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Both series are long running (lots of episodes) series that center around action and fighting. The main characters are very good and the stories are very profound. The powers of the different characters will surprise you every time you get to see a new one. The main characters power never seem repetative and you will always want to see the next episode right away due the high level of suspense throughout the series.
report Recommended by Darkbow
A lot of the time when one is explaining a popular shonen servers, one hears the word "generic" but when explaining these two anime, the word to use is "exciting". HxH and Naruto are about young boys who start their journey to complete a goal of becoming something: Naruto wants to be Hokage and Gon wants to become a great Hunter. Both anime have many different characters which are unique and memorable. Both have many arcs that tie into a meta narrative. If you are looking for a fun action/adventure anime, then these two are a good choice.
report Recommended by TurtleHermit
both animes take place in alternative worlds filled with adventure and thrill. hunter x hunter (2011 version) is a great anime however if you like naruto only for their battles you may want to reconsider because hunter x hunter tend to focus more on the adventurous and thrill aspect of the story instead of the action of the battles (there is a great deal of fighting in it don't get me wrong! just not as much as naruto)
report Recommended by shahrobp
I'm not very good with words, but the Chunin Exams were very similar to the Hunter Exam. Also, Gon acts similar to Naruto, and if Kurapika and Killua were one person they would be a lot like Sasuke. They have their differences, but Naruto may have been inspired by Hunter x Hunter in ways.
report Recommended by Ayane
Both shows are action,shounen series. Naruto at the beginning(19 episode) starts with the chunnin exam whereas hunter x hunter has the Hunter exam. The fighting system of both anime are similar, naruto is based on chakra and hunter x hunter is based on "Nen" which is aura. One of the protagonists in naruto(sasuke) has similar story to one of the hunter x hunter (kurapica). I don't want to imply anything but the manga of hunter x hunter came in 1999 so make your own assumptions.
report Recommended by vedatsvet
This is another fun shonen with likable characters and a good story. However, the filler may be a problem for some and Naruto's voice can get annoying in the dub.
report Recommended by FlyingEevee1092
They've got a similar feeling to them, especially if you're comparing Pre-Shippuden Naruto to Hunter X Hunter. Both are good series about a young boy growing into a bad ass and it's clear that a lot of different parts of Naruto were inspired by HxH.
report Recommended by notchoco
Both are about young boys who have dreams of becoming great, Gon (Hunter) and Naruto (Hokage). Both also have epic fight scenes and are considered shounen.
report Recommended by ANIMEFTB
Both of these anime have similar story arc progression with a lasting quality that makes you involved with the characters. Each anime has it's own originality that I enjoyed since I didn't know what to expect next. Both of these are funny and left me smiling on more than one occasion although there are punctuations of very serious character and plot development that made me want more. Over all very good shows and you shouldn't hesitate to watch them for a full length experience.
report Recommended by dankhomegrown
-Exams -Young boy on a journey -Shounen -Red eyes -Revenge -Themes very similar -Dense and happy main character -Main character/ no parents (well...with him...) -Tournaments -Main character both have spikey hair?! XD
report Recommended by Reiusa
Both are based on manga that were created around the same period and published by Shounen Jump. Both have a main protagonist who has no parents and never surrenders. They follow the main protagonist as he makes several friends, from which, one who comes from a notorious family and one who seeks vengeance for the murder of his clan. The first part of the anime follow these protagonist as they take a certain exam (Chuunin exams / Hunter exams). They also have similar villains: a shady criminal organization, and a pale man who takes an interest in the main characters and switches factions often.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both series starts off with a early exam in Hunter x Hunter's case it's Hunter exam and in Naruto's case it's chunin exam. Both are anime's with much fight's but there's also a huge difference between the fighting styles Hunter x Hunter's fights focuses more on tactics than Naruto's fights which is usually just a normal fight. Both are long running action shounen. Both episodes have over 100 episodes. If you have not watched either of these series then you should start with Hunter x Hunter because in my opinion Hunter x Hunter is a much better anime.
report Recommended by StealthActivated
Both anime's share a similar main character and an alike storyline of the main protagonist seeking out power in order to become stronger
report Recommended by All--Monsters
-Both MCs have a goal in which they have to take some sort of test (Hunter Exam/Chunin Exam) -Both have diverse types of characters -Both have excellent fighting/action scenes -Both have an organized crime group (Phantom Troupe/Akatsuki) -Both are shounen If you like shounen with cool action scenes, you'll like both.
report Recommended by -Heika
-Both feature young children as the main characters -Both have a tryhard protagonist -Both have virtually limitless 'power' possibilities (Nen and Ninjutsu) that fall into 5 or 6 classes -Both have lots of character development
report Recommended by thelectricow
Gon and Naruto are both very happy characters, believing in their friends and such, and their best friend is the darker type. Both story-lines can become quite serious and emotional, and the chakra part is similar too. If you like an optimistic main character both are perfect (as is One Piece).
report Recommended by Eline_1997
Two long-running shonen series with incredibly uplifting, irreverent protagonists, a big broad world where you have to pass an exam to be recognized as a worthy practitioner of martial arts, and anime magic in the form of chakra/Nen.
report Recommended by Treima
Hunter x Hunter is definitely an anime that every beginner should watch, very good for those looking for an anime with many episodes, unlike most anime that has 12 to 26 episodes. It is one of the best if not the best work ever done, just like the classic Naruto, but unfortunately his sequence, Naruto Shippuden, in my opinion, is a really crap. Hunter vs. Hunter has a perfect storyline with the best fights I've ever seen in life, being a dominantly shonen anime with action.
report Recommended by RIxKhaeli
Very similar type of series. Follows a very similar story structure and gives off the same type vibes and feel. Naruto is heavily inspired by Hunter X Hunter and the authors of the two are close ad admire each other.
report Recommended by AnjuRatty
In the two animes there is an exam with many fights Good fights and epic scenes Killua is like Sasuke but more nice In both there is a good story
report Recommended by BYXxTOMASxX
Masashi Kishimoto openly admits he was heavily influenced by Hunter x Hunter in creating Naruto Both anime have characters with abilities (Nen/Chakra) . Both main characters want to become very strong and have a goal they are trying to reach Both anime have humor, lots of action, concentrated on friendship and scenes that touch people emotionally
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Basically Naruto is based on this anime, so they have some similarities, and both are great to watch
report Recommended by iNVE14
The main characters are kids. They want to become stronger and has a specific goals to attain. They have powers to yet be discovered to learn and master.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
Who likes shounen animes will love both. Hunter X hunter and Naruto are long stories about children and teenagers trying to improve their powers to became true heroes in their worlds. The friendship is the main theme of these stories.
report Recommended by Tinapontes
The protagonists of this anime are really similar, and their goals have some similarities as well. They are of the genre shounen, and employ quite the classic "protagonism". The two animes are very extensive, containing more than 100 episodes.
report Recommended by Lu4n4264
Fans of Naruto will LOVE hunter x hunter. For one, the author of naruto was inspired by hunter x hunter and you can see many similarities as you watch the series, for example the chuunin exams closely resemble the hunter examination from hxh, akatsuki is loosely based from the phantom troupe and so on. A must watch.
report Recommended by Burnsyde