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After watching Hunter X Hunter, I was looking for another anime with tons of impressive fight scenes and lovable characters. There are tons of similarities between these two animes. The first similarities are apparent: they are both shounen, they both take place in worlds with "magic," they both have an unexpectedly powerful main character, and both shows are over 100 episodes. Both main characters have incredibly supportive friends, and they both never give up. The other similarities between the shows are harder to notice: both animes have dark undertones, and they take place in vast complex worlds. They have multiple evil villains and obstacles to   read more
report Recommended by Slim_Sadie
I think that if you like Shounen nekketsu, you may like black clover ! As well as Hunter X Hunter, Black Clover is going to be the next big thing in anime. Extraordinary capacities and powers/ excellent fighting/action scenes ,comedy and tragedy The characters in both of these anime have a goal they are trying to reach with never give up attitude
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Hunter x Hunter & Black Clover are alike because they both have ranks, in Black Clover you can become a member of a squad. In HxH you can become a hunter.
report Recommended by IamSunne
The same character archetypes, Gon & Asta: Lovable and Stupid, Killua & Yuno: More Strength than the Main Characters, but less dominant personalities. The Story plot is partially similar, for example, the Hunter Exam and the Magic Knight Exam. The Art is similar as well, and with their never-gonna-give-up attitude, they eventually succeed.
report Recommended by woopWOOOP
-duo main characters -one is loud average shounen guy and the other is cool and stronger
report Recommended by emiwemmy
Powerful characters each with their own class of ability. Also has fantasy elements
report Recommended by craw1011
The plot is pretty similar. 2 main characters work to get stronger and try to obtain a higher rank. Both are very entertaining and have a lot of good fight scenes.
report Recommended by _Courage
Similarities: Both HxH and Black Clover are very similar story-wise and character-wise Both anime's Main Characters go from having nothing (very weak) but is steady Both MCs has rival friends who compete against them to get better Both MCs have similar goals such as becoming a Hunter or a Hokage Both are underestimated and they surpass their limits which surprises their friends
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
You follow the development of a main character who from the start has no experience whatsoever. Gon in HxH's case and Asta in Black Clover's case. Both have goals to climb up to higher ranks. Have the same performance in thinking and motivation. Similar traits Gon-Asta and Killua-Yuno. Both animes contain sick fight scenes. The storylines themselves are similar. They both have the same concept of ranks and powers. Both series are entertaining and you will not get tired of the content regardless of all the episodes they have.
report Recommended by JenniferKaneki
Both are shounens with main characters grew up without their parents and stating their goals in the first episodes. Both shows are very long and are split in arcs with the biggest one being the best. The two of them provide large amount of well-written characters and have their main villain(Licht/Meruem) want to help his race. Both stories start with an exam arc and ends with an open ending, hinting at a sequel. Another similar thing they have is character rage moments at which protagonist gets unbelievably strong. Finaly, HxH and Black Clover are the rare examples of shounens with actually good plot, which is   read more
report Recommended by Patiss0n
We're talking about characters and story. Both Black Clover and Hunter x Hunter have it all. Black clover focuses around 2 boys Asta and Yuno while Hunter x Hunter does the same by focusing mainly on Killua and Gon. The main focus of Hunter x Hunter is for Gon to meet his dad and for Killua to become a pro hunter, Black clover on the other hand - Asta and Yuno become rivals to become the Wizard King, in order to do that they have to pass an exam, and so do Gon and Killua. There's also a ton of similiarties between the story. In   read more
report Recommended by AcrylicAJ
tbh i think it is the only other shounen that touched me or intregued me at the same level as hxh
report Recommended by Screwkys
You can think they are not similiar but they are.They're main character alike and the strory is a little bit similiar you should watch hxh if u watched black clover+
report Recommended by MicTurt
same feeling that "omg the principal character is so FUCKING OWESOME" like, im not the only one that thinks that, they're so fucking cool, but is obv that hxh do that thing 100x better, if you like a big shounen i would recomend you that. maybe the first 5 eps will make you angry, but after that you'll be so happppppy
report Recommended by yoofia
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