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What is death? What is friendship? Both series explore these themes in different ways, but in ways which touch the target audience. The audience is also likely to fall in love with the characters of either series, making for a rather nice slice-of-life watch with a supernatural twist.
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both have as main a silver haired girl that has a goal to fulfill. Both animes talk about death, life and reincarnation. Both are about a group of friends that go through many situations but in the end show us that true friendship is a wonderful thing. Both will make you teary.
report Recommended by Orulyon
The anime themselves aren't that similar, but if you really liked the theme of one of them, you might want to check out the other. In AnoHana, a group of friends try and figure out a way to bring their dead friend Menma to heaven, while in Angel Beats, a group of friends that are already dead try and figure out how to get into heaven. Other than these similarities, they're pretty different. AnoHana is a lot more mature and serious, while Angel Beats is more light-hearted and comedic, with some serious moments.
report Recommended by supersloth
Both are tragic stories about the passing of student(s) and moving on with supernatural elements.
report Recommended by -Erikku-
If you enjoyed Ano Hana, Angel Beats is definitely a must-watch, and vice versa. Both are very similar is a lot of aspects, to start with they both include the presence of ghosts or a life continuing after death, and the struggle of passing onto the next state of living, whatever that may be. While Angel Beats appears to have a comedic start, unlike Ano Hana, which seems to have a mellow yet serious start, they're both equally gripping and progress into a beautiful storyline. Both Anime deal with friendships and romances in the same somewhat tragic way, as well as the difficultly of accepting one's or   read more
report Recommended by KeiKei-Ai
Both are sad stories about moving on.
report Recommended by asura_2724
Anohana and Angel beats are both really dramatic series that revolve around learning to accept death as a part of life and the process of moving on. They feature deeply developed characters, breathtaking animation and a unique and meaningful touching story that will make the viewer experience all kinds of emotions. In both anime, the deceased characters are being held back by some sort of wish or unfulfillment that has yet to be addressed. If you enjoyed watching one of them then you should definitely check out the other.
report Recommended by FireHeart
Both are Drama and deal with the afterlife. They can have forced drama moments, but they can make you cry anyway.
report Recommended by -Crys
If you like sad character drama, Anohana gives some of the best.
report Recommended by BoyHime732
Both series: -have great and deep characters; -main story has to do with afterlife; -have a great drama; -have a emotional and a perfect ending;
report Recommended by guibmon
Both of these series are just amazing and sweet. While Angel Beats has more of it both series have their comic relief moments and they're sad moments. They both also have a main theme about staying together as friends no matter what you go through. Both endings are also similar in that while you've been seeing all of the comedy and drama then endings to both series are bittersweet. You know what happens in the endings NEEDS to happen but part of you just doesn't want it to. Angel Beats and Ano Hana are both just completely beautiful.
report Recommended by faiflouritess
Both series contain plots which deal with coming to terms with death. Both are heart warming and can be comedic at times.
report Recommended by Tired_Smurph
Both deal with the concept of life after death and the pain of losing someone important. If you liked the melodrama in Angel Beats, you will love the mood in Anohana.
report Recommended by Dashiawia
Both shows have their romantic and sad moments, and both involve having wishes granted as a means to pass on into the afterlife. Ano Hi Mita has a smaller cast of characters and is less "cute" than Angel Beats!, but it is most definitely worth a watch if you like touching endings.
report Recommended by Spookeh
Similar themes, similar direction and overall has the same emotional impact.
report Recommended by river37
Both involving around death and the reason why their spirit is still around. Trying to solve what they regretted during their lifetime and fixing that problem.
report Recommended by Lohvo
Emotional tear-jerker drama of high quality. These shows offer unique perspectives on the concept of reincarnation. Both of their share of touching moments, accompanied by great music.
