Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter x Hunter

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Synonyms: HxH (2011)
Japanese: HUNTER×HUNTER(ハンター×ハンター)
English: Hunter x Hunter
German: Hunter x Hunter
Spanish: Hunter x Hunter
French: Hunter X Hunter
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Type: TV
Episodes: 148
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Oct 2, 2011 to Sep 24, 2014
Premiered: Fall 2011
Broadcast: Sundays at 10:55 (JST)
Licensors: VIZ Media
Studios: Madhouse
Source: Manga
Genres: ActionAction, AdventureAdventure, FantasyFantasy
Demographic: ShounenShounen
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 9.041 (scored by 16440971,644,097 users)
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Ranked: #102
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Popularity: #10
Members: 2,644,452
Favorites: 199,527

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Both are the best shounen in the world to me! They start off with adventures of a brave main character and go on into darker themes. Love the way the character opens and evolves throughout the story. 
report Recommended by rinel
Personally i'm a huge OP fan since more than a decade and i have to say that it took me a while before actually giving a try to HxH 'cuz i wasn't sure if i would've liked it.. But. Woah against my expectations i really did like it more than i thought! Truth is that after i gave it a try, i couldn't stop watching it. The more i was seeing it and the more it was giving me the same feeling that OP gives me. They have the same vibe and have the power to let you enjoyed more and more, this way your  read more 
report Recommended by EtnaEraclea
These two anime are extremely similar, as one would expect since the source material for both anime come from the same mangaka. The two anime have similar themes, characters, and similar, overall atmospheres. 
report Recommended by Em_Leingod
Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. The powers of the different characters will surprise you every time you get to see a new one. The main characters power never seem repetative and you will always want to see the next episode right away due the high level of suspense throughout the series. 
report Recommended by Darkbow
Both of them are amazing adventure series with endlessly imaginative settings. Both of them have young and naive main characters that undergo a lot of development and go through a lot of hardships on their adventure, learning things the hard way. Both of them explore the idea of downwards vertical exploration, in Made in Abyss's case, it is the main driving force behind the story and with Hunter x Hunter it is part of one of the challenges from the first part of the series. Both of them have complex themes and dark aspects to them. Both of them aren't afraid to show how cruel the world can be. Both  read more 
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
There's so many similarities between these two series! - Both series are very adventurous as each world or floor presents challenges the MCs have to overcome. - Both MC at the start of the series have a similar mission: to find someone important to them. And for that, they are willing to take grand risks. - Interesting world building - Great character relationships If you enjoyed HxH and are looking for similar vibe, Kami no Tou (Tower of God) is a great option. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
First three or four arcs of Hunter x Hunter gives you the same wibe of character progression on their powers, and while it kinda slips at the bug arc, it still goes long and strong. 
report Recommended by DronEll
both are new versions of their original anime/manga both pure and original Shounen great story with good characters. MC's family is dysfunctional many of your shounen favourites were inspired or taken from these two. some great seiyuu's in it. even the bad guys are likable 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
As shōnens, both are refreshingly unpredictable. They're filled with comedy, yet turn extremely dark in the blink of an eye. Some arcs focus on complex, large-scale conflicts. Both feature villains who do extremely immoral things, often for good (rational) reasons. Differences: Magi focuses more on the characters trying to solve conflicts, while HxH is more focused on survival. In HxH the battles are much more tactical and mind-gamey, and boss battles have much more hype and buildup.  
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Two classic shounen series. Hunter x Hunter and Jojo Stardust Crusaders takes on the adventure theme and brings together a show chronicling characters' journeys. The main male protagonist from both series are strong, resilient, and deep down cares about people he befriends with. In particular, they have a connection with their parent guardian. Both series has a lot of action with supernatural abilities involved and fighting spirit. I recommend both series for fans who are looking for a show with engaging storytelling. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Over the years Dragon Balll has majorly influenced various series in some shape or form. In the case of Hunter x Hunter, one of the influences taken from Dragon Ball is the style, a style I'm less and less of. There's also the wacky situations that the characters find themselves in which the viewer will feel completely fine in suspending their disbelief for which mean both tackled the situations quite well, yet other series which have tried to follow suit have not always done so well. In turn, Hunter x Hunter has become a classic and influence in its own right thus making both series  read more 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both feature unique power systems and amazing world building. Both series can have a dark gritty tone but perfectly balance it with it's more lighthearted bits. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
I'm guessing people have made this comparison before but Muzan really reminds me of Meruem for some reason, mostly aesthetically but also Muruem when freshly hatched even seems similar personality wise. The dedication and intense training it takes to become both a Hunter and a Demon Slayer is similar. Although in HxH they're not demons they also face a lot of inhuman enemies. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
After watching Hunter X Hunter, I was looking for another anime with tons of impressive fight scenes and lovable characters. There are tons of similarities between these two animes. The first similarities are apparent: they are both shounen, they both take place in worlds with "magic," they both have an unexpectedly powerful main character, and both shows are over 100 episodes. Both main characters have incredibly supportive friends, and they both never give up. The other similarities between the shows are harder to notice: both animes have dark undertones, and they take place in vast complex worlds. They have multiple evil villains and obstacles to  read more 
report Recommended by Slim_Sadie
If you like shounen anime with likeable characters, frequent power ups, and great fights, this is the show for you. Why I recommend HxH: - Every aspect of chakra (Nen for HxH) is explained. How they gather it, focus it, use it; the general mechanics of their powers is explained in detail for both anime - and this is something to be appreciated. - Most fights are well choreographed. The MC in HxH is generally far more tactical than Naruto, so the fights in HxH in general are more tactical in nature -- especially the big fights. Note: Hunter x Hunter does start off slow. Their powers don't  read more 
report Recommended by Dragonheardt
One punch man has HERO ASSOCIATION, while hunter x hunter has HUNTER ASSOCIATION Both of them tells about character's unique power. 
