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JayTerra Jun 27, 12:09 AM
Well, because I think it is much better than Cross Game, that's about it.
JayTerra May 26, 8:30 PM
you need to watch "Touch". ;p
xShinigami3125 May 21, 8:35 AM
Yea I am a bit of an addict also np this ll hopefully be mutually beneficial.
Ando Apr 30, 4:31 PM
Hey! I've been alright. How about yourself? :)
I've only been watching sequels and Persona 5, but it's been great! I'm also thinking about picking up Megalo Box, but we'll see!

You really love rewatching stuff! Haha. The 4th episode was awesome! Studio Bones is doing such an amazing job with the show. I've been watching it along with my little brother, so I haven't written in the discussion boards or anything for that episode... I gotta get to that! And nope, I haven't read the manga, so this season should be fun to watch :)

Yeah, 3-gatsu no Lion is at the top of my priorities. It totally looks like something I would love. The problem I've had though, is that I have so many shows I haven't finished yet. I haven't touched my PTW list in forever because of it :/
I've been thinking about it on and off recently, but watching anime for me hasn't nearly been enjoyable as it used to be. So I've decided that I'm just going to start dropping anime when it feels like I'm only watching it only to get to other anime, or something like that haha. There are too many anime out there that I can fall in love with for me to drag through others before I can get to them.
I've heard so many good things about 3-gatsu no Lion, and you recommending it to me pushed me over the fence about this so thank you! Hopefully now I can get to it sooner than later :D
Ezz-sama Apr 8, 10:51 AM
Well , those are the best of the best

For Armin fans

For Levi fans :


Ezz-sama Apr 5, 2:12 PM
OMG , this was really good ,this part which you mentioned was really amazing I hope you will complete it one day
Those Lyrics helped a lot lol

I watched it since long time ago indeed , I even downloaded it on my labtop lol , I actually watched most of SNK amvs on youtube LOL
Ezz-sama Mar 29, 11:59 AM
Don't get upset by the lack of feed back , you really have done great work , Just keep moving forward , Actually "Don't give up on us now" is great amv , as I'm Eren fan I watched it many times and I wish that it was longer and covers more chapters from manga

You are exactly right , AMV's in the youtube have millions of views and with just some random clips together and a song
You can check those 2 , they are from my favorites

「AMV」ᴴᴰ - Attack on Titan - Cruel World (Piano version)

Shingeki No Kyojin - Pieces of You [AMV]

and if you know other great amvs , pls mention them
I wish you make more videos in the future

LOL yeah ...10 chapters behind is a cruel crime XD

Just read it now and don't wait for S3 , The manga is on fire

KuuhakuDesu Mar 25, 5:06 PM
Hi there, thanks for the friend request, (and the compliments haha)
Don't worry about the sudden request, I don't mind. But thanks for explaining stuff.

Welcome aboard!

Ezz-sama Mar 24, 5:21 PM
Hi , Great amv ... sarcasm at its finest LOL
I watched those two also and I really like them
Eren Jeager - Dont give up on us now! [Attack on Titan]
I hope you would make MMV in the future XD

I see you like SNK
why did you stopped reading it ? this arc is really amazing , You have missed so much
Shonen-trash Mar 20, 6:47 AM
We both love Naruto: Shippuden, New Prince of Tennis and Slam Dunk which Means were gonna be great friends.
Mapplesauce Jan 28, 12:29 AM
I started reading ReLIFE when around 120 chapters were released. I didn't wait a week per chapter during the Kairu arc for example, and yet I still believed the manga was badly paced. The chapter count can easily be cut down. There are often chapters repeating the same exact thing, in the same exact perspective, with nothing meaningful to add other than cute drawings of the characters. I brought up Onanie in my review because it managed to solve many of its central issues in a more meaningful way in less than 20 chapters, whereas ReLIFE takes over 50 chapters per issue (and barely resolves the issue at that).

