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Natsume Yuujinchou Go Specials
Natsume Yuujinchou Go Specials
Oct 11, 6:13 PM
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Grisaia no Kajitsu
Grisaia no Kajitsu
Sep 20, 1:07 AM
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Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Movie: First Touch
Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Movie: First Touch
Sep 19, 6:52 AM
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Nihon e Youkoso Elf-san.
Nihon e Youkoso Elf-san.
May 5, 1:52 AM
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Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyuu wo Samayou
Jidou Hanbaiki ni Umarekawatta Ore wa Meikyuu wo Samayou
May 4, 2:25 AM
Reading 8/? · Scored -
Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru
Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Isekai Kizoku ni Tensei suru
Apr 29, 6:34 AM
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MeSsI-AKA-FERNO Sep 26, 3:03 AM

Ello mate, Been a while hasn't it? How are you doing? I have a little request, could you please suggest Rewrite to write a synopsis of the AdaShima light novels? They did write a synopsis of the anime. I was wondering since this is one of the more well-known titles in the Girls Love genre and since it has high ratings and whatnot Rewrite could write one? It'd be lovely if you could look into it :D Cheers!

CrimsonHerring Aug 13, 12:59 AM
huh, I didn't think I typed particularly formal. Maybe it seemed formal because I introduced myself with the word "greetings"? Glad you still enjoy Guilty Crown though, I don't think I've ever been that passionate about an anime or really anything for that matter, although I do wish I did. Most passion that comes my way is very fleeting. Oh, and it's fine if you don't watch Vivy and if you have a schedule, then that's fine. It does baffle me though how you managed you schedule your anime watching up until next year. I couldn't find that many anime to put on a list, much less schedule them together and then stick to that schedule. I can respect that though. Bye for now.
CrimsonHerring Aug 12, 1:49 AM
Greetings, It has been a while. Mal has informed me that you have re-watched Guilty Crown, what was your opinion on it? do you still like it as much? I’m quite curious. I must admit though that I was likely a little less lenient on it because I had just started to undergo a period of anime burnout, and my opinion to almost anything I watched ranged anywhere from bored to indifferent. I also took a little break from watching anime due to the fact, pretty sure I'm out of such a phase now though.

On a completely unrelated note you should watch Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song. It's an anime original made by Tappei Nagatsuki the same guy who made Re:zero, I'd honestly be pretty surprised if haven't heard of it. I currently have it as a 10/10 although I might change it to a 9/10 later. It's animation is absolutely fantastic, and it has some really amazing fight scenes, although that's not really the main point. It has an entertaining story that has a few twists in it, It's got some psychological aspects like Re:zero although it's definitely got less of a focus on it, the characters and psychological elements are great, at least in my opinion. It's also got some really amazing music, point being Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song is really good and even if you don't like it as much as I did you'll probably at least enjoy it.
kindabadatanime Aug 9, 7:55 AM
(I) Re:(III) I honestly don't really understand why some countries place their finals in the middle of the year, as opposed to nearing the end of the year. Sadly, even after secondary school, I go to junior college, and I would still need to learn an opposing subject to my course. For example, if I go to a science course, I'm still required to take an arts subject such as history or music. I might take economics since it's the most 'sciency' arts subject that's available. I found it queer since I would often think that the days would pass really slowly in the past, but suddenly, once 2021 came time, time just decided to step on the gas and move at hyperspeed. Maybe it's due to my ever-growing anxiety as the days of judgement draws near ;-;

(II) How have your studies been? You've probably had to complete more projects despite the pandemic. I'm also curious how your schools would plan to do the final exams even amidst the covid pandemic. I doubt they'd do it online right? If they do that, there would inevitably be a large number of students cheating.

(III) Speaking of exams, I had my prelim practical exams for my science subjects last week. After completing them I think I was overstressing about the exams before, luckily they weren't as hard as I expected them to be. I'll be having a holiday tomorrow too, so I can finally rest again ahhhh... I haven't had the opportunity to watch much anime the past week at all, I can finally continue the animes I wasn't able to complete before then.

(IV) Actually, how affected is your community now? Has the situation improved, and are you planning to take the vaccinations? I've gotten mine, the side effects were unpleasant since I'd contracted a fever but after I took some paracetamol the fever stopped, but there was still a dull pain on my left arm for a few days...

(V) Re:(IV) Absolutely, there are times that I would reminisce about things that have only happened a day before. I think this often happens whenever I go on a vacation or a camp, once I return home I would remember all of the new memories I'd made in the short period of time, feeling that those events already happened long ago. I would even periodically experience nostalgia about things that haven't even happened. I think there's a word for it, 'saudade' but it might have been something else. It usually happens whenever I listen to certain songs or looking at an old piece of furniture or clothing my parents used to own.

(VI) Do you listen to music often? What's your favourite genre? Have you actually had experience

(VII) Re:(V) That's true, so many different can happen in an hour... I wonder what new things I'd be able to experience with a new job. I suppose it's just that I'm battling the urge to just lay back at home and just relax and relax and relax... if I were to get a part-time job though I'd prefer to go for one that's related to my field of interest instead of something in the f&b industry since it would look better on my future portfolio.

(VIII) Re:(VI) Haha yes, I think it's largely due to my recent interest in mechanical keyboards. I don't own one since they're pretty expensive, but I plan on buying one soon. You're right, I definitely need to research a lot on computer parts since my knowledge on the subject is subpar. Luckily, I have a friend who's pretty knowledgeable in the area so I can ask to show me the ropes. As of now I know literally none of those acronyms haha, that shows how little knowledge of the technical stuff related to computers.

(IX) Re:(VII) I think sometimes I take for granted that in the end, humans aren't always consistent and the products that may be released by talented creators may not suit my taste. I feel like once I finally create a full full story I'd be able to appreciate more deeply the work that goes into making a story.

(X) Re:(VIII) Hmm, good question. I honestly don't know either haha, maybe I just have more energy to write messages in the morning?
Kevin10th Jul 31, 2:55 PM
(I) Re: (II) You’re right. The majority of people rarely has backup generator henceforth it was a living nightmare when I barely studied for an exam, and the power outages suddenly hit my home. Fifteen minutes of protection is probably sufficient, since the backup generator will likely be turned on within that time limit, won’t it? If not, you can directly turn off the PC and perhaps do something else. However, there’re not much for you to do if you cannot have an access to PC / back-up laptop, considering you’re mainly playing PC games or watching anime, am I correct?

(II) Re: (III) Your PC must be high-spec since I rarely heard any of my friends who assembled their own PC were having a proprietary PSU. But you successfully purchased the cable itself, didn’t you?

(III) Re: (IV) You know your way around, so that’s a strong start. I mean, coding doesn’t translate to an individual being tech-savvy, if you get what I was inferring, cause I didn’t necessarily see my software engineer friend being tech-savvy for most of the times. On the other hand, you’re right though, I was referring to tech knowledge rather than technical skills, when I used the term tech-savvy; you’ve kinda answered my question then lol. My bad…

(IV) Re: (V) So I’ve been applying the full-radius debanding and denoising filters per your suggestion. However, I didn’t realize any differences between the video, pre and post filter. Did you experience any drastic changes to your video quality after applying all of the filters? I realized that you’ve already answered my question here on your 7th paragraph, so never mind that lol.

