Angel Beats!, Charlotte Recommendations

Angel Beats!
If you liked
Angel Beats!
...then you might like
Both written by the famous Maeda Jun and have the same amazing production behind his works.

Both however could be better if longer, but are still good given their short allotted time slot.

Both will make you smile, laugh, and cry as are typical Maeda Jun's works
report Recommended by orangeblo0dz23
Aside from the opening sung by Lia, the animation by P.A.Works, the original concept by Key, the character design by Na-Ga, the soundtrack by ANANT-GARDE EYES, the director being Jun Maeda, the similar humor, the special abilities premise, and unusual-yet-not-unusual school setting-- I could go on-- Charlotte purely -feels- like Angel Beats! and vice versa, if that's any indication. Both are great to watch.
report Recommended by saintlier
Characters have supernatural power and they attend special schools where students have supernatural powers. Both main girls characters have silver hair.
report Recommended by sheken
charlotte is basically a rip-off of angel beats except its not in heaven
In charlotte and angel beats both there is (1) a spontaneous and charismatic main girl (2) a glasses guy who serves as the comic relief (3) a clueless main character in the beginning only in charlotte he's more lelouch-esque (4) a lead singer in a girls' band
report Recommended by Yusa-pyan
From the creator and studio right down to the key, sound, premise and themes it is very near identical but the paths that the story takes differ. Both are interesting takes on the Supernatural which is an integral part of the structure of the plot. It provides a catalyst for action, an insight into character, and augments the impact of many key scenes. Angel Beats and Charlotte has a duality about them. The first part is comedy, rather a lot of slapstick and the latter being melodrama that relies on managing the waves of emotion of the viewer though, a problem with this is how   read more
report Recommended by papsoshea
Same original creator. Also characters' designs were made by the same person, the art style is practically identical. The music was composed by the same creators. The op & ed are performed by the same singers - Lia and Tada Aoi.
Both are about a group od teenagers who have something in common. The action takes place at school, and the MC is a new student.
Charlotte and Angel Beats share the same sense of humor. Also, Charlotte will most likely introduce a fictional singer/band similiar to GirlDeMo in Angel Beats! (Marina, the voice of Iwasawa from Angel Beats! performing an inserted song).

