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Days: 173.2
Mean Score: 4.40
  • Total Entries1,152
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  • Episodes10,552
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New Game!!
New Game!!
Jul 16, 3:09 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Koi to Uso
Koi to Uso
Jul 4, 4:19 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored 3
New Game!: Watashi, Shain Ryokou tte Hajimete nano de...
New Game!: Watashi, Shain Ryokou tte Hajimete nano de...
Jun 29, 11:46 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
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Days: 34.1
Mean Score: 5.02
  • Total Entries279
  • Reread0
  • Chapters6,146
  • Volumes527
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Apr 30, 10:23 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
Chuuko demo Koi ga Shitai!
Apr 19, 10:02 AM
Reading 8/? · Scored -
New Game!
New Game!
Apr 2, 8:43 AM
Reading 13/? · Scored -


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HighOnRonin Yesterday, 3:08 AM

Is it possible to contact mods so as to have this user stop bothering me and my friends?

It's pretty degrading to have you and other individual's name put on some kid's hitpiece.
StyleF1re Yesterday, 1:00 AM
I'd rather you not get too down or ahead of yourself just yet. Like, in sports they tell you to play until the clock hits zeroes, the whistle blows, the last out is recorded, or whatever. Hope it all works out for you man!
Orhunaa Jul 18, 4:28 PM
I've been reading your reviews and there's something I'd like to ask if you don't mind? Why is your review scores and actual scores different? Please don't get me wrong I don't mean it in an accusatory way. Just curious.
Sonal1988 Jul 18, 8:18 AM
I see you've written quite a few reviews for KyoAni productions, but a review for one of its most prominent one - Koe No Katachi, is missing. I went to your anime list and saw that you haven't watched it. Not planning to?
CodeBlazeFate Jul 18, 5:56 AM
This season has a lot of interesting shows, not to mention that a lot of OVAs and really interesting and popular 2-cour shows are ending this season. I can tell I'm gonna be present a lot this time around. How about you?

I'm especially looking forward to Re:Creators (even though I'll have to pirate it because of those hacks at Amazon Strike). It really is the most divisive anime of the year, isn't it?
SlowAnimeWatcher Jul 17, 9:46 PM
Hello, just wanted to ask a few quesitons.

How did u work up the will to learn Japanese? A few months ago, I tried learning hiragana for 2 days and then gave up from laziness/boredom.

Also, I want to get into visual novels, since there seem to be some good stories within the medium, but I always get bored from how visual novels are presented. Any idea on how to facilitate to them?
licaNILA Jul 16, 10:08 PM
Wow you have been on MAL FOR A very long time.
Just making new friends here. X)
CatchyUsername Jul 14, 10:49 AM
LOL, Hei came to your profile as well? I think his dream is to harass everyone in this site and insult their scores. If you give a low score for any show he likes, he will say you just want to look cool, you're a pseudo-elitist and watches AnimeEveryday. It's a curious case of paranoia, he really needs some help.
StyleF1re Jul 14, 4:29 AM
Sounds like my new friend I made (a year older) who's into cars and racing like me. He said something about seeing his gf only every so often as well. He also talked about wanting more than he's getting - in his case meeting new friends with similar interests or a higher-paying job if not better opportunity elsewhere. But damn, I think I finally ran into someone with a similar approach to life and shared interests. On your end though, that seems pretty tough to deal with. Maybe things will change down the line though, but women gotta do what they gotta do!

Man, anything I can think of ordering straight to my house food-wise is probably trash to begin with. I hate on virtually any pizza place that isn't at fine-dining or small-business level. And don't count your chickens just yet about not going behind a wheel again! You're about to get a crash course on driving real soon... haha
Hei Jul 13, 6:39 PM
Oh good you gave Koi to Uso a 3, probably means its one of the anime of the year based on your other abysmal ratings. At least I have something to look forward to this summer <3
Hei Jul 13, 6:35 PM
LOL not sure why my age is relevant in this, but I guess when you have nothing substantive to say that's what you do.
Hei Jul 13, 5:26 PM
I forget, did i already criticise how pathetic your Re:zero "analysis" is ?

I do remember making fun of you cause you said Sangatsu no Lion is the best anime of the last ten years, cause you know, (Madoka, HxH2011, FMA Brotherhood, Steins;Gate, Penguindrum, Shinsekai Yori, etc, etc) evidently uhhhhhhh we don't talk about those.

Just wondering. Don't wanna laugh at your conformist mentality again if I already had for this issue. Went to the Re:Zero page actually to try to finish Zephsilver's masterclass piece of sophism. First time i tried to finish it i nearly had an aneurysm. D:

Unsurprisingly saw your nonsensical "review" at the top lol
LLYNCES Jul 13, 5:21 AM
Hey man, I ran into your parents today at Domino's and caught up with them, heard a lot of good stuff, I am happy for you bro. I guess they live close to me now? Looks like we will live like a 5 minute walk away from each other, they told me they were managing the apartment complex up here or something. You still aiming to come back in August? They also told me you will be bringing your GF out with you (possibly) we can plan a day maybe at some point when you get back and all go out together (I'll bring my GF as well obviously) We got a lot of catching up to do.

Not much has changed for me tbh all around tho (I got a sports bike now Kawasaki Ninja 300 which is weird) also different employment basically but that's about it. I told your parents a bit about it all, it's funny that I run into them randomly like twice a year; catches me completely off guard but we have good conversations mang. Anyway do you still use Skype? I probably shouldn't get too personal on here. The time difference makes things kind of shit communication wise. I've been busy as fuck for the past 10 months and I know you have been too (well I guess it's getting close to a year now for you) This year has gone by fast for me. Canada is going to feel really fucking weird for you man, probably like reverse culture shock actually. BC is in a state of emergency right now due to the wildfires going on here (entire towns have had to be evacuated) TRU is full of evacuees right now and it has been smokey as fuck here (barely breathable air, smoggy as fuck, insanely hot and dry temperatures)

Also when you get back if you need help finding employment or anything I can set you up with a few things but we can discuss that shit later, I can probably get you a job on the spot with avoiding an interview but I don't know what shit you are interested in here, options are limited as fuck here in Kamloops right now kinda too, it might be a bit depressing being back for the first bit lol.

StyleF1re Jul 13, 2:50 AM
Yeah, both PC and console gaming can be pretty damn expensive to keep pace with nowadays. And even if you keep the spending on the low, no way you can do the same with the time investment as well. And what you mentioned about costs again makes me reconsider whether or not I really want to be in a relationship myself. I ask questions to random friends and acquaintances who have experience and such, and the answers are quite similar relative to the expenses, sacrifices, and unique obstacles couples are presented with. But on the flip side, life has been cruel and unforgiving to me gutting it out solo. I gotta say though I give you mad props if you stick your relationship out. The way it looks now that ain't cheap both financially and emotionally...

Btw, clothes and pizza are probably two things you won't see me buying nowadays. I must've been one crazy kid to once have thought of pizza as a favorite food. Yeah, there are some good ones but as of now pizza is one of my least favorite things to eat, let alone waste money on... haha

Nice. Hopefully you played the heck out of the Wii U and got a decent return in entertainment out of it.
StyleF1re Jul 12, 10:53 PM
You ain't old like me yet, boyyyy!!! And I'm not even old to boot either...

I forgot to mention that I bought the Crash Bandicoot remaster the other week. Thing is, next day or day afterward I went back to that same GameStop store and returned the unopened game (along with an unopened micro-USB cable). I would say that means I'm not a gamer anymore either. What I play nowadays can't be classified as a game. It's either "life" or "Hell" depending on how you look at it. haha