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Both of them are amazing adventure series with endlessly imaginative settings. Both of them have young and naive main characters that undergo a lot of development and go through a lot of hardships on their adventure, learning things the hard way. Both of them explore the idea of downwards vertical exploration, in Made in Abyss's case, it is the main driving force behind the story and with Hunter x Hunter it is part of one of the challenges from the first part of the series. Both of them have complex themes and dark aspects to them. Both of them aren't afraid to show how cruel the world can be. Both   read more
report Recommended by alpha_shadow
Adventure! The search for the unknown! Made in Abyss is quite similar to Hunter x Hunter given the fact that in both the animes, the main character goes out for adventure with his/her friends. The main character of Made in Abyss, Riko, goes into the abyss in search for her mother, whearas Gon. the main lead of HxH, adventures the vast Hunter world in search for his father.
report Recommended by xadon
Both anime start with the motivation of the protagonist wanting to find his/her parent, who are considered legendary at what they do. These series start in a somewhat light tone but get progressively darker as time passes. Their settings allow for very interesting worldbuilding that makes the viewer want to know more about the world of the characters, giving a fantastic adventure feeling.
report Recommended by MetaThPr4h
Both have a great narrator. Both are very creative when it comes to creatures and scenery. (Made in Abyss a little more) Both have a duo with interesting chemistry. Both have great story. Both have good fights (Hunter fights are better so far though)
report Recommended by meganekuuuuuun
-Both of them tell us about a child who wants to meet his/her parents. -The main character has an extraordinary curiosity about his/her world. -The main character has a very loyal friend who accompanies his/her adventure. -The job, either Hunter or Cave Raiders, have the same essence -Set in a world of unknown truth. -Has many mysteries that spur our curiosity. -Although both are played by a child, but the story is very worth.
report Recommended by royzaa7
- Each MC core aspiration is a parent figure that they have never seen before but heard a lot of great things about and use that to improve themselves and conquer all obstacles to one day meet that parent figure - The main characters parent is considered a legend - Both setting are based in a fantasy world where society is run by one thing (like hunters and cave raiders) - Each have dark physiological elements and vibes occasionally throughout both anime - Both M.C are always going aganist what people tell them and doing things that they want to do out of shear curiosity with a   read more
report Recommended by Konatose
ok... the first time i look from made in abyss that similar to HXH is : 1. they both anime have 2 person that close.. to each other and to protect each other... 2. both have parent are having adventure to somewhere and wanted their children to catch them.. their parent well... are quite similar... 3. the character in made in abyss like hunter x hunter... they are like rough diamond that need to be polish... and have unique ability that complete each other..
report Recommended by I-TECi
Two adventure anime following the paths of two kids as they explore an uncharted world in search for their mysterious parents. The universes are very different but in a way, the main characters and their circumstances are somewhat similar. Gon and Riko share this incredible positivity, determination, and the will to face adversity in order to find the truth about their parents, while Killua and Regu protect them like caring big brothers, build unbreakable bonds of friendship along the way, and overcome their limitations working as a team. The main difference consists in Hunter x Hunter (2011) being a more action and strategic fights oriented anime with   read more
report Recommended by INU4SH4
Both have many things in common. A light-hearted adventure protagonized by 12-year-olds (even two characters, Reg and Killua, share voice actress), with dark tones and a bit of gore. The main characters explore different places and become, respectively, Cave Raiders and Hunters in order to meet with a familiar (Riko’s mother and Gon’s father). They’re also accompanied by other characters who have different objectives. Oh, and the antagonists are so likable, too. If you liked one of them, the other one is highly recommended
report Recommended by ShinkafeMagna
The two protagonists of both series (Gon - HxH / Riko - Mia) are looking for their parents with the help of their friends (Killua - HxH / Reg - Mia). Childish at first, but suddenly it starts to get dark.
report Recommended by Honnan
A child looking for his parent in a world that looks innocent, but it can be very atmospheric and cruel. Both have an excellent adventure vibe.
report Recommended by Afortunado
Started as a happy go themed then it turns into a dark story. The blood is also present. The story has some interesting elements. Pretty a good watch.
