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There's so many similarities between these two series! - Both series are very adventurous as each world or floor presents challenges the MCs have to overcome. - Both MC at the start of the series have a similar mission: to find someone important to them. And for that, they are willing to take grand risks. - Interesting world building - Great character relationships If you enjoyed HxH and are looking for similar vibe, Kami no Tou (Tower of God) is a great option.
report Recommended by Lylaaz
I couldn't help but think about Hunter x Hunter when I was watching Tower of God. Both MCs start off their journey trying to find somebody that is important to them, and it involves tower climbing with different levels in each, tests and enemies to fight. MC also doesn't seem very strong at first, but he uses his head in the best way he can to try to solve some problems and find people to help him in his task.
report Recommended by MaahHeim
These shows both portray vast unknown worlds yet to be explored with a great deal of mystery around their worlds and it's origin/contents. Both have deep & engaging power/ability dynamics (nen & shinsu) and both have amazing lovable characters with impeccable character design. Both also have great OSTs and art styles.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
There are many similarities between Tower of God and specifically the Hunter Exam arc of HxH: - MC is seemingly innocent, pure-hearted and cheerful - MC meets a few friends while trying to complete the challenges of the tower/ exam and they have to cooperate in order to complete them - the floors in ToG and the exams in HxH require quick-thinking, seeing through traps and fighting others smartly. Only a few among the examiners manage to pass on to the next stage - Gon's quest is to find his dad while Bam's is to find Rachel Bonus: in ToG the idea of the challengers having to go up so   read more
report Recommended by Danae
Honestly there's no anime that is as similar to Hunter x Hunter as Kami no Tou is, no anime has ever filled my HxH void as this did. Not only is it incredible on its own but there are so many similarities it would not surprise if the WebToon took heavy inspiration from HxH. It has: - Its own Nen and Nen users - Its own Hunters exam and Hunters - Its got its own rag tag group of MC's with a light hearted and friendship loving MC - And of course it's got its own bad ass assassin and dimwitted brute force side MC Its got   read more
report Recommended by Cpt_Mackey
Hunter X Hunter is probably the most obvious recommendation if you liked Tower of God and vice versa, mainly because of how similar the Hunter exam and the Tower challenges are. Furthermore, the relationship dynamics between Khun/Bam and Gon/Killua are quite similar.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Tower of God is like the first arc Hunter x Hunter but longer and 10x better. Note: HxH is still the better show as a whole.
report Recommended by FinnMont
-In both, almost every main character is goal driven in some way -In both, there is a duo of main characters with a similar relationship, where the deuteragonist is much more mature and experienced than the protagonist, but becomes interested in them regardless. This isn't the end of the similarities between Killua and Khun, but you get the point. -The first arc of Hunter x Hunter bears striking resemblance to the concept of Kami no Tou; both involving various methods of tests which evaluate characteristics in a large range between physical prowess and intellect -Both have a similar setting, being a fantasy world with aspects of modern society   read more
report Recommended by thelectricow
Tower of God is a lot like the Hunter Exam arc of Hunter x Hunter. Both main characters are taking an exam with the goal of finding someone important to them, and both are seen as underdogs who have to use more than pure strength to get by. Other than Bam and Gon being alike, Khun resembles a mixture of Killua and Kurapika, and Rak is a bit like Leorio. If you loved Hunter x Hunter like I did, you should definitely check out Tower of God
report Recommended by asstrobunnies
similar in levels and tired competition system that leads to a great reward
report Recommended by Cole-Boerkamp
impossible not to get HxH vibes while watching/reading tower of god -Gon and Bam have a similar personality and goals -Both shows start with the characters going thru various tests and finding a team and friends to proceed in the tests -HxH Nen power and ToG Shinsoo are also similar
report Recommended by RafaKiyoura
They start of with the exact same formula: Boy who knows little befriends boy who knows slightly more, and they must go on fighting through these tournaments. And through it all there's this lingering feeling that something overarching has yet to be revealed.