report Recommended by Kuro_suzume
Both are by P.A. Works and Key
Both have a main girl with white hair
Both take place at a school and have supernatural elements
Jun Maeda is the original creator for both
Both have a theme song by Lia and an ending by Aoi Tada
report Recommended by hikaru
The plot is kinda similar and I'm not quite sure, but I think the author is the same person who made Angel beats
report Recommended by Nikitichita
Mosty slice-of-life with a bit of supernatural thrown in, a good amount of comedy, and an action focused last half. While the backgrounds for the main characters may not be addressed during the first few episodes, there's actually a full episode dedicated to establishing Yu and Otonashi later on in their respective anime. Schools are the main settings for these stories, with a group of teenagers being the main focus. While Otonashi and Yu aren't similar at all in terms of initial personality, they have decent development throughout it that can feel about the same in terms of execution, and this is usually right after   read more
report Recommended by AzureNatlis99
Anime series set in a school with a similar boy and girl MC. Alot of sad pasts and hints for more sadness to come. They both really give out the same vibe with a group who do fun and sad stuff, whatever it is but they'll do it together. They to tend to go out of focus though.
report Recommended by -Alians-
Charlotte and Angel Beats! are very similar to each other. Once you have watched one of them, you need to watch the other. Tomori and Nakaruma both share their leadership roles. Nakamura is the leader of the SSS and Tomori is the leader of the school council. Otanashi and Otosaka are naive, innocent characters, who are at first clueless of what they are doing, and pulled and dragged along by their fellow girl leaders. Memory loss... Retrograde amnesia, is what both Otanashi and Otosaka have. They overcome this by encountering certain things that trigger their memory to remembering the past which they have forgotten.   read more
report Recommended by fillyy
Both Charlotte, and Angel Beats give off the same feel. The character designs are also pretty similar. Also Charlotte starts out light and funny, (although Angel Beats was funnier) just like Angel Beats did, but then gets more sad and darker.
report Recommended by ElodieMelody54
They have a lot in common! Both manga series are made by the same artist Komowata Haruka, Charlotte's director and Charlotte's sound director worked on Angel Beats! Finally in history, the character will also attend a special school where students have supernatural powers.
report Recommended by EBG92
Same writer for both shows. Students at a weird school with supernatural powers. The characters, art, and writing are all pretty similar which is to be expected since the same guy wrote them. Good mixture of comedy and feels for both.
report Recommended by CC9ers
Both shows are directed by the same director, so a lot of the influences of Angel Beats transfer over into Charlotte. They have similar humor and the premise of a school with ability users. They honestly just give off the same feel when I watched them. These are honestly both great shows to consider watching!
report Recommended by Hamaneko
I don't know why but this Anime just came into mind immediately. School setting. A lot of sad background stories. Student council. Special powers. Both Anime give you the same kind of feel but I'd say Angel Beats goes way deeper in the feel section.
report Recommended by xNightcrawl
There are similar references and situations in both, and they generally have the same "feel" to it. They both have great music, which plays an important part to the plot at some parts. But although both of them have comedic moments and sometimes lowkey ridiculous gags, Charlotte is definitely more serious and maybe even a little bit "dark" towards the ends.
report Recommended by klannie
Charlotte is made by the same people who gave us Angel Beats!
Both use similar vivid animation styles and just give off the same general feel you'll get while watching the other. It's hard to explain, but lets say despite the rather different stories, Charlotte is more or less a carbon copy of Angel Beats! with a new plot and new characters.
report Recommended by ReactAsylum
Both have sad backgrounds, characters are quite similar, the art is somewhat alike, there is great drama, both the main characters have white/silver hair, and there are super powers in both. If you like super powers and drama, you might like Charlotte.
report Recommended by HousekiGirl
Both were written by Jun Maeda. So it really has the same feeling while watching it. It has good enough comedy and of course, the feels.
report Recommended by Code_Jake
Same Story writer, same company which is P.A. works, OP done by Lia again as well. Characters make quite a resemblence
report Recommended by Toshylo
Bedsides just the fact that both series have been written by the same person, designed and animated by the same producers, what makes these series so similar?

First of all, they're both Great comedy series with deep substance. Both got just the right amount of humor that anyone is sure to enjoy.
And besides that, they're of the most exciting series ever. Both of some fast pacing and only you're in, it's like a rollercoaster. You can't stop watching once you start. There's many reference to AB! in Charlotte too.

While they're different in the theme and mood, they've got some deep hidden   read more
report Recommended by Z-Dante
They have a similar feel to it.

Angel Beats starts off sort of silly but with a paranormal twist to it. Even thought it sounds like it could get serious, it mostly tries to keep a focus on the comedy side. Still it gets dark and sad at times, but it tries to balance them out.

Charlotte also has a similar start. There are mostly jokes and fun times at the start, but things get more serious as the story progresses. The difference is that once the seriousness starts, there aren't many comedic moments afterwards.

Still, both series are quiet   read more
report Recommended by BubblyHunter
Both has same produders. Animation, characters and climate are very similar by entire time of watching. Humorous when can and serious when must that's how those animes are.
report Recommended by Aedrin
Coming from the same producers, both anime have the same feel. The combination of action, fun and drama is true with both shows.
report Recommended by Eureka
Created and directed by the same author, Jun Maeda. They are both sad and tragic shows that deal with supernatural elements during what seems to be a normal high school. Both have amazing animation and storytelling, that will surely get your emotions high.

Also, Angel Beats! is referenced, mid-series, in Charlotte on a TV screen. :)
report Recommended by Draconix814
The both give you that happy/sad feeling where you can cry and laugh at the same time.
report Recommended by Lulawliet
Made by same people, and both have a similar idea (school/supernatural/romance).