(V) Re: (VI) Given how inexperienced I am in this aspect, it surprised me as well since I thought 1600-series would be better in quality. There are several laptops having GTX980 in the market that are priced lower than mine, so it terribly bugged me now after buying this laptop, not to mention that the instalment has yet ended :’). I haven’t tested playing Need For Speed (2015) at the time of writing this message, so I still have no idea how weak my GPU is.

(VI) Re: (VI) Am I safe to assume that you’re using 2 monitors? Since it’s 32:9 at 3840x1080, no wonder that you don’t see any needs to watch on a wider screen. Speaking of price comparison between monitor and TV, it depends on which monitor or TV that you’re referring to. I bought a relatively cheap 40” 4K TV at a price of less than IDR 4 million. However, I’m still not sure how the video quality would be, if I rhetorically have a PS5 and decide to play from this TV, but it serves its function really well for daily use so far.

(VII) Re: (VIII) Did it only take an average of 5 hours to finish the campaign? I remembered that I took a week to finish [i]Call of Duty[/i[, and I spent a good 2 or 3 hours a decade ago lol. Did you find all of the stories from each game in this franchise to be as exciting as you’ve mentioned before? I played two games (forgotten which one though), and I felt the story was extremely generic. Might have changed my opinion if I get to play it again in the future though, because FPS is my kinda thing (although I’m a noob).

(VIII) Re: (VIII) It is safe to assume that the older someone is, they are more conservative and becoming reluctant to try some other new things, myself included in some aspects. Not necessarily that I’m not going to ask for help when I needed to, but in general I’m definitely more self-reliant compared to people around my age lol. Speaking of password manager app, since I’ve heard several cases where my friends’ credit cards / bank accounts were hacked, that might have explained my unnecessary paranoia.

(IX) Re: (IX) I realized that I didn’t like navigating in open-world games using Switch controller, so it discouraged me to play the Monster Hunter: Rise. The fault was all mine since I only purchased it at a spur of a moment. Needless to say, the graphic was stunning for a handheld game, not to mention its critical reception, so it’s no surprise that this game has sold 7 million copies in the first two months since its launch. In general, I’m also more inclined to turn-based games, so the earlier series of Final Fantasy series (up until FFXII) and Suikoden franchise or recent games like Octopath Traveller were my cup of tea.

(X) Re: (IX) Let’s see how bad my fluency and enunciation would be once we get a chance to play some co-op games. At worst, I’ll communicate my response to you in Bahasa – and you can keep on speaking in English HAHA. As a start, let’s try Need for Speed as I’ve recently bought them per your recommendation, not to mention that this franchise is your all-time-favourite. What are several multiplayer games that you’ve frequently / recently played, besides Need for Speed ofc.

(XI) Re: (X) There’re not a lot of NS exclusive games that I’d like to play to begin with, so there should not be a lot of titles for me to purchase – at least that’s the thought when I decided to buy the console. Over time, I’ve subsequently negotiated with two friends, and we’ve discussed which physical copies of games that each of us have to get, so we could exchange the games’ cartridges when we’re not playing. Nonetheless, I’ve bought several AAA titles, such as Ring Fit Adventure, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Sword, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, to name a few. NS AAA games are not only expensive on the launch, but they’re still expensive to date. If I’m not mistaken, Pokemon Sword is still priced at USD 59.99, and it was launched nearly 2 years ago. I also did a quick check in Tokopedia, and this game is still retailed between late IDR 500k to mid IDR 600k. That’s why I decided to purchase Hades on Steam, because it was priced at IDR 120k, whilst the NS version was priced over IDR 400k. The only edge of having NS was its portability, and I was thankful for this merit several times before COVID-19 happened.

(XII) Re: (X) I have to ask, how frequently do you have to upgrade your GPU and processor to allow yourself playing many recent games with the highest quality possible, and how much is the estimated cost would be reasonable for you? If an investment over IDR 25 million might be needed just for those two, console may possibly have an edge since the it is expected to run for 6-7 years (assuming I’m purchasing right after the console is launched) before the next console generation is launched. Some of the really good games are also Playstation or X-Box exclusives, so it’s hard to determine which consoles will be the best. The Last of Us is a critically-acclaimed Playstation exclusive game, and I don’t see the game to be ported to PC any time soon, so that might have prevented people to solely focus in gaming-PC. However, I must say that PC games are probably the least expensive out of the bunch, and the experience in playing FPS is the best when you’re playing using a PC.

(XIII) Re: (XI) The only game that I’ve played longer than Animal Crossing: New Horizon was Overwatch. I’ve spent over 550+ good and frustrating hours playing this game, and perhaps Suikoden II for 200+ hours, since I’ve already played the game for over 7 times, either using the original Playstation 1 or an emulator from my Android phone. However, it is still not as long as your record with Geometry Dash and other names you’ve mentioned. I never have a problem with any type of co-op, because playing with my friends have never been not fun. None of them will get bitter if we’re losing, even though I dragged them down in multiple sessions for so many times. I understand your POV though, because I also enjoyed my multiplayer session while playing Crash Team Racing, and it was gratifying when you’re able to win – even for only a single time – from your friend who is more skilled in such game. I’d rather spend 1,000+ hours to watch anime though, because I’ll get to enjoy a variety of titles within that time span.

(XIV) Re: (IX) I won’t say that I don’t feel like it, since I’m the person who actually learned from experience rather than imagining it. Since I’m quite a sympathetic individual, it’s easy for me to learn something new / be reminded with some certain life values through anime, and you’ll usually get it from emotional heart-wrenching inducing titles. You can say that’s the reason drama is my favourite genre, even before I watch anime a lot. As a result, I kinda feel that it allows me to be a better person and friend to my social circle. I do believe that most movies and TV shows won’t get you the same effect, because I realized that anime often dealt with what’s inside a person, and is more focused on a personal development. On the other hand, the typical Hollywood movies and TV shows are more influenced by the external factors to drive the narrative forward, at least that’s what usually get to me. I won’t say that all Hollywood movies are following this general trope, but I do agree with the sentiment that anime have more feels to it. Since I have no one in my circle who watch a variety of anime as much as me (although you might notice that I do not necessarily watch all genre), there’s a personal sentiment to it since it felt like I’ve found some hidden gems, especially when I’ve first watched some title that I personally felt to be extremely good and even when my MAL friends have yet watched it. That’s what made my experience in watching Shinsekai Yori and 3-Gatsu no Lion 2nd Season to be amplified even further.

(XV) Re: (X) The only one I’ve watched from the list you’ve mentioned thus far was Angel Beats!, and I liked the train scene so much that I tried my best to be reminded to share the same life view as Otonashi’s when I stumble on my feet. I agree that the anime was a tearjerker, but the strong ones were only Otonashi’s train scene and Yui’s death. The former moved me a lot, with obvious reasons, whilst the latter provided a strong imaginary over a life that she would like to have, but she couldn’t. It was touching how she was able to accept her condition, albeit not physically suffering from her condition, and moved forward with her life. The song sung by LiSA playing in the background further hit your emotion even further. It’s too bad that Spotify doesn’t have this song in its catalogue.