report Recommended by axelf4
The first thing I had found that I loved as much as HxH way back was Made in Abyss, but this one is quite literally the hunter's arc from HxH and it's actually pretty good. I enjoyed it quite a bit and honestly the manwha has some crazy content so they actually have something pretty epic on their hands if they do it right. This is as close as I've found to HxH though not a 10 like HxH. This is my first recommendation ever so that should say something.
report Recommended by Beastleeone
this anime is very similar to Hunter X Hunter in which of the Hunter Exam, the anime is talking about a guy named Bum wanted to find a girl named Rachel, She abandoned him to climb the tower to see the stars as she says, in the start of the anime they started with the first test, was about 400 "Regulars " had to fight each other to reduce their number to 200 to pass this test, and every exam their number reduced same as HXH, and one one the characters named Rak said one of the most memorable words in HXH "First Comes Rock"   read more
report Recommended by Titoot
Both have main characters who have friends that give there all to get stronger Both have characters who try there hardest to protect there friends Both have main characters who start off being very innocent and naive Both have main characters who are trying to find someone Both have unique powers that are separated by type Both have great background soundtracks
report Recommended by Some-AnimeLover
- Both Baam and Gon search for someone important to them - The Plot is very alike but not the same - There are many characters with the same vibe (Killua and Khun) If you liked HxH you should at least try to watch Kami no Tou. You're gonna get the same vibe.
report Recommended by AceTrixter
From the first season how the world is presented and explored has a very similar feel to the first 2 arcs of Hunter x Hunter. The tests in Tower of God are quite similar to the hunter exam. But both are also very different in many ways as well.
report Recommended by Storm_Mortal
The first arc is very similar to Tower Of God's premise
report Recommended by AniSkitz
The test system is relatively similar, when I watched HxH, it struck me how much Tower of God S1 resembled it in that aspect. The nen system in HxH is similar to the shinsu system in Tower of God. Both are used for various functions in combat
report Recommended by yuzuruhanyuu
The premise of the Tower of God is very reminiscent of Hunter x Hunter's Hunter Exam arc, and both have really great worldbuilding. In addition to these things, many of the characters are very similar to each other. For example, both Gon and Bam are cheerful protagonists facing their challenges in the hopes of finding someone important to them, and Killua and Khun both come from prominent families that they are looking to be free from. The supportive dynamic between Khun and Bam is similar to the dynamic between Gon and Killua. The two series also use similar concepts at some points, some examples being   read more
report Recommended by Sarveon
Tower of God shares a lot in common with the first two parts of Hunter x Hunter (2011). If you liked Hunter x Hunter (2011), you will probably like Tower of God too and vice-versa.
report Recommended by blondedzero
Both are all about adventure. They made friends along the journey and battle in challenges given to them. Along the journey, the protagonists got more stronger and made some character development. Although Hunter x Hunter had already ended, Kami no Tou has not and the anime adaptation only covered Season 1 of the series.
report Recommended by KONO_R_DA
These shows have a similar premise, going to find someone who abandoned at a young age. They both have amazing fight scenes, good character development, and are packed with mysteries. Hunter x Hunter's Gon and Tower of God's Baam both start as weak, but determined, and watching them both grow and gain power is always really exciting to watch. Both plots are ridiculously well thought out and have immense depth to them.
report Recommended by cahndy
In my opinion, the manhwa for Tower of God is like a better version of Hunter x Hunter. Replace every character with their counterpart from the other show ( Gon = Bam, Killua+Kurapika = Khun, Leorio = Rak, Ging = Rachel ) and the stories match. I always preferred the TOG manhwa's slightly more seinen approach on things, and though the anime doesn't do it justice ( except for its music, Kevin Penkin you rule ), I think you might still get some enjoyment out of it.
report Recommended by Animer05
Think of the Heavens Arena arc, but if it was a whole anime. The main character Baam and his closest friend Khun will resemble Gon and Killuas relationship. Anyways solid 8.5/10 in my opinion.
report Recommended by ayra_15
Tower of god is really similar to HxH, but it still has it's own story, characters and charm
report Recommended by phenyaowo
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