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Zetsuen no Tempest
Zetsuen no Tempest
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One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
May 21, 7:02 PM
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Isekai Quartet
Isekai Quartet
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Elfen Lied
Elfen Lied
Sep 30, 2018 7:30 PM
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Boku dake ga Inai Machi
Sep 30, 2018 7:29 PM
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Said2421 May 13, 3:58 PM
I'm glad we have the same feeling on Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away. Great review!
Arkab May 1, 6:01 PM
Loved your Spirited Away review. Nailed it!
Bellatrix_ Apr 11, 9:37 AM
Woman, a woman of culture. Haven't seen the second season yet. I'm honestly too scared to even watch it. I don't want my ship to sink like the Titanic.
Aslt Apr 3, 4:09 AM
Great Mob Pyscho II review, mate!
Gamer651 Apr 2, 8:39 PM
Would be glad if you can also read my Steins;Gate review: ( spent around 5 - 6 hours to make it compared to my Kaguya-Sama review that took like 1 hour or so) I'd appreciate the feedback, especially constructive criticism, thanks in advance!
literaturenerd Apr 2, 3:14 PM
To answer your question, I have no clue what drugs Lynn Okamoto is on. It must be some potent shit.
literaturenerd Apr 2, 3:07 PM
Mamoru Kanbe, who directed Elfen Lied went on to direct Sound of the Sky and Promised Neverland. He also was assistant director for Baccano and Card Captor Sakura

The mangaka Lynn Okamoto went on to write some HORRIBLE echii manga. He also wrote Byrnhildr in Darkness, which is just a shittier Elfen Lied. Finally, he wrote a manga about Olympic Ski jumping that might be the most fucked up sports manga ever. It's called NoNoNoNoNO! I like to think the official pronunciation is:
literaturenerd Apr 2, 2:07 PM
Hilariously, the manga has a MAL rating of 8.1 vs. the anime's 7.7! That's because a LOT less people have read the garbage manga. The only time I was happy the manga existed was for Lucy's Death Battle episode on YouTube. Her OP bullshit from the manga allowed her to butcher Carnage and piss off the Marvel fanboys. Glorious salt.
literaturenerd Apr 2, 12:23 PM
Here are some manga differences.

1. Lucy always smiles and laughs while killing people. She's a sadistic psychopath 99 percent of the time and you really aren't supposed to empathize with her. Even Nyuu tries to murder Mayu in cold blood to prevent her from telling Kouta about her vectors. Kanbe wanted her to be more of a tragic anti-hero who has done horrible things but feels crushing guilt and seeks redemption. In the anime OVA, Lucy avoids killing anyone during her capture and it infers that she has been trying to turn over a new leaf and hadn't killed anyone since the festival. In the manga, she's killed hundreds and doesn't give a fuck.

2. There is no nature vs. nurture in the manga. The mutants are evil on a genetic level and get wiped out at the end. We're supposed to cheer this. The mysterious voice in the anime is never explained, but seems more like a stress induced hallucination. In the anime, we only see Diclonius kill without reason in Kakuzawa Jr's stories he told Kurama while trying to convince him to work at the lab. Not exactly a reliable narrator. In the manga, all Diclonius are driven by their DNA to kill. If they try to resist, the DNA somehow gains control of their body and forces them.

3. The manga has WAAY more echii and an absurd amount of weird fetish material. The peeing scene in episode 1 was a concession to the mangaka's insane demands. The manga has about 3 dozen pissing scenes.

4. Kouta loves Yuka and only Yuka in the manga. Lucy despite being evil kind of has feelings for Kouta, but they are NOT a pair in the manga. In the end, Kouta has a daughter with Yuka. He names his daughter Nyuu after he gives Nyuu a mercy killing via double tap to the head.

5. The manga introduces a lot of STUPID plot points in its last quarter and just goes off the rails. The anime's open ending was an absolute blessing relative to the dumb shit that happens in the manga. Kakuzawa has a whole army of Mariko clones that he can control, but waited to use them for no reason. Bando gets a rival that looks like Alucard from Hellsing. All so that Bando gets to play the hero and get the redemption arc that nobody asked for. Lucy gains a super saiyan transformation that takes several pages to power up. She punches an island and sinks it into the ocean with a 50 megaton punch. Actually, that part was so stupid it was kind of awesome. She also threatens to blow up the planet and nearly does. However, she uses that energy to heal Kouta on a molecular scale after he eats some bullets. This is manga Lucy's one good act.
literaturenerd Apr 2, 12:07 PM
The manga is trash and accepts that it's trash. It doesn't strive for more. The anime thanks to Mamoru Kanbe wants to be this serious, tragic romance, redemption story. To be fair, there are other anime that took sub-par source material and elevated it into more serious art. The Ghost in the Shell manga for example is a cyberpunk action series with lots of fanservice. Motoko's constant nudity has nothing to do with transhumanist themes in the manga. While director Mamoru Oshii wants to ask what it means to be human, the mangaka just wanted to draw tits and ass.

Even though I feel Elfen Lied significantly improves in the 2nd half, it's still a mess. I would honestly like a remake that cuts down the ridiculous gore, cuts the nudity outside of the facility, and paces itself better. The first 8 episodes I believe cover over 70 chapters of manga, which explains a lot. Why doesn't Mayu get more fleshed out after she's rescued from abuse? Why doesn't Nyuu get more character development showing her gradual rebirth and relationship with Kouta? That's why. It had to cram in plot at an absolute breakneck speed. To be a fan of the series, you have to look past a lot of flaws and recognize the limitations of its tiny budget and short run time.
literaturenerd Apr 2, 9:52 AM
Elfen Lied does tend to be VERY divisive. It's an extremely weird and flawed series. It also has some unique elements I would argue it does very well. However, it's status as a so called "cult" series has been questionable in recent years. Back in 2005-2008 it seemed like 60 percent loved it, 30 percent hated it and 10 percent were on the fence. Currently I would say around 85 percent hate it, 10 percent are meh and 5 percent love it unironically. It was considered cult and now it's more considered trash. I'm one of the last diehard EL fans still active on MAL along with Stark.
literaturenerd Apr 1, 6:23 PM
So what did you think about the anime? Too violent? To melodramatic? Too much underage nudity?
literaturenerd Apr 1, 2:12 PM
Nice review for Whisper of the Heart. I also loved that one. PS. I wouldn't read the Elfen Lied manga if you disliked the anime. The manga is SOO much worse. Say what you will about the anime and its myriad of flaws, but it's an absolute masterpiece compared to the manga.
tami1_1 Feb 1, 10:25 PM
I just read your gintama review and the words 'Gintoki overcoming his survivor's guilt' makes me wanna cry and Idk why.
Sorry for being random hahahah.
honeycrush Jan 6, 12:13 PM
awesome gintama review, I'm going to watch it because of it