report Recommended by bradmaster
These two anime are depressing to watch. SnK is fully depressing but HxH is like cheerful at first then becoming a psychological kind of anime at the last part. Either way, these two have bad-ass female characters. 
report Recommended by SabrinaRazak
I recommend Hunter X Hunter is you are a Dragon Ball Z fan for 1 very important reason. The first time I watched this series I couldn't help but make constant comparisons between Gon Freecs and Goku. They have an especially similar story arc that the anime hasn't reached yet, but the manga series has finished that reminded me of the Cell arc (I mean, really close in a lot of ways). Manga aside, Hunter X Hunter feels like a smarter version of Dragon Ball (but with no dragon balls). There are great characters in both, and If you like Dragon Ball then you should like  read more 
report Recommended by explicit707
Both deal with child main characters coming face-to-face with their destinies. Both are doing what they were born to do. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Bright colors, rich character designs in both how the characters look and act, not to mention a fantastical adventure to hunt down stuff. One series is darker "Hunter x Hunter", and the other has a more comical side, "Fairy Tail", but they both cross to the other side at moments. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Both shows have a very similar sense of adventure to them (well, at least in the earlier arcs of HxH), and both have fantastic visuals. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Well both are Shounens, so the fighting to overcome powerful foes and gradually getting better and better throughout the series, both main characters have daddy issues, and they are all about kids with special talents. 
report Recommended by Flashpaw
I've longed for another show similar to HxH. Diamond is Unbreakable comes the closest in the aspects I think are the most important: -Characters all have unique and extremely creative abilities -Fights are almost always won by quick thinking, clever application of your ability, or outsmarting your opponent, rather than the much more cliche "willpower/brute strength/plot convenience". -Both are fairly unpredictable - you may even know the direction the show will go, but will have no clue how it'll get there -Very likable main cast and interesting main villains 
report Recommended by MadScientist001
Both of these series have 'Humanoid' beings that are fought against. Beyond that there are a few similar characters and organizations. Yuuma and Killua are actually quite alike. If you liked one of them, it's not hard to like the other. They both come from violent backgrounds, and have bodies that would exceed human (And otherwise) norms because of the past they lived. The main characters from both series belong to an organization that fights (Generally) for the protection of others. They are both large, and prominent organizations that hold many similarities. Both of these series have four main characters, even if it doesn't always  read more 
report Recommended by OhhPlease
Teaching underage children to kill things... Underage violence in general. That's always fun. Also, great character designs and unique plotlines. The humour is another bonus. 
report Recommended by Nissi
Both feature tons of brutally dark scenes, but the tone generally remains neutral thanks to copious amounts of comic relief. The plot tends to be fast-paced and unpredictable. Both have great visuals and beautifully executed battles. 
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Shounen battle shows that spend more time talking about ambitions, rules, and mechanics than actually fighting, making the plot and action even better since the viewer fully understands the importance and consequences of every move the characters make. 
report Recommended by NavyCherub
The characters in both shows are the kind that pull one along in the story, wondering what will happen to them next. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
The exorcists have special privileges, getting to go wherever they want to with the keys. The hunters license is like a passport to anywhere. Each group goes on adventures within their group and they form friendships, despite dark adventures. The plots draw the viewer in. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
no one make a recommendation to HxH? okay, the similariity between these 2 animes is in the way they tend to over-expaining something narratively though MPS's was more humorous and yet it's rare to see any anime that put narration dominant in a episode. 
report Recommended by KyouKaiTen
Both are set in a different, unique and magical world which include super powers, special abilities etc. Both have superb character development and makes it exciting to watch. 
report Recommended by Jimiwaa
-Both animes have a type of "intellectual" battle going on. They both feature battles of wits. Even though Hunter x Hunter focuses more on action and Death Note with more psychological aspects, they still closely coincide with each other. -Both protagonists are in pursuit of a goal. Light to become God and Gon to find his father  
report Recommended by PirateKingz
Both contain battles with meta-morphed life forms. Both interweave deaths with superb storytelling and awesome fights. There is a certain 'feel' that you can get in the last arc of hunterxhunter 2011 that you also get in the second half of Terra Formars which is perhaps due to their similar use of narrators. 
report Recommended by yemsols
Both action both except HXH is better simple 
report Recommended by RagonWest
Both seem light hearted and fun but are actually dark and gritty. Both have children that have features that no normal child would have Hunter X Hunter super strength and The Promised Neverland super intelligence. Hunter X Hunter is more action/adventure The Promised Neverland is more mystery 
report Recommended by Demonic_Nemesis
I'm surprised no one recommend HxH for this series, Jojo is all about battle of wits, if you want to feel the same experienced as this series, obviously it'd be HxH, and a little bit of spoiler, the new arc of HxH manga has a lot of Jojo reference from this part. 
report Recommended by KyouKaiTen
Hunter x Hunter's first series. It doesn't cover nearly as much as HxH 2011 and is slower paced but is sitll a slightly different adaptation of the first arcs of HxH. 
report Recommended by FT1278
Although Both have very different story but the similarity of both show are great world building. Just make sure you're okay with some ecchi fanservice 
report Recommended by Nanaichini
While Pokemon is an older show, both feature very young adventurers setting out on a journey. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
i think those two anime are alike because they both have a deep meaningful plot. overall art, story , and the imagination-world are all necessary to define a well value anime. this recommendation isn't based on just a fanboy expressions but a well belief of knowing what is great. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
both use tactics and have hunters buth have a massive worldbuilding and epic characters 
report Recommended by mangabook
Both contain awesome fighting moments, have a fantasy-like setting and a great MC. Overlord uses Magic/skills while HxH uses life-energy/superpowers. Both are adventurous 
report Recommended by Salokannel2
Ushio to Tora and Hunter x Hunter are two well-crafted Shounen and Adventure works that share a few interesting similarities. Main characters are underage boys who were abandoned by one of their parents as little kids. After gaining some kind of power they travel around lots of places to find their lost parents as well so they can know the reasons for leaving them behind. As they travel, lots of obstacles, murderous beasts and dangers appear in front of their eyes. Both shows contain good comedy but also they manage to put up a nice dark environment every once in a while. The overall atmosphere  read more 
report Recommended by Heiize
Both have a group of heroes with special abilities. They fight for justice. They bot have great characters 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Both shows are action shonen with well thought out stories and good action scenes. Also, in both shows the MC work hard towards a goal. The MC's are quite strong and there are no random bursts of power making the MC over powered in face of danger in both shows. 
