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Gawdly Mar 9, 2022 2:12 PM
SippinWater Dec 12, 2017 7:38 PM
Haven't actually got far yet. But I like it!
VampirexHunterD Dec 5, 2017 10:43 PM
Eh I never viewed Rukia as a tsundere and the only time she would hit Ichigo is when he would make fun of her drawings. Yea but there are those annoying tsundere that are over the top and others like Rin who arent bad like most.

Ive only seen Bake, Nise, and Neko this is so dialogue heavy haha I need to chill after watching them I think ill finish the series by like February. How shes my favorite haha I didnt know people hated her.

I have no idea why is so popular if I wanted to see superheroes ill watch the Avengers or some shit to me its so fucking boring I really dont have any interest on watching S2 but ill give it one last chance if I hate it as much as S1 then I will be done with the series and wont watch s3. I actually like BC so far its seems interesting ill take these 10 episodes over mha first 13 easily. Yea I think the anime fans are just being followers again with this series to me its so fucking boring and I fucking hate all might more than any others that guy is fucking trash hes annoying. I have no interesting in watching anything titled academia lmao burh why are you recommending trash lol give me some good anime.

I give it a 5 if the ending is worse then ill lower the score I have no idea why its rated so high like wtf?

Yea honestly if you blink or arent 100% engaged it will go over your head, I was focused basically the whole time and really enjoyed it but even so I still felt like some scenes were really odd. Have you seen Ergo Proxy? its similar to NGE but on steroids but its better written and not as mentally fucking to your mind. Actually its really similar to Psycho Pass aswell but way better.

Oh I see that sounds good. I see I actually heard S2 was the best part of the series?
VampirexHunterD Nov 30, 2017 12:02 PM
Thats the reason I dont do VS battles because you have to calculate stuff but they calculated Ichigo's speed and went away later and then he used Mugetsu as his final attack lol wtf yea Naruto has as much as the whole shinobi alliance and Ichigo has enough to stabilize the whole Bleach verse but saying Chakra is as strong as SP is lowballing SP.

I dont mind them as much but it becomes annoying when they always punch the protagonist. Same they are some of my favorites Revy(somewhat tsundere) Asuka, Rin, and kallen.

Yea im up to date with Re and im a huge fan now lol its really good its WAY BETTER than the anime thats for sure.

Well I have the huge list in my notes lol I saw Bakemonogatari( very good) mha s1 (fucking superhero trash a fanboys wet dream trash wont be watching s2 for a while) seven deadly sins (very good) Kaiji S1 shits HYPE currently watching S2 Inuyashiki is boring I thought I might like it but I was wrong and I think thats about it whats up with you? Oh yea I watched NGE and I really enjoyed it I left a small 3 paragraph review on it but I understand the side that calls it "fake deep" it does contain so odd shit but its really good atleast I enjoyed it and I never skipped the opening its so good haha where do you stand on it? Also I guess I wont hate mecha anymore because although Code Geass and NGE dont evolve the mecha as much its still there and I liked both and im hyped to watch Ghost in the Shell and Full metal panic and they have mecha aswell.
VampirexHunterD Oct 28, 2017 3:00 AM
The simulcast is airing tomorrow I believe the dub sounds way better im gonna switch over to the dub lol.

I see it seems really interesting definitely gonna read and watch the series.

Yea I just see know possible way Naruto can defeat Ichigo just because oh how op Ichigo is and he hasnt even mastered his own powers yet not to mention he can easily blitz Naruto. The video is gonna be absolute cancer and the comment wars are gonna be insane lol thats actually going to be more exciting. Yea people seem to forget in Bleach is comes down to how strong your spiritual pressure is which is why at the start of there fight Ichigo couldnt even scratch Kenpachi.

Rin is #4 for me Saber shes like 9-15 somewhere around there. Lol Rider and Waver where the funniest and some of the coolest in the series so I can see why. Ah yea I liked Lancer aswell his voice actor is one of my favorites.