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
Purgatory is a poor word for describing the place between heaven and hell since we strictly limit the definition of good or bad to our limited vocabulary perception. Ano Hi Mita Hana is the epitome of a continuation for Angel Beats. For those who are familiar with Angel Beats, Ano Hi Mita Hana embraces the same concept of leaving a place instead for a better place; it embraces the same emptiness; it embraces the same welling of tears moment at the extraordinary climatic end; it embraces the same aloofness between the two protagonist that are the most important in our eyes. Finally, don't discriminate against   read more
report Recommended by imjustjk
They both have a person, (in our Angel Beats case, it has many people) who can't go to heaven until they fullfile their "mission", "wish", or "promise" they had as human beings before they die.
report Recommended by AnnaVk
Both are similar in one specific way and both succeeded to make me cry at the end, and im a 16 year old guy >___>
report Recommended by clooebooie
both stories have to do with life and death.. both have a sad characters history.. both have a love triangle.. and both have some funny scenes and some depressing scenes.. :'(
report Recommended by Cookie-Do
Emotions, death, and a unique dramatic story, the characters have a difficult time accepting it, but had a hard time letting it go. When a person dies, it will be quite difficult for the characters to just move on. There are several powerful scenes that is too tear-jerking, you might want to prepare your tissues. The difference is that Angel Beats is a much more comedic but some drama scenes, action scenes, music, and takes place in a "Dead World." Anohana takes place in a normal world, mature and serious tones of the characters, and childhood friendship.
report Recommended by omega_d94
Many people say that Angel Beats is an anime that makes you cry and that is kind of true. If you liked it then Anohana will have a bigger effect on you because it's lighter and even easier to relate to. But don't go into it with a brick as a heart or you'll be dissappointed
report Recommended by ObnoxiousM
The melodramatic short tale of a girl who unwillingly died, and her friends who helped her move on to her next life. Slightly overdone, but sad nonetheless. One is moe, and the other is comedy-drama.
report Recommended by LoidNerdy101
Similar to Angel Beats! It was a bittersweet anime. The emotional depth to this anime is really deep. You'd have all sorts of feelings, feelings that no words can describe. The story line to this anime was perfect! I was emotionally attached to all the characters (I felt as if they really existed in my life and my heart) and knowing that I was almost finished with the anime made me feel a little sad and achy inside. I definitely enjoyed this anime and it was definitely a heartfelt one! If you enjoyed Angel Beats!, you'd definitely enjoy AnoHana!
report Recommended by pinkple
They both follow the stories of people in the afterlife, even though anno hanna does it in a real life setting, both are guarenteed to make you cry (if you have a heart)
report Recommended by Cernalpxnai
They are both a sad/dramatic anime and they both have to do with like the afterlife and reincarnation.
report Recommended by ErzaJellal154
Though the series have some differences on the surface, mainly being that AnoHana is a serious story whilst Angel Beats is a little more on the comedy side but aside that they are quite alike at core. Both series focus on grief and afterlife, Angel Beats as said has some comedy on side with it but is still serious when it comes down to it and focus on the loss of others (or their own life in AB case). The series focus on the loss of them around us and have a strong connection of death and how effects people around you as well as both   read more
report Recommended by kalon
they both kinda disappear and they both made me cry and both animes were just master pieces of art of reality. makes me wanna kill myself to see if I join the anime world next jk. loved these 2
report Recommended by Ataraxia-9
Girl who loves friendship and sad story, also how things develop into a heart wrenching end.
report Recommended by SugandaSu
Tragedy happens unexpectedly. You can't change the past, but what if you could have a second chance to make peace with yourself and your friends? Both series are about finding closure to tragic accidents with the help of your friends. If you enjoy these themes from one of them, you will definitely enjoy the other. The varying atmosphere is shared in both. Funny at times, bitter at others and ends with closure.
report Recommended by AvatarSama
Both have character(s) who must move on to their next life. In Anohana, a girl who doesn't know what must be done to move on and in Angel Beats, a team fighting so that they don't have to move on.
report Recommended by Wiiness
Has the same genre drama that will definitely make your tears fall, mixed with gags that will at the same time make you laugh and also romance. Its difference is that in angel beats all of the characters are dead having difficulty in passing on but while in AnoHana only one of them are dead and what makes it dramatic is that she's one of the most important friend of the group who died in a tragic accident. Both of the anime are beautiful and you're totally gonna love it!
report Recommended by Layven_207
Both of these anime have the afterlife mentioned, although AnoHana is not set there and only one character is dead. Both have sad yet happy endings and they both have the're funny moments
report Recommended by SymmetryWizard
-They are both very sad and will make you cry -Both have a lighter, fluffier side to them -Both are quite memorable -Both deal with death.