report Recommended by HostClub
The Chimera Ant arc from HxH is somewhat similar to the plot of Kiseijuu. There are heavy moral dilemmas involved and you will slowly lose the sight of who are the good guys and who are bad. 
report Recommended by jonnyhan
Two of the most entertainment-packed series I've seen. Both have extremely realistic, tone-neutral character writing. In both, the plot is in a constant flux, filled with twists and turns, shifting fast and unpredictably. The battles/conflicts place an emphasis on tactical, strategical and political aspects.  
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Both anime are of the shounen genre, the main cast consists of early teenagers that have supernatural powers. There is also the similarity in the story line of the arcs where a main characters is kidnapped by his own family and is rescued by his friends. Both characters's paths in life were decided by their families, but with the help of their friends, they are given another choice of the path they''ll follow (in Hunter x Hunter is Killua and in Shaman King is Ren). If you like seeing characters develop, make friends and gain supernatural powers, those two are the animes for you. 
report Recommended by Rhiannon-Senpai
if you ever wondered what would Hisokas brother would be and be like well i must say Tokuchi, Toua their mind set is almost comparable in every way, for their facial features as well as the sadistic look of always being calm and cool in every situation....  
report Recommended by Unthinkable92
Apart from the obviously different themes, these two Anime pretty much share the exact same key components that make them special and great: - Consistent character-power-levels; No random jumps in strength or cheap gimmicks (à la One Piece, Dragon Ball, Kuroko no Basket) - Great focus on training and becoming more powerful over time - Just the perfect amount of quirkiness for all characters; Every character feels unique and different, but is still believable and relatable (once again, see One Piece or Kuroko no Basket for bad examples of this) - None of the characters are unbeatable or without weaknesses - Tense fights/matches that are often won through wit - Actual  read more 
report Recommended by San0ix
Both have unique power systems and battle dynamics. Both have great art styles with really good character designs. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
From episode 59 onwards, Hunter x Hunter takes place inside a game call Greed Island. Like in Sword Art Online, if you die in Greed Island, you die in real life. The games are similar in their fantasy RPG style as well. Apart from that, both anime have excellent stories, animation, soundtracks and voice actors. But most importantly, both have excellently developed characters and take place (mostly for SAO) in a fantasy setting with some real world elements (SAO is occasionally set in modern-day Japan whereas HxH is set in a completely alternate world very similar to modern-day Japan). Both are definitely worth a watch  
report Recommended by adamantiumloz
Both are emotional stories with great characters and a lot of thrilling character development. 
report Recommended by Ach1ll
- Gon and Boruto share this incredible positivity, determination. while Killua and Mitsuki protect them like caring big brothers, build unbreakable bonds of friendship along the way, and overcome their limitations working as a team. - Gon longs to have a relationship with his father like Boruto, although he does not retort to mischief to get his attention. - Very similar art  
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Both shows have a solid, core cast of characters with different fighting abilities. In HxH's case, its the four main characters plus the first primary antagonist who is basically the fifth main character (Gon, Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, and also the first villain Hisoka are the main ones), and in Rokka's case, there are 7 chosen heroes who each wield different weapons and personalities. The most similar aspect though is the intelligence and seriousness with which they approach their stories and battles. Neither emphasizes action - they both emphasize strategy, tactics, and wit in their stories. Strategy plannings are common in both, and the fighting styles  read more 
report Recommended by Dragon
Both have a son trying to live up to the standards of their father. Both are about being put through challenges in order to achieve their final goal while making friends along the way. The main characters are similar in their stubbornness and outspoken nature. Both main characters are considered stupid and inferior by most until they prove themselves to be great.  
report Recommended by pizzawhore
Action .....just raw, awesome action  
report Recommended by Holo4Life
HxH 2011 has large similarities with Jibaku Shounen. It's dark, fluffy, goofy, psychologically traumatic (for the characters). The antagonists are just...everything you'd want them to be! One of the MC in HxH, named Killua has a similar story with the MC of this anime, and I'd 100% Recommend watching HxH 2011. Episode Comparison: 12 for TBHK, and 144 for HxH 2011 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
The storyline is dark, and the characters are interesting. The fighting tactics aren't usual either, "Air Gear" characters using blades and such, while Gon uses his fishing pole. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Do you love complex power systems in your Anime? Then World Trigger is the Anime for you. Very few stories put as much love and care into balancing powers as these two series do. Do you also love a cast of so many interesting characters that the MC disappears for a bit and the story carries on with no problem? Watch World Trigger. Similar to Hunter x Hunter, the real focus is the world around them, not just the core cast of characters. Which means many people you are introduced to will have personalities and affect the world for the better or the worse. 
