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MaahHeim Jan 2, 2021 9:30 AM
Hi, just popping up to say that I'm happy to see your anime list updating! Got a bit worried something had happened, with the times we're going through and all! Happy new year!
MaahHeim Aug 17, 2020 1:45 PM
Hey! Don't worry!

I did! I was really captivated by the story and the new introduced characters. The battles got me really hyped. Fujimaru is the player in the game, so I guess he doesn't have much personality... But he shows his true colors in the later half of the series, I guess. He toughen up and everything. CasGil is awesome, but Enkidu and Kingu are the love of my life. I also enjoyed the Gorgon sisters' story, Quetzcoatl and even Ishtar/Ereshkigal. Merlin, too! It was a fun ride. I didn't expect to like it so much. I'm watching Fate/Apocrypha now. I had postponed it because everyone said it wasn't so good, but since I'm really into Fate again lately, I'm giving it a shot. Mordred is such an angel. She's showing up in the part I'm playing in the game too, and I'm falling for her hard.

D-don't throw my quotes back at me, i-it's embarrassing... Hmmm, I owe some posters (Haikyuu, Kill la Kill, Danganronpa, 19 days, Naruto - this one is from a fanfiction competition that I won -, InuYasha, Kimetsu no Yaiba and Koe no Katachi), pillows (InuYasha, Danganronpa, Re:zero, No game no life), plushies (Fruits Basket, InuYasha, Digimon, Pokémon, Danganronpa), tons of keychains, bottoms, some earrings and necklaces, uh, lots of shirts, bookmarks, and honestly just a shit ton of stuff. I've been buying anime stuff and went to conventions since I was 5 (I did my first cosplay when I was 11, too. It was Kagome from InuYasha xD), so I have a lot of things. I think I have 700 physical copies of manga as well. I really like buying stuff from the things I like. I plan on getting some tattoos of some anime I like and---- AAAAAH! I'm a total weeb, aren't I? Don't answer that! I can't wait for corona to go away so I can spend all the money I've been saving to buy Fate/grand order stuff. Now that I know the characters I want my waifus and husbands on the wall! Anyway, I'm really into buying anime stuff <3 I don't use the stuff outside that much, but I like to have my cozy weeb place to come back to. I really can't imagine watching so much anime and not buying anything! I usually spend like 100$ in every convention I go xD ahahahha

I thought about picking up Gintama to watch a few times, but there are so many stuff I want to watch first that it just ends up at the end of the list everytime. But I might check it out one day.

I'm watching F/A slowly since I'm not really into watching stuff lately, but I'm going strong.~ It's cool because the lore on characters make some stuff better. The Nasuverse is a really cool world. I'm gonna read Fate/strange fake later on too. This is one I'm really looking forward to. It was even the Fate thing that got the most votes to have an anime adaptation! But the author is going to finish it first before they adapt it. Either way, I'll be reading it soon! There's a prank-trailer they made to hype us, idk if you've watched it:
MaahHeim Aug 1, 2020 12:56 PM
Yes. Really? You thought it was just okay? *cries* Enkidu is my entire life. I think it was great in a different way than UBW and Fate/Zero, but still freaking great. The story and past of the characters (the fact that Anna was Medusa/Gorgon, Gilgamesh himself and his story and the ship of the year Gilkidu)... Also Kingu! Ah, Kingu. Anyway, I really enjoyed it... It got me really invested and it was the main reason I decided to play the game. I do love the OST! Whenever a Noble Phantasm was released I got chills up my spine. Can't wait for the Camelot movies as well. I still haven't got to that part in the game (Camelot is the 5th singularity and Babylonia is the 6th, while I'm still in the middle of the third), but can't wait! For me the anime would be a 8/10, but I got so emotional at some bits that I had to give it a 9/10 for the enjoyment and feelings it made me experience. And hahahah may I ask where did your hate for gacha games came from? My life now is farming and trying to make my jpegs stronger, and it's so fun.

Oooh, well, it's more of a interactive movie of sorts. I liked it, though, but I expected more (the fact that it was so short made me a bit sad, I was expecting some more twists and things like that). I have Her Story on steam but haven't played it yet. I'm a big fan of story-driven games (Love everything by Telltale games for example)/"choices have consequences"/routes type of games (then again, Tell Tale, visual novels overall, Life is Strange etc), so it's really my thing.

