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Just Because!
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Ando Sep 2, 4:04 PM
Yeah, I feel ya. So many other things to do so little time! Haha.

There are about 4 couples in each 12-min episode. It's a bit random, but each couple gets its fair share of time.
The second clip is from episode 7. They're also in episodes 1, 2, and 4 :)
Ando Aug 31, 3:51 PM
Besides Made in Abyss though, if you like happy romances, Tsurezure Children has been super cute and hilarious at the same time :)

Here's the clip that got me to watch it:
Here's a clip of my favorite trio of the show:

And you haven't even seen the Love Master yet. He's so great πŸ˜‚
Probably my 2nd favorite character behind Minagawa :)
Ando Aug 31, 10:54 AM
Yeah, the art is made to look childish on purpose, but it isn't. I can't say much about the story because it's a mystery, but that and how adventurous the show is is what hooked me. The abyss is really cool with how it works, the monsters in it, and its terrains.
Ando Aug 30, 7:36 PM
I finished the episode, and it seems like this next arc will be interesting. But I've been reading discussion threads and it seems like the anime has replaced the development of Ichinose and Karuizawa with Horikita instead. They literally just put Horikita in those girls' positions in episodes 6 and 7. The studio, Lerche, also changed a few other things around, and due to this, the Japanese are boycotting the anime sales. It's projected to sell low, so there isn't much hope for another season. I'll probably watch the rest since there are only 4 episodes left, but it's a shame that such a good LN was adapted so poorly :/
Ando Aug 30, 6:09 PM
BeY has been great :) I really love the OST for that show so far, and Mako is such a cute πŸ˜‹

Speaking of OSTs, I think that's one of the reasons why Made in Abyss has been so well-received this season. The music composer for that show is a young Australian award-winning composer that has mostly worked on video games; he has even collaborated with Nobuo Uematsu from Final Fantasy :O I'm hoping to see him in more anime from now on :)

I don't really hate any of the characters in Classroom of the Elite, but I also don't love any of the characters. And the story hasn't helped too much either, as I haven't been too interested in what has happened so far. They did show a bit of the main character's past, but then the next episode was a pool episode where they tried to peek into the girls' changing room πŸ˜“ I'm about to watch the next episode though, so we'll see how the rest of the series turns out~
PizzaOnPineapple Aug 3, 3:07 PM
The characters in Elite Classroom and Oregairu are similar when you summarize them in like one sentence, sure, but the characters in OreGairu are far far more developed/were far more developed and likable after 4 episodes than those in Elite Classroom. In this case I think comparing the characters of the show to the characters of Oregairu should be used to criticize the show, not to praise it.
I still wonder what people see in this show, but this might just be the Akashic Records of the season: floating at a high score for no reason and then drop hard, though Elite Classroom definitely is not as bad as that show.
Ando Jul 26, 10:26 PM
Most of their conversations happen during her arc from episodes 3-5, but they do talk a bit at the start of episodes 6 and 13.

I don't really think their conversations are anything special. I just like both characters and enjoy their interactions 😊 And her always "stuttering" his name and then saying "kamimashita" is cute :3

Oh yeah, I'm actually in the middle of reading Kizumonogatari, the prequel novel, right now, so I haven't been able to watch anything else with Hachikuji besides what was in Bakemonogatari.
Ando Jul 25, 2:19 AM
I've seen Bakugou win the character popularity polls a few times, but I just figured it might've just been differing tastes between Japan and the west. I'm glad there's a reason for it. Really looking forward to seeing how his character develops :)

I'll probably watch the Chinese esports anime one day. I first have to get through all the anime I've started, but never finished 😡

I've heard that Japanese pronunciations were also the same as Spanish pronunciations. I feel like English just makes everything so complicated :P
I just watched some videos on the game series. It looks like an old school game :D It seems pretty fun too. I'll check it out if I ever decide to learn again :)

It's okay if you don't enjoy Bakemonogatari too much. It definitely isn't for everyone, and I agree that guys would be more likely to enjoy it.
I like that song too. Thanks for showing it to me! I love Araragi's conversations with Hachikuji; one of my favorites between the whole cast 😊

Shirobako's ending is probably one of the most satisfying endings I've watched. I loved it 😊 I hope it gets a sequel one day. The characters were great.

