Kubo, Tite

Given name: 帯人
Family name: 久保
Alternate names: Noriaki Kubo, 久保 宣章
Birthday: Jun 26, 1977
Member Favorites: 6,681
He was born in Hiroshima, Japan. His real name is Noriaki Kubo (久保 宣章).

Twitter: @tite_official

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KingCrucible | 12 hours ago
@TruePirateTurd, keep up the good work, officer. A very retarded busy man you are I see.

TruePirateKing | Today, 9:47 AM
Bleach fans receiving the biggest L of all time 🤣🤣👎

Their clown manga got clowned

TruePirateKing | Today, 9:38 AM
Fitting brand for a fitting manga 🤣👎


Ichigo = Mickey Mouse
Orihime = Snow white
Rukia = Cinderella

Trash King (28) ,fucking deserve this 👎🤣

TruePirateKing | Today, 9:35 AM
Ichigo Kurosaki on his way to defeat Yhwach with his bankai

Anonychan | Yesterday, 1:09 PM
Based King (26) :^)

GODA007299 | Yesterday, 9:03 AM
trash king (27)

@TruePirateKing spitting facts bro

@-FALSE funny thing is I never cared about that . what really matters is to spit facts and preach lost people such as you that one piece is peak fiction and bleach is trash .

TruePirateKing | Yesterday, 6:34 AM
Trash King (26)

TruePirateKing | Yesterday, 6:33 AM
@-False you are one of those retard

Shit writer. Manga got cancelled bcz this guy was a lamen who can't write a damn thing. Later , jump kick his pathetic ass bcs they were aware this hack can't write a decent story. Got depressed, axed his own trash series.

Only lowest of the lowest human like his garbage series.

Everything said above is not my opinion but facts , you can check on internet.

-FALSE | Aug 10, 2:15 PM
Based King (25). The return of Bleach srikes fear and envy into the hearts of many. Fall 2022 is going to be absolute peak 👌

-FALSE | Aug 10, 2:13 PM
@KingCrucible Ah, that explains why he's so obsessed with Kubo. He wakes up every morning to the thought of that time when Kubo unsheathed his Zanpakuto on his mother and released his Bankai inside her.

@GODA007299 Look bro, just because a bunch of retards are spamming Oda's wall doesn't mean you take it out on Kubo lmao.

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