(XVI) Re: (XI) I’ve actually enabled the HDR on my TV, so the quality is splendid for most of the recent anime, especially the well-animated titles from A1-Pictures or Kyoto Animation. Based on my experience in watching pre to post HDR filter, all of the anime quality were improved, because the TV adjusted the contrast and brightness nicely, and it made the animation looking far better rather than watching it straight from PC. I guess the problem was stemming from the original Natsume Yuujinchou’s video file instead. I’ve compared it to your monthly planner list, and I torrented from the same release group as yours.

(XVII) Re: (XII) and (XIII) Fair enough, I see your point and I respect your metrics in judging an anime. I actually shared the same sentiment with those people who said said "It's just a bad story covered with good production quality!" I’ve generally tried to take into solid animation when I tried to rate my anime, although it’s difficult for me to rate it as highly as narrative. For example, I gave Jujutsu Kaisen, Hyouka, and Sword Art Online another 1 plus point for my rating, encouraged by their solid animation.

(XVIII) Re: (XIV) It’s my damn luck when I added you as a friend when you were still welcoming all friend requests then lol. Were there any particular incidents when you befriended attention seekers because it seemed like your personal experience? At least that’s the impression I was getting.

(XIX) Re: (XVI) I was meaning to ask, when you’d like to capitalize your letter, do you actually use caps lock or shift. Sorry if the message was misconstrued when you’re reading it. There’s no difference in your left hand when you’re playing PC games and typing in general then XD. I actually had my fair share of using WASD on the keyboard, considering I played FPS the most out of all PC games. But since I learned how to type with 10 fingers first, I do not succumb to this problem. Speaking of the left hand placement, should you also use the middle finger for S, like what you do with W as well? I previously imagined that, there’s no way you used four fingers to rest on WASD, although I got what you were inferring when you’re speaking of my inexperience with PC gaming. Normally, when I’m typing for work, I rest my left fingers on ASDF and place my right fingers on JKL;. I never place my right hand on mouse unless I need to use it.

(XX) Re: (XVII) Since you’re using the international curriculum, that might pose a huge difference in what I had 10 years back. Still, I heard that my IPA/IPS system is no longer in place, so I supposed you’re accurate in what you’ve mentioned in your earlier message – when you said that it’s difficult to get a job if you take social studies. If I am to follow your curriculum, I will definitely take economics, geography, and accounting during high school and omit civil studies, history, and physics.

(XXI) Re: (XVIII) You’re absolutely correct. However, if I do not watch them weekly, there’s a huge chance that I’ll drop many titles halfway through the show. Besides, it’s such a joy to discuss with people regarding what’s been going on with the show thus far and speculate in what might be happening in the next few episodes. Starting from Summer 2021 seasonals, I’ve talked about several new series and it was so much fun to see how each of us rate a show based on what we’ve seen so far, and how I was having a roller-coaster ride because I found that many series started strong but gradually declined in quality, vice versa. You’re living in the era when you do not have to wait for Sunday anime to be played on TV, so I guess it makes more sense if you generally binge-watch a show.

(XXII) Re: (XX) Won’t comment on anything more regarding ODDTAXI, but to say that it is my 2nd highest rated anime for Spring 2021 seasonals, and the best non-sequel adaptation in 2021 thus far for me.

(XXIII) Re: (XXI) Most of my friends are not acting like a true capitalist although they like money a lot more than me, so I leave you that until you’re watching the show. With your brief explanation on Uramichi Oniisan, that might’ve explained why you’re not watching Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan yet. And if I recalled correctly, you’re not placing Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan in your monthly planner as well.

(XXIV) Re: (XXII) I made a quick internet search, and I guessed that Sonny Boy is not the crowdfunded project you were referring to. To tell you the truth, at least from what I’ve seen from from Summer 2021 so far, there’s only 1 anime worth 8/10 and above out of 10+ titles I’ve watched so far so you can see how disappointed I am with this season lol.

(XXV) Re: (XXIII) Why did you watch Kanojo mo Kanojo before the show finishes? To give you my perspective, I actually dislike Kanojo mo Kanojo and place it in the same tier as Kanojo, Okarishimasu lol. I do believe the quality in this season was worse than the previous two, because (1) the pacing for many shows was quite bad that the amateur me can notice it, (2) major character development (objectively) and likable characters (subjectively) were lacking thus far, and (3) the narrative was getting out of place. I must say, based on the premise, many shows are still quite promising so I want to be proven wrong with my 2nd and 3rd points :’)

(XXVI) Re: (XXIV) I thought that you’ll be watching Shiguang Dailiren in two days since your previous two response, but why haven’t you completed it? Can you also share me your thought on HigeHiro because you gave an interesting 9/10 for this show. I’ve been fond of Shiroi Suna no Aquatope and this show gradually grew on me. I have no clue about all of the other remaining 4 titles mentioned after Shiroi Suna no Aquatope although I am actually interested to find out more on Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, because it should not be as shallow as the synopsis mentioned it to be lol. I wonder though, since you rated the 1st season of Hamefura a 6/10, does the rating do not necessarily translate to your anticipation to the sequel? I recalled this one since this is your 100th anime as shown in your profile lol. To share you my brief opinion regarding Tokyo Revengers so far, I personally still favour Boku dake ga Inai Machi despite its appalling ending.

(XXVII) Re: (XXV) Aren’t you not getting it from your school then since you’ve missed it before? It’s good that you’ll be having your vaccine dose then, because I don’t want my friend to get caught with COVID-19. It’s been crazy with the queue in hospital for the people to get admitted. I have heard a story where a relative of a friend of my friend’s sister (you should know what I tried to imply) died in hospital while waiting for queue, or my friend needing to frantically seek for a hospital (and was only successful to get it after visiting the 9th hospital) that may admit her sister-in-law who is due for pregnancy yet got caught in COVID-19 as well. It’s crazy out here in Jakarta. I’m not sure if young people aren’t necessarily in danger, because I also heard multiple cases of young adults dying – not sure with teenager around your age though. Fingers crossed, you’ll complete your vaccination asap, so the severity will drop dramatically if you rhetorically catch this disease (hopefully not). I’ve completed my 2nd dose on 24Jul21, so I’m safe and sound. Thanks for asking and see you whenever you can!
kindabadatanime Jul 28, 3:19 PM
(I) Re:(I) Haha, you're right. I might have suggested it too but i didnt think it was necessary yet so hesitated to say anything.

(II) Re:(II) Ahh, I see. I only just realised that in your list there were no records of dropped anime, and I find that honestly quite impressive. Personally I probably have quite a few more dropped animes that I either cant recall or simply didnt bother to put in my list. I have a friend who finished watching the fate series and she said emiya really was quite an annoying character hahaha.

