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Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu.
Oct 10, 2020 3:32 PM
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Sousou no Frieren
Sousou no Frieren
Sep 22, 2020 6:56 PM
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Catalano Dec 8, 2020 11:19 AM
thanks, that's good to know, I already had Chihayafuru in my PTW, now I' looking forward to seeing it
Catalano Dec 8, 2020 10:42 AM
hello, just a random guy here,
can you please tell me the name of the anime from your profile gif, it looks interesting
Gabignes Sep 27, 2020 12:41 PM
Gabignes Sep 26, 2020 3:05 PM
Manooooo, fazer resumo da S2 de Oregairu vai ser nível hard, viu? Vc vai ficar me devendo um bocado
bladecode Aug 10, 2020 1:56 PM
Hey there!!

It has been a long time since I wrote you here...sorry T.T

Did you really enjoy that much Fate/Grand Order? I don't like the main cast, Fujimaru is really boring or generic to get people into the anime/game. I love the cast, I'm a big fan of Gilgamesh and Archer. But must of the time the story feels forced or weird. The OST is amazing, love the OP and Air Aoi always delivers a great song. I enjoyed more Fate/Apocrypha, the story makes more sense even though it was a fiasco with the ending they gave to the main character, I love the character of Kotomine Shirou.

What a quote "I AM NOT EMBARRASSED OF MY WAIFU, SHE'S LOVEABLE", I have never owned anything like that, I can't understand it at all. I have only bought a few posters of Hellsing, Mahouka, Gintama, and AoT. Do you own more merchandising of anime or manga, most of the things are digital if you don't go to Japan or buy something in a convention?

I'm glad I spoiled you with someone you don't care LOL.

Have you tried watching Gintama? It is really funny and has a lot of strong female characters, the series is weird, like hardcore weird, if you made after the first 20s episodes you will be a real fan. When I'm depressed or just feeling down Gintama is a great anime to wacth.

F/A has good action but the story by the end is weak. Lancer vs MC is a great fight to watch, so, suck it up until that part ;)

bladecode Jul 29, 2020 9:41 AM
I'm doing a little better right now, I still feel some pain in the left part of my back but is manageable. Thank you.

Babylonia is the anime with Gilgamesh as a caster right? I watched, it was ok, the music is good but it doesn't give you the same chill vibes from Fate Zero or Unlimited Blade Works. The only thing I like from F/Go is that there is a lot of servants and they look cool but I really hate gacha games with my soul. I just cool with seeming them on a Youtube video from time to time.

Danganronpa gained a lot of popularity thanks to Steam, a lot of people have a PC to run a game like that and it is pretty fun to play with the minigames and the characters. I get why he has to learn English now. I check his new game, it is a real image game, like a movie. I don't like it, remembers a game that is called 'Her story', that game is really something else. I can't handle that time of games. It is preferable to watch a movie at least for me. I think games should be 3D or 2D.

Is sad that he blocked you on Twitter, I used to be a junkie of my TL, but not anymore, the only person that block me was a journalist that is really famous and I don't know why. I only replay once or twice to his post.

Asuna is too perfect in so many ways, I get why is loved by many fans. I like more Lisbeth, she feels more natural or Alice that Asuna. Eugeo was a great character, more define and mature. And not overpower.

I'm sorry for the spoiler of Bercouli, I thought you were caught up with the season, I try to avoid talking if you don't bring it up.
bladecode Jul 26, 2020 9:55 AM
I took too much time to reply, has been a weird week, I carried some heavy stuff and got my back hurt, it is killing, I can't do anything.

Did you like SAO episode, I mean last week, with the old guy going away with Quinella and wishing the best for his son???????? It was so weird, going out with another woman and them saying that...
I don't know what to think anymore. At least the animation is great to say something good about the anime.

I will check the game but I have a lot of stuff in the queue. Did he replay in English? Most of the creators in Japan can't speak or read other languages, I will be really surprised if he did it.

I have only watched some videos of 'skins' of F/GO, I have watched the anime from two seasons ago, I like the franchise but no at a level I will buy everything they sell.

I have a friend who has a Twitch channel, he has like 25 subscribers and some donations from time to time, I don't how you guys can make it, most of his audience is like kids, from 12 or 13 to IDK 20s???? He streams most of the time Minecraft, he used to be a god on Fornite and OW but now he is a gamer for casuals(I mean that because everybody loves building games). The first donation and subscriber is something special for the streamer, it is the first person who believes in you in some sort of way.