report Recommended by MFDOOMED
Both shows are light hearted and funny at the same time first but as the story paces, it gets more serious and here's whats interesting: IT GETS EVEN MORE BLOODIER AND BRUTAL. Gintama and HxH has references to other shows but HxH only has one whereas Gintama has a lot including HxH. Gintama and HxH are set in a modern/fantasy setting with both humans and strange beings alike and they participate series of missions/adventures to get paid and to achieve status in society. Both have gangs who have different goals and are supported by unexpected and former allies.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both these shows feature a group of people who deal with the possession of some kind of superhuman power (nen ability and minimums). Both have the general theme of equality between two forces (specifically hunter x hunter's chimera ant arc) and both have a diverse cast and the shows are very easily comparable. Both HXH and Hamatora also have characters with powerful relationships, conflicting ideals or undeniable friendships. I highly recommend Hamatora to people who like HXH, both animes are highly underrated. (though hamatora's writing and length is no where near in comparison to HXH< consitering hamatora is 24 episodes) 
report Recommended by freemums
Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Hajime no Ippo are both about a boy who want to follow in their fathers footsteps. Gon Freecss of Hunter x Hunter (2011) wants to become a professional hunter. He wishes to do so because his father left him when he was young to continue being a hunter. Gon wishes to discover why. Makunouchi Ippo of Hajime no Ippo wants to know the meaning of "strong". He sees his father to be strong, and wants to be like him. He becomes a boxer to pursue this goal. Both anime show the struggles that their respective main character goes through.  read more 
report Recommended by Sonic0
After hearing so much about Chimera Ant Arc being the deconstruction of the shonen verse, I decided to put up a recommendation because NGE as well is a deconstruction except in Mecha. -Both main protag have daddy issues and emotional struggles to deal with (I find Gon more likeable than Bitchass Shinji) -The story involves in multiple cast (except in H X H it is ridiculously huge) and the main char are pretty comparable if not exact if you notice (Gon-Shinji Killua-Kaworu Kurapika-Rei Leorio-Asuka) -Blue and Orange Morality issue is explored due to the conflict between humans and an outside force who are sentient beings -Light and Dark  read more 
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
I saw the another guy recommending HxH after Ao Ashi, and I just wanted to add a bit more to his comment. While HxH isn't a sports anime, the creator Togashi also created Yu Yu Hakusho. Many characters in Ao Ashi resemble Togashi's characters from YYH and HxH. For example, Togashi in Ao Ashi looks like Kuwabara from YYH, Takeshima looks like Yusuke, Asari like Kurapica, etc. Reading the manga, you can see even more resemblances. The themes of these two shows overlap--connecting and understanding others is the key to one's success (aka, the real prize is the friends we made along the way).  
report Recommended by JTGhoul
Both have Main characters that have a goal that needs to be achieved by becoming something, in hunter x hunter the mc wants to be a hunter and in Shaman King the mc wants to be a Shaman King. Both anime also have very unique power systems.  
report Recommended by jdotdeedot
They both contain great fight scenes. They have young boys out on an adventure. They are both set in a fantasy like world. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Well, they're not similar, but they're both written very maturely and really fun to watch. Animation quality for both series are top notch, triple A status. It's really difficult to pin point any real negative criticism. 
report Recommended by StigmataSasha
HxH too like Berserk is another good story with development, drama, relationships, tactics, twists, and gore. HxH is shounen but gets gory at Chimera Ant which Berserk has common with-monsters. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Both series have intelligent characters and in many scenes, require them to think to survive. Also, they are both made by Madhouse. 
report Recommended by SilverChariotx
Both the anime focuses On action/comedy/shonen they have a Mc that gets through on strong friendship They BOth search for their father along with their quest Have a huge set of charecter set you can end up liking Both the Mc does have a type of Fire power though Gon's a bit of chi rather than Fire  
report Recommended by Minechi
Shounen adventure anime about a very talented kid protagonist (more so than surrounding adults) and their relentless, single minded quest for something important to them. Lots of hard training, challenges, overcoming challenges, making friends, etc. Set in clear arcs a la classic shounen style. Hunter x Hunter is more serious and focused on the adventuring whereas Yakitate is a comedy. Yakitate is very wordplay heavy and uses lots of reference, so Japanese cultural/linguistic knowledge will definitely help (that said, it aired during the golden age of fansubbing so a lot of thing are explained if you don't get the joke). 
report Recommended by Lemon
- Both have the similar formula of starting out weak and growing strong with experience and training - Character development - The characters are young and is focused on more than one character - The fight scenes are strategic, they thoroughly explain how to counter one another - In a way, the characters are often underestimated - Each character has specialties, just like how they have quirks - Binge-worthy, you always want to know what happens next. 
report Recommended by moon_cake
1. Both shows don't shy away from dark, adult themes like death, torture, blood and gore, and even (In Kemono Jihen's case) sexual abuse, even with children main characters. 2. The main character embarks on a journey to find his parents, and gets swept up in the lives and adventures with friends he meets along the way. 3. The main character is a boy who's strong and smarter than he originally seems. 4. There's a wide variety of supernatural powers and fight scenes.  
report Recommended by holydarkforce
Just 2 bros going on an epic journey across the world. 
report Recommended by CoolioMans
Let me start off by saying, if your gonna watch Trigun, start from the TV series, then move onto the Movie. Ok so that’s out of the way, the Trigun Movie is a lot like HxH, they’re both entertaining anime created by the same studio, with the character art being almost identical. They both have adventure elements, with the MC’s travelling alongside their companions, with both their journeys being packed with lots of funny moments, as well as equally serious ones. Overall, this movie is perfect for those who just want a comedic, action-thrilled anime to binge to. 
report Recommended by Mo168
a village /an island boy goes on a journey make friends along the way both obtain extraordinary power both have various locations both fun to watch  
report Recommended by DeitysDynasty
Spy x Family reminded me a lot of the earlier arcs of HxH. - Colorful, fun main cast of characters, each with near-equal screentime and individual character arcs - Episode 4's entrance to the interview and Episode 10's dodgeball game reminded me a lot of the Hunter Exam and Greed Island arcs - Both have a silent "x" in their names... 
report Recommended by hyperspeed980
Even though they are fundamentally different genres, both have a strong emphasis on friendship, solidarity and never - ending adventures. Plus, hxh includes an isekai arc, and TSSDK is an isekai itself.  
report Recommended by owaranaiyumega
Both shows are light-hearted at first sight, but later they have a lot of darker moments. The protagonist of both shows have a goal, and they strive a lot to achieve it. In both shows, there are not much protagonism. All the characters of both shows have a great development as the story goes on. Both shows have a great world and a great atmosphere. And at last, both shows have a deep and complicated story. 
report Recommended by lrhdh
Both are reboots which are considered to be the darkest entries to their respective genre (Casshern Sins-Robot and H x H-Shonen) and both get deconstructed to make it depressing and realistic.  