(III) Re: (III) Interesting. Is that your main source when you watch anime? I usually stream animes since I havent found the need to have to download animes often. Occasionally i do download a few animes as backups in case i have to go to an area without signal though.

(IV) Re: (V) Ah, Sigmund Freud. Recently ive been learning a little about the very topic of the id, ego and super ego as well, not that i want to study psychology in the future. I just find the concept of personality interesting, being able to understand better what makes our clocks tick.

(V) Re: (VI) Haha, luckily i have yet to discover the pains college students have to experience in their school lives, but i am in my final school year of 'high school' and everyone is frantically rushing around, stressed about their upcoming exams. In fact, my preliminary exams start next week, and my final exams start 2 months from now. It feels queer to have had the year fly so quickly for me, while you might have experienced time much more slowly, as you described in one of your earlier comments.

(VI) I remember I was able to complete animes as quick as that in May of 2020, but i dont think i can finish animes in the same speed, not for another 6 years maybe. Oh wait, after our finals we have a few months as a break, I just remembered. I'm struggling to decide if i should go get a part-time job since i want to build my own desktop computer or just give up and stay at home and just watch watch watch hahaha.

(VII) Re: (VII) It's a shame that nisio isin wasn't able to write a story of the same quality as before, perhaps I had been idolising him too much. Do you have any favourite storymakers?

(VIII) Re: (VIII) I think this much is fine haha, at least I was able to type all this in one sitting before I go to school
MeSsI-AKA-FERNO Jul 24, 2:02 AM

Oh yes, true true. I've noticed that too but considering my Plan to Watch unless people say a lot of good things about it I'll only add an anime if it has over 8.00 rating ^_^;

I mean you need to watch those new shows right? Well, it's a 50-50 if a new seasonal will be good. So I only watch shows with either high ratings or shows that people say are really good. I'm not too interested in finding hidden gems. I'd rather have other people find them for me xD

It was a good movie. I'd personally say it's better than the first season but I won't say "It's the best film ever" or "It's a masterpiece" like most do. It's a simply really good watch >w< Oh and of course the sakuga was top-notch >.<

Kevin10th Jul 22, 9:35 AM
(I) Re: (I) If you recalled correctly, I have never included the numbers in my responses lol. Did you perhaps apply this model with someone else? However, since it will be more convenient to you, I’ll follow this format from this message onwards then.

(II) Re: (II) Right… power outage in the whole city is a little bit too much. Bad choice of word from me as usual XD. Is there any correlation between the crime rate and power outage though? Your circumstance is definitely not ideal at all. I quickly took a look government’s efficiency initiatives for electricity, and what I found was nothing special in particular. It’s rather a nuisance at this stage, because the experiments keep on recurring, I suppose. Do you have an emergency electric generator in case of frequent outages in the subsequent future? It’s not pleasant to have a sudden blackout, especially when you’re on the verge of deadline in submitting your homework, for example or most importantly whilst you’re a run in binge-watching a really good anime.

(III) Re: (III) Is the proprietary PSU model required since your PC is very high-spec (surmising from our former conversations)? Nothing had gone wrong since the HDD power cables were busted, right?

(IV) Re: (IV) Before I continue, do you happen to be exceptionally tech-savvy? I can barely name anyone whom may have possessed the expertise in these technical aspects – starting from your explanation regarding GPU to sRGB, on top of the nitty-gritty details. How do you apply those three filters? I’m wondering if the my graphical quality would improve post filter, as I’m also using VLC Media Player, in the hopes of improving my anime watching experience :’) Recollecting to my previous complaint regarding Natsume Yuujinchou, I’m still hoping the video quality would improve, and I can at least finish the first season; after watching 3 episodes, I cannot find myself continuing the series yet. I’m using Turing-architecture NVIDIA GPU, GeForce GTX 1650 to be exact, which is supposed to be Pascal’s successor, although I’m not sure if mine is actually good enough or not.

(IV) Re: (VI) – (VIII) Does it ever occur to you to watch anime from a TV – by connecting your PC via HDMI cable? Surely, it will be more enjoyable to watch some series in a bigger screen, not to mention if you have a quality TV. I guess you’re always watching your anime from a desk, aren’t you? Or would the quality drop severely considering the fact that you’ve maxed out the color depth by using your monitor? I unfortunately have the experience to watch at 10-bit color depth, but you must have a feast for your eyes – contrasting mine – since my laptop only supported 8-bit atm. The crash course was pretty enjoyable and arduous at the same time lol, but I am really curious to see what should be the striking difference between what you’re seeing vs. mine whilst watching so many TV shows. Now excuse me while I pitied myself in the corner of my room XD.

(V) Re: (IX) How many hours did it take for you to play all three Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games? Ah… I never know such service is available. Call me paranoid, but in the nearest time, it will be unlikely for me to allow another 3rd party manager in safekeeping all of my passwords, especially credit cards and e-wallets. I might have lived my life, not knowing what the latest technology has to offer, thus I’m not open to this idea very much :( The price is unreasonably cheap though, unlike Discord Nitro service :’) But it’s good that you find the app to be very useful to support your day-to-day activities. Might have saved you a few days in a lifetime for not manually typing the password every single time XD.

(VI) Re: (X) You DEFINITELY have a lot of collection in your Steam library, I’m envious XD I deliberately decided to add your Steam account, so you can see how miserable my collection is :’) I’m not a big gaming fan to begin with, and was pirating PC games until I graduated from university. Poor me. I am now mostly allocating my money to collect printed comics too though. I usually opt to buy Nintendo Switch’s games over PCs, although I’ve recently bought We Were Here series and Left 4 Dead series not too long ago; my friends asked me to accompany them in playing those games. It’s not like I frequently purchase Nintendo Switch’s as well, since I only bought Monster Hunter Rise this April, and I didn’t even play the game to date. What a waste of hard-earned money from selling my soul to a financial institution loan shark :’) To conclude, I’m more of an anime all-day-everyday kind of guy, since I’m so frugal thus buying games / paying for freemium games makes me feel like I lose a fortune XD and will play Sudoku sparingly.

(VII) Re: (XI) NGL, I see a lot of perks on using Discord vs. other social messaging apps, but my friends and co-workers have been accustomed to Whatsapp professionally. Path was a popular social networking app, before Instagram was cool. Its presentation is similar to Facebook, but you can convey a more diverse expression when liking a post – with sad, loving, or angry emoji – not only a simple like. In addition, Path was one of the earlier apps which had an in-built capacity to post where you’re located, if I remembered correctly. The app has defuncted since Oct18, as people gradually favour Instagram over Path. It’s sad considering the company turned down a decent USD 100m acquisition offer from Google back in the early 2010s, as part of the latter’s initiative to foray into social networking market. Well, since my friends barely use LINE, and I do not own an iPhone, the best alternative to Whatsapp for messaging is only Instagram. My friends rarely use Discord, and I used it when I actively played Animal Crossing: New Horizons and gave up after spending 150 hours only. I’m certain a dear friend of mine has already invested over 1,000 hours playing that game. The last time I used Discord was the time when I played We Were Here Too because we almost gave up considering how painfully laborious the game was, and she eventually decided to screen my PC to see what’s been going on with my character. To give you a general idea, it was a cooperative-first person adventure game where two players had to work together via walkie-talkie in solving puzzles, so they could escape from respective rooms.

