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New Game!
New Game!
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu
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New Game!
New Game!
Aug 14, 9:53 PM
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The Great Escape
The Great Escape
May 31, 9:49 PM
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May 25, 11:46 AM
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N1gg3roume Yesterday, 8:21 PM
You are fucking adorable. I love you already.
Major123 Aug 21, 7:20 PM
After you got done with Tae Kim's guide, what did you start with when you went over to Imabi?
StyleF1re Aug 21, 2:24 AM
A decimal percentage? You've got to be kidding me! Made me curious to know what the demographics are for Hawaii and came across this. Certainly a lot different than the makeup of either Vancouver or where you're at. Vancouver looks as if there's quite a bit to do there, looking at all the different buildings and seeing bodies of water all around.

Yeah, I don't believe one bit what anime portrays about threesomes and the like. And yes, the chemistry is just as wrong as putting substances together that will get you killed or cause mass destruction. But anyway, I guess I have a little thing for certain kinds of harems because I like to see how the male (or female if reversed) matches up with and plays off of different types of partners.

Just keep looking around. I'm just as selective too, if not more selective. Usually if the art looks shoddy or if I see characters that are of little substance I'll immediately quit on the hentai. Same if things turn too violent or dark. I must've be some masochist to have endured so much to get so little (1.5 mean score with nearly 200 rated entries), but man when I find something you can bet I get super hyped! Like this Kakyuusei '95 OVA. Heck, the whole Kakyuusei series is pretty solid and might only be second to White Album in my book.

There aren't any new, hot anime to help with that. Maybe old and hot, but in your case you'll just have to let it burn for a bit. Losing your pets is not a matter to take lightly in the short-term especially. But you know, a man has to do what a man has to do!
StyleF1re Aug 20, 2:16 AM
Don't even worry about me, since I'll be well gone from your rearview mirror in terms of experience with the Japanese in a matter of months. That sounds pretty heavy though with the 90% white mention. I'm not sure I'd remain sane in your environment, since I'm used being exposed to all kinds of ethnic backgrounds.

Yeah, that balance thing is a real problem. You know me though with going for that "short and sweet!"

Maybe I'm confusing harem with another term then, one that doesn't pop to mind as I type this. I like the shows that have multiple men and women involved, though only with mono-on-mono, heterosexual interaction. And yes, that's where yuri is at a major disadvantage. Get the toys away from me! But hey, with the right context two ladies can paint some serious pictures. For me, vanilla will always be the best crash course to intercourse.

Darn. I like saying five-eleven and a nice three-digit number better than one-eighty-two and a two-digit number though haha. But hey, to go back to automotive references 300 and 400 km/h is much more appealing than 200 or 250 mph. I like having double standards!

Exchange rates? Lovely! Yeah, I bet you would've like that middle-man money or whatever to go toward some nice figures and clothes. Nonetheless, I will randomly mention that I love the Australian currency. Colorful and resilient as heck!

I can't really recommend any site in particular, but I do find myself frequenting MyAnimeRon because they have the 90s and early 00s series I like covered. Sometimes I find random sites to download the obscure shows, and with others the trash Google search links are more than adequate to get work done. You could also look at HentaiHaven for the more modern series, as their quality and synopsis descriptions are rather good and entertaining.
Amazing_Steiner Aug 19, 5:01 PM
Ah I see thank you for the answer (:
StyleF1re Aug 19, 2:39 PM
I can definitely tell about that culture aspect you mentioned in how the Japanese customers look and act around me at work. Very dangerous, I suppose, with women especially. They might be 14 or 40 and I wouldn't even be able to tell the difference. Oh, and I also notice how soft the women's hands and mannerisms are (compared with other ethnicities) when they bust out all their loose change... haha

Yeah, I think 100-200 mins would be better suited for making proper, progressive hentai. But these companies be all about that "hit it and quit it" game with putting a product out and not following up on closing the deal. I mean, if people pay for crap then why would they expect anything but crap in return? Just a subtle shot to the modern hentai scene, as my experiences with the older stuff are much more favorable. As for those turn offs you mentioned, to Hell with all of those! Well, minus maybe the harem and yuri stuff. Yuri can be pretty hot when done right and romantically, though that's ultra rare like the best cards out of a booster pack set.

But hey, I did find a few I overlooked. Man, too bad this ELF Corp or whatever was left buried by the times. They must've ran the game back in the 90s and 00s with stuff like Kakyuusei, Dokyuusei, and Koihime to name a few VN or game productions!

If you ask me, I'll tell you I like to quietly make statements. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Speak softly and carry a big stick! Why not let my style convey my substance, whether we're talking about extreme colors or big brands/companies? Then again, I'm not sure if I'll ever own a true purple or yellow shirt, since those are colors I don't really like for apparel. I will get a pink shirt someday though! Mark my words.

Yeah, I'm only like 5'6" or 5'7". And Asian, since you brought that up. Anyway, maybe those should also remain for local units (along with lbs), since I'm not really into meters for measuring human height.