It is sad, but I thankfully got over it lol Haven't streamed much though because of F/GO. I play it on my phone, so... ASUNA IS PERFECT! I was actually embarrassed to buy a case with her face once because, you know, SAO and all-- But then I looked at her for a second and I was like "I AM NOT EMBARRASSED OF MY WAIFU, SHE'S LOVEABLE" and I keep my essays on it. She guards it ;_; ♥ hahaha I never paid much attention to any of the other girls. I like Sinon too, and I kind of liked Alice but I really hate this harem thing they keep pushing. I mean, Asuna is already Kirito's wife and only one so why does he act like he's cheating sometimes (getting all uptight when Asuna enters the cafe and he's with Sinon) and why the girls look like they're always flirting with him? SERIOUSLY I HATE THE FREAKING AUTHOR, JESUS CHRIST.

Thank you! When I saw you were talking about it I just jumped a bit so I avoided the spoiler ♥ Or I just forgot about it, not sure. I don't even remember who Bercouli is, but that's for the best I guess xD Anyway, I'm really late with everything... So thank you T_T When I watch stuff I'll come to tell you about it so we can discuss. I actually started Fate/Apocrypha because F/GO really gave me the "I want to watch Fate" vibe (and I was tired of rewatching my favorite scenes from Babylonia, UBW, Heaven's feel and Fate/Zero over and over again) so I started it... Like three or four days ago? And I'm still on episode 4 lol I'm really not in the mood to watch stuff for some reason... Which is sad. And tbh Fate/Apocrypha doesn't help because it's so weak compared to the other Fates. I saw everyone mentioning it wasn't really good but since I was curious I decided to check it for myself, but mehhhhh... Well, I knew what I was getting into and I got into it anyway because FATE, so. I'll finish it eventually.
MaahHeim Jul 27, 2020 9:38 AM
Noooo!! I hope you feel better soon :( Back pain is terrible. Sometimes when mine is really terrible I end up puking because of the pain. Hope you're not in that level t_t Rest well! And don't worry about the time to reply~

As usual, I'm late with anime this season... So I didn't watch anything. Actually, Fate/grand order ruined my life xD or maybe the right word is "took all my time". Which is fine, actually. I used to spend the whole day doing nothing, now I spent 4 days in a row farming the summer event of f/go like a crazy woman. I'm already on lvl 103 from all the farming LMAOOOO Gathering resources to make my servants stronger! My day is looking at guides on where to farm... So since I can't focus 100% on anything, I watch a video while playing or rewatch an anime. Yesterday I rewatched some good episodes of Death Parade/Death Billiards. I'm becoming the Ultimate Multitasker!

Yes, Kodaka replied to me in English! He actually said in the Danganronpa 10 year anniversary video this year that most of his fans are from outside Japan and that he wanted to try and learn, so he has been trying to tweet in English and interact more with his community. ADORABLE FELLOW.

You didn't watch Babylonia? You should watch Babylonia. The First Order anime is not very good (I actually watched it yesterday while farming too), but the episode zero is good and Babylonia is freaking great. I watched it when it was releasing and had no problem following stuff even though I didn't play the previous singularities or anything... I found my new favorite character for life there also... Hahhh, such a good anime. The OST gives me chills. It was one of the reasons why I was motivated to play the game. I gave up but got back to the idea again and it's been great! I think I'm going to do fine in not spending any money...

That's so cool for him! I still need to get to the 3 viewers average to be able to have subscribers... And I haven't been streaming much because of f/go lolol It's been 4 days I think? Anyway. And yeah! Did I tell you about the guy that gave me persona? So apparently he's like 18. He created a twitter to follow me and said, on one of my posts, that he didn't like coffee. Jokingly, I replied with "Kid". HE BLOCKED ME. HE BLOCKED ME EVERYWHERE. Literally just proving my point that he was a kid, but... It made me a little sad. And yeah, I hope I get my average viewers and first subscribe some day t-t

Really? I love Asuna and dislike Kirito, so Mothers Rosario was exactly what I needed. I felt SAO had a plot for once in its life lol aside from the beginning of the first season. Hmmm I wouldn't say they tend to do it... But there are a some lot who really do... It's the type of anime I tend to avoid, so I don't bump into those that much.

Thank you! It was a terrible week, but a terrible week only. I have been fine since then!
MaahHeim Jul 18, 2020 3:53 PM
And yeah, I actually liked the last season. It was one of the few seasons that reminded me of the first cour of the s1, together with the Mother Rosario's arc. Those were SAO's peak for me. The rest is utter shit... I think the target audience is still horny teenagers though, together with blind fanboys (or blind fanboys who are also horny). Whenever I say anything bad about SAO there are a bunch of them that show up telling me to shut up and calling me troll/hater/worse names. If there's a fandom I hate with all my soul it's the SAO fandom. Like, jesus christ. The author sucks. It really makes me disgusted...

