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CoquiEnthusiast Apr 12, 10:58 AM
Hey, I'm glad to hear things are working out for you. Nothing better than to achieve goals and get that sense of progression in life :)

The thing is that where I live, as you may already know, we got hit by a devastating hurricane María. The plus side to that is that we got economic help for various things, including the SAT test which they offered free to anyone who wanted to take it. I wasn't originally gonna take it cause here we take a very similar test called the College Board insead (it's exactly the same thing but it has Spanish in it), and I already had done pretty solid on it. But since it was free then I said "why not? it might come helpful in the future". Now this is a coincidence because I got around the same as you it appears with around the 1200 mark lol. The university which I'm in does require either the College Board or the SAT, but if you have both you can either combine the highest grades of each or just present the preferred highest one. I gave the College Board in my case because it was the most impressive showing of the two lol. Btw, I I know you asked me once but I don't remember having answered, but my major is in Sciences of Aviation. Just a fun fact about me!

Anything new you've been into recently? Also Steins;Gate 0 just started and the first ep was pretty solid. I wasn't too hyped for it for some reason, but watching it yesterday I quickly got in the mood and wanted to see more immediatly. New and interesting characters and threads which I'm excited to see more of. There are a lot of ideas which I really like and, if they do handle them correctly (or how I want them to), it could surpass the original series for me. Any thoughts on it?
Melody Mar 31, 5:03 PM
Hi Iza, how are you?

Now that Winter season is almost over, what did you think about this season's anime?

You really should continue 3-gatsu no Lion's second season when you find the time to, it was just amazing and managed to be even better than the first season.
ZephSilver Mar 24, 6:08 AM
It's personal, but what I could say is that I didn't know what I wanted to do and couldn't afford wasting time figuring it out. I'm a Field Transportation Specialist at Amazon.
ZephSilver Mar 21, 12:58 PM
Yeah, I was actually planning to rewatch Steins;Gate as well. With the new title coming up, it might actually give me a reason to do that sooner rather than later.

I hope that works out well for you. I wish more people would try to go back instead of constantly running on the seasonal hamster wheel. I never went to college, went straight into the workforce after high school.
ZephSilver Mar 20, 6:34 PM
Haha, thanks fine, I guess it did the trick. And I'm pretty good, I've been pretty motivated in re-editing my older reviewed content, so it feels nice getting that stuff done. What about yourself?
ZephSilver Mar 20, 12:01 PM
Thanks... ? lol
Alex_001 Mar 18, 3:48 AM
Hey, I just started the Suzumiya Haruhi series; do I need to watch the 2009 season to understand the movie?
LordRahl96 Mar 16, 10:06 AM
After waching this show i know one thing, i hate Children's
CoquiEnthusiast Mar 13, 1:16 PM
Hello there!

Damn man, I read the comment you left about your period of mild depression, and that really sucks. I really hope everything has been working out for you since then and you continue on a healthy path emotionally and mentally. I personally (fortunately) have never suffered any sort of prolonged depreasion of any kind, but I have seen what it can do first hand with people close to me. Again I hope you're well and remember that whether it be your friends or family, you always have someone who cares for you and will listen. Whenever I'm feeling really down, fiction is my escape and anime is the best medicine if you ask me!

Yeah as you said, sometimes the classes one might think are not our strengths end up being our biggest surprises. I remember when i took the College Board and SAT I always looked down on my Math skills amd thought it was my worst class, but it ended up being one of the highest scores when the results came. What can I say, sometimes we doubt too much on our abilities instead of being confident about them. Over time I've learned to capitalizing on my strengths while accepting my weaknesses, but always keeping and open mind to what I can bring to the table.

As far as anime goes for me, I've recently been dropping everything I had picked up from this season that I don't have an interest in (as I always end up doing). The only one I'm sure i will finish is After the Rain which is the one thing I am genuinely enjoying to the fullest and go back to every week or two. The rest that i still haven't marked as dropped will probably end incomplete because I honestly dont care enough. It seems I have set my standards very high because I find myself having zero tolerance for anything average. If it doesn't meet my standards for what I think is good or if I'm not having at least some enjoyment, I have no hesitation to drop it. In some ways I am glad this is the case because I won't waste any valuable time on things I don't care about, but at the same time it's kinda an issue because I can't help but to be attentive at EVERYTHING whether it be the writting, animation, sound, score; and criticizing in my mind anything I find questionable. While I am happy I have develop such mindset because it means I have set clear standards and tastes, I also believe it limits what I can or cannot enjoy, making simple or dumb anime harder to enjoy. Still, I keep finding stuff I haven't seen which I reqlly love so I'm not really complaining too much lol.

Speaking of anime I really enjoyed, I have finally completed my promise to you and finished Made in Abyss! It's funny beacuse back when it was airing I remember really liking it, but not loving. I put it on hold because i figured it was better to watch it after it aired, and man have things changed. I would say my feelings towards it have shifted from liking to loving because It was just a phenomenal experience. All I've heard is nonstop praise after it finished, and I can say it very much deserves it. It really reminded me of Steins;Gate in some aspects and also because both were very similar experiences where I was equally hooked and felt the same feelings of joy, dread and hype. Definitely one of the most memorable experiences watching anime in a very long time and certainly one of the best constructed anime that have come iut in the recent years when it comes to the technical aspects. I'm really glad I finished it and equally glad I enjoyed it as much as people like you did.

Also, I'm currently writing my first blog and it will hopefully be the start of more blogs from now on. The topic of this first will be the "Top 10 favorite anime watched in 2016" where I list and explain the best of the best i watched on the first year of anime watching for me (not necessarily anime that aired in 2016, but the ones I watched in 2016). Following that will most likely be the same for 2017 and I'm planning on doing this for every year. I got a few other topics in mind I could write about such my favorite anime ships or pairings, favorite openings and other simple stuff that I could do as practice to other more deep stuff in the future.
Melody Mar 13, 10:10 AM
Yeah, I hope that all the members will stay together in the end and keep cooperating with Yuki Kajiura.

That sounds great, I hope you'll find a nice place for your internship!

I'm fine, classes started a while ago for me, and I'm already busy with a project.
Melody Mar 13, 8:55 AM
Hey Iza, how are you?
I don't know if you've seen this news, yet, so I thought I should share it with you.
A5522517 Feb 27, 9:23 PM
if it is going to be like that then i might have to be a pirate and watch it illegally because i really wanna see it bad!!
A5522517 Feb 27, 6:49 PM
oh thanks for the link bro!

A5522517 Feb 27, 3:19 PM
I love saber, so I have seen both the ufotable fates, ill definitely buy it on Blu Ray when it comes out, or maybe be a pirate......
Melody Feb 27, 6:15 AM
I wouldn't be able to watch Citrus even for that reason haha. I hope you won't regret it. XD
I'm happy that we'll finally watch a new 3-gatsu no Lion episode this week after the 3-week break.

My favorite new anime of this season is Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. It's just a simple lighthearted, cute and funny anime but I enjoy it a lot. The 2nd season of Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan is also very good.
I'll be waiting for your thoughts about the seasonals when you watch them.