Komi, Naoshi

Komi, Naoshi

Given name: 直志
Family name: 古味
Birthday: Mar 28, 1986
Member Favorites: 418
Favourite manga:
- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
- Battle Angel Alita
- Death Note
- One Piece
- Yotsubato!
- Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
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Double Arts
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Koi no Kamisama
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Nisekoi: Urabana
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Ore Koi!!
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Akzhu7 | Sep 27, 7:45 PM
The face of a real monster.

NoBleachNoLife | Sep 4, 9:32 PM
Please, no romcoms or harem next time. Just make a battle or sports manga.

Gikiseima | Jul 22, 8:51 AM
predictable cliche af

burntphoenix | Jul 21, 3:02 AM
I've read and finished his works with the exception of Tokidoki, and I haven't finished Nisekoi and probably won't, because dear god it was disappointing. I gave it a chance because of how creative and interesting Double Arts was. When I got sick and tired of Nisekoi I thought Double Arts was a fluke, but after reading his other works I realized it was Nisekoi that was the odd one out. His other works were actually interesting, even though some had lackluster endings. My biggest issue with this is his interesting ideas got ignored while his semi-generic and uncreative Nisekoi became so popular that it's doubtful his future works will go back to what his works used to be.

I usually never agreed to people saying anime and manga are dead, but damn is it going downhill.

FireFistYamaan | Jun 11, 9:38 AM
I'm confused, I actually semi like his works but kinda don't like them. Double Arts is fantastic but Nisekoi was OK, it started of nicely and the premise seemed really fun but it didn't turn out that way.

His new One Shot Tokidoki is actually pretty decent

HockeyCabbage | May 18, 5:52 PM
*comment about how salty i am about double arts because i am*

Gnk | May 13, 5:37 PM
A patrician and true auteur bound to a company with a really shitty bussiness model.

HellHeven | Mar 27, 10:52 AM
Why must you make Kosaki be the one to bake the cake, you heartless brute.

Jety_Lefr | Mar 19, 7:38 PM
I really loved Double Arts.
Some of you may be wondering why it was cancelled.
I have no evidence, but I believe it was because it varied off of the straight-and-run Shonen manga of the time too far. It was more creative and unusual, and that probably got it cancelled.
The editors are always trying to make garbage out of anything interesting, and either Naoshi refused to bend and they canned it because he wasn't famous enough and wouldn't get away with it... or it was cancelled because it either didn't get enough popularity or Shonen Jump didn't think it COULD be popular if it wasn't the same old crap they predictably push out in every other shonen manga.

PhoenixAshe | Mar 1, 11:09 AM
Dear Naoshi Komi sensei, Please continue Double Arts.

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