Is it going to be the last season? I haven't watched the first episode yet, GAHHHH. Late with everything... Again.

Glad you're liking it! I bought and played everything there was to be played of Death Come True yesterday. It's a really short game, sadly. I was able to get 100% on it in under 3 hours. But it's Kodaka (Danganronpa creator)!!!! I was so happy. He even replied me on twitter thanking me for playing his new game T_T so cute... Kodaka marry me... *caham* If you have time and feel like a short story to fill your afternoon, that's the call. It is short so keep it in mind. And it's more of a interactive movie than a game per se, but still...

Haahha yeah there are a lot of memes about people going broke on F/GO. But you can just be a free player and everything. It's just fun to have the characters that you like... But I'm doing fine and not wasting any money there so far. Talking about money!! I got my first donation on paypal T_T (enough to buy a candy if I want, that's all), so I'm happy. Streaming all afternoon is tiring, so it's nice when small things like that happen and people try to help you a bit. I also spent some money on Hearthstone, and haven't played it in years hahaha... Sad.

It's pretty fucked up to let people leave their houses while there are so many dying... I mean, the economy is going to get fucked anyway if so many people die, right? I have so many friends who've lost their grandparents... And my president is fucking disgusting lol There was actually an Opinion section on the New York Times this week talking about how he is the worst pandemic president xD Yeah, all we gotta do is wait for the vaccine. A city next to mine was chosen to be the first one to test some vaccines they've been working on in Brazil. I hope it works...

Yeah, I've been trying to do all that. It's just sad because depression makes you so unmotivated to do anything, even things that you like. But I have my psychologist and even meds if I'm in a crisis, so yeah, trying to stay strong. This week was awful, but yesterday and today were better days.
MaahHeim Jul 12, 2020 1:34 PM
HAHAHAHA, I'm sorry, but your hate for gacha games made me laugh, mostly because it's true. Do you watch Gigguk videos on youtube? His last one on gacha games was so funny. He spent $400 dollars just to get one character on f/go. I'm containing myself not to put any money on the game. It's really, extremely expensive tbh. I plan to do my best to be a player that doesn't spend any money on the game. I finished Ori and so far haven't had the resolve to start anything new. Tbh I'm feeling depressed lately, which is sad. Quarantine here isn't getting any better. Government said we can all go out already, but the cases are only getting worse (71.000 deaths and counting) and since everything opened the deaths and cases only raised. It feels pretty hopeless, and it has starting to affect me :( It sucks so bad, I was on "remission" from depression for 2 years but I can feel it all coming back. Ahhhh, it's so frustrating! But I'm trying to distract myself. I think I'm gonna try and drown myself in anime, something I haven't done in a long time. I have a lot of Fruits Basket episodes to watch and the anime is pretty heart-warming, so I think it'll do me good.

Oooh, got it! I graduated in Portuguese/English because I really like languages and stuff (Portuguese is my main language, English my second). I'm now in college for japanese... But the classes are paused, ofc. I'm pretty confident on my English, but since I don't speak it that much - I only read/listen/sometimes write -, whenever I do it sounds so rusty! Before the quarantine a Canadian friend of mine came over to spend a few weeks at my place and it was great for practice. Whenever I watch some videos from back then and I'm impressed. If I just have somebody to talk to it already gets so much better! But it's cool that you practice by talking to people on MAL and stuff! And that you're able to find your mistakes and all. I find it really easy to talk to you and understand you, so you're doing extra great.

Ehhh? Spoilers from which game, the first one? Oooh Fujiwara Kenji is the narrator T_T ♥ Rip. I never watched Utawarerumono but I played the OPs on osu and it had always interested me. Hope you like it!

I did watch the first two seasons! I love Oregairu! I still haven't watched the first episode from the new season. Yesterday I watched the OVA focused on Iroha from last season. She is best girl for me, and it was great! I'm probably gonna watch the first episode after I'm finished with the Fruits Basket's episodes.

When I saw the Bookworm season 3 announcement my first thought was you! I was like Hahaha he's going to be happy! HAHAHA "I LOOK HUMAN NOW". My hair was extremely short (like a boy's cut) and since I haven't cut it since december, it's a complete mess now. I was intending to let it grow anyway, but it's short on the front then long in the back hahaha it doesn't look bad, but it's messy. And it's already on my shoulders! Before it was like, above my ears hahaha but my hair was always one to grow fast. I'm glad you got your cut!

