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Both series take place in and around an abnormal school, with its students trying desperately to understand their situation with deaths taking place pretty much constantly. In Angel Beats! death is cheap (and impermanent), but Another plays for keeps.
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Both deal with the theme of death Both have a quiet girl who is at first portrayed as the enemy, yet the protagonist in each series cannot help being drawn to her.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
The main purpose why I've chosen to suggest you watch Angel Beats is because these 2 anime really have a lot of common; characters' setup, atmosphere, etc. I mean, when you are watching it, you feel the same tranquility, though Another has some elements of mystery, horror... But, let's get back to the main matter; if you really liked Another( I think that I'm absolutely right), you must see Angel Beats because these two anime are masterpieces and, AB is even more wonderful than Another.
report Recommended by EurekaTenshi
These two anime series are similar at the start. A girl is somewhat lonesome, and a guy goes and talks to her even when the others tell him that he shouldn't do so, which eventually leads to a chain of events that the protagonists would need to risk their lives to stop. Very similar but completely different storyline each with their own deep meaning, which are very fitting to the story.
report Recommended by MythrilMagician
A boy new to the area is welcomed by a group of people and are befriended by them. A girl that everyone pretends she doesn't exist, isn't seen by anyone. The boy befriends the girl and his friends wouldn't allow a dead person to be friends with the boy.
report Recommended by RGNPAML
If you enjoyed the mystery involved in Another then Angel Beats! has a very similar idea. Both have very similar character designs and contains a bit of the same kind of violence to it, but less gory.
report Recommended by TopHatTmoney
You have to give it to them : The sad backstories for characters are well done in these. Main difference is that it gets better in Angel Beats. In Another, it doesn't.
report Recommended by NatoBoram