Yea the manga just shits on the anime and Juuzou is even better in the manga(my fav character from the series) I think you should give it another chance I was a huge TG fan but after most of my friends kept pushing me to read it and give it another chance I really enjoyed it. I think im gonna read Re next week or something. Yea the art for TG is sometimes odd but the storytelling and gore makes up for it lol. What are you watching or reading right now? Also I actually decided im gonna watch Inuyashiki probably later on I think theres like 2 or 3 episodes out, I saw a 2 minute video of it and I liked the concept seemed cool.
VampirexHunterD Oct 23, 2017 1:37 PM
Lol well I decided not to watch any anime this season well except Black Clover, I was going to rewatch DBZ but decided not to im watching FMAB this week, Rurouni Kenshin, and however many more 25 episode animes I can fit in before I rewatch Naruto. Whats better Gantz or Attack On Titan? Im joining the Jojo hype train next year lol when im done rewatching Bleach thats the next series.

Dont think I can read it yet probably have to wait a few months then ill be able to read it.

Haha its gonna be complete shit because that channel is fucking trash they dont know how to scale and explain the feats so even if they give it to Ichigo they will say some bullshit and wont explain it right. Ill just copy and paste what I said to another user: I believe Ichigo should and would win however I dont think theyre going to give him the W. You have to remember just how insanely strong Ichigo is and how op the Bleach universe is as a whole, Ichigo hasnt even mastered his hollow abilities and let alone his Quincy abilities on top of this how OP his Shikai is and we dont even know how strong his Bankai is but its enough to have Yhwach feel so threatened he didnt even want to face it he was basically scared to face him. And his immense spiritual pressure they that only Aizen can somewhat match but even Ichigo tops him and he has enough to stabilize the whole Bleach-verse. And plus speed wise Ichigo can easily blitz Naruto, durability its honestly a toss up Naruto was sharing fucking insane amounts of chakra to the whole shinobi alliance and Kurama can heal him but in a neutral site Ichigo can do the same thanks to his Quincy abilities( which again he hasnt even perfected) its honestly a great match up but in the end the overwhelming speed of Ichigo along with his fighting style which he can be a mid or close combat along with his insane amount of SP he should be able to triumph Naruto but ScrewAttack sucks ass at VS videos so they probably wont mention half of the shit I just said.

I didnt see the 2010 movie adaption so im not sure I heard it was shit, I just saw both seasons of Zero and the anime adaption of UBW eventually ill go see Stay night and UBW movie and hopefully the Heavens Feel is out soon even its on shitty quality. Do you mean about Shirou? Also Rin is #4 waifu slim t h i c c those thighs breh, and Saber is top 10 I think you told me you hate her? Kiritsugu is a fucking BOSS probably my 2nd favorite from the series.

Oh yea and I finished the Tokyo Ghoul manga it definitely shits on the anime for now its in my top 10 because ive only read 10 manga so ill see how long it stays up and I heard Re is better than the first im gonna read it sometime in the next month.
VampirexHunterD Oct 10, 2017 9:14 PM
Well that sounds bad but ill be able to manage especially if there are other interesting characters and the setting is nice.

Yea I mean for 2plus years of being an anime fan I feel like ive watched more than enough of the good ones and and I get the point of this entertainment and i have basically watched all of the heavy hitters except One Piece, Detective Conan, Ghost in Shell and some of the other big series but im good so far. Yea ive seen a little of the series on youtube and I like what I see hear some great shit from it.

Yea from the anime alone its like a try hard edgy series for 16 year old "fuck life and society" kids again this is my experience from the anime only, from the little of the manga I do like what Ive read but when I do read all of it ill be able to get a full grasp of the series.

Im not able to watch those videos? lol but if its an Ichigo doesnt have a goal video I dont have time for their stupid nonsense(EVEN THOUGH HE DOES) but Guts, Goku, Yusuke who have lesser goals than Ichigo they dont get criticized because why the fuck should they!

Also after continuous talks with more Fate fanboys and seeing more watch orders this is what im going with: Fate/Zero, Fate/Zero S2, UBW Prologue, UBW, UBW S2 (heard the UBW movie is ass so probably wont even waste my time but this seems to be the best route and after then I can watch Stay/Night and all that other shit right.
VampirexHunterD Oct 8, 2017 11:21 PM
Its gonna take some time for me to get used to his voice shit its even more annoying than Happy from Fairy Tail. Wow alot of hate huh should be interesting to see why this is so. I tend to not hate characters the majority of people do like Sakura and even lately Orihime so should be interesting. Lol those were 2 of my favorite moments from the series but I can see why people say that.