report Recommended by WingZeroRequiem
Both appear to be typical shounen anime at first, but are in fact way darker than most shounen, and are not afraid to kill characters when it makes sense, while still not making the heroes into simple psychotic killers. 
report Recommended by Einws
Both have a lot of dark scenery used. Very action heavy. Have supernatural elements. They're thrillers in a way. There is a massive sensation to continue watching to see what happens next. 
report Recommended by OnxEyedKxng
Like Seth in Radiant, Gon in HxH has a goal in his life that he's capable of everything to achieve it. You'll get through all the character developpement of a weak Gon to a grow up and powerful character ! Very amazing to watch and you'll recognize similitudes in those 2 anime ! 
report Recommended by BrinK-s
They have similar protagonist, except this one is more serious in some things, but both are stories that start pretty chill with a good arc and in the end an op power protagonist, Gon has the Jajanken (idk how its the correct spelling) and Leonardo has an op eye power. The only diference is that Kekkai Sensen is more comedy but when th serie wants its pretty deep like HxH, both made me cry, Kekkai Sensen in the second season and HxH in the movie :( 
report Recommended by Mon_uvu
Very similar main characters, both series contain a lot of character development etc. 
report Recommended by SuhMyFuhDihBih
The lightheartedness and comedy will surely intertwine at times. 
report Recommended by ChaximelOld
Both are well written action shows, with likable characters that make you care about the action instead of just being mindless. Both shows also sport an entertaining, young main character who does whatever pops into their mind. 
report Recommended by the16bit
If you liked the first arc of Hunter X Hunter then you may like Reikenzan. 
report Recommended by jampix
Both based around friends who have goals in mind and will do whatever it takes to reach those goals. Also both have to do with murder and death. 
report Recommended by Animekiddo5678
(I figure it would be much of a stretch to call these two series similar, but there's a point to be made on their comparable qualities) We get separate arcs in which to tell the story, and not only like an episodic format but full-on standalone stories in both shows wherein characters get thrown under completely new circumstances and even the main character loses focus to an extent, this is of course not unique to both of these shows as they follow the shonen formula with a spin to it. Shiina is a character akin to that of Gon, an optimistic character who gets more and  read more 
report Recommended by ReSeinen
These two show shares a lot of things in common. -First of all a very good power system and we get to see the proper utilisation of the system.There are unique and bizarre powers which might not seem strong or interesting but can be very threatening and useful. -Explores the antagonists quite nicely and we get to understand their pov.They aren't just some plain bad guys-they have profound ideology and goals of their own.The villains have pretty good bonding between them in both shows. -Despite having a dark tone,the containment of well executed good comic reliefs and wholesome moments to cheer up the atmosphere. -Firm grip on the mystery  read more 
report Recommended by Talha_R
Both shows star a splendid cast of characters with amazing antagonists and protagonists that all have their personal goals and ambitions. Moreover, In the second half of both shows you can witness great philosophy. 
report Recommended by Gruzownik
Both animes have insanely good character development, a great journey, and if you're like me, will make you hate your life for a straight week after you finish it. 
report Recommended by shweeb
With a great focus on characters who are written purposefully and uniquely, given captivating character arcs. Much like HxH, the Monogatari series challenges the viewer intellectually, and defy the norm of the medium in structure. 
report Recommended by BorednButter
The color scheme/ atheistic is very similar and I think both anime encapsulate childhood wonder and innocence pretty well. They have well executed fights that are interesting to watch. Gon and Ash have similar approaches to fights and situations of danger. Gon and Ash are also very stupid. 
report Recommended by JosephKekstar
maybe not similar as a whole but especificaly the yorkshin arc in hunter x hunter reminds me bungou stray dogs, has a mixture of humor with drama and mistery, supernatural powers, gangsters and crime organizations unique characters, i found it strange no one recommending it before, i love this mafia style so much if you like it too i feel you will enjoy watching these two show 
report Recommended by xnando
Its similar to Dark Continent Arc  
report Recommended by skykun69420
Both have fantastic worldbuilding and characters. Both soundtracks are great and they both have dark tones and themes while still seeming pretty lighthearted. But most of all, the journey is the most important thing in both. Similar to something like Lord of the Rings, you go on a journey in both and, by the end of it, you won't want it to end. 
report Recommended by TheBoogieBoi
Deatte 5-byou de Battle is like the hunter exams but it's a seperate anime so if you liked the hunter exams arc you will like Deatte 5-byou de Battle  
report Recommended by JadeKiwi
both start off as a light anime with a little bit of jokes here and there. built on a not-so-light premise... but then the story takes a darker turn 
report Recommended by lilith192
Both these animes deal with our main protaganist exploring. In Hunter X Hunters case its Gon exploring the vast world in an attempt to find his dad. In Givens case its Ritsuka exploring his sexuality with Mafuyu  
report Recommended by Jose39701
As mentioned, very similar in the way both series really show the determination of the main cast to overcome the huge almost impossible task infront of them. Whilst they are no where close length wise, whilst watching Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru, i was reminded of the hardships Gon and Killua went through to become better Hunters, which a lot of the time were the best parts of the show for me.  
report Recommended by BlaggersMode
The magical continent of "Gunjou no Magmel" is clearly inspired by the world of "Hunter x Hunter". Just like the idea of explorers venturing onto the island to find previously unknown life forms and resources. But the comparison ends here. 
report Recommended by Emrylor
Both enforce the belief that no person is truly good or truly bad. They also are both quite grounded in reality (forgetting HXH's fantastical elements) and explore the darkness and depravity of humans. 
report Recommended by mojito_
Same quirky character. Slightly darker twist with deaths of many death flags (some of which might come true). Interesting supporting characters with good motive told afterwards.  