(VIII) Re: (XIII) Nah, I’m mediocre at best, even without applying the same definition as what you had previously mentioned. Even after completing 800+ titles, that only God knows when, there’s no way that I’ll be able to make a good assessment over an anime, especially after streaming so many good anime analyses on Youtube. I’m neither imaginative nor having a strong linguistic ability, thus it will be hard to critique an anime properly, since it has to be communicated to a mass audience. I’ll just be a casual watcher who’ll simply listen and try to understand other people’s POV when watching the same show.

(IX) Re: (XIII) I guess this change in mindset appeared because I truly felt that I was easily being mis-understood by many people. I’ll take a good example from Quora, which could tie things nicely.

Say that Chris and Kevin are old college friends who meet up on Thursday nights every now and again, to drink some beer and do some catching up. Maybe Kevin feels that he has fallen a little behind Chris in life. Chris is married with a kid and works a cushy job in software development, after all, while Kevin struggled to find a job out of college and just sort of ended up where he ended up, you know? He occupies a nondescript, rather dusty bachelor pad, and spends most weekends with his Xbox. Sunday nights are terrible, because they come just before Monday mornings. And there’s nothing Kevin hates more than being reminded every Monday morning what it is he does, and will probably always do, for a living.

So this malaise becomes the topic of tipsy conversation one Thursday evening. “Man, how do you do it?” Kevin asks. “You’ve got it made—you always do everything right. Me, though…just getting through the day is a problem.”

“Whoa,” Chris interjects. “Stop right there, buddy. Now: what you need to do is to quit feeling sorry for yourself. That’s first. And no wonder you’re a little lonely; how often do you get out, anyway? See, the problem is…

When something is up with our friends, we often feel moved to become fixers, to help them navigate the rough waters by lending our privileged outside perspective. It’s often hard to see things about ourselves that may be obvious to other people, so there is some value in talking over difficulties with a friend, or even with a stranger.

Chris has decent advice, which he presents in a logical fashion. But that’s probably not what Kevin really needs most from his friend in this situation. In this particular moment, Kevin might benefit most from simply feeling better about himself, from having a nice, relaxing time. Instead of fixing Kevin, Chris should probably simply be relating to Kevin. That’s what he could offer, uniquely, as a trusted friend rather than as an amateur therapist. This is completely off-topic, but why did the responder used the name Kevin; I felt attacked XD

I was Chris for many years in my life – trying my best to be a life guru for everyone, because it felt right to be able to give a wonderful advice, whilst my counterparts simply wanted me to simply listen and their burdens would be slightly lifted, whilst I was simultaneously patronizing them. To quote from my life motto [i]"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it."[i] resonates well here, and I’m trying to be more sympathetic to other people’s feelings… and this philosophy was hugely amplified when I was deeply depressed in the past couple of months. I’m no expert in this subject matter at all, especially when I have to convey it neatly in English, but I sort of believe that the message is well conveyed from the situation above.

(IX) Re: (XIV) How many Jun Maeda titles are out there as watching his show has become a recurring activity XD? First and foremost, it’s good to hear that you’re not under such a heavy stress anymore, but I sincerely hope that you’ll get to know how to handle it in the future. It definitely does not feel nice to have emotional reactions, as negligible as they are. I’ll add Little Busters! in my medium-term-plan watchlist, as I’m quite a sucker for slice-of-life genre. There’s a possibility that such melancholic feeling would be amplified in more episodes, but actually the anime that hit me the most is Koe no Katachi, which is only a movie, so I guess it works differently for everyone, doesn’t it?

(X) Re: (XVI) Oh man… I was bamboozled with the aggregate score from the shows that you listed before. I think I’m gonna check them out in case I would like to add new “1” scoring titles to my watch-list. Thankfully most of them are one-shot so I would not be a huge pain in the ass. Well, speaking of Natsume Yuujinchou, rather than saying that it has a bad animation, I’d have to para-phrase it into looking very dated. Strangely, this title, along with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann were looking very greyish in my TV, and I know that my TV is not the problem since I watched the latter on Netflix, and other shows are looking still looking fine. As a result, I find it very difficult to get myself drawn to the story, although the episodic nature of Natsume Yuujinchou had already put me off-guard. Will the show get better in the subsequent seasons?

(XI) Re: (XVII) I think that problem does not only occur in your dad, as mine also has the same problem. He always goes for Chinese martial-arts shows, and have a disliking for a drama-heavy shows. When I’m back to my hometown, I rarely accompanied him to the cinema since my father always chose action-heavy shows whilst I generally chose the highest scoring movies from RottenTomatoes. Well, that’s what make this world interesting though haha. As long as my dad, or any other people, does not enforce their viewpoint to me, I’m fine with it. Speaking of technical-is-just-as-important-as-narrative taste, I think it’s justifiable, as you actually specifically mentioned this criterion from the beginning so it’s not that I’m oblivious to your rating system, especially after you mentioned it in your profile. Nonetheless, what’s the logical reason to back this up though? Anyway, I realized you removed your (i) upcoming seasonals monitored list, (ii) currently-listening songs, and (iii) all friend requests are welcome section as well. Any reasons behind this decision? If it’s something too personal, you do not have to talk about it.

(XII) Re: (XVIII) I am not so sure either, but I personally think that the assessment still holds up for Asians, but it is not as common as American’s, considering our upbringings. I beg to slightly differ, I personally guess that Gen Z is led to believe that effort is meaningless, because no matter how much they strive for something, it would be for naught because of the unrealistic goal set by the society, not because of the minimum effort. I completely agree with your point on the difficulty to get back up when they’re on the lowest position. All in all, I might be in the wrong here because I myself am not experiencing what Gen Z is undergoing, and my conclusion only emerged after a healthy debate with another friend who suddenly brought this subject for our discussion. What a heavy night that was…

(XIII) Re: (XIX) Well, since I’m working with numbers, rounded with two decimals behind, it won’t be convenient for me to spell-number them every single time. It’s impossible, isn’t it? :’) Well, I could have bought an external keyboard since my company’s laptop does not have a built-in numpad. I’ve actually used my pinky to reach the key for q, so I could just directly move on with the diagonal movement to the upper-left, in order to allow myself in mastering the 10-finger method. It will be such a long shot though, as I have to adapt with numerous laptops. You know, I have to work with different laptop for personal and professional uses. If I’m not mistaken, pressing the backspace button with pinky is the right way, so using my ring finger is incorrect as well. I think this habit developed when I was rushing for a deadline, and it turned into a mainstay eversince. Are you the type to use capslock or press shift simultaneously with the letter that you want to capitalize?