Yea well spoilers make you lose a little of the suspense for whatever youre watching but I deal with them very good, especially since im a great prognosticator and by the way the story is going I kind of already know whats going to happen.

Im most likely not going to watch any seasonal anime since im gonna rewatch Dragon Ball lol after watching that Super special I was fucking hyped even though the series is still an abomination but the special was masterfully done and I started watching some of my favorite DB moments on Youtube so after im done with Fate ill be back on DB. Blasphemy! haha nah but I never saw Kekkai so can comment on it. If its similar to Trigun then ill like it.

This was me *Fucking SP SMH* Haha no but I actually have read some of the manga and its much better than the anime I might actually read it soon and I heard its gonna end soon so ill read the manga, what I do like is that no matter how much things are looking up Kaneki still suffers in the end and theirs speculation that he might die at the end of the manga and if that happens than bravo to the mangaka!
VampirexHunterD Oct 5, 2017 5:43 PM
Oh yea and a new season of Tokyo Ghoul was announced
VampirexHunterD Oct 5, 2017 5:36 PM
Asta VA game me terminal cancer but other than that pretty generic ill give it a 6.5-7/10 it has an awesome setting and the visuals are nice. Okay it has my attention even more I love Black Lagoon, the storytelling and emotions are very underrated most people seem to think Rock is just a pussy and Revy is a badass bitch. That man Kubo is a genius with his pen not just because of his masterful art but his poems are always great sucks more people dont support that aspect of Kubo as they should.

No if I cant watch it online then ill just skip Heavens feel but like I told you im great with spoilers lol I dont really mind spoilers at all I can still enjoy the show I mean I always read the Boruto and DBS spoilers for the next 3 weeks everytime theyre out lol. I mean Rin has the top 5 special in her but Michell Ruff voices Saber so....?

Initial D was fucking hype I need more! lol

I have been meaning to watch a seasonal anime but dont really know which one to do so, should I watch that one is it really good?

Yup Oct 3, 2017 10:01 AM
VampirexHunterD Oct 2, 2017 9:30 PM
I see well im gonna watch BC soon and throughout these months ill tell you how I feel about the series, and yes ive seen some similar Bleach character designs in BC lol dont know how I feel about that hopefully theyre atleast half as badass as the captains were. Im gonna check it out sometime next year ive heard great stuff and I like the setting and some of the character designs already. I know what you mean sometimes it feels like they fucking jampack 15 characters and add a rainbow background so its gets the kids attention whereas Kubo keeps it simple, lets the character stand out and always has some genius title on each cover. Yea I meant 68th I didnt actually check just went off memory lol. I dont watch theyre vids except like 3 DB youtubers and its just to see the spoilers coming up and the other guy power scales and when im bored its cool to listen to that in the background to see how one character would do against another, and I also have adblock so even less revenue lol.

I see well since theyre short probably in the next few days are they trash is there an interesting character or Bleach vibes in them or am I completely just wasting my time lol?

Over these last few days ive seen about 20 different topics and im most likely going to start with UBW than 2017 Heavens feel(its out the 14th I think) Zero, and then Fate Stay night and after watch the 2nd season and all that other shit. I have been dying to see this series lol heard it has alot of great moments aswell as one of the better tournaments/wars in anime and on top of that Saber and Rin seem like top tier waifu (Rin has that top 5 special in her lol) and I see that Saber is voiced by bae Michelle Ruff, this is how I feel anytime im blessed enough to listen to her voice from 4:01-4:05 lmao)

Oh forgot I just need 4 more episodes to finish Initial D and overall I give the series an 8.5 it had a lot of great moments but the character designs and coloring was bad and like you said sometimes I didnt even know who the fuck the character was lol and yea 0 waifu material its strictly cars but shit was suspenseful if they had fourth stage animation and colors from the beginning it would be regarded even higher amongst the community but for what it was I thoroughly enjoyed the series.