report Recommended by dark_cookie
Although Angel Beats! includes action while AnoHana does not, both romance plots involve the characters falling in love despite the rough circumstances they're in.
report Recommended by StarryyChai
Dead people. Mourning. Regaining of memories. Overall either one is depressing, but if you've watched AnoHana, Angel Beats! should be fine for you.
report Recommended by UltimateEnigma
- Both are group of friends which somehow need to find answers and peace with himself. - Each character has a story that will be discovered little by little and has a strong relationship with the main plot. - As both animes progress we feel more involved with everything that happens. - Both are animes that in simple words could, according to your taste, leave a mark on you.
report Recommended by AnotherRafa
Both shows have the same concept of allowing the dead to cross over to the next life. Sad moments, and excellent story telling for a heart-warming story overall.
report Recommended by Backin2020
Ghosts of the past that haunt the present. Both are series about death and life by retrospection. Both show the value of true friendship and cause "feels"
report Recommended by doublegambler
Guys come together to overcome death, and overcome their past events...
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both are very emotional stories with endearing characters. The style are very similar in some aspects... very homelike (or something like that). The background story of the protagonists have some shocking moments. If you like to cry, these series are for you.
report Recommended by ZizRenanim
AnoHana and Angel Beats both share tales of the after-life. Each story deals with love and friendships, as well as loss and tragedy.
report Recommended by MmmAnchovies
Both have heavy amounts of feels and emotion. Both share themes of death and depression whilst also teaching moral lessons, like letting go of something you love and cherishing the time you have on earth.
report Recommended by HarubaeSuzumiya
Both stories are somewhat related to the characters' past and the plot revolves around them clearing their mind up regarding what they've done etc. Also both apparently make people cry, don't really know why
report Recommended by Droso
Angel Beats and Anohana are both very well done drama animes that are based around life after death and reincarnation. Both are very heart-warming and heart-wrenching animes that will make you cry. (Hopefully). Though these are both drama animes, there is some comedy sprinkled around both which makes you feel more involved with the characters and the story. If you liked Angel Beats, you will love Anohana.
report Recommended by Pytosan
Both revolve around the ideas behind death. The MC and his friends progress as they have to overcome an obstacle that brings pain to their life. Both are terribly powerful tearkers that will make you cry.
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
Both show focus on a group of friends. both shows leaves you with a sad feeling.
report Recommended by FilippaTooth
Both deal with death, have the same sort-of feel to it, very colorful, peaceful opening and are known to be a 'sob fest'.
report Recommended by SenJokeahara
The overarching theme in both series is very similar. The shows have characters who are already dead and have had regrets during their lives. If you enjoy watching drama series that have characters with touching backstories, you'll probably like both shows.
report Recommended by Sande
Both animes talk about after-life and such, they also talk about friendship and romance. Both of them will let you board the ultimate feels train.
report Recommended by Samurin
-Both are sad/drama anime (with a bit comedy) that will definitely make you cry -Both talk about death- afterlife & ghost -Both involves around school-age student -Both ending are perfect; the theme song, op & ed matched the story well -The art is beautiful and colourful! I recommend everyone should watch both :3 I mean, it's worth wasting time on!
report Recommended by Letter_P
Funny most of the time but also serious and a major Feels trip, oh god whho's cutting onions again
report Recommended by Tristava
To say quickly, Anohana and Angel Beats are both amazing and sad animes. If you're searching for a feel trip, there you have it !! Both of them have really sentimental endings and the story is beautiful. Angel Beats has more humour though, it's a really great choice.
report Recommended by Hishouha
Both got the same genre which is drama and supernatural. Both have touching and beautiful stories that's really great.
report Recommended by HeroArgonaut
Do you feel like you want to cry over an anime again but you have already watched Angel Beats for the nth time? Good thing for you (well, if you really enjoy crying), Ano Hi Mita is just as dramatic and tearful as Angel Beats can get. Ano Hi Mita shares the story of children whose friendship is strongly tied even after death. The story plays out as a group of teenagers find disclosure to a friend they have lost. They endeavor to make it so that she may finally rest in peace, even if it is too hard for them to accept. Ani Hi   read more
report Recommended by RavenSkye
Both deal with death anxiety and accepting death as part of the human experience
report Recommended by bhijml
Both tackle on the subject of tragedy and regrets. Similar tone with some comedic effect.