Both Charlotte and Angel Beats! are great anime, each in their own right. For Angel Beats!, I recommend giving it at least 3 episodes before deciding whether to continue or drop it.
report Recommended by Andrewapps
Both shows have a similar artstyle and (personally) I find them very pretty. The story is deep in both cases, and you just want to watch more of it. Also, both anime have a "good" ending, as you don't mind the story finishing there. Lastly, these two series have many different characters, and a love story which isn't ecchi or harem (FINALLY!).
report Recommended by NahEy
Both written by the famous Maeda Jun. They have the same ''feel''. Both shows are to short.
report Recommended by FilippaTooth
These both are very good animes that will make u cry to death.Like angel beats this has:
a good story
a good ending
and is super Awesome
i loved this soo much and idk how but i thought of angel beats every time i watched a episode
report Recommended by Giant_Otaku101
Drama anime which will make you feel in an emotional turmoil after some scenes. Contains supernatural and sci-fi elements.
report Recommended by Asami_Miyano
-Characters have supernatural power and they attend special schools where students have supernatural powers.
-Both main girls characters have silver hair.
-Both shows are made by the same producers and have the same artist singing the op/ed song.
-Contains romance and tragedy aspects.
report Recommended by Rococo12
The series are similar dramas from the same creators. They both have characters with special abilities in them and both the protagonists join a group in a school and do missions for them. If you like the type of emotional storytelling Key Studios is known for, you should enjoy both the series.
report Recommended by Sande
Both are produced by P.A. Works and Maeda Jun. Second, Charlotte is littered with Angel Beats references, and I mean littered. Also, you will board the feels train, cuz this is Maeda Jun we are talking about. An excellent portrayal and Maeda's second chance at a fantastic creation
report Recommended by Stevoreno
it's made by the same author and studio
~both story lines are identical if i may say..
~both have similar great art and character, and both are a school, drama and Superpowers shows, almost the same at everything.
~both are 13 episode long, short and easy to watch.
~both will leave you crying at the end of it....
report Recommended by Kakirmo
Time for pointing the similarities between these two shows.
Both Charlotte and Angel Beats:

- Were written by Jun Maeda.
- Are from the same studio, P.A. Works.
- Have School setting.
- Know how to explore the relationship between it characters.
- Are short anime. (13 episodes long)
- Have funny and sad moments.
report Recommended by Caronte
Those two masterpieces are made by Jun Maeda . That's exactly the same world , as in Angel Beats. by the way, this anime is no less sad than Angel Beats . Make sure , it will make you fall in depression in last series. But in the end you quietly sigh .
report Recommended by RenSoichiro
They both were made by the same company, they both have a lot of supernatural things, and they both are super fun!
report Recommended by lucascba93
The same Univers the same story i like boths Animes<3
report Recommended by j117
1. Same staff that worked on Angel Beats.
2. Similar characters
3. Nice animation and soundtrack

Both anime's are so alike that people even theorize that maybe the two animes are connected somehow. Enjoy!
report Recommended by MitsubaMikaela
both are by the same author , both are both are made by the same studio , the characters are so similar they're almost copied except for some main characters ,and both will leave you crying in the end , Charlotte is basically Angel beats done right
report Recommended by Tuff-Stuff
From the same studio, and a story just as beautiful. This is an example of how two different stories look a like so much. You can also find the personalities of all Charlotte characters back in Angel Beats (reincarnations?).
report Recommended by CADAEMOS
They're written by the same writers, the female protagonist looks exactly like Angel, protagonist has a sappy back story, high school setting, music inserted via a pop idol + pop rock band, tsundere protagonist who's bossy, leader of the group, misunderstood and hence disliked by others, lonely.... does this sound like anybody else? Yeah, she's a mish-mash of Yuki and Angel.

Loads of other similarities too, including how the series jumps from comedy to drama to loads of other things I can't mention because I don't want to spoil the series.
report Recommended by SonalG1988
so watching these, you might not catch it at first but the animes have the same atmosphere. A group of kids trying to make it by while still having that kind of sad feel to it, it's made by the same person so that's also probably why it has the same feel. But do check it out if you havent already. The anime is great, also has a nice story to it
report Recommended by linkbot334