(XIV) Re: (XX) HAHA… What the heck… I thought your fingers would rest on the home row like a normal human being XD. Is it possible to literally rest on WASD? Won’t your pinky rest on caps lock though? Don’t tell me that your right fingers rest on IJKL as well :’) Well, as long as you can type fast enough, you can do whichever way that you are comfortable with, although a typo for every six words would be quite troubling imo. But we have auto-correct when typing in words, so it definitely helped a lot in preventing typo.

(XV) Re: (XXI) I think it is generally accepted that math is considered to be more difficult, but I would never understand art… never… so it’s a harder subject for me. Still, I found math to be more important for my professional work, and I’m number-crunching my data every single day. During my time as a high-schooler, over 10 years back, adults often looked down on students who took social studies, and the students were generally considered to be not as clever as those who took science class. Anyway, I got the impression how subjects are studied differently. When I was talking about social studies, students had to learn econs, geography, sociology, and accounting altogether whilst science students were studying chemistry, physics, and biology. Therefore, I actually believed that social studies would lead youngsters to more job opportunity, subsiding the geography and sociology subjects, as it is easier to find professional works related to econs and accounting imo. Is it working in this same fashion now? The only huge perk for graduating from science class, at least during my time, was the opportunity to enroll as a medical student.

(XVI) Re: (XXII) To add another point, there’s no way in the nearest time that I’ll watch late 6s or early 7s scoring titles if they are not released on weekly basis, so that’s another plus. I won’t bet my neck to potentially waste a minimum of 4 hours for shows that I probably would not like. Back to episodic watching, I do get the hype though, but it might have worked differently, again, for every people. When I was a kid, I was accustomed to watch Sunday anime shows from Indosiar and RCTI, so I have grown patient enough to wait for a new episode every week. So yeah, 20 minutes are enough for me. You have no idea how hyped I was when every single episode of Re:Zero 2nd Season Part 2 was released.

(XVII) Re: (XXIII) It’s possible to discuss with your Discord pals on a separate private message, right? So you do not have to necessarily talk in a bigger forum, do you? I can definitely see your tendency to communicate in this manner from the beginning, so good for you if you’re able to find many people to share your thoughts in this medium.

(XVIII) Re: (XXV) Was the reason that you were not checking on Fumetsu no Anata e, Odd Taxi, and Vivy: Flourite Eye’s Song driven by the fact that you were disfavouring anime with non-human protagonists? I’m actually pretty curious with Nomad: Megalo Box 2, especially after you rated it a 9/10, but I had to check its first season first, so I’ll put it on a shelf now. It’s too bad that you’ll be only watching Fruits Basket in March 2022, because the final season was lit.

(XIX) Re: (XXVI) Shiguang Dailiren was an excellent show, a perfect marriage between Erased and one of your 9-rated show. It was truly spectacular, and only a tad weaker than Odd Taxi for me. Shadows House was also quite good imo, as the premise was quite refreshing imo. Congrats on your 400th anime! I’ve already noticed it since I occasionally viewed your profile to check on your hilarious status XD. And yeah, with my distaste in ecchi, I might not truly like Kill la Kill as much as you do, so thank you on the caveat.

(XX) Re: (XXVI) I’ll borrow my response from another friend regarding my opinion on Summer 2021 seasonals. Thus far, I’m enjoying How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom the most, followed by Life Lessons with Uramichi-Oniisan. The former emphasized on how the MC leveraged on macroeconomics to resolve the kingdom’s welfare issues. It was a refreshing take in being a hero, heavily contrasting to the usual trope, in a good way. However, I believe this show is not for everyone, because I am specifically fond of economics subject, hence people can find it to be boring. On the other hand, Uramichi-Oniisan was an amusing show about a guy who hated many things concerning his adulthood. Since he worked as a host for a kid’s educational show, he occasionally “imparted” his wisdom to the live-audience (kids) so they did not succumb to the same bitter life as his XD, implicitly ofc. He shared a similar personality to Saiki from Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan, so you’ll possibly like it if your humor plays around how an individual has a nihilistic view on his/her life. Unfortunately, the jokes kinda turned repetitive for my liking until the 3rd episode, so the only title that I fully enjoyed so far was only How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom. I also have high hopes for Sonny Boy, since the pilot exuded Lord of the Flies vibe, and so much mystery was going on. The remainders were quite disappointing, particularly for Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. for me and Kanojo mo Kanojo being a degenerate version of Kanojo, Okarishimasu :') Compared to Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 seasonals, Summer 2021 does not get me as excited, even after checking on more titles from the beginning of this season.

(XXI) Re: (XXVI) It’s still too early for me to decide anything though. I strangely did not check on many isekai titles so far, as I’m currently watching over 10 seasonals simultaneously. It’s been getting quite hard to follow them, not to mention that I have 3 shows from Summer 2021 seasonals which are still airing their 2nd cour. Good riddance on your non-satisfactory experience in June, and hopefully you’ll watch a lot of amazing shows in the next month as well. Ah, finally I was able to write 3,000+ words reply to you in less than 12 hours (even after discounting the quoted post from Quora), HOOORAY. I finally no longer felt as bad in keeping your previous response untouched for nearly 2 months. See you whenever you can! No need to respond immediately because I know you’re busy with seasonals and school stuffs.

(XXII) This is completely going off-subject again, but have you got your vaccinated? I heard there are vaccines for teenagers below 18 y.o. Stay safe over there with your family. I've been hearing too many death news circulating from friends and colleagues on a daily basis in the past few weeks.
kindabadatanime Jul 16, 4:40 PM
Haha, certainly, i appreciate it when good animes get sequels but sometimes i feel that longer animes are harder to get into. Maybe i just have a terribly short attention span? Oh, speaking of long frnachises, do you plan on starting the fate franchise?

Whenever i hear 'link click', im reminded of the 1st op for nisekoi 'click' haha. I dont understand how the show has such a low member count yet very few people have heard of it. Perhaps its because it originated from china? Also, whats ASW? Do they have a discord server or is it a bot?

When i first started Kill la Kill, i found the animation style excessive and exaggerated, but as the anime progressed i started liking it as the style sets it apart from other animes. I dont know how to explain it, but in the end i found the visuals grand. I never really thought about it but you're probably right, i probably prefer seeing calm pretty visuals just because i feel used to it.

Haha, honestly i had no idea what 86 was about, i only inferred that it was about war. I dont recall when the last ive watched an anime about war besides youjo senki, so it should make for an interesting experience.

HAHA honestly odd taxi only started to appear on my recommended right after i completed the series. I just watched it out of curiosity after a friend of mine said that they were planning to watch the show. The opening has a really calming vibe that fits really well so i just watched it because of that. Luckily youtube hadnt bombarded me with any recommendations on odd taxi, or else i wouldnt have been as enthusiastic to watch it.

'counter-intuitively, telling me to watch something often results in me not wanting to watch it as much as I otherwise would have. I like going in completely blind, oblivious to any promotional material or teaserbait.' It's weird how relatable this is, i wonder why our minds become more hesitant to watch shows when others recommend it. Perhaps it's due to losing the satisfaction of finding the show on your own?

