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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Apr 13, 5:25 AM
Watching 1/12 · Scored -
Gin no Saji
Gin no Saji
Jan 15, 7:37 PM
Completed 11/11 · Scored 5
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song
Jan 15, 7:32 PM
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
Jan 15, 4:34 PM
Completed 110/110 · Scored 8
One Piece
One Piece
Feb 17, 2020 5:00 AM
Reading 971/? · Scored -
Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction
Jul 28, 2019 8:33 AM
Reading 62/101 · Scored 9

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DuckCXL May 16, 9:56 PM
funny how you say taht anime is art when your average ratings are below a five. you're not gonna get a girlfriend if you keep on rating everything terrible, just saying. think about why 4chan and other trolls start shitposting about you when you start ruining their favorite anime that you'd probably enjoy as well, or either that you're probably a pessimist who complains about everything. get some help, and get better insight, dude.
Abajur May 15, 10:06 AM
it is okay if you didn't like Koe no Katachi's characters, but complaining that it didn't have an agenda to teach people about disability is very cringe (I know this isn't exactly what you said on your review, but close enough, you probably get (and probably disagree with) my point)

stop judging media by its moral value, media doesn't have to be moral and it certainly doesn't need to have a "positive moral message for the betterment of society" or whatever, when media treats a character like an object it is not """problematic""", it is bad writing, it is not a morally wrong thing, it is just something that doesn't have a certain kind of artistic appeal

note that I don't care that you disliked Koe no Katachi and I am not trying to defend it, I am talking about how you criticized it, I am not saying you should have liked it

(I have my profile comments temporarily disabled, there is a logical reason for that, I can explain if you want to and I'll turn them back on eventually, meanwhile I am happy to hear your reply in a PM if you feel like writing one, I will read it)
Vulpecula1 May 12, 9:57 AM
but as you said art is interpretive so you are absolutely free to interpret it however you want
cheers man
Vulpecula1 May 12, 9:53 AM
dam dude didn't you feel any attatchment to the characters in Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Mucho_Bear May 11, 9:12 PM
terrible take on koe no katachi ngl
saekoa May 11, 9:37 AM
I dated a girl for a few years whose parents were both deaf. I even learned sign language over those years. We watched A Silent Voice together with her siblings and parents. Both of her parents loved the movie and were in tears, and even said it would be a great idea for the movie to be shown in classrooms.
Pred8r May 8, 9:49 PM
Your intake on a silent voice is really bad mate I'm not even gonna lie.

But at the same time you have toradora in your favs lmao

It's an easy 8.5/10 if not a 9.

Didn't want to say this but you're def deluded if you think Koe no Katachi is anything under a 7.
SSJYuki May 7, 3:21 AM
'Koe no Katachi is dangerous because it is exploitative'. I am speechless.
NealTenshio May 6, 12:27 PM
These kinds of reviews exhibit one of the main problems of this website and its community mentality. And that problem is that we, who think of ourselves as critical people, are deliberately looking and seeking for what makes an anime bad. We somehow think that those different negative reviews must have some value.. Not only that, those negative reviews help us save time from watching something. And it could be part of the reason why some people who may have not watched something could/would have an increased inclination towards a negative review.
But thinking that way to begin with could be a mistake.
I think I find positive reviews have more potential than the negative reviews, because those are what allow you to see the good in something. Potential is what we should focus on, because that's where growth happens. If I disagree with a positive review, which I often do, at least I know where and what I dislike. But trusting a negative review at face value keeps us from the first step altogether and keeps us in ignorance. The cynical parts of us keep up from watching anime for personal fulfillment or for understanding. The cynical parts of us, that just want to protect us from "bad art", heavily impede on our curiosity and our ability to discover/learn for ourselves. We disrupt our imagination and creativity.
NealTenshio May 6, 12:00 PM
I have a sister who is deaf, and I disagree with your opinion that Koe no Katachi objectifies deafness. I'm not even sure if what you typed was an opinion, or if a monkey was just hitting keys on a keyboard at random.
There are details to the pains and struggles involved with persons with deafness and of those around them, more than what the movie showed but the movie showed some of them. If you are deaf, you're going to be treated differently, negatively, and you're very likely to experience aggressive, persistent bullying. Sorry if you think it's supposed to be sunshine and rainbows. But it's not.
Aadrei May 3, 7:07 AM
To each their own, dude. Stay well
bIackreaper_ May 2, 11:28 PM
your taste in anime is garbage
Stillx2 Apr 27, 3:02 PM
everyone is each to there opinion although your opinion is just bad.....
FonsLikesAnime Apr 27, 9:01 AM
Do you just hate everything ur most used score is prolly 3
shit_and_cum Apr 26, 2:57 AM
Read your silent voice review, you're based AF