is in times like those.

You tell me about that show! I mean, I personally dropped KnH because it was too much for me and I don't like seeing something driven heavily by sex (or sexual intentions and connotations) and not actually show the scenes. That's where I was spoiled as an ex-hentai enthusiast. At best there was a little foreplay here and there. But man, that show made that world feel so damn small and strictly about who will cheat on who next. Even when it tried to be upbeat I couldn't get my head past all the negativity and darkness lying in wait. I think I'll only complete it if Abhi want's to simulwatch it or if some other miracle or intervention comes about.

Sweet! Good decision there and I hope you're looking forward to your time here. I'll need to check up on things on my end and make sure things are set.

All right. Back to being my old, reckless self for probably this whole week. No anime and no attention spent elsewhere. I can't believe I used to be so foolish and immersed in Maplestory back in the day.
Gonzo-lewd Mar 23, 5:28 AM
He's cool af, you would like him.

Seeing that there are people who hate Aqua makes me understand hitler's final solution. :)