Happy you like it! I like it too, just talking about whatever comes to mind!

OH, TALKING ABOUT WHATEVER COMES TO MIND. Did you watch the first episode of the new season of SAO? I was so disgusted! Why the author always do that? Seriously, it's blatant disturbing and unnecessary.

HAHAHA. Best regards,

Maah. (:P)
MaahHeim Jul 8, 2020 11:21 AM
I love Junko as well! My fav characters are Junko, Komaeda and Mikan. I absolutely love the crew from the second game. Oooh, I only played the first Zero Escape, but I liked it! I got into it too hyped and didn't like it as much as I thought I would, but it was a nice ride. I still need to play the second one though... And I did! I was like "Wtf is this FPS gameplay" and then began to love it a lot lol It's really fun. Story-wise it's not as strong like the others Danganronpa, but it has some really interesting topics and a few characters that I like. We also get to see some characters from DR1 and DR2 (and from the DR3 anime), so it's cool. You remember the first motive in the first Danganronpa, like, the people they wanted to protect? It was the reason Sayaka plotted to kill Leon and all. They're all in this game in a way or other, so you can get to know which was each person motive.

No problem! Hope everything went well with your chores! I confess your short message was a surprise, I was like "Oh gosh, maybe I talked a lot in the last one and he's like cutting me off hahahahah". I shall t_t I've been so lazy to watch stuff though. I'm 7 episodes late in Fruits Basket... I downloaded a bunch and have many I'd like to watch but I just don't feel like it ugh. On another note, I started playing Fate/Grand Order and it's ruining my life lolololol It's pretty interesting, but I literally shut myself down from the outside world for 3 days because I was farming and getting invested in the story. I'm more chill now, but it's really interesting and easy to get addicted to.
MaahHeim Jul 2, 2020 8:06 PM
I thought he was dead too, and was pretty glad he wasn't and that they could have their happy ending! But sadly, since it was so rushed I couldn't feel as much as I would've.

There is enough source material! I checked and I think there's enough for two more seasons even! I hope we're blessed with more. HAHAHA waiting for the Chika dance... And yeah it was, I'm gonna miss it! I don't think I'm gonna watch anything that is comedy-oriented in the upcoming season, not that I remember. Well, there is the Unlimited balance one... But nothing with the kaguya-sama vibe :( I love anime like that. Idk if you watched Asobi Asobase, but that was a 10/10 for me because I almost peed my pants laughing at every episode.

I still need to watch Ascendence of a bookworm! I haven't been feeling like watching stuff lately - have only been gaming -, but I think I'm gonna try to finish Arte tonight. I'm about to finish Ori and the will of the wisps too T_T after that maybe I'm gonna have more time. Or not because there are so many games to play aaaaaaaa one of my stream viewers gave me another game and I bought more in this sale and things are getting more out of control hahahaa but I'm probably go for Persona!

Yeah, I wanted to see more of Yuri! It has potential for future seasons as I said I guess. Hwaryun seems nice. I won't be reading the manhwa I think. I didn't really hate Rachel like everyone else did, but mostly because I didn't care about Bam that much I guess. And the way she was depicted was pretty realistic, so yeah... But some people said there's no regret in her actions in the manhwa so I was like hmmm...

OOOOOH, YOU'VE PLAYED IT! OMG OMG OMG! I still think it's worth playing the first game, but I get it that you didn't feel like it! Well, the V3 ending was pretty controversial and I was one of the people that didn't like it. I learned to accept it over time and this MAD helped: (I love it very much), but I didn't like what they made of the other games and the overall ending resolution. Tbh for me it was the weakest game in the franchise. The first game was one of the best ever, but the others felt pretty meh for me. I liked the fifth one for the most part, but still not 100%. My expectations were EXTREMELY high though, I waited awake all night long for the release on steam. Hah, good times. And I did like the anime, but they rushed some things in a way that literally spit on the game. Like, in the game we know that Junko influenced the students of the 77th class and this is how they turned into the ultimate despairs. In the game we know everyone has some sad story and is broken somehow, so it makes sense that they would fall into despair when Junko was the only one that would look at them and accept them for who they were. BUT THEN IN THE ANIME SHE *LITERALLY* brainwashes them with that dipshit animation LOLOLOL I was so mad. Junko is my favorite character from the franchise (together with Komaeda and Mikan) and I know how intelligent, evil and perfect she is so when I saw that in the anime I was really mad. I did like the new characters like Ruruka, Yukizome and Juzo though. And there were some enjoyable parts like Komaeda legit falling in love with Izuru lolol but I don't consider it canon in my head.

