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Kanon (2006)
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Kanon (2006)
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Both Have Similar Artwork, Story Structure, Music And Are Made By The Same People, Key!
report Recommended by SpaceHoliday
Both anime involves a guy who helps other girls while at the same time dealing with his own. Both main male protagonists suffer from memory loss although 1 just forgot his time in the city years ago while the other has an almost complete memory loss. Both main male protagonists eventually regain their memories as they help others.
report Recommended by MiyatouSeishirou
Both series has an touching ending that warms your heart and fills with happiness.
report Recommended by AmaTenshi
Both recommendations are from Key. I love this animes because the history it's very good, so amazing. I cried a LOT with this two series. And well, all the animes from the Key has got the sames messages: Dreams, love, friends, and a lot of aims. Aims: All the aims can be complete with a lot of working, force (and, sometimes with a little support from your friends!). I really love this two animes (I love more animes, but this two animes are very special), and I really recommend it. (All the animes from Key are good animes too! <3)
report Recommended by KasumiSayuki
Pretty much the same. The drama is there, same creator, both have awesome plot and are totally worth watching. If u enjoyed one of them you will deffinetly love the other. Although Angel Beats has more of an impact compared to the other, and also it has much deeper plot (in some parts anyway).
report Recommended by LordOfCinder21
Kanon and Angel Beats are two somewhat-slice-of-life anime made with the involvement of Key, the visual novel company well known for dramatic stories about a male protagonist helping various female characters with their problems. Along with that aspect, similarities between these two anime include memory loss, tragic backstories, action scenes (more prevalent in Angel Beats though), friendship, making others happy during sad times, et cetera. Angel Beats is shorter and more better paced in my opinion though.
report Recommended by Fario-P