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Days: 176.9
Mean Score: 4.41
  • Total Entries1,216
  • Rewatched15
  • Episodes10,754
Anime History Last Anime Updates
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze
Dec 6, 11:17 AM
Watching 5/39 · Scored -
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
Dec 6, 7:39 AM
Completed 39/39 · Scored 7
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
Dec 2, 1:42 AM
Watching 2/13 · Scored 3
Manga Stats
Days: 34.9
Mean Score: 5.03
  • Total Entries281
  • Reread0
  • Chapters6,275
  • Volumes529
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Kidou Senshi Gundam: The Origin
Aug 6, 9:51 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii
Apr 13, 5:46 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia
Boku no Hero Academia
Oct 17, 2017 4:16 AM
Reading 72/? · Scored -


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StyleF1re Dec 7, 4:31 PM
If you were still seriously considering a motorcycle in the future, I can already tell you from just a few days of experience (with my bike) that it's impractical as heck and really requires you to plan ahead and pay attention to the finer details with the road, your immediate surroundings, and even the bike itself. And yup, as others generally say it's a rejuvenating change of pace compared to normal commuting and really makes a drive in a regular vehicle feel a lot slower than you think previous to riding a motorcycle. For me personally, the one word I'd describe the effect of motorcycling on me is "liberating." It also goes hand-in-hand with learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle as well! Had to drive a somewhat drunk/high friend home the other night (only five minute commute), but other than revving a bit high to get moving from stops I didn't miss much of a beat. Then again, maybe the simulator had a strong say in acquainting me with the basic feel, motions, and such.

Shoot. I don't even remember the last time I've even been to any Disneyland of any sort. Have fun!
KanouOtaku Dec 7, 10:04 AM
You it is finding Bunny Girl so bad like this?
Gonzo-lewd Dec 5, 7:29 AM
Here are some~
Tsukeru-kun Dec 3, 7:44 AM
あなたは日本で住んでいますか? いいな羨ましいな。:3
DaleCooper Dec 2, 1:32 PM
Ok, thanks for letting me know!

Btw, did you ever read any grammar guides beyond Tae Kim or transition to using J-J dictionaries, or did you just read a ton of VNs with a text hooker until you rarely needed to look up words?
Gonzo-lewd Dec 2, 4:00 AM
What about metal? Death and Black I have plenty. :3
Gonzo-lewd Dec 2, 3:16 AM
>in 2018
nigga you fo real?

anyway, here ya go <3

DaleCooper Nov 30, 10:37 AM
Out of curiosity, do you read most stuff in Japanese raw or do you still use a text hooker or some sort of dictionary?
KanouOtaku Nov 17, 4:12 PM
What you finding about second season of 3-gatsu no Lion?
jacob0988 Nov 14, 10:04 PM
thats impressive. Im trying to learn japanese with a tutor at the moment but Kanji is killing me
jacob0988 Nov 14, 5:59 PM
In Japan? Do you live there?
Giannipolychrono Nov 14, 3:04 PM
Hi, I have a question. I know this is none of my business, but I was really curious so I decided to go ahead and ask anyways. Here I go then:

What's the point of watching most of the series you have watched?

Note that I am not asking "why do you watch anime?". My personal view on art is that despite the majority of it being pretty bad, the few gems that can be found in the pile of trash are good enough to justify getting dirty in one's search for them. I would guess that you, like most people with a critical point of view, can agree with the above statement and therefore ytou watch anime for that exact reason: Because you want to find those few gems. (if I am wrong here and you don't espouse this idea, please correct me)

The source of my confusion lies elsewhere: Why do you watch series that you know you are almost guaranteed to dislike?
let's take an example: Hajimete no gal
not only do you finish an anime you can easily forsee you are going to dislike, you even go ahead and watch an OVA as well.
This phenomenon can be witnessed several times in your anime list. I use this specific example, however, because it happens to be an anime we share and I was buffled to see that you had watched it. I watched it because I liked the manga. Why did you? Is the miniscule chance of it somehow becoming good towards its end worth some of your very limited time in this planet?
Shouldn't you be trying to optimize the ways you search for those scarce gems? Isn't every second you waste on anime of that sort robbing you ,little by little of your chance of finding your next "Touch"?

I am sorry if all this seems intrusive or even impolite. If it does, please delete this comment and inform me so that I can apologize.
StyleF1re Nov 14, 1:31 PM
I actually needed to rewatch a majority of Tokyo Ravens' third episode to get a better idea of where I left off. Usually I haven't had to do that with any show, as reading the synopsis (if need be) is usually good enough. But when I picked up SAO II again I really didn't feel like I skipped any beat or whatnot. I'd say GGO was a better arc than Mother's Rosario, simply because it had more atmosphere with the players' lives at stake and a much more invigorating gaming world. What I like about SAO in general is it doesn't waste time trying to be overly comedic and is rather serious most of the time (my type of show). Animation and style look consistently clean as well, especially the movie and the current season. But yeah, every now and then there are those moments where you wonder why so-and-so didn't do this or why an enemy didn't show any urgency to attack or possibly put Kirito or one of the other major characters out of commission.

Have fun with that! The Metacritic user reviews scared me away from getting the game - at least for now. It looks like playing Horizon Zero, except in a full-on classic Western setting. And be sure to give Stark700 a proper heads-up on Spiderman and RDR2, as the man is on a mission to get some games for Black Friday!

Btw, do you see people around there still playing Beatmania IIDX? The game has always brought the music heat, but learning about a channel that has ALL the tracks from all the releases uploaded has me going into another deep nostalgia dive.
Ryuseishun Nov 14, 5:52 AM
I would personally vouch for Seishun Buta or Banana Fish, but I’d be so entertained for the imouto one xD
jacob0988 Nov 14, 12:52 AM
what do you do outside of watching anime