omg, ok, I will pay attention to that! I'm only gonna start it after I finish Ori 2 and if I decide to start this one after Ori. Not sure yet. I really wanted to buy Detroit and Heavy Rain, I'd play Detroit right away but it's so expensive aaaaaaaaaaaaaa @@ I'm gonna have to wait for a promo... Ori was really expensive as well but thankfully I got as a birthday gift t-t
MaahHeim Jun 24, 2020 3:35 PM
Hey! I did watch Kakushigoto! The opening made me cry lol it was what made me pick it up to watch. I cried a few times during the series too. The ending felt too rushed though, but the announcement of the end of the manga was right there so I guess it was just them trying to put everything together nicely. But hell it was rushed.

From what I've seen in the internet, the anime is following the manga as it should and it goes into people's past from time to time. I feel like although Kaguya-sama is really funny it always had this sad undertones. Kaguya with her family issues, Chika being the "girl that can't read the mood" and ends up being left because of that, all of Ishigami's past and Shirogane's family situation/poverty. The anime shows all of it in a funny light and just leaves us stuff here and there, but I'm pretty sure we're going to see more sad stuff in due time lol We did not have any clues regarding Ishigami's past though, and that ep hit my feels so bad! Really great. I wonder what the last episode will be too... Also third season WHENNNN? hahaha

I'm really glad about the second season of Hamefura! The last arc didn't excite me that much, but I really like the characters and the story infinite possibilities, so waiting for it happily. Ooh, I'm gonna watch Tower of God last episode now I think. You dropped Yesterday? I actually binged the six last episodes a few nights ago and liked it. But yeah, it's really not like it was in the beginning... It was so promising but... I'm only late at Arte (6 or so episodes to go) and Fruits Basket, but I'm up to date with everything else and watched everything I should so far! I've been streaming a lot so not that much time to watch stuff T_T but I've been feeling lazy too and more inclined to gaming tbh.

I totally go crazy on steam sales *cries*. I shouldn't, but... Everyone says so many good things about Persona! I really want to play it. I told you last time that I didn't have it, but funny enough one of my stream viewers gifted it to me a few days ago! I'm finishing Ori and the will of the wisps and when I do I'm probably gonna straight to Persona. Tbh maybe I'm gonna make a pool on my stream or something... I don't know yet, but I really want to check it out! And play the 5th eventually too ofc.

My favorite videogame franchise isssssssssss DANGANRONPA! I absolutely adore it, and it completely ruined my life (in a good way). My favorite game is the second one, Goodbye Despair. You've probably watched the anime, but even if you did I still recommend you playing the first game if you haven't btw! The game is like 20 hours long and the anime tried to sum it up in 12 episodes... The anime is still ok and I liked it (I watched it before playing the games tho), but the game is AMAZING. The second one is just... ngsjfddsk it's really great. I can spend hours talking about it, so I'm just gonna stop here xD What is your favorite franchise?

And I don't use a lot of emotes, nope.
MaahHeim Jun 18, 2020 11:54 AM
Oh, it's almost like you're a brazilian! We're having the same feelings with our own president over here. Here the death count is one of 1200 every day and we're starting to open things. Simply dumb. I'm just wishing my friends and family stay okay in the middle of this mess.

Hmm, manhwa! Manhua is for chinese comics, and manhwa for south-korean comics. I felt Hamefura fell a bit too, although Kaguya-sama keeps only raising and raising lol I'm trying to find reasons to not give it a 10/10 but it's hard. I can *feel* Tower of God potential. I hope there are upcoming seasons where I can see it. :(

Ooh, that's cool. I believe it is overwhelming, yeah. Whenever I try to show it to friends who have never played a MOBA before they get extremely confused and end up giving up on it because they don't get it. But some other friends of mine (who play LoL) can't understand FPS very well, so I guess it's all about introduction. Usually it's easy to stay if you have friends who you can play with and have fun. It was how I started playing LoL and CS. Although I'm an old hag in LoL haha I started to play it in 2012 lol I stop for a few months but always end up coming back for it. But it took me a long time to start playing ranked because I felt scared haha I usually get myself the Gold IV rank so I can get skins then stop. I still need to get to Golden this time @@ I'm on Silver 2.