BTW Mothers Rosario was boring for me, too dramatic and slow, probably the slow part is why I find it boring, Yuuki was a good character but the plot around her was too dramatic. Japanese authors tend to make something sad really dramatic, it is a stereotype even in games or abuse somethings like fanservice or degenerate things like the attempted rape from Gungale or Alicization. They could get a little more creative or try something different but that is my opinion.

I glad you are doing fine with your depression, it is nice to have help in case of any need.
bladecode Jul 17, 2020 11:15 AM
I WATCHED, I really think it was cheap, really cheap fanservice, after the first arc of the War of Underworld, I was thinking "Finally the focus is on the character and not fanservice for once", SAO has like what 9 or 10 years, most of the audience is just adults of 20s, 30s, the target shouldn't be teenagers anymore, I can of disappointed for the first episode. Did you like the OP? I kind of miss LiSA for this "finale". But yeah, out of the blue fanservice and really cheap for my taste, tentacles are more for hentai ugh...
For fanservice this season we have Monster Musume no Oishasan, Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan, Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e, Koi to Producer: EVOL×LOVE and Kyojinzoku no Hanayome; I think we don't need more.

Snafu was great the first episode, the second one was good but not at the same level, I will have to wait and see how they develop the characters. If this is going to be the last season, it will be a mess, they are adapting like 4 to 5 years of the novel in 13 chapters YIKES. I hope is not rushed at all.

Utawarerumono has been great, it is visual novel that has a good story, has little to none fanservice(which is great, cuz the focus is on the story and the cast) and it's really long between the two games. I enjoying myself a lot. Before going to bed, I play like 3 to 5 or more hours.

I was more used to talk than writing, I didn't enjoy redacting emails and text in English, most of the time is formal the writing, so I have to check thighs twice. I started to study English because of videogames and content on the internet when I had my first PC most of the things were in English. It is really cool that you like languages than much to learn them in college.

I used to play Hearthstone a lot, I spend in that game like $400+ dollars, I tried no to get my hands en F2P games because I have known myself, Fate/Go looks really cool on visuals but oh boy, you can get broke with the animations and new things that they sell.

Covid-19 is getting worse every day, I think it is the same thing for every country when the people stay at home, they don't get the disease but the economy gets worse and worse. I kind of get it why the government needs to release people from their homes but at what price. Only time will tell if they are doing the correct thing. We just have to get used to this new state of the world, it is going to be like this at least for another year. Until we get a vaccine or antibiotic to treat it.
Watch anime, play games, talk to friends or your family. Depression is hard, but if you need someone talk you have some random people on the internet to talk too ;)

bladecode Jul 12, 2020 10:08 AM
I HATE GACHA GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it has gacha mechanics, I almost kill myself to get the blades(character of the game) and it was free!!!!!
Thought, I like the visuals of the game but I hate the mechanics of gacha, it is like going to a casino to lose money on purpose, but if you like it there is nothing I can do, just don't waste a lot.

Last week haven't do any chores in like a month or so, I lot of dirty laundry. I'm getting used to check MAL DMS or messages on weekends, it's when I can chill the most and check my grammar LOL. I'm not really used to write a lot, most of the time I read or speak or listen, when I started to learn English I enjoy listening stories from my teacher(the first one), she was an old lady and real smart one, she knew 3 or 4 languages(was fluent in all of them). When I write to you, I have to check my grammar or mistakes that I may, some times I forgot to spell it write or a coma.

Letting that behind, I bought Utawarerumono games on Steam, I got some spoilers of Zero Escape and decided not to buy it, I have watched both anime series of Utawarerumono, watch a little bit of the game on Youtube and ended buy it. The visual novel is in another level to the anime tbh, the narration is so good by Fujiwara Kenji(RIP) and gets in deep with somethings the anime didn't touch at all. I think I will end the first one this week which is 39 hrs or so.

Did watch Snafu, I love the first episode, I don't remember if you have watched the series so I wouldn't spoil anything for now until you tell me if I can.

Bookworm got a 3er season or cour??? I really happy the ending was so open...


