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Sep 1, 2019
I was able to watch this movie in a special exhibition held here in Brazil. I had never heard of it, but since it revolved around kappas, I decided to check it out.

The story revolves around Sanpei, a young boy who lives in the countryside and really wishes to see his mom, who lives in Tokyo and who he hasn't seen in years. One day at school, the principal decides that he will take the students that win a minor swimming contest to Tokyo. Sanpei, who doesn't know how to swim, see in this an opportunity to be able to go to Tokyo and read more
Feb 18, 2019
If you're a long-time anime fan, you surely remember those 2000's romance anime full of ecchi, stupid jokes and a incredible strong love. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet is just like that.

Nostalgic because of its resemblance with the anime we watched during our younger days, Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet may be seen as something good, or at least tolerable to watch, when it's not.

Sure, maybe the relationship between the two main characters is cute and all that, but it's not worth the watch when everything else (other characters, plot, setting) is plainly mediocre.

The opening deceives (It deceived me) and make you think this read more
Sep 19, 2018
I don't usually pay much attention to character interaction and stuff in hentai. It's usually just something that leads to sex and whatever, the usual. Except this one wasn't really like this.

In Nee Shiyo we get three couples (Brother x sister, classmates and teacher x student) who actually interact and have sex like they are couples. They completely fulfill the role they're supposed to. Even the incestuous couple act like they're actual brother and sister who happen to be having sex.

The couples tease each other, kiss and even do stuff that they know the other person likes (Like licking the ear/nipples, etc). We read more
Oct 22, 2017
Honestly, unlike most OVAs I have watched, I felt like this one was better than the entire original anime series.
It covers only two days in the life of Teko, Pikari and the two middle school friends of Teko, Chizuru and Akane, who came over to visit her during the summer vacation. This short period of time, however, was enough to well develop the two new characters we are introduced to. I fell in love with both of them, mostly Chizuru.
The story also focused more on the characters feelings and the time they spend together other than diving (although it was also part of read more
Oct 27, 2014
*This review was originally written for Karisome no Hane, but has been moved due to the merging of entries.*

This manga was indeed something. It was a one-shot, and I wish it had more chapters, but at the same time I got the feeling that one chapter was enough. It was painful and yet beautiful. So beautiful that I felt the need to write my first review.
The art was amazing, and the plastic surgery theme was new for me. The main character was interesting, but I wish I could see more of her development.
"Karisome no Hana" warmed my heart, and I highly recommend it to read more