Oooh it's cool that you find similarities to FPS! Yeah, adc is the most close role to it. My main role and most loved one is support, but I play a lot of mid and top too. And yeah, low elo players don't have much strategy down tbh so sometimes we lose dragons because the rotation is poor xD The game has more strategy than it shows at first I guess.

I don't! I only play stuff on PC. I really wanted a PS4 but it's really expensive here so couldn't buy it T_T I do have plans on getting Persona 4 Golden when it gets a discount... But I have my eyes on Detroit and Heavy Rain that just released today. Have been wanting to play them for years but couldn't since they were PS4 exclusive and I don't use the Epic games store... But I have no rush. I got a lot of games from my friends this month because it was my birthday and they're really kind T_T And I also tend to go on a rampage whenever there's a really good promo so rn I have more than 200 games on steam and I've only played like 80.................................... haha, I mean, doesn't everyone? But yeah, there are some that I really want to play like Celeste and Catherine so I'm gonna focus on those while I wait for promos ^^ I really wish Persona 5 gets to steam eventually tho because GODDAMMIT so many good games that I can't play because I don't have a PS4. I haven't even played The Last of Us and I wanted to bad ughhhh OH, and I've been streaming on twitch! I still don't have a webcam though so not that many viewers xD but yeah, been a lot of fun

And I noticed!!
MaahHeim Jun 10, 2020 11:59 AM
It's really hard to be motivated, yeah... I was supposed to exercise yesterday but I didn't lol I am making an effort though. Try to do it little by little so it doesn't get any worse :(

Are things getting better over there? Here things are only getting worse, but the government wants to break the quarantine... It's horrible and scary. I think some might get delayed, but not all of them. I'm late with everything xD took the day off to try and watch stuff. I'm like, at least 3-4 weeks late in each of them. I've been streaming videogames so it's taking up most of my day... Also had this karuta interview thing from my karuta club andddd I have a japanese test this week T_T It's been busy even though it's quarantine (but really, just because I'm finding so many new hobbies to do)

I am very disappointed with Tower of God. Today's episode was better (11), but 9 and 10 were pretty meh. And I was so excited at the beginning. It had a lot of potential, but it's becoming meh. I'm late in all the others, so I can't really speak here xD But I'll watch everything before the end of the season.

Don't worry about it! I always take a little to answer as well. And oh! I've been streaming Valorant and LoL hahhaah played the beta for Valorant but haven't played since the actual release. LoL tho, I'm playing everyday. Did my best of 10 way too late and fell on silver III ugh. So now I'm slowly climbing to gold... Usually I climb to gold IV and leave it at that so I can get the skins, but maybe this year I'll try a little bit harder? Idk. If I feel like it. I'm glad you enjoy our conversations!~ I like them too ^^ Try to do some different things than normal! I was feeling pretty lonely gaming by myself, so I started streaming and it's been fun. I'm going the opposite way and kind of feeling like being by myself now lololol Anyway! Hope you're okay
MaahHeim Jun 2, 2020 3:25 PM
The only true ship hahaha it's like Chihaya with karuta xD Awww, that's sad. I was talking to my father about japanese food today, I really miss getting those t_t But oh well. I actually started on a diet and am trying to exercise at home. It's been fun so far. Usually I can't do much exercise because I have back problems and if I do, I can't do anything for the rest of the day... But since I am not doing anything anyway it's cool!

oh, can't you buy a machine online? I last had my hair cut on december xD It's freaking terrible right now as well. I had it short (man's cut) and now it's already on my shoulders and my freaking bangs are falling on my eyes all the time hahaha I'm using a lot of thingies to keep my hair away from my face. i'm sorry you're cranky, hope you're able to fix it :( I need to watch the last episodes of Hamefura and Kaguya-sama, I'm late with everything aaaa
MaahHeim May 18, 2020 11:40 AM
I don't think he's going to be her ruin...? Hmmm I'm actually kinda shipping them xD (as I am shipping her with everyone else) But maybe!!! And don't worry about it, it was a heavy topic. I'm feeling a bit better now. Hope you're okay too ^^
Hikki_a1 May 17, 2020 4:42 PM
I'm liking Kaguya sama's comedy more :D

MaahHeim May 10, 2020 8:33 PM
Thank you... :( I'm slowly getting better.

Thanks for sharing ^-^ Hamefura is just too good and Catarina's harem is taking over everything. After the last episode I'm thinking maybe the secret route Acchan talked about was with the president of the student council...? I'm curious now