report Recommended by Ballroomdancer
Both shows share large parts of their staff. Same Character designs and the overall vibe and atmosphere is extremely similar to Hunter x Hunter (2011) 
report Recommended by Otcho_Shogun28
I feel like one thing that Madhouse took from Hunter X Hunter is that the story isn't about the destination but the journey. Because that principale shows in Sora yori mo Tooi Basho and it shows really well.  
report Recommended by ZionPulse
Two boy protagonist and their close friendship is what makes both series special. 
report Recommended by PattisL
Both of them have a similar battle system in nen and stands , both nen and stands are unique and the priority in battle's is often finding out what the opponent's nen or stand ability is and how to counter it. Just like Jojo , HxH is a really fun show and definitely worth a watch !  
report Recommended by PhoenixEclipse
Similar concept of superpowers, but hunterxhunter is more about friendship, and hitori is more about action. Both anime have wide range of unique characters. Age of characters different. In Hitori they are young adults, in hxh - children. 
report Recommended by MenthaAquatica
Both are great Action/Adventure shows with interesting characters and a good story  
report Recommended by xShinigami3125
Katanagatari revolves around people fighting with swords but they vary in attributes and even in form, similar to the concept of Nen. You're presented throughout an episode how they work and how to combat them, reminiscent of Hunter X Hunter's power system. I'd say there's a definitive comparison that comes around in an episode of Katanagatari, not to spoil but just like the former show, you get a clear sense of how underpowered the main characters could be. Not to forget both anime are very dialogue-heavy, with HxH's case it happens around the last arc. 
report Recommended by ReSeinen
Hunter X Hunter and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime had some action fights also with funny moments and i think some of main characters and supporting from Hunter X Hunter and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime had almost same with their responsibility and personality for example is Killua and Zen because they are loyalty friends and always want to be by their side to their main character Gon and Shirayuki. They also had same blue colour for their eyes. Kurapika and Leorio would be just like Kiki and Mitsuhide because they also had some responsibility by theirselves and supporting about their friendship or something else. I think Hisoka would  read more 
report Recommended by qKhayrin
Hunter X Hunter and Level E had a same mangaka and the main character of Level E Prince Baka also shared the roles for the Character of Hunter x Hunter (2011), Hisoka Morrow and of course their had same seiyuu, Namikawa Daisuke. If you like Hunter X Hunter(2011),you should watch Level E because both had the same theme shounen and Level E had some comedy On the anime too. 
report Recommended by qKhayrin
Both Mcs want to make friends and find someone/something and live in a unique place since birth. And have a darker tone and have similar friendship vibes, and have extraordinary powers. Same composer. :) 
report Recommended by hyperpixs
After watching CGATE 2, the interaction between Akito and Shin totally reminded me of Killua and Illumi. Anyways a lot of intelligence is involved as well as tactics. Eye powers are the same as well. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
- Colorful but violent - Unusual character designs - Full of mind games Danganronpa doesn't have fights and is a little darker in tone, but they remind each other. 
report Recommended by Amuro_Char
Liked the strategical battles and mind games in NGNL? Hunter x Hunter has even more! Both are (somewhat) fantasy, adventure, action anime that have lots of strategies, battle of the wits, and strong main characters. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both series consists of action and battle shounen sequences involving story arcs against certain events/antagonists. Of course, these battles involves supernatural themes and often times or not deals with the main characters utilizing their abilities to aid them in combat. Both series' fights are straight forward and entertaining. There is also a similar theme involving the main characters participating in an exam/competition to reach their goal. Both series also gives off an adventure like feeling. 
report Recommended by Stark700
The current arc in HxH is very similar to Mushibugyou. They are fighting bug like people. Both series has lots of action and great characters.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
" Ghost Hunt " is a group of people who solve supernatural Mystery. " Hunter X Hunter " is a licensed profession for those who specialize in fantastic pursuits such as locating rare or unidentified animal species, treasure hunting, surveying unexplored enclaves, or hunting down lawless individuals.  
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Both are fantasy setting with magic. Both have contests. Both are enjoyable 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Similar character designs, fast paced action atmosphere, lots of strategical battles and fights. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both shows follow/contain organisations that try to maintain public safety (The Fire Force and Hunter Organisation respectively) and have supernatural aspects and unique & interesting art styles. They also both have great OST's & humour.  
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Teens go on adventures and have to fight baddies with their own special abilities. They also have 1v1 battles like in MÄR. Includes friendship themes and moving stories that are quite central to MÄR. Main characters of both series have similar vibes. 
report Recommended by Ninibear
OMG you won't believe since one is a shonen while the other is a shoujo, but truely this series are much more alike than what you think. -Similarities in the main characters (Gon was always kind of strog while Yona is aiming to be, yet the personality and always kind but resolute character is the thing in common). -Not a "goodie fantasy nobody dies" tale, but as charming as one. -Tension at the most. . . . -[bishounens as well 7w7] 
report Recommended by Ray_Monster
Both have the familliar " reversed map " style , obtaining treasures , raising skill features, even though hunter x hunter is a bigger and a more expanding anime 
report Recommended by Shura-shurato
If the relationship between Killua and Gon was very important to you in HxH, or conversely, if the relationship between Peco and Smile was the fundamental to you in Ping Pong, then you'd definitely enjoy the other show beyond measure, genres be damned.  
report Recommended by Atrithau
Both shows portray vast unknown worlds to be explored with a great deal of mystery around this world and it's origin/contents. Both have impeccable art styles, characters, OST's, world building, plots & character designs. Both are pretty well rounded shows with vast appeal to a wide range of anime fans. 
report Recommended by JVskunkape
Both have great fight scenes, are remakes and continuations of stories, and have awesome main characters. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
They both have a lot of awesome characters. The main characters feel similar. They both are fantasy settings. 
report Recommended by crazyisgood
Both shows shine in mindplays. If you like anime that makes you think along then these are for you. Although HxH starts simple the storyline will get more mature and tricky as the story progresses. 
report Recommended by Lylaaz
Girly dude with chains, similar setting and events (tournaments, exams and so on) but with more action. Saint Seiya left biggest impact on Yoshihiro Togashi's creations. 