VampirexHunterD Oct 1, 2017 1:42 PM
Well I dont mind im great with spoilers it does ruin anything for me lol and I was actually reading the manga and anime just because I knew it was ending so I wanted to know what was happening so when I started reading the final arc nothing was a surprise but I was still just as hyped. Yea this always gets to me man "May these moments go on forever" seeing it always makes me sad/happy because its the end but seeing all of them grown up and Ichigo fully embracing his shinigami side ah man im almost glad I didnt fully watch this series since 2005 like I did with Naruto because if I did man the ending would have killed me I still would have been a wreck a year later lol.

Yea ive heard that the first 50ish chapters are like a carbon copy of Naruto and Fairy Tail and heard that it has alot of Bleach elements aswell but idk man for some reason I'm really looking forward to it maybe because its already one of the most bashed new series out there. Lmao yea man they make scenes like kids are special(not a diss to them) but seriously when I was younger I used to hate cliche bullshit thats why I started to watch DBZ and Batman at a very young age I hated all that Elmo bullshit(well not really him he was cool lol) I heard NEG is one of the better psychological series out there. I love his volume covers thats why I have all 74 in my page around the bottom Kubo always played of from white and black and some people are mad that the covers arent colorful but thats on purpose! aswell as always only having 1 character per volume(except the last one of course and thats one of my 8 favorites)
however I am bummed out that Shunsui never got a cover and I remember Kubo saying he regrets putting Askin as the 67th I believe(one of my favorite Quincy tho)

I highly recommend not watching Super that shit hurts my intelligence man its honestly Stupidmania. The fucking reviewers only make shit worse fangasm over any little stupid shit.

I might be finished with Initial D by like Thursday maybe a bit sooner lol holy shit bro I wish I had seen this sooner I love it even tho first stage had bad quality and the character designs were a bit off aswell as the coloring and the car models at time looked weird during the first stage but I still LOVE THE SERIES! And it only gets better with each season. This has one of the top 5 anime soundtracks ive seen thus far and I know Euro music and cars go hand and hand but they really nailed it with this series.

Not really lol why are you going to read them? Read them and tell me if its worth it haha.

Oh yea and one last time should I really start with Fate/Zero and then Fate/Stay Night? and after all of it is just extras and alternate settings right? I know Stay Night was out in 2006 but should I REALLY start with Zero?
VampirexHunterD Sep 24, 2017 10:16 PM
Yea DN felt like the perfect manga to do that but what can you do besides making your own only problem is I can barely draw stick figures lmao.

This guy adds OST and effects to make it feel closer to the anime is so great sadly they are trying to strike his channel and the last 6 chapters are currently private but he upload them again soon and fuck when I read chapter 686 on his channel the ost he adds and the final one he plays is Opening 1 and bruh I didnt cry but I felt weak and starred at my computer screen for a few minutes I couldnt cope that that was the end :/ its funny because I was still watching the anime when the chapter 686 leaked but I already knew everything that was happening and I remember Ichiruki fans went berserk online haha but for me man I was just sad that was it..

Honestly the difference is the age range of the target audience for Bleach right of the bat it was mainly for teens and up whereas DB, Naruto, OP target audience is for younger kids and from what ive seen its the same for MHA and BC both are trying to appeal to younger kids (hey maybe if Bleach did sell out for younger kids it'd be even more popular) Well to be fair I think Kubo is one of the GOATS in terms of drawing its like so fucking perfect and the way he uses shading its masterful so he did spoil us there

Haha its been the same for me but with DB, but GT and Super have been so atrocious its blurred my view on Z and the cancerous community along with the dickriding youtubers makes the experience so much worse. Yea ive heard they do an episode per chapter which is the same as filler I heard theres like 5 minutes wasted because of opening/recaps and that they show all 9 characters faces when there's a threat or something in front of them etc.

Wow thats a strong statement lol I will tell you this I do like most of the character designs ive seen so far. I hat that skipping fights bullshit Bleach hardly did this I know they dont show all 4 gatekeeps and early on during the Grand Fisher arc we saw some stuff too early but it never swayed too much from the manga(thank Abe and the staff) Heard Seven Deadly Sins skips shit aswell?

Yea thats one of the most underrated things of Kubo and the series like you have to pay attention, once I write my blog ill be keeping track of all of it, for example Ichigo using quincy abilities during the Kenpachi fight etc..

And is it always on hiatus lol?

I may watch Initial D tomorrow or early Tuesday so im hyped. Ah sounds interesting cant wait for that ive decided ill put off Kuroko for a little bit longer might watch that instead or read a manga not sure yet.