Almost forgot, I look human now, I mean, I got my hair cut, it made me really happy, I get my hair cut every three to four months, last time was in January, almost 6 months OMGsssssss. I was like a lion with my hair.

BTW you don't type too much at all, I think we just talk about to much random stuff and it gets out of hands. I like it!!!!

Best regards, kidding, that is too formal for a message like this.
bladecode Jul 5, 2020 11:03 AM
I really don't know if I can play the first Danganronpa, I love the characters of the second game a lot more besides of Junko, she's really cool, like way too fucking cool and hot!!LOL.
For visual novels I'm more intesting in Zero Escape right now, maybe next sale I will buy it and try to play the first one. Have you played Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls? I couldn't play it because I didn't like the gameplay at all.

One Piece is back and Kingdom is nowhere to be find, I'm so sad...

I will elaborate more in the next message, today I wanted to answer fast and I was in a hurry, I haven't do my chores in the hole week, here has been raining the hole week and I want to do laundry before it starts raining.

PD. I 3/4 of P4, I can say that I really hate rng dungeons now. Pls watch Ascendence of a bookworm, I want to talk with someone about the ending, last three chapters were weird for the tempo of the series.
bladecode Jun 29, 2020 11:32 AM
The ending tho!!

I read the same thing, the manga, and the anime finished at the same time(or almost?). They rush a lot of slice of life content. At the start of the series, I thought the father was dead, I didn't want to end it because of that, it may me cry a few times especially at the end when he was at the hospital and didn't remember anything, it was so heart-broken to his daughter watch him work like the old times. It is too realistic at some points, with the job and how they have to get sales, his wife, and many other things.

Kaguya ended with a funny episode, the first season ended with a scene of love between Shirogane and Kaguya if I remember correctly. I don't know if there is enough source material to make another season in the next year or 2022. It was really a nice change of pace from Ishigami past to some random Chika's game. I little disappointed, they didn't do a dance like last season, I was looking forward to it, I lose my mind when I first saw Chika dance. Happy overall with Kaguya season 2, it was a great anime for being in lockdown.

I finished Arte too, I think the series and the ending was really normal, I was hoping for more, Ascendance of a Bookworm ended really well, I hope they animate more of the novels, it is really enjoyable and I love the characters, her family and friends make you feel you are living with her in an unknown world.

The ending of Kami no Tou was like a book, I really want a second season because this one was a big fail, Bam was really plain until the end, Yuri(best character hands down) is great but she was only in the series three times...
Rachel is well written, she feels human, on the other hand, Bam didn't have any development at all, only at the end when he wants to climb the tower to know the answers. The time skip at the end looks great and I would love to see more of Hwaryun. I have read a little bit of the second part, she is interesting.

I have played Danganronpa 2 and V3, the first one didn't buy it because you guessed right I watched the anime and did not want to buy it.

Did you enjoy the ending of the series, how they ended like that? And the ending of the first two games, which was an anime, the explanation of the events was, I don't how to put it in words, lame?

If you play P4, the dungeons are annoying cuz they are random and it is aids in some parts of the game, just be careful with that. I have been playing the game a lot and still haven't beat it. I think I have pass half or more of the game.
bladecode Jun 22, 2020 4:24 PM
I started and finished Kakushigoto last weekend (started on Friday and ended yesterday), the series is funny but sad, really sad, it almost made me cry a few times. I don't know if you have finished seen it, I want to talk to someone about the ending, I read it is canon.

The last episode of Kaguya was really strong for a series that is about romcom and stupid jokes. Ishigami background is really depressing overall and Shirogane is the best boy, after all, the secret investigation. I wonder if in the manga they have more story about the entire cast and not only Kaguya and Shirogane flirting each other all the time. I wonder how the last chapter is going to be after this short Ishigami's arc.

Hamefura ended this Saturday too, I feel sad about it, I'm going to miss so bad Bakarina's black hole and dense dialogues to her harem, the good news is 2021 we have a second season. The route which she believes she is in, it is so trolling LOLOLOL.

I finally dropped Yesterday, I couldn't watch anymore, I only missing to end a few series from Spring and Winter season, that are really bad or average. Kami no Tou ends Wednesday, I got spoilers from DMs and I hope you will like it, it is not that bad. If Crunchyroll doesn't announce a second season I will be mad as f!@#.