The plot does not make sense, and I don't believe claiming I was "half-drunk" is a valid rebuttal. I completely understand the purpose of the ReLIFE experiment. The point is clearly to help the test subject grow as a person by putting them back in adolescence- among the biggest periods of growth for anyone. I understand that. The plot still doesn't make sense and is absurd beyond belief. For example, the actual experiment makes no sense. The experiment ensures that any record of the test subject is erased from everyone's memory. What about written records, actual events caused by the subject, and pictures? Theoretically (if Ryou allowed him to), Arata could completely fuck up peoples lives and no one would even remember who did it after the experiment ends. I wouldn't be surprised if Kairu had a diary and wrote about Arata. How would her diary be affected? In addition, why is this experiment even helpful for society? The test subject has his rent paid, is given an ample allowance, and is even given a job after the experiment ends. It's been made clear that the amount of government funding and time necessary for such an experiment for a single individual heavily outweighs the potential labor force/production possibilities made by that individual. There's pretty much no benefit to the experiment in the government's eyes. These are just two examples from the top of my head- there's clearly way more things wrong with the ReLIFE experiment excluding the obvious scientific impossibilities, which is what I meant by the "plot makes no sense".

Of course, ReLIFE isn't striving to be realistic in that aspect, and I understand that. But the manga takes itself so seriously that it becomes a problem for me. Again and again, I'm expected to suspend my disbelief to make the setting make sense (for example, more recently, they've introduced the "virus" concept) when they should have established these parameters at the beginning of the manga. As I mentioned, this would be fine if this were a gag manga, but ReLIFE takes itself extremely seriously. How can I take it this seriously when nothing makes sense?

"It just makes me sad you suggest people not to even give it a try, rating it so low, before the story has even finished and before you actually make sense of the story :D"

This part of your comment was the silliest to me. I read over 200 chapters of the damn thing, and the manga is ending in March. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed to give my current opinion on it, given that the review was clearly for an on-going manga. The story isn't Finnegan's Wake or something, it's incredibly simple to understand actually. It's not that I don't understand it, it's just not written well and I can't recommend someone to spend hours upon hours reading it, which is why I gave better recommendations.

Rereading my review, I may have forgotten to include many details I included in this post, so I'll definitely include them. Thank you for your feedback.
heyychibiannie Jan 20, 11:25 AM
Thank you for accepting!! :D
Ando Jan 2, 1:27 PM
Thanks! I probably will post on YT at some point. I have a lot to learn!

Happy new year to you too! Hope you're having a great holiday season :)
Ando Dec 25, 2017 6:49 PM
Ahh, you mean Mondays are the days that people have work and school, so they're not available to do things. Maybe it's because I've only had jobs in the food industry and Fridays-Sundays are considered the busiest days, while since everyone usually works or has school on Mondays, it's usually the slowest days :P

I'm working in the deli where they serve unhealthy food to hungry shoppers haha. We also cut deli meat and make sandwiches. Deli associates get paid a bit more since it's a harder job than most of the store, but it isn't nearly as stressful as my last serving job.
Yeah, I think every supermarket around has a self checkout section nowadays. But I don't use it too much 'cause I buy a lot of water, and I don't feel like typing in the code for each case or lifting it up to the scanner. I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to retype the code for every case of water that I buy :P But yeah, it's fast and easy if I only buy a few things!

I've been looking into VA work for a couple weeks now. To have a job in VA, you have to move to a city with a dubbing company. Luckily, I have family in Houston, Texas where Sentai Filmworks is HQ'd, and Funimation is only 3 hours away from there, in Dallas, Texas. Houston is about a 6 hour drive from where I live, which isn't bad at all compared to the rest of the US, so I'm lucky in that regard. I asked my aunt for some help with finding a place to stay and a full-time job in Houston a week or so ago, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to move anytime soon. So right now, I'm looking into some local theatre groups since I have no experience in actual acting at all, and my local college doesn't offer any acting classes until the next semester. I was thinking about fandubbing and maybe posting on YT for practice (I don't like to post any kind of work unless I'm satisfied with how it turned out). But yeah, at this point, it all sounds really fun and cool, but I don't actually know how much I'd enjoy acting until I try it. We'll see!

That sounds really cool! I haven't gotten my hands on VR yet so I don't know too much of what it's like, but from all the videos I've seen, it seems really fun :)
You should definitely check to see if you can still work in the lab after getting your degree. Where do you plan on working after getting your degree? Good luck!

A bit late, but it's still Christmas over here so it still counts :)

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season 😊
Ando Dec 24, 2017 10:42 PM
You don't have to apologize; I do it all the time... like now LOL.

Is Monday a busy day in Estonia? Mondays are actually the slowest days here, so I find that pretty interesting haha.

I've been good! I got a new job at Walmart, a big supermarket in America. I'm trying to save up some money, as I decided to try my hand in pursuing a career in voice acting. I'm still at the starting stages though, so I've just been looking for ways to gain experience and such.
How about you? How's school and everything else? 😊