We're (as Americans) just too ingrained with the past, I guess. Hard to undo centuries of using all these different units. At least we have trusty search engines nowadays for easy access to conversions. Would've been fun to ask Trump about metric units. Maybe see if he would change our currency units too, since he should know all about that big money. Why do we have dollar coins and two dollar bills too? And we need a $1k bill! And while he's out building walls he should be breaking down those rubbish speed limits we have around the country. All right, I'm done talking nonsense, so back to hentai and waiting on next week's episode of "that damn show"! You know which one... haha
Amazing_Steiner Aug 19, 7:12 AM
Hey I'd like to get your opinion/answer to this question. Do you think that it's easier for TV shows to be much more successful (not in financial terms but just being much more enjoyable) in comparison to anime? Due to things such as execution or characters development, and if so why? I know this may come across as a pretty broad question and preference plays a big part in it, but I always feel like TV shows do a much better job in lots of aspects. That being said I don't think I look into shows hard enough to confidently say that but eh.
StyleF1re Aug 19, 1:58 AM
Nice. Honestly, on my side though I really couldn't care less about a stated or suggested age for anime characters. A lot of stuff is just completely off. I look at New Game and see these adults who look like they would be in middle or early-high school at best. Then I see teenagers in 90s anime especially that really have an adult look and vibe surrounding them. To add onto that, the 20, 30, and beyond 40 y/o characters are on another level with adult feel and sense. Another anomaly I like to bring up is Hotaru from NNB and her unbelievable bust size. The girl's chest has more volume than many characters 1.5 to even 2 times her age! As for Kono Bijutsubu, I think the reason it works is because we're dealing with middle school students, which was a beautiful time to have butterflies in one stomach over romance, or to tease others about it or live in the moment. But yeah, I can understand if the comedy doesn't work for you. It's why comedy is one of my least confident genres to look forward to. It's miss more often than hit with me.

Again we're on opposite ends of the spectrum. Fall is the season I expect to have the statement titles. Two of the sequels in Hibike and Natsume should easily make my Top 3 for 2016. Yes, I didn't typo the number 3. And this is with all due respect to both my hype show and to the rakugo anime. Aikatsu Stars is also looking like a lock for the Top 3 too.

As for joining me in the ero-anime hunt, I'm afraid you're too late on that one. I'm going through the seasonal charts again, and I can see how badly I've exhausted my supplies. Might pick up a few random ones just to get a 200th hentai completion. Think I have like 194 completed now. Not looking forward it too much though, as all I see around me is NTR, rape, tentacles, humiliation, BDSM, and who the heck knows what else...

If you want to know my style, just match together the shirts, shorts, and shoes in the pictures. I rep all different kinds of color schemes, from black-on-black and white-on-white to light-dark and vice versa. I have most of the colors in the spectrum covered including orange, light blue, bright red, brown, and green. I'm also one that's against jeans for bottomwear (unless they're black and not baggy), and also plaid for topwear. But yes, the environment here does influence the way I dress and what brands and materials I rep, though not as much as my personal interests do.

Cool. You have probably a 60 lb advantage to me. I mean, I get owned good by people your size/weight in basketball because they can just knock me back when posting up for a shot in the paint area. And don't even try to tease me with the kg mention, since one thing America is garbage for is not adjusting to accommodate the metric system. Feet should be kept to baseball and yards to American football or golf!

Then again, anime like Bartender and Master Keaton show what's good with alcohol in getting a taste of history and a country's flavor.
Major123 Aug 18, 7:30 PM
Alright thanks.
Asphodelus Aug 18, 5:50 PM
Ah I see. I came to Canada myself when I was 9 so I know how it feels to be in a brand new environment. It'll take a while to get used to it but I am sure you'll be fine. When I first came to Canada, I couldn't even speak basic English. You're way ahead of me in that regard!
Gonzo-lewd Aug 18, 4:35 PM
I'll watch it on stream or something. I did want to fuck her booty tho.

I've already seen Sausage Party and that movie had a long orgy scene involving food, so I'm kinda settled on theater movies atm.
StyleF1re Aug 18, 1:40 PM
Quick note about the latest Kono Bijutsubu episode. One of the characters was right on point! He said that trash belongs in the trash. So yeah, I'm just doing my job in dropping shows and handing out 1s for fun! If you want to hear the greatest thing(s) you've ever heard and possibly the most inappropriate too, pick up the show again, catch up, and simulwatch a future episode with me. I'll have you know what's really good with anime!
Gonzo-lewd Aug 18, 11:42 AM
how dare you
Major123 Aug 18, 9:21 AM
So for the Jparser's system for VN's, how accurate would say that is? After studying some grammer I can piece together some sentences, dialogue is way easier then voiceless monologue's so really its only the the voiceless text that I'm sometimes unsure that I'm getting it right.
StyleF1re Aug 18, 12:11 AM
You're only realizing that now? I've been on the hate game since 2014. Unofficially speaking. Heck, my hate has since evolved into pure indifference! Been on the Re-up lately, though unfortunately that doesn't involve ReLIFE, Re:Zero, or Rewrite. Re-jected all three without hesitation...

Nah, but to be honest I was expecting more from New Game. Simple fanservice, aloofness, and cuteness doesn't cut it anymore for me. Heck, I would say the same about expectations for a lot of the shows airing that I passed on or retired. But anyway, I still enjoy anime a lot. Love Live especially is catching fire too. Textbook example of how to make cliches work!

I'm not done yet! Got more apparel coming in and I'm thinking of going red like Ruby. Well, maybe not the same exact color, but I'll think about it the next time I get my hair cut. The last time my hair was a different color was during one of the greatest transitions and defining moments of my entire life, so why not revisit that?

Thanks! And damn, man. You're probably more American than me. I just decided to include more bananas in my own diet since I think that's what Usain Bolt and his fellow Jamacian athletes are powered by. Other than that, I stay the heck away from fast food and kill anything with protein and carbs. Oh, and tons of water and no soda, coffee, or alcohol. Trust me! It'll do wonders for you.