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Both have tragic love story, with very sad ending.
report Recommended by AmaTenshi
- Both have a kuudere loli who isn't normal - Both have a male lead who is a newbie and a nice guy - Both have a certain organization the main characters are apart of - Both have certain supernatural/sci-fi elements - Both have a sort of way to "not exist" that isn't really dying (Plamemo has "retrievals" and Angel Beats has "disappearing") - Both have tearjerkers
report Recommended by chinesecartoonz
Both series have a white-haired, cute girl protagonist. They become friends with the male protagonist - a genuinely nice and sweet guy - and their friendship gradually changes over the course of the story. They both have humour integrated into an otherwise emotional story.
report Recommended by tearbender
The main characters for both of the shows are very alike, and both have nice character development. Their designs are kind of similar too. As for the plot, The story lines are different however if you were to watch Plastic Memories you can see what I'm trying to say hnnnnggg I just don't want to spoil anything, like they both tell you ahead of time whats going to happen yknow ?
report Recommended by Kawaiicherrybomb
both of these beautiful series starts off a little slow at first, but after a few episodes it starts catching up speed and the romance between the to MCs begin to unravel. they are both so bitter-sweet and they with definitely take you on an emotional rollecoaster. if you have seen one, you'll love the other one too. and remember to prepare the tissues ;~;
report Recommended by Azukio-kun
They are both tearjerkers and have pretty sad ending. The animation style is also very similar to that of Angel Beats
report Recommended by Chiaki__Nanami
-Both have the main love interest as a white-haired kuudere girl -Both have a fairly generic protagonist who is introduced to a new situation wherein he meets the love interest in question -Both have character death without really stating that it was death (disappearing, retrievals)
report Recommended by thelectricow
Different story and different context, but Angel Beats! (AB!) and Plastic Memories (PM) have some similarity. The drama element make both anime have the strong feels. Not only that, both female mc, Kanade (AB!) and Isla (PM) make the feels grow stronger. With their kuudere personality and long white hair, they ready to shake your heart and your feeling. And brace yourself for the ending, because say goodbye is not easy as you think. Watch it if you want to know what i mean.
report Recommended by Ranseurs
The series are both dramas that can get you emotional. In both anime, the main character meets an emotionless girl and gets to know her better throughout the series. The shows also deal with loss as the characters in both series can disappear by either getting obliterated or through retrievals.
report Recommended by Sande
First of all, both are Emotional Anime In both anime the main characters are a boy and a white-haired girl. In the beginning of both anime the main characters dont know each other. While Plastic Memories is much more heart-breaking and romantic than Angel Beats, but Angle Beats compensate with comedy and action. You might cry in Angel Beats but you will for sure in Plastic Memories. SUMMING UP, if you want a Dramatic and Emotional anime watch Plasic Memories. If you dont want just an Romance anime and want a mixed between Emotion-Comedy-Action you must watch Angel Beats.
report Recommended by yousandro
Both with make you cry in the end Theme of selflessness Kawaii main heroines Relatable main heroes
report Recommended by canyouread
* both have female characters with similar personalilty *both anime have heartworming experience and both are sad * both male characters feel as if they need to help the people around them *both coulples struggle to understand each other
report Recommended by lillycannotfly
gives feels man.
report Recommended by _amat3rasu_
Both are touching anime that could make you cry. Both have kawaii characters make make you laugh at totally bad timings
report Recommended by kuzamine
The main reason I recommend this if you finished watching Angel Beats! is that the heroine of this story looks like Kanade. The progression of the story will make you love and get into the characters with its very good progression also top notch recommendation if you want another sad anime. This will make you tear up.
report Recommended by masterpreenz
Emotional and tearjerker anime from beginning to end. The characters are pretty similar. Good storyline. The romance and drama is quite good. The same end credit scene.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Do you like to cry, but you're not hardcore enough for Clannad? Here you go. Angel Beats! starts out pretty calmly, but starts to escalate pretty quick around mid-series until the end of it. Plastic Memories kicks you in the feels hard starting on the first episode, which is pretty commendable, but isn't a constant tear jerker, and turns into more of a romance as it goes on, albeit a depressing one (I also really like the concept behind this one and the way it's executed.
report Recommended by _dreary_
Both has sad ending Both has romance story Both has most epic drama
report Recommended by Shirokuza