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Life after death, or better say: afterlife. Both series are significantly based on this concept. Which makes them both overall quite interesting. While Death Parade might result to have a darker atmosphere and tone than Angel Beats, this last one instead has somewhat of a more "colorful" atmosphere and in some occasions can get deeper than DP, but both series can still have lighter and funny moments here and then. Esepcially AB at the start. Now, we need to mention that both plots are different from eachother but still, the series share a great deal: - aside from the already stated strong main concept of the   read more
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
Some pholosophy about life and death, very sensual anime.
report Recommended by Nov_AD
Two stories that reflect on the nature of life and regrets, but also laughing and having fun in between.
report Recommended by IzzyHime
Although their themes are really different with Death Parade being undoubtedly a whole lot darker, they both deal with afterlife and greatly show the value of life.
report Recommended by CherryAqua
Just imagine Otonashi waking up in Quindecim instead of in the Afterlife. They're both great anime.
report Recommended by StrawHatHokage
Both are about a realm within the afterlife and contain serious as well as comedic parts. They are supernatural and deal with psychological issues and lost memories.
report Recommended by Alicethetsundere
They're both set in the afterlife, with one main character with amnesia and the other a white-haired emotionless person. There's a lot of drama concerning each character's past (more so in Death Parade) and some comedic moments (More so in Angel Beats!). I consider both of them masterpieces.
report Recommended by toblynaruto
Both of these 2 animes talks about what happens after death and each one has its unique and exceptional world
report Recommended by noutaba
Judging life from the afterlife. Both are about looking back on one's life and moving forward. Angel Beats is a little more comedic while Death Parade is a little more serious.
report Recommended by doublegambler
Both seek to dead humans. They specialize in flashback, showing the good side and the bad of life, when the protagonists were alive.
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
Both these two anime deals with death and what happens to human people when they die. Surely in Death Parade there is a darker atmosphere than in Angel Beats, but it is clear that in all this two anime feelings and the way of thinking of every character are considered really important. Then, in both these two anime is shown how unfair life can be with people, and how they react to this injustice. Finally, both in Death Parade and in Angel Beats is taken into consideration the possibility for souls to be reincarnated in another body.
report Recommended by wonderwall_
Although the overall moods of the two shows differs slightly, with Death Parade being noticeably darker, and Angel Beats including more comedy, both have overarching plots, but are at their feels-inducing best when focusing on episodic, character(s)-of-the-week arcs. Both also involve afterlife settings, and revolve around the characters coming to terms with not just their deaths, but the lives they led as well.
report Recommended by Snorxal
Both heavily focus on the concepts of death and passing on. Angel Beats aims towards reincarnation and making the most of the life you had while Death Parade focuses on judging people's lives to have been humane or not.
report Recommended by trigger_segfault
- Both stories follow the concept of the transition between death and the afterlife. - Both series deal with judgement and moving on after death. - Both have different ways of dealing with death and unfinished business but both shows have the people who have passed on work through their lives and in the end move on to wherever they need to go. - Both shows tug at your emotions and feelings as you feel empathy for the characters. - Both shows also make you think seriously and offer some thought provoking moments. - Both of these animes operate on a different plane of existence. Making us all   read more
report Recommended by AreyKyoya
Both of these anime deal with people in the afterlife dealing and coming to terms with what they did while they were alive in order to "pass on." The circumstances for the two are very different, but at the basis, the situations of the characters' lives were similarly stressful. Death Parade goes more in depth into each individual's past while creating a more dark, serious atmosphere partially masked by the games played. Angel Beats! is a much more light-hearted show overall while working in more stressful scenes later on. Even with these differences, both shows were tear-jerking in the same way and I automatically   read more
report Recommended by NamiTsu
Well for starters they both take place after death. Both plots are about going to heaven. Or in their stories getting reincarnated. Over time you get to learn pretty much everyones backstories. Either good or bad. Their backstories are really detailed. And in the end they have a nice happyish ending!
report Recommended by Miyuki_Saruhiko
They're both dealing with a situation between life and afterlife. They also emphasize on the decisions of life and how they affect both someone and the people around him, even after death.
report Recommended by Mauii
The concept is the same, they both take place in afterlife and characters with sad backgrounds. But for me Angel Beats is more colourful? It has all bunch of things in the same place like comedy, drama, action... But Death Parade goes on in the same place and way.
report Recommended by pccasio
-In both the characters enter the afterlife and their hardships and regrets of past are portrayed. -The male mc of angel beats is pretty similar to the female mc of Death Parade.