report Recommended by Half-MagePrince
>Gon is searching for his father, Riko is searching for his mother, the plot centers around it. Also, Lyza (Riko's mother) and Ging (Gon's Father) have very similar personalities. >At first, both looks childish, but suddenly becomes dark, cruel and "creepy". >Perfect pacing and worldbuilding. In both anime, the "universe" is a complete mystery to be discovered. >Good characterization for both protagonists, they become more "human" as the series progresses. >The way that the "system" of Hunters and Cavers works it's a little similar. The only significant difference, is that HxH has a thematic more focused on shounen elements, "super powers", "frenetic/intelligente battles" and "a plot that is separated   read more
report Recommended by kuyorin-
- Both have a great feel for adventure - Both have MCs who are generally positive and carefree - MCs of both anime have a parent who they look up to and try to find - Both are not afraid to go into very dark and disturbing territory - Both have an iconic duo who share their hardships
report Recommended by GreatestSaltboy
Deceptively innocent in the beginning Follows 12 y/o protagonists Excellent Fantasy/adventure series Good world-building
report Recommended by Space_Jesus
Very similar setting and plot development. At first, both looks an average cliche anime, but suddenly becomes dense and dark with some "psychological" elements. A journey into the unknown is not only nakamas and happiness, you will find cruelty and adversities too. Both protagonist have the exact same motivation to get on a journey.
report Recommended by Azm-Dragonar
hunter x hunter and made in abyss are the only animes that have given me this certain feeling of adventre and the wonder what will happen next. I keep wanting to find more info about both worlds. Made in abyss has amazing visuals and some good atmosphere. The charrecters seem alive and are all intresting in the same way as hunter x hunter. but yeah my mindless ranting about how good the anime is does not give it justice go watch it. hunter x hunter is one of my all time faivourites and i don't use that word lightly. made in abyss is   read more
report Recommended by anondesme
Looks childish, but it takes you by surprise... Both MC are childs trying to find their parents; Gon and Killua (HxH) relationship are very similar to Riko and Reg (MiA), the "Hunters" and the "Cavers" use some similar concepts. Both HxH and MiAbyss are adventure anime that presents an interesting worldbuilding, interesting characters combined with a realistic setting; no "friendship power", there's no protagonist trying to be the best, no super villains trying to destroy the world etc.
report Recommended by Jin
both anime are starting in a light hearted way but then develop an amazing dark plot and the story progresses from a light hearted kids anime to a dark shonen anime.
report Recommended by Proen130
Want some adventurous anime? Well, than Hunter x Hunter (2011) and Made in Abyss are for you. And both happen to be pretty similar as well. First of all, the plot of both are very similar. Gon wants to find his father, and Riko wants to find her mother. Gon and Riko happen to share the same personality as well. There’s more similarities that just that, but those are the more obvious ones. However, there are things different between the two. Hunter x Hunter (2011) has a lot more action, while Made in Abyss has a lot more world-building. Regardless of the differences, I think fans of   read more
report Recommended by SebCyrSC2000
Both series follow two young children on their quest into the wider world and becoming a part of their desired profession, for Gon and Killua it's becoming a hunter, learning Nen and finding Gon's father, and for Riko and Reg it's descending into the abyss, finding Rikos mother and learning the origins of Reg. Both series also have a very similar visual and auditorial presentation, with upbeat and forest/tribal inspired music, as well as a lot of natural landscapes and bizarre and imaginative animals. Finally, the two main characters are also fairly similar too, Riko could be likened to the upbeat and optimistic Gon, both of which   read more
report Recommended by Laniakea-
Both have kid protagonists driven to find their parents, and this sets them on an adventure with amazing world building. They also both have dark twists and turns
report Recommended by sushipenn23
The sense of adventure and wonder and sense of the unkown is shared with HXH
report Recommended by kingkamal420
made in abyss reminds me of hunter x hunter. main character goes on an adventure with the side characters.
report Recommended by grahh69999
- Both of them are Adventure-Fantasy series. - In HxH, Gon goes on an adventure in search of his father and also wants to fulfill his dreams of becoming a hunter. - Similarly, In Made in Abyss, Riko searches for her mother and wants to go to the depths of the abyss. - HxH has more action compared to Made in Abyss, which is more of an Adventure-Mystery series.
report Recommended by -Don-
Both have absolutely great writing Both main characters go on a journey to find their parents Both have complex villains Both are very enjoyable to watch
report Recommended by filthyfrank8142
Great adventure anime with amazing OSTs and amazing characters with a lot of different arcs that split the story in a variety of situations. Indeed there are dark arcs, backstory arcs, lively and happy arcs...Together they build up the plot of Hunter x Hunter and made in abyss too
report Recommended by ChronoDux
Quality action adventure anime with child protaganists. Both have their dark moments.
report Recommended by ThiccDedede
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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