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Yesterday, 11:47 PM
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3-gatsu no Lion
3-gatsu no Lion
Oct 15, 4:03 AM
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Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Natsume Yuujinchou Go
Oct 7, 4:54 AM
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Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Sep 1, 11:49 PM
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New Game!
New Game!
Aug 14, 9:53 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
The Great Escape
The Great Escape
May 31, 9:49 PM
Reading 43/? · Scored 6


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Gonzo-lewd 9 hours ago
I'm sure Ian would've thought Hestia is better than Nico Nico-nii. :)
StyleF1re Today, 2:13 AM
That's a nice way to get things started. Sometimes you don't even need any proper dates and whatnot. If you hang out casually enough with a person things might just fall into place and they will know well that you care for and love them without you needing to say anything. If you're wondering how I came up with that, I just happen to know a few things from personal experience. Don't ask! haha

Nothing comes cheap when it comes to an automotive or racing hobby. It's one you have to invest a lot of money and time into. Heck, a documentary said it best in which the owner of a car referred to his experiences as "traumatic bonding." And yeah, there's a big difference between commuting and driving. One is more cost-effective in terms of miles per hour, while the other is more about "smiles" per hour! As for these jerkass drivers you refer to, they're everywhere. Can't avoid them completely, but you can improve your own capabilities to the point where they virtually become non-factors in your everyday adventures or travels.

Too bad Hawaii doesn't have a racetrack! It's just one thing that's inviting a move away from here, but I'll leave my yet-TBD career choice to clinch that decision.

Don't ask me what any season is about because I don't know that much either. I'm just locked in with the three 9/10 shows on my list. I'm winning now like I've seemingly never won before!
You Yesterday, 5:03 AM
Hello there Veronin, I stumbled upon your profile again just recently due to your Re:Zero review (Well honestly I like it, it explained all the things that I haven't done on my weeb-ish review although we might have a quite disagreement on some little part)

I think we've talked for a bit too before about the VN Muv-Luv (which I ended up buying the stuffs on steam due to unable to installing all the internet files and tbh it didn't stand out that much for me, but it seems that alternative might paid those off considering it's #1 on vndb), idk if buying on steam is the best way to do though since some censorship might be necessary for the plot.

Also I've read some of your blog, I found that you got some unique way in criticizing anime and stuffs, so I think I might ask your opinions about some anime and other stuffs, since my way on criticizing anime is somewhat weird to most people, can I? Thanks.
StyleF1re Oct 26, 2:54 AM
Clothes are certainly a good way to make a strong impression. You can explain yourself without actually explaining yourself. Time to put that Canadian swagger of yours to the test! Oh, and I thought you were "ice cold"? I'm pretty sure you're cool enough, at the very least, to pull off a few neat tricks...

I'd get the PS VR too, but as I see things the landscape isn't quite ripe enough yet to exploit it. Hardcore sim-racing games aren't supporting it and there are no announcements in the pipeline as of now. I'll have to wait until the Pro settles and more gamers and developers get their due time at messing around with it. Anyway, driving is more than just surviving to me. I don't think I really can live off of anything else, but I'll challenge some beautiful angel or some bold friends to tell/show me otherwise! But honestly, driving is a fine way to explore and possibly unlock new opportunities. Heck, I would like to master a few Japanese or European tracks in the games I play, then go out there are experience the real deal!

We will soon have public transit in the form of this rail project that's taking forever to complete. I might actually be in my mid-30s by the time it opens to the public, and it won't even be coming to my hometown area to begin with. In a ways, it makes me miss the old days when we had steam locomotives and other kinds of cool rail-based transportation to ride.
origamimissile Oct 25, 10:59 PM
I'm not as turned on as I had expected to be
origamimissile Oct 25, 8:32 PM
take off your clothes
arilando Oct 25, 4:28 PM
How long have you been watching anime?
StyleF1re Oct 25, 12:28 AM
Shades are always good! I want a pair myself, but don't see it as a necessity outside of driving use when it gets sunny. Nonetheless, it looks like you're really getting into the groove with being a consumer. People who say you can't buy happiness are talking complete nonsense!

This also means we can expect you to model for us in all those nice clothes, right? Bonus points too if you go with a clean shave up top!

Yeah. Enthusiasm could be an understatement though. I just put in a few orders for a chassis, TV stand, wheel, pedals, shifter, gloves, and shoes. Should all arrive before or on the week that the PS4 Pro releases. I'll be acquiring the Pro, a Sony Gold Headset, a 55" 4K TV, and the games (Assetto Corsa & Dirt Rally) locally. My brother wants Battlefield 1 and NBA 2K17, so I might tack on those with a second DS4 controller as well. Nonetheless, it's all serious business to me with the hopes I can improve on my driving knowledge and capabilities. Heck, in the long-run I fully expect to make a switch over to PC for the sake of iRacing.
AmnesiA-chan Oct 24, 12:06 PM
Doesn't surprise me
StyleF1re Oct 24, 9:03 AM
Nice. Spend that cashhh! Is that approx $500 for everything in the photo (top to bottom)?

One of these days I'll drop change like that, but for now the PS4 Pro is calling for me! In three weeks or so it's going down! And I'll be down a few grand as well...
Julcl Oct 24, 2:36 AM
nice re:zero review thumbs up! woooooow
CyberZeta Oct 23, 8:57 PM
You should pick up Girlish Number please.
AmnesiA-chan Oct 23, 1:11 PM
Those mean scores... Do you even enjoy watching anime and readkng...?
moondragon84 Oct 20, 12:08 PM
Hi there, i really like your reviews, the way you describe stuff is just amazing. In your Notoge review you begin by "yeah, another light novel" hehe indeed, i like the way you describe it and everything that is wrong with it.

Now i have not watched the whole of Re:zero, i am at like ep 10 but man, you are right about blood being used just for the show, your comparision with Steins Gate is good too. Steins gate uses some episodes to establish the world and the time machine as a plot device and later the main plot kicks in to drive the entire thing forward. Where is the overall plot in Re:zero, i just see some loose story arcs but i dont see the big picture yet. like you said, Where is the consequences of him dying all the time?

If i get shot in the street and then can reverse time so what does it matter, i cant be killed.

Regardless, keep up the good work, i am looking forward to more of your reviews and hope i can write something myself sometime.
Mastergold Oct 20, 11:44 AM
My worst fears have come true but hard classes are to be expected. Now homework might be a pain to deal with, but I'm more concerned about the handwriting (my handwriting is awful). So classes are taught exclusively in one language just like any normal language school, that sounds about right. If you're learning N2 level then you must have a basic understanding of the Japanese writing system and it's components.

I think the fastest way to learn a language is by speaking it with friends or a partner that can help you out on a daily basis. Besides Kanji are they also teaching you Hiragana and Katakana? or is it mainly kanji only?