Well, it's simply just that reading manga is more convenient than watching anime since a chapter doesnt take that long to read. It isn't really that iim experiencing burnout, ive just dedicated more time to my studies. After deciding the path that i wanted to follow in education, i spent more time studying and consequently less time watching anime. I still have to go to school, but i can manage 6 eps every 2 days or so. I was able to watch more during summer break but sadly it's already over for us, what about you? Ours was a month long, so it flew by really quickly.

Oh gosh, i just saw that you finished 'pretty boy detective club' that gave me motivation to start watching it again. Before, i wanted to watch it but i dropped it after the first episode. I was immensely disappointed, because it didnt make sense for nisio isin, one of my favourite writers, to write such mediocre and bland way of presenting very stereotypical characters. Even from the first second when they showed the rules for being in the club i cringed, but i had faith that it would improve along the way. It was made by Shaft, one of my favourite studios yet so far it didnt meet my expectations. The opening is really catchy and was made by one of my favourite artists, which was honestly the thing that pushed me to watch it in the end. I know it isnt great to judge just after 1 episode, i just lacked the patience to continue watching.
Kevin10th Jul 16, 1:20 PM
No worries, take the time that you need! I truly appreciate the update, and ofc you have to prioritize your school and Spring 2021 first. Have a great weekend btw.
MeSsI-AKA-FERNO Jul 14, 12:02 AM

Oh, I do check the top rated here until 100, after that well ^_^;

Ohh that must be fun. So you're like everyone's anime guru? >w<

Yes and that's where you find the real normies and the self-proclaimed anime veterans with their very entertaining opinions on anime xD

Oooo I see, just checked it out. I'd never do something like that sadly ^_^; I don't like to be forced to watch a certain anime at a certain time. I watch whatever I want when I want, a very good example would be I watched the Demon Slayer film only yesterday, I literally did not bother could not be arsed when it came out xD

kindabadatanime Jul 12, 3:21 PM
Wow, i suppose natsume yuujinchou consistently improves every season. I didnt find the premise of it too gripping. I guess the thing that stops me the most from watching it is the sheer number of seasons it has haha...

I didnt hear of link click before so i searched up a trailer, and i was surprised to see that it's chinese. I havent really seen any chinese anime, (i dont know if i should call it anime or donghua ?-?) but it has a pretty high score so i think i'll add it to my ptw. It doesnt have a lot of members but maybe itll increase in the future. I saw that you gave kill la kill a 10, woah. It was an impressive anime without any source material. I remember at first i was pretty put off since the animation was pretty crazy and felt fast paced, but im starting to forget details from the show. Congrats on completing your 400th anime!!! :D
Oh, also i see you completed 86 yesterday, i want to watch it soon... it has a very interesting op too. I see you gave it an 8, what made you like it :0

Hmmm, i honestly havent seen much interesting animes lately, partially because i havent had time to watch them anyways. At the moment im watching 'Odd Taxi' but so far nothing too interesting has happened. But i really love the op a lot, it's chill and simple but the animation style they used was so fitting it's scary. Ive been reading short mangas on the way to school, and the one that i found pretty good so far was 'Nidome no Natsu, Nidoto Aenai Kimi' was short and sweet, it exceeded my expectations.

To be honest i kind of did, i was spending a few hours a day on mal and my parents told me that i should do more productive things. Slowly started to use mal less and less until i took a break from both mal and studying, in the end i kind of felt embarrassed for not responding for a while and just stopped altogether. Now that im back i probably wont spend that much time composing messages anymore :/
anklee Jul 9, 9:55 PM
I see you gave the natsume yuujinchou series generally scores in the 6-7 range, as a fan of the series I'm interested to how you found it.
Kevin10th Jul 8, 10:16 AM
Re: (I) I also think leaving PC overnight for a couple of days / weeks will no longer wear it down, considering mobile phones are always on 24/7, and they work just fine. I still believe an occasional maintenance need to be performed from time to time, as you might normally encounter in your typical manufacturing facilities. Do you often find power outages in Surabaya? I rarely had any in the capital city, but I always had them when I was back to my hometown, even if I only stayed there for maximum two weeks. Did you happen to buy the surge protector?

Re: (II) If I recall correctly, you’ve mentioned in your status that your PC has been fixed, so congrats! How long did it take to have it fixed? I have no idea how to assemble a PC, as I’ve been using laptop for a decade now. I read in the internet that there’s a small chance on having electric discharge when dismounting the PSU. If I were your parents, I wouldn’t risk it for my children though.

Re: (III) Now you’re talking about hardware, the area that I’m not really familiar of, lol. If you’re only watching anime, did it affect your experience much if you have lower graphic card quality, or was it simply affecting your gaming activities? I have no idea about the sound quality, but I bet my neck that it was not as pleasant as watching via your PC – speaking of my personal experience on watching anime using my laptop, but having a Bose speaker definitely made up for it, big time.

Re: (IV) You did not use Macbook to watch anime for a long time, did you? I totally get the sentiment on the dark screen, back when I was still using VAIO, but look at how much technology has progressed thus far, as we’re no longer having such hassle.

Re: (V) What the fucking hell are sRGB gamut at 8-bit and YcBr444 gamut at 10-bit colour depths HAHAHA. I spent 5 minutes trying to understand them, but then I realized that you’ve kindly explain them to me omfg. Was it image quality turning that bad then?

Re: (VI) Did you eventually install many games or only a few titles back then? I wonder, what did you use Dashlane for? Had you also played a lot of games in June 2021 then, especially after having Steam Summer Sale?

Re: (VII) I never know people at your age use Discord for informal communication, that’s new! Living in my late 20s, we normally use Whatsapp, LINE, and Instagram to text – the last one being my preferred tool lol. I know a handful of friends who are quite obsessed in seeking for likes – as I did when Path was popular – even going as far as using IG ads to promote their accounts, but I guess it’s part of their self-actualization needs. Many people seek for validation, and they may feel affirmed by getting likes and such. Many people like to stay relevant, and I am quite certain having an Instagram account is part of it as well. It’s definitely not wrong imo, but it’s also not for me lol, particularly these days.

Re: (VIII) Does being generic, in Nisekoi, work then? As far as I’m concerned, being generic frequently leaves a lot to be desired, but I certainly would love to be proven wrong in this particular case!

Re: (IX) I guess your argument was totally spot-on, as Sword Art Online is categorized into isekai. This isekai discussion should not need to even start, if I’m not lacking the knowledge and try to stupidly argue in this area lol.

Re: (X) – (XI) Would you consider yourself to be a “full-grown” fan of anime now? I forgot if I’ve ever asked you this question, but which anime made you weep the most? I also get the sentiment, where a guy is not expected to cry, but I’m fully certain that crying is neither a sign of strength or weakness, at least that’s what I’m believing in. Regarding your thought on being a super-rational person, I have a mixed feeling about it. If you asked me a couple of weeks ago, I would, without a doubt, go with your opinion easily. I’m torn with this idea now, as I believe a healthy balance between being a logical and emotional person is the best you can go in life, at least for me.

