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baseball, feels, same creator... character-centric plot also something more but I'd get into spoilers :(
report Recommended by KandaRainbowsoul
These two anime may have quite a different plot, but I felt the vibe they gave off to be the same. Aside from the vibe, I think both have a story that contains humor, (though Little Busters! has more humor in it than Little Busters: Refrain.) drama and a beautiful deeper meaning. Be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby, though, because you wouldn't be the first one to cry your eyes out.
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both Key works Little Busters being a VN adaption and Angel Beats being an anime original. Jun Maeda wrote both Angel Beats and Little Busters. It's very hard to explain without spoiling both shows, but they both share many of the same themes and motifs.
report Recommended by mechgamer123
-Both surely make you cry, and have stories that are almost the same. -Both are about how hard it is to depart with friends after involve in some accidents and are about friendship and companions. -Both show us how important and wonderful one's life is. -Both are about saving their friends and protect them and content the task where you need to complete it in order to discover the secret of the world. -Both take place in school and show us how important friendships and best friends/childhood friends are. -Both have a very touching story and show us that we need to fight for it   read more
report Recommended by Hishikox3
- Both anime make you cry - Both show us how important and wonderful one's life is. - Both anime saving friends and how important friendship - Story Epic & comedy very funny
report Recommended by autorun
Good Characterization :)) The story all revolved about another world, where it has been created by such strong will :)) Lots of drama and twist and story, same plot and made me cry like an idiot :) better to watch it :)
report Recommended by hokuryu
-Same feels -Same author -Both made by key -Some characters personalities are the same And a lot more.
report Recommended by Shiroyume36
Though I would never recommend skipping the first season of Little Busters, this second season is what made the series worthwhile. In Refrain, the main plot finally begins to unfold and takes on many characteristics of Angel Beats. This is mainly a result of the growing supernatural phenomena. Both play with themes including death, school life, past grief, acceptance through companionship, and loss. Both shows are set in an abnormal and ominous world that the characters don't quite understand. Refrain had a previous season to develop characters, where Angel Beats had 13 episodes to do so. That being said, there are still tremendous parallels within the   read more
report Recommended by TKkissyou
They both feel similar , both sad
report Recommended by Revoltage1022
Both are from the same creator, but LB is so ignorated because of his 1st season, which is a bit painful to watch. But like Angel Beats, the best part is in the end. One of the very few animes that I reccomend to watch the 1st season (Little Busters!) only to enjoy the 2nd one (Refrain). Really worth it. If Angel Beats did make some tears in your eyes, I think Little Busters will also get the job done.
report Recommended by SkyvernHC