report Recommended by JinAxel
Both shows overflow with emotion and are almost guaranteed to make you cry by the end. But, ten minutes later, you may wonder why you were crying in the first place. Maybe its better not to read into it too much.
report Recommended by FiREIng_maNiac
Focusses on a silver haired girl in life after death. Multiple characters with various personalities. Tragic love story.
report Recommended by MetalZ1
Whilst I personally prefer Anohana to Angel Beats, they are pretty similar in some aspects. The first and most obvious thing is that both shows are centred around the theme of coping with death. Anohana is about coping with the death of someone close to you, Angel Beats is about coping with your own death. Other similarities include: ❀ A unique set of characters of whom you'll remember. ❀ Tear-inducing endings ❀ Bits of romance but not the centre of the shows.
report Recommended by Betsyspaniel
They both touch on themes like love, death, and friendship. Both are beautiful works and essentially, works of worship in terms of otaku culture.
report Recommended by Borealico
they got both to do with death and have meaning in each episoide and both are very short. And the endings thought ;-;
report Recommended by Cendervill
1 group of friends 2 similar atmosphere 3 similar MC 4 sad af , super natural , totally awesome! 5 afterlife
report Recommended by Otaku329
They both are about accepting there life
report Recommended by Datgal
My tears are overflowing from my eyes, as my heart was ripped in sadness. Both animes are good in their unique ways. Just the ending makes you cry a lot. Prepare some tissue before watching.
report Recommended by Fatality13
This show will take you on an emotional roller coaster similar to angel beats.
report Recommended by Jacksen
After Life will be the keyword for both the anime. Because both anime have a main character that have died and didn't want to reincarnate so they hanging around in the world to found what they want. But the difference is in Anohana the girl still hanging around in the real world meanwhile Angel Beats tells the story in a different or special world.
report Recommended by WinXF
If you still love another silver haired loli that gives you another shots of sadness then this is another bet.
report Recommended by masterpreenz
AnoHana and Angel Beats! May be taking part in different wolrds, but, the atmosphere and the character development, it's honestly kind of the same. The enviroment and landscapes are both really gorgeous and fascinating. The characters are different but also the same in their own unique way. The music effects are really sensitive and always stick to the right parts of the story. As for the story element, obviously it's not the same with one another, but they have their way of being, humorous, touching and life-view changing. To cut a long story short, if you liked Angel Beats! Then, for sure, you'll adore AnoHana~
report Recommended by _NoNo-Chan_
The characters are likeable. The story is amazing and at the same time it is feels train. The characters have problems in their own personal lives.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Both Angel Beats and Aohana are about young people getting over death. In Angel Beats it's their own deaths they need to get over, and in Aohana it's the death of their friend Meiko (nicknamed Menma). In both series the characters have some major emotional turmoil to get though, and in both series the characters connect though a club with a "secret base."
report Recommended by Ameonna93
-Relationship between the male and female protagonist -Got a good music choice for a climax scene -Drama/Romance/Slice of life -Development inside a group of friend -Both got a unique situation which creates a supernatural event -Cry? ( yes if this is your first time with this genre)
report Recommended by godman32770
Dealing with afterlife Group of friends Accepting fate Similar feeling in the ending.
report Recommended by insomniac3011
Both have that emotional ending and teens. The difference is anohana executes their ending better than angel beats
report Recommended by RagonWest
its has a sad ending too..not every ending is happy
report Recommended by mei0731
The genre's are not maybe the same but both anime's have the common theme; Afterlife. If you have enjoyed one of these you probaly would like the other one. Both have also comedy. But make sure you got tissues at the end, really tearjerkers
report Recommended by Scuderia1615
both sad, have romance elements
report Recommended by json14
Afterlife, Friendship. Same themes, more or less same amount of tears.
report Recommended by vixrant
Both contain characters alive after death with purposes and goals to be fulfilled. Besides the two animes being cute.
report Recommended by imshinymoon
Death is not the end of the road, at least not for everyone. Both series deals with how hard is to move on, some people can't and some just don't want to. The series bring the supernatural element in a kind of "realistic" way without spookyness or something like that.
report Recommended by andrewgon
Both anime shows life after death with good but sad history.
report Recommended by pierdoleidespac
Both are tearjerkers for similar reasons
report Recommended by Furo6448