VampirexHunterD Sep 23, 2017 1:34 AM
Yea well he himself said the 2nd part was lackluster, it did feel like L died to quick maybe should have saved it for later and honestly I legit have no idea why Light didnt win. It was already an instant classic and imagine a mangaka that let "the bad guy win" shit would be special and would be praised even more than it is today.

I mean I wouldnt go that far lol but with the card he was dealt he did delivery a good enough ending. The MAIN problem I have with SJ is Red Sprite the series that REPLACED Bleach got axed after 10-12 FUCKING CHAPTERS! Like okay SJ if you wanted to finally cut ties with Kubo than go ahead but at the very list give him the proper time especially those 10+ worthless weeks you gave to another manga instead of treating one of your veterans with the proper respect, can you imagine how much better the Aizen Yuha fight would have been I mean shit.. I think since its the most remembered and no matter what you say of the series its a classic shonen arc that will go down in history and to go along with plot twist left and right classic fights birth of a legendary antagonist etc I guess thats why people say that. I have no idea man ive only seen 2 episodes of OP lol but I do know a little of the characters.

Yea honestly these MHA stans need to calm down already saying its the greatest anime in the last 10 years etc( I havent seen it yet either lol) but thats true its popular and the hottest thing out right now so even if it has a bad chapter or fight they wont criticize it but like you said if its FT HOLY SHIT THE WORLDS GONNA END! Theyre just a bunch of fucking hypocrites just like in DBZ the inconsistencies in it are fucking out of this world but its the OG so shit we cant say anything bad we just got to laugh at it because its "wacky" The worst thing is Super this sequel is a FUCKING ABOMINATION and in reality thats an understatement ive been a DB fan for 95% of my lifetime( no literally) and although I love Bleach and Naruto more, my DB knowledge is much more vast because ive been watching it for such a long time and Super is a fucking insult to my intelligence because it has been so horrible it isnt even funny I fucking defended this shit for so long but at a point I was done with its bullshit and theyre currently at a very shitty tournament arc that has easily been the worst tournament in anime ive seen thus far and in 2 weeks there is an hour special and its gonna have movie type animation and all the dickriders are gonna forget all the horrible the arc has been thus far and will only remember the special and thats the worst part about this all. And not to mention the FUCKING DRAGON BALL YOUTUBERS HOLY FUCKING SHIT. They only make things that much worse first of all theyve only seen like 3animes and swear that DB is a fucking bible that God sent himself (dont know if your religious lol but want to make a point) and im not a "true anime fan" but ive seen my fair share already I get the point of this like I get it and DB is literally the most simplistic bullshit ive seen thus far.

That why I have that Grimmjow picture with his middle finger out talking about dissing series lol.

Lol nah man honestly during like 2 episodes I was spaced out so maybe if I rewatch certain scenes ill like it more. I actually heard about that and been wanting to watch it but right now judging by my watch pace I already know what anime im going to see and finish up until mid November after I might watch some shorter anime and finally rewatch Code Geass, Naruto, and Bleach. By the way when I rewatch Bleach I will be creating a blog and after every episode write an entry, overview, character emotion etc basically overly analyzing characters feels and vibes after every episode and pointing out foreshadowing moments(Kubo is a genius and very small details that are hard to catch on but makes for great Foreshadowing once you catch them) hopefully in the future some random guy wanting to watch Bleach will read my huge Bleach blog and get other more motivated to watch and even for those who already seen it they can appreciate the series from a different perspective. Actually talking about blogs how do you start one here on mal lol?

I want to read Real aswell wheelchair Basketball is like some genius shit.

It looks weird not something I would watch unless it was recommended but wtf 8.9 rating shit thats special. So its about music and pianos idk seems kind of weird haha it looks odd and not something I would watch but ill give it a chance. Apparently there is this Ballroom anime thats getting alot of praise but again shit looks weird and not for me and last year all the hype was on Yuri on Ice again not what I like and heard there was nothing but gay pedophile shit in it so even more reason to avoid it lol.

I see youre watching Hikaru No Go! I havent seen it but seems unique im hyped to watch it most likely ill see it by the end of the year how do you like it so far?
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