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
The initial part of the battle against the main villain reminded me of Hunter x Hunter. The way it was executed was absolutely beautiful; definitely one of the best fight scenes I've seen in a while. 
report Recommended by VVayfarer
Both main characters dream of being Hunters without understanding what that all entails. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Hunter x Hunter's Chimera Ant arc shares a lot of themes with Devilman - namely, the dark side of humanity and human nature. The dichotomy between good and evil gets blurred as the "evil" non-human beings display "human" traits such as love while the supposedly "good" humans commit atrocities that are just as awful as what they're fighting against, if not worse. There is also a strong undercurrent of anti-war sentiment. 
report Recommended by Neko-Hoshishima
Main characters are pretty similar, both trying to become like their fathers with a help of "cool guy" from a powerful family. (not to mention their personalities) Similar age variety of fighters. Both involves tournaments. 
report Recommended by NoBleachNoLife
At first glance, these two anime might seem to have nothing in common. But they're both based on exceptional material that transcends the genre (sports manga and josei in the case of Chihayafuru, shonen action series in the case of Hunter x Hunter), both given a stellar adaptation with amazing animation and music by Studio Madhouse, and they both began airing in the same year(!). There are not a lot of anime I've given a 10 to, but these two deserve it. Even though it doesn't have filler like most shonen anime, Hunter x Hunter is still way longer, though. 
report Recommended by sporkaganza
Similar type of RPG-like adventures (Mahoujin being a more overt parody of that genre), with supposed trials and bluffs, towers and humour. 
report Recommended by Seyfert
They both have the same feeling and character style as another. For example Apostles of the stars and the Phantom Troupe. Hunters and Sweepers. Tao and Nen. They both have assassins. They both have a guy with a suitcase.  
report Recommended by iskapo
-Both typical shouen jump type of anime where main character has similar goals. In hunter x hunter, gons goal is to travel and see what the world has in store for him while searching for his father who abandoned him. In radient it is about a boy who wants to travel the world and see what’s out there and find this magical land called Radiant. -Both raised by a foster parent -Both main character has similar personality in terms of impulsive and curious about the world around him -Both same theme of magical land full of magic and adventure, friendships, etc 
report Recommended by iNinjeek
Both are about two boys chasing a dream. Very similar theme, and characters. 
report Recommended by AnimePoop
both animes include creatures trying to overtake the humans. 
report Recommended by LaLaLuffyx3
Both anime have the main characters fighting against an army of humanoid bugs, with the narrative dealing about the complexity of human nature and their inherent potential to do either good or bad actions. 
report Recommended by Illyricus
"Kaidou Arc" in Major reminded me a lot of "Pro-Hunter Exam Arc" in HxH. Two main characters have to team up with other applicants and to pass the qualifying examination they have to trust other members even if they are complete strangers. Both shows have other similarities, but I won't spoil it. Things often get nail bitingly intense each episode, prepare yourselves for unexpected turn of events. If you enjoyed one of them, you can get the same feeling from the other one. 
report Recommended by H_Elif
It's not as super "fighting and blood-spraying." I'd say it's more of the funny, has a group of grown to love friends like Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio. The main character Yuri reminds me similar to Gon, however, he's more serious and actually knows what the heck he's doing. Then, there's a character named Wolfram who actually sounds like Killua (though different voice actors) and is cute tsundere and is really cute like Killua. He's more willing to express the bashful things though. It's a long journey like Hunter x Hunter but each episode is fun to watch and can be an emotional roller coaster,  read more 
report Recommended by _kawaii_chan__
Both anime are based on manga published by Shounen Jump. They follow a protagonist, who, along with his friends, travels around the world and often battles against other opponents. Also, both anime have arcs where the protagonists play a real life video game, and in both cases, it has something to do with collecting cards with special effects. 
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both are about boys who fight in epic battles! 
report Recommended by wombatlover
While both are completely different shows, both are character driven shows, and there are technically super powers used by characters in both shows (this is obvious in HxH, and the abilities some players in KnB have kind of count as super powers). Plus, both have really intense fight scenes (Basketball games in KnB's case). 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
Both shows feature surprisingly dark moments, which starkly contrast with the overall light message that the 2 shows start out with. Also, both shows are "smart" anime in their respective genre - both are very character driven (RahXephon would not have the plot it has without Ayato Kamina piloting the RahXephon, whereas Hunter x Hunter's entire plot revolves around Gon trying to find Ging, his father), and both have shocking deaths that you will not expect. 
report Recommended by RoarkTenjouin
I'd say that Yowamushi pedal is the Hunter x Hunter of sports anime, it has got the same attention to the details as HxH, and the battles (races, in this case) have great settings. Each character is developed perfectly and there is no protection to the main character as we can see in many ordinary shows. 
report Recommended by erickbits
- Aside from both of them being long running shonen titles, the episode count for ZEXAL is only 2 less than Hunter. - Both ran from 2011 to 2014. - The protagonist of both is an optimistic young boy who's goal is to not only find his father, but to be just as skilled a Hunter/Duelist(respectively) he's said to be. Not to mention both of their fathers are adventurers who explore and study ruins and plan for bigger things, not of this world. -The fathers of both characters may be absent, but they leave clues for their sons, one isn't very overt about it and comes off as  read more 
report Recommended by MissMisu
Both are adaptations from Shounen Jump manga, both are remakes of anime from the 90’s, both have an emphasis on fantasy adventure and training, both have similar protagonist a young boy with great potential leaving his home to go on a grand adventure become stronger and protect the people important in their lives, they travel with companions that are unique and interesting both in combat and as people, both have interesting, unique and intricate villains with different motives, ambitions and desires, both take place in a creative fantastical detailed world, both have an emphasis on world building and lore  
report Recommended by SomeOne456
Hunter X Hunter is a lot more emotional than Log Horizon, but both shows fill me with a sense of careful optimism. The world isn't always a great place, but we can work towards bettering it with our smarts and determination. Both shows have really fascinating concepts and strategies the characters use. Both have very vibrant and colorful worlds. 