Re: (XII) Don’t you feel like your stress was slowly drifting away after you cried before? I think, we always want to push ourselves harder, than how we push other people. You might not be okay before, so I actually really like the idea of you getting emotional. Angel Beats! is an anime which will make people cry “uglily”, as I did during Otonashi’s train scene. You often feel like you’re not doing enough for this world, but he’s showing us that every little one of us can be something to make our world a better place, even at the tiniest bit.

Re: (XIII) – (XIV) Being overtly lewd is not a characteristic that I’m looking for in an anime, so I have an irrational distaste against Rudy. He reminded me to Nagatoro from Ijiranaide Nagatoro-san, which you’ll watch in the nearest time as you’re on your Spring 2021 seasonals’ run, although she did it in a completely a different way. In general, it’s more engaging to have the slow-burn approach, which was used to develop Subaru’s character imo. I wonder though, don’t you think Rudy understands what he did was incorrect though? I get the impression that he’s not completely aware of it. I do not get the mental illness vibe from Mushoku Tensei, besides Rudy’s pedophilic tendency, but you actually get this impression after coming with cognitive dissonance, so I should have listened to your explanation more then. I don’t think I’ll be liking this series more, even though I’m still going to continue watching it during Fall 2021, but I certainly want to understand more on your take on the series.

Re: (XV) Speaking of visuals, what are some of the titles you find unbearable to watch because of the dated animation? I personally had it when I tried watching Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Natsume Yuunjichou, thus I really had to put those two shows on hold until I’m in the mood to watch these titles again. I remembered telling you that I’m afraid of missing some titles for their outdated visuals, and it eventually happened after watching those two series. That’s a shame. When you said Ping Pong the Animation couldn’t get your mind off of the art, did you mean it in a positive or negative way?

Re: (XVI) I don’t think it’s right to define someone’s subjectivity, which varies across people, to be shallow. I’m not sure if you still feel that way about it, but if you still feel in that manner, please don’t be. I could recall my experience discussing the 1st season of Sword Art Online with two friends. Both of them actually like is so much, but I found the narrative to be absolutely packed with plot holes, but I think it’s okay for other people to like it... and it’s absolutely fine that my sister found Koe no Katachi to be absolutely boring lol. So if you think visuals to be important, I think it is totally okay!

Re: (XVII) I don’t think I always share the same sentiment with the general consensus, maybe 60-70% of the time, but I definitely agree. I rarely find the effort to find the appeal and relate to it, but I did it once with Dorohedoro. I actually liked it a lot more after doing a follow-up research to understand that series more. Popularity undeniably comes with good reception, for most of the time, so it will intrigue me to watch those series more, rather than the non-popular titles. It will be good as a conversation opener with people who are not really into anime, because they mainly watch the popular ones.

Re: (XVIII) I think you can go in whichever direction suiting you best. I personally find subjectivity may produce originality. I heard from a friend, that Gen-Z is prone to stress than Gen-Y. When we discussed about it, I think it came from the fact that Gen-Z often have a huge expectation to align themselves with the perfect world shown by KOLs, and it inadvertently prevents individuality and they try to follow some certain stigma. I personally had it, when I feel like my worth was defined by how much money I could earn or how clever I could be. I know it is expected by people, but do I feel happy about it? No… So, I live my life in a completely different manner than what I used to have, and it turns to be much more fulfilling and rewarding. I know it completely turned off-subject, but I’d like to shed a different light regarding this subject, and I may be following whichever perspective that I’m in the mood of lol.

Re: (XIX) With your excellent English and your touch-typing capacity, no wonder you take lesser time to complete your message – unlike me who is still struggling heavily XD. Well, consider yourself lucky for being the sole person who can properly touch-type. I can do well with the alphabet, but I suck so bad with those freaking numbers – not to mention that I still press backspace using my ring finger, instead of pinky.

Re: (XX) Yup, I totally agree with all of your statements from start to finish. Despite being relatively tall for people around my age, I suffer from bad posture as I often hunch when I stand up, not to mention that I have an unattractive way of walking, according to my friends XD

Re: (XXI) I will not deny that I’m an occasional hypocrite, because I use my feeling a lot more than my logical thinking – making me going out of the way against what I know is right. Again, going out of the subject, I’d like to change my guess on your MBTI. I think you’re leaning more towards INTJ, not INFJ like what I suggested before.

Re: (XXII) You kinda get it right. I’ll recommend people what I think is best for each individual. I won’t recommend a lazy boon to slack off, but I will push those hard-workers to ease up from time to time. Sometimes a solution does not always fit to everyone, so many other aspects have to be considered imo.

Re: (XXIII) What I found to be one of the greatest flaws in high school, is the fact that certain subjects are favoured over others. For example, parents won’t berate their kids if they fail in art, but it won’t be the case if they fail in math. People have their own strengths, yet it is not nurtured and developed from the beginning. During my time, social studies are often considered inferior, and I bought that stigma before. Could you see the irony where I am not fleshing out my accounting knowledge as much as I can for a living. It’s such a shame that I was pretty closed-minded before (not that I can say I’m an open minded individual now, lol).

Well, considering the amount of stress I had last month which enabled me to make some huge big decisions and take a different direction, I think it’s worth the pain.

Re: (XXIV) I might not be an avid gamer like you, so I truly like Bioshock Infinite’s game mechanic, not to mention that I did not play the two former titles as well. The worldbuilding and the twist in the end really got me before though. Good times…

Re: (XXVI) I feel like, the hype is real when you have to wait what’s next. I think being impatient in this case can be interpreted in so many ways, and in my case, I cannot stand myself on not watching when I know that the episode is out there, unless the series get super boring halfway through the show. Do you often discuss with the MAL community regarding the anime you’ve watched, btw?

Re: (XXVII) By the time I’m posting my reply, you’ll almost finish your holiday. I really feel bad for leaving your message for such a long time now, hope all is forgiven! Did you pay another student to do the animation for you?

Re: (XXVIII) You know what, my friend suddenly was losing interest so I did not go through the wiki page a lot. I was curious, and still am, but I stumbled on so many spoilers so I had to stop myself from searching the answer there.

Re: (XXIX) Well, that’s okay.. and you do not have to do it anymore as well too! :) Btw, you can really take your time in replying, as long as you want… but it’ll be totally fine if you do not respond to it :) I genuinely hope you’ll be having a great sophomore year, and have an awesome time binge-watching Spring 2021 seasonals. I found it to be equally as good as Winter 2021. Some of them include Fruits Basket: Final Season, Odd Taxi, To Your Eternity, 86, and Moriarty the Patriot 2nd Cour I was hoping to make over 3,000 words of response, but too bad I terribly failed. I did not proofread my response this time, so you might find so many mistakes here XD
kindabadatanime Jul 7, 2:30 PM
Ahh you're right... wow, time passed way too quickly... must be due to school. To me it feels like as if we were only talking last week, haha. Thank you for the birthday wishes! >:0
Ah, it's interesting that you gave natsume yuujinchou 6s and 7s. A few people recommended it to me, how was your experience?
Oh, and do you plan on watching shadows house? I found the op and ed really unique and just liked the overall animation style of the show, i hope i'd be able to see more with a similar concept