I always have a console since Xbox, I switch to PC gaming with the release of Overwatch, I really got into the game, I even buy a 144 Hz monitor, got to know a lot of people of the hardcore gaming PC community, I have always had a Steam account but didn't have any games until a few years ago(Only like 30 or 40 games). I don't go crazy on Steam sales, from time to time I bought a triple-A game, a JRPG (The legend of Heroes is godlike if you can keep up with the story) and a couple of Indies. I have been playing P4 Golden since the last Tuesday, a friend lent me his PS4 and Persona 5 (haven't played Golden), I think is the best RPG I have played in my life. The music is so good, the gameplay is fun, the design of the dungeons is interesting, to say the least, the only bad part is the subway dungeon, it is really annoying going in there.

What is your favorite videogame franchise?

Do you use a lot of emotes on Twitch or BTTV?
bladecode Jun 16, 2020 10:22 AM
Over here is the same, local government wants to break it too, even though we're at the peak. Some other states have different rules to break the quarantine but here they are following the dumb president and his stupid decisions. I just get mad every time I read news from him.
I think for the month of July the curve is going to be down or at least it is what I want to believe.

Tower of God gets better later, much later, with the grow of Bam as a character and physically, I have read a little bit from the manhua (did I spell it out correctly?) but I can't agree more, this season of ToG was a disappointment, the start was so good but it decayed a lot in the last chapters. Hamefura and Kaguya, on the other hand, have been amazing and so funny. It is a shame is ending in one or two episodes.

I have been playing LoL for about half a year or less, I ranked after level 30 and placed Bronce 1 or 2, at the start I didn't have a clue what I was doing or what to play, there is a lot of animations in the game and I have never played a MOBA before, the game is a little overwhelming to new players. I play FPS, action games, JRPGs and a few adventure games, so I tried LoL because a friend told me to; I was bored of OW and I hated Fortnite so I give it a shot, I haven't played rank since February of this year. I don't enjoy the balance swift in the economy, most low elo players don't take that into account and give a lot of resources to the enemy team which makes the game harder. I started as Yassuo main because I like the dashes but ended as an AD main, the mechanic of hit and not get no shot was funny to me, remind me of FPS a little.

Do you have any consoles?
Twitch Facebook Mixer or Youtube Gaming?
If you play on PC, do you have any plans of getting Persona 4 Golden or did you buy it?


I took less time to answer this time :)
bladecode Jun 8, 2020 4:17 PM
Exercise at home...that's hard, I''m not motivated at all to do it. I have knee problems(left one), it is a chronic problem, so I need to do from time to time some movement but this last 2 months I haven't been able to lift some weight or do some stretching.

I was going to buy one machine today, I was doing my shopping for the next 3 weeks :'(. But I didn't buy it, I only have my hair done 3 times a year and I think the restrictions are going to end in a month (hope for it, fingers cross!!!!!!!), I think I will waste my money if I buy it: maybe if I have known I would be at home for 4 months in a row. In May I only went out to take out the trash 3 times, that's sad...

Anyways, Spring season is almost over, Snafu and SAO got a day for their premiere, I hope(pray) that at least not every anime gets delay again.

Btw I thinking to drop Sing me Yesterday, it is getting a little bit boring and dramatic for my taste; Bakarina and Bookworm are making my Saturdays at least more lively. The week is so depressing, except Wednesday (Kami no Tou is decent, not great but decent).

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I turn on the PC to game(Valorant, LoL, Overwatch and Legends of Runeterra), I haven't been checking e-mail or MAL, not in the mood, talking to you is making the only thing I open MAL for. I will try to replay faster, I enjoy the little conversations that we have.

Take care of yourself and I hope you're doing better than me with being at home.
bladecode May 26, 2020 7:18 AM
Food x Bakarina is best ship by far XD

The last episode was really unpredictable, the book eating all of them and most of the desires, poor Katarina, she only wanted to eat some candy.

I'm doing fine, just a little mad, I can't eat most of the food I like, I used to go out 3 times a week to buy, I have a really close grocery store, they sell some cheese that I love but I can't go there that often now...

And I haven't had my haircut since January and where I live is making a lot of heat, with my hair that long I can sleep well and I cranky 5 to 6 hours of the day. I should have buy a machine to do my hair.