I actually just downloaded the OST for The Anthem of the Heart. It really reminds me of all the things I really enjoyed from the movie.
I went into the movie blind, so I expected Jun's character to be closer to what she was like as a kid. I was so angry at the dad when he traumatized her by saying it was all her fault for being a chatterbox. She completely changed after that D: But I'm glad she was able to mostly recover by the end of the film. I really like her name, Jun Naruse, her voice, and her character design. She was a cute character.
Ando Jul 21, 2:30 AM
HeroAca's festival arc was so good! Todoroki's become one of my favorite characters after the tournament arc. The series just gets better and better as it goes on :)

SnK's newest season was great also. I'm so happy that S3 was announced for Spring 2018 instead of having to wait another few years. You're actually in the middle of one of the best parts of the manga :O Can't wait to see it animated next season :D

I've heard the voice acting in the Chinese anime is very subpar, and that even if you don't understand Chinese, you can notice how monotone everyone is 😣
But it is about esports, which is something I really love, so I'll probably check it out one day. What are your opinions on it so far?

I've actually never heard of Dennou Coil, but I feel like I might've been more interested in it 10 years ago when it came out. Augmented reality has become more and more of a thing in recent years. Although I'm sure the anime has a few different ideas of augmented reality besides what it tells you in the synopsis.

One of my friends also recommended me to watch Classroom of the Elite. I might check it out soon!

That sounds like a fun way to learn katakana. Reminds me of when I played educational computer games as a kid :)
I did take Japanese I, but I kinda forgot most of it now πŸ˜… What really stuck with me though, is that I still can pronounce Japanese syllables right, and it's so much more simple than English!

As for what I've been watching and reading.. I restarted and finished Bakemonogatari after dropping it 3 years ago and the series has been sooo enjoyable for me. I feel like it's going to become one of my favorite series by the time I catch up 😊 I'll probably start reading it's prequel novel later today. I've been thinking about it a lot lately haha.

I'm finally about to be finished with Shirobako. First half took me a while to get through, but I kinda marathoned the second half. It's gotten so much better, but I feel as though it's also because the characters have really grown on me throughout the 22 episodes I've watched. I'm gonna go finish the last 2 episodes as soon as I send this comment πŸ˜‹

I also finally got around to watching the film, Anthem of the Heart. It's a film with the Anohana team behind it. I ended up giving it a 7.5. I'm a bit afraid my tastes might have moved away from loving Mari Okada's dramatic romance works, but I guess this is only one anime and I'll see once I watch more of her works.

As for airing anime this season, I've been watching Kakegurui, Made in Abyss, Fate/Apocrypha (recommend if you're a fan of the Fate franchise), and Ballroom e Yokosou. Ballroom has been pretty great throughout 2 episodes, and I'm loving it so far. And the main heroine is so pretty 😊 It's animated by Production I.G who did Haikyuu, Kuroko, and Diamond no Ace, so they are pretty good with sports anime. And its music composer is Yuuki Hayashi, who is my favorite composer. He also worked on the music for Haikyuu!

Looks like I might've gotten a little carried away with how long this comment is, but thanks for reading it all! :D
Ando Jul 13, 2:29 AM
Watch or read anything good lately? 😊
Ando Jul 10, 6:25 AM
I think the anime says the X's on everyone's faces are for the people he doesn't listen to or look at. Pretty much the people he blocks out of his life. I really like the short scene where he's walking down the hall and slowly covers his ears and closes his eyes from all the people around him.

I don't really remember how the manga ended either, but I remember I was left with more of a "That's it?" kind of feeling. Like there should've been more ><
Ando Jul 4, 5:01 AM
I finally got around to watching Koe no Katachi 😊

I felt like Ueno was given just as much time in the story in both, but maybe I'm just forgetful haha. Either way, I still really dislike both her and Kawai πŸ˜–
Yeah, they did cut out some of the grade school bullying details, which was a bit unfortunate. I think an extra 10 minutes of it would've been good, but it's understandable if they had time or budget constraints.
Just about everyone, the teacher, the kids who ignored, and the kids who bullied were guilty. Kids will be kids though, I guess. That's what growing up is for. But that teacher had no excuses 😠

Anyways, here's my discussion post with my full thoughts on the movie :D
sunako199 Jun 30, 6:45 PM
mikasa is bae xD
Ando May 3, 12:24 AM
Good news! The UK is having a digital release of A Silent Voice on May 22nd with English subs. Can't wait to watch it :)