report Recommended by thenamenerd
"Humans are Bastards". in urban wicked city where mafia gangs are lurking, money is what controls society, there are similar topics such as: Injustice, Authoritarianism, and Poverty. 
report Recommended by Deago
Both series show more realistic characters and character relationships than most anime I've watched. Main characters aren't stereotypical shounen heroes and will actually kill things. Both centre around a group of four friends who each have good character depth making you feel attached to each of them individually. Everyone knows how good hunter x hunter is but saiyuki still remains relatively unknown to most people so I suggest you give it a try 
report Recommended by TheAlmightyZ
- Aside from both of them being long running shonen titles, the episode count for ZEXAL is only 2 less than Hunter. - Both ran from 2011 to 2014. - The protagonist of both is an optimistic young boy who's goal is to not only find his father, but to be just as skilled a Hunter/Duelist(respectively) he's said to be. Not to mention both of their fathers are adventurers who explore and study ruins and plan for bigger things, not of this world. -The fathers of both characters may be absent, but they leave clues for their sons, one isn't very overt about it and comes off as  read more 
report Recommended by MissMisu
There was a lot of people comparing Hikaru with Yu-gi-oh which tbh I don't understand. There are surface level similarities but as fans of either of these series knows, a scratched surface isn't always repairable. Hikaru no Go and Hunter X hunter might both appear to be fun, light hearted adventures with fun characters who just want to experience the world.. But behind that laughter is a dark underbelly of drive, intent and passion. A cut-throat ambition that will heartlessly stomp out anyone blocking your path to success. Both shows will hype you up, drive your expectations sky high only to make you realize that  read more 
report Recommended by Jordanious77
This is not a slice of life anime. This is not a 'happy, pretty fairy, cute little kids' type of anime. Sure, the character(s) may, but the story? - No. NO NO NO NO NO!!!! It is definitely, one of the greatest plot twists / things you'd NEVER expect to happen, type of anime. Both start off as 'cute little kids playing having fun'. But when you get into the episodes...oh no, will you be surprised. 
report Recommended by B3astpwn
Battle between the forces of good and evil is the same except that HxH is shounen and X is half shoujo/seinen and that HxH is more methodical whereas X is a prophecy show. It's worth a try if you try either one. Oh yeah HxH does have prophecy elements but in a different way. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Hunter X Hunter and Elfen Lied have whats in common: Both have innocent looking artwork that seems safe but when you take a close look behind it, it really isn't at all. Hunter X Hunter and Elfen Lied have amounts of gore and emotional moments that makes the show have one of the best aspects. Hunter X Hunter gets the same feeling and vibes with Elfen Lied when it reaches to the Chimera Ant Arc and the antagonist of that arc is like Lucy in terms of personality and character even though he takes action to a DBZ scale.  
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
There are no such absolutely unrivalled and invincible heroes in Hunter x Hunter as we see in Trigun, but the show still bears some striking similarities in both style and mood. The main hero, Gon Freecks, looks exactly like chibi Vash except for his dark green hair, and there are some other character designs being borrowed as well (e.g., Genei Ryodan's Franklin). In general, HxH has a strong character development theme that Trigun lacks, but otherwise it explores and advocates the same kind of moral ideals. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
both are shounens about boys looking for their fathers that turn into something much darker, theres a lot of fighting in both and theres a compelling story. the characters are well written in both, and youre sure to enjoy both.  
report Recommended by shunyuto
At first you might struggle to find too much comparison beyond the fact that they are both fighting shounens. However, that's not the case. Hunter x Hunter is a very intelligent anime in its fighting scenes, and so is Dragon Ball Super - which may come as a little bit of a surprise to you. The physics in the Dragon Ball series is very complex and understanding why things make sense in the Dragon Ball universe is one of the greatest joys of being a Dragon Ball fan. Hunter x Hunter spells things out for you, and Super leaves a lot to the  read more 
report Recommended by JustaCrat
Just like HxH, HU is too loyal to the manga with dark and mature contents. Both have excellent quality animation which are adapted by Madhouse (for HU, its just 5-7) and it's worth it especially if you're big into it. Both have awesome characters who are developed and strong. HxH doesn't get deadly serious until CA arc which is something that HU has common with. Action paced is too in both shows and are great. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
Another excellent Madhouse anime to watch. HXH's Story is a lot better but what has common are: -OST -Both are gritty, gore, and nudity -Awesome characters -badass action -Monsters -Bonds that could change the tide of the story (No Spoilers) -Thrillers -Surprises which include tactics -People are paid to do missions -Fight to save the world I recommend HxH cuz if you love Madhouse and are into shows that are loyal to the manga, it is an awesome addition. 
report Recommended by SlaughterDagger
In HxH, a young 12-year-old boy becomes a Hunter in order to find his father who was also a Hunter. In Letter Bee, a young 12-year-old boy becomes a Letter Bee in order to find his childhood hero who was also a Letter Bee. They meet many friends and enemies along the way. HxH is better than Letter Bee, in my opinion. 
report Recommended by toblynaruto
These 2 anime's here are amazing animes, they consist of strong plot aswell as moving the story long towards lots of fight scences. More or so Black Bullet is more about saving the world and trying to train and become stronger, while HxH has more violence IMO. Enjoy! RiasGremory_ 
report Recommended by JennieKim
Hunter x Hunter and Baccano! differ in plot completely, however, different aspects do come close to being similar. Both: - Have a unique character cast (With tons of likable characters) - Contain tons of action - Can get really dark and brutal - Are very entertaining and enjoyable 
report Recommended by Wexik
+ Both are Awesome action shounen animes. + Both share light-hearted humour and comedic aspects of its characters. + Both series share similar main protagonist to one another. (despite age difference) + Both shows have very epic fight scenes. +Both shows have a very powerful antagonist that must be defeated to save a lot people. 
report Recommended by Mooncake91