report Recommended by yato_kami0
Both are in a world between life and death, afterlife. In Death Parade, the "guests" came to play a game where their lives are at stake. In Angel Beats the guests become students of a school. But both people are similar. All are dead, they can't remember their name or how they got in there, they got no memories of their deaths and all are pretty much invulnerable. Death Parade may took some plot seriously, deeply and darker that Angel Beats. Angel Beats is not as dark, but took every person background deeply. Though, there are much more comedies and cracks on Angel Beats.
report Recommended by Asahana
Death parade offers its characters the chance to assess their worldly lives whereas Angel Beats! leaves its characters to figure this out on their own in a state of limbo. Both shows are heavy on themes of death, more specifically making peace with the idea.
report Recommended by bhijml
Both these shows tackle the theme of what happens to you (or your soul) once you die. Heaven, hell, reincarnation or the void - your deeds decide your fate. Angel Beats had great potential but was a let down to me. Death Parade, on the other hand, is a must watch for those wanting to view something different from what anime usually has to offer.
report Recommended by -Sonal-
- Death and reincarnation themes - Action takes place in afterlife - Initially people lack memories after getting there - Emotionless, white-haired character taking care of the place
report Recommended by Alex2422
Both are similar in that they talk about people who had terrible lives and how this affects them when they die, which leads to very emotional moments. Both have a main character being already dead so there couldn't really be a happy ending for both series.
report Recommended by RebelQuad
Both Animes talk about what happens in the afterlife and share the emotions of regret and sadness once you learn about your reason of death. In Death Parade, it's more intense though.
report Recommended by Zexus-
well... it has a place where you go after you die, you regain your memories at one point in time. A lot of character development (if you like that sort of thing) and their both just good anime's in general so I suggest watching them anyway.
report Recommended by heather1234
Both deal with the concept of death and regrets in life.
report Recommended by Cozye
Death Parade and Angel Beats are two TV dramas set in the afterlife—a plane in between life and death. The story also feature many dead characters who don't remember their past at first, reflect on their lives, and sometimes think about what life and death mean to them throughout their time on this plane. These two TV dramas are very unique anime with a colorful cast of characters, a focus on tugging your heartstrings, and some of the best OPs I have ever seen/heard in anime.
report Recommended by Fario-P
Purgatory world. Death Parade and Angel Beats give forth a story in purgatory, in which characters begin judging how and where one should move on into the next life. Death Parade is a dark story which tells the tale of Decim judging dead humans in whether they should go to heaven or hell via games. However, AB has a lighter tone which presents Otonashi's journey with the SSS in fixing past regrets in a battle against god before passing on. With Death Parade being a more serious, eerie anime, with an episodic plot. Angel Beats shows has a much softer, comedic atmosphere shrouded around it. Both with   read more
report Recommended by NextUniverse
Both deal with the afterlife where the dead are placed in some sort of limbo. Both involve the question of humanity, moral ambiguity, and moving on. Angel Beats! approaches this with a lighter tone while Death Parade takes a more sinister and nihilistic approach.
report Recommended by swivel
They are both involved in similar ideas. They take somewhat different routes. If you like one of them you will probably like the other.
report Recommended by Apb718
- They both have dead characters - Afterlife - Both Angel Beats and Death Parade have interesting characters with a hard past - The souls don't remember how they died - The main character doesn't remember their life/past - Drama - Interesting story - Has non-human characters( NPC in Angel Beats, and arbiters in Death Parade) - Nice animation - Action(in Death Parade its mostly extreme games, or its in the flahbacks)
report Recommended by Kiyofan18
Both rely on themes of afterlife, concretly on Buddhism. The characters enter afterlife world without their memories and to reincarnate they need to remember their past lifes. Also both series' characters have very sad backstories and very high "cry potential". Another similar thing is that both anime have emotionless character who each episode becomes more and more humane.
report Recommended by Patiss0n
Both are good afterlife anime, both teach you about stuff like: Don't give up on your life and they show the true human emotions. Both are completely rollercoasters of emotions so don't be fooled.
report Recommended by TrollFog
Both are about dead people who have forgotten their past. They're very great anime's in general, made me hysterically cry.
report Recommended by veravv
In this recommendation, I'll give you some aspects which fit into both series. Here are the similarities: 1. Both series has a serious intense conflict in their 'drama'. 2. 'Death Parade' and 'Angel Beats!' are the original Anime whom bringing up an 'Afterlife' theme. 3. The characters' development from both series, we as a watcher are already known each character before (Their past). 4. Pin point both series is all about the sins and regret. 5. There is one character whom has an important role throughout the series. *** Happy Watching from SBK ***
report Recommended by SkinnyBoyKitty
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