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Uchuu Senkan Yamato
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Jun 20, 11:20 PM
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EmilioX 4 hours ago
I see, I've heard about it before, so why do I need to watch it? :)
ShiSuiTeleports 8 hours ago
Kill La Kill being a better show for me, doesn't hurt the overall quality of Medaka box in the slightest. It's just a simple fact to me that I find Kill La Kill to be a better show that coveys those points more clearly in a much more refined manner.

► As far characterization goes for deconstruction tbh Medaka Box isn’t even all together a deconstruction it just includes cliches, then talks about what cliches they are while they’re engaged in them. As for comedy, you can still include humor into anime that explores the shounen troupes without it seeming formulaic there are plethora of manga/anime that do this, Gintama, Assassination Classroom etc... Medaka Box to me pokes fun of the shounen demographic's default character-identifications. What Kill La Kill does to me is more subtle, yes there is overwhelming tone of meta-fiction but it’s a lot more organic it doesn’t force the idea of deconstruction through its main character design’s or main plot. Yes Ryuki Matoi is definitely a character constructed to play on the “assertive schoolgirl determined to avenge her father’s death – while wearing skimpy, magical clothing”, but the way it neatly combines & integrates fanservice and vengeance all in one, creates a deep level of immersion. It produces situations for it to be put in place at the right time. Aside from the Mako slapstick gag humor; the main storyline of the plot takes tropes and applies real life consequences to them. Kill La Kill is intelligent & entertaining in the way it does this. It doesn’t just acknowledge a trope or making fun of it; which isn't the same thing as deconstruction.

►Medaka Box is a parody shounen series that alternates between subverting shounen tropes and playing them straight. Sometimes it deconstructs the tropes it uses, sometimes it just acknowledges and laughs at them, and other times it simply ignores them. Which often falls into a inconsistent tone of being a satire or a deconstruction. It feels a lot more like an application than subversion.

►Just felt it did not achieve all together to well what they set out to do. Also with the exception of Misogi Kumagawa I didn’t find many of the characters to be well written. It had a decent set of characters,storylines, & moments. The best thing it has going for it is the conflicts & resolution of quite a few story arc. Yes I did enjoy Medaka Box immensely but it isn’t a show I would call quality.
ShiSuiTeleports Yesterday, 5:17 PM
Yeah it still was entertaining enough for me to score it a solid 7/10. Use to be one of my favorite anime’s/manga. Also I was referring in regards to the humor of both series respectively (Monogatari being that of which I enjoy more). Plus it’s hard for me not pit it against Kill La Kill which does an overall better job at deconstruction/humor/tone & etc.
EmilioX Yesterday, 3:03 PM
Nice, I had no clue what it was about and was pleasantly surprised by it. ^^

And what is next for you?
ShiSuiTeleports Yesterday, 12:50 PM
Sure. However at times more often than not; meta-narrative and deconstruction takes a back seat to the conventional Shounen Jump methodologies of humor which feels jarring at times. And tbh it isn’t strictly speaking Nisio Isin best work considering how the Monogatari series does it better; granted in a different genre of course. I applaud it for the concept on deconstructing the term "Mary-sue" through Medaka though. Just wasn’t really entertained all too much on the structure of how it was achieved.
Chrome_Falcon Yesterday, 8:30 AM
A plot convenience is something that author adds to make it easy for him/her to progress the plot in a direction they want. It is not a flaw by itself. But the use of plot device in promised neverland makes it look unnatural. Hence I consider it a flaw.

By unnatural, I mean how the scientist dropped the pen to Krone when there was no guarantee that it would be delivered to the kids. Or other instances that you mentioned from the review. I don't believe that the characters would act the way they do.
Ted Yesterday, 8:28 AM
Very enjoyable, animation wasn't as fluid as the 2015 anime but that's the only downside in my book. Otherwise everything was quite entertaining. Now that the manga has ended (or perhaps sorachi is trolling us again) I hope the studio does justice to the manga and adapt everything.

About Tomo-chan, I think they should end it already,
it's not the same. Don't get me wrong I still think it's funny, but I feel like a good conclusion can be written and not be strayed furthermore from the good old feel of the manga.
Thorf Yesterday, 8:06 AM
Lol no, they're just seasonal anime from 2016 mostly that never got popular.
Chrome_Falcon Jun 22, 9:03 PM
I am not annoyed. You can go on. I am interested in your arguments.
EmilioX Jun 22, 5:13 PM
And what did you think of it? ^^
Luna_Estlin Jun 22, 3:44 PM
Besides, the lack of Tsukuyo and Gintoki. it was Satisfying & everything was tied up Neatly.
Adnash93 Jun 22, 2:58 PM
Not really ruining, most of comments from people who claimed that manga is better in many aspects were rather moderate (like "this scene had more tension and dialogues explaining everything than its anime adaptation in which the characters only stare at each other", something like that). Nevertheless I enjoy the anime, although I don't plan to read the manga. I will just stick to being "Yakusoku no Neverland" an anime-only viewer. ;p

Just one word about animated adaptations. Sure, manga in many cases (as I noticed) happens to be better than anime adaptation, but not always. If I were to compare some scenes from Saint Seiya then I could easily say that in the anime they were executed better than in the source material (manga) both if we judge them as adaptations of original scenes from manga and as scenes that are to show something (drama, emotions present in current part of the story).
Chrome_Falcon Jun 22, 12:13 PM
My issues are only these. Of course, I understand you and many others may not feel these to be a big deal and that is just fine. These things bugged me, however. But I still think it is a very good anime hence I rated it a 8.
Adnash93 Jun 22, 11:49 AM
I really liked it. I heard manga is better, but I can't judge since as for "Yakusoku no Neverland" I'm anime-only viewer. I liked the whole concept of seemingly peaceful orphanage which is in fact a farm used to provide high quality food from healthy young humans for awful and frightening (from humans' perspective) demons.

Main characters' trio (Emma, Norman, Ray) can't be not liked, same goes with secondary characters. Visuals and whole atmosphere were great, but the best thing were mind games between mostly main characters and their enemies.

This anime, in general, was very interesting for me. I'm looking forward to seeing Season 2 that was already announced some time ago.
Chrome_Falcon Jun 22, 11:30 AM
I get what you are saying. Ray is supposed to always think things through. So I don't feel he would send Emma in such a risky manner. It agree that it is not a deus ex machina. I never said it was. You are right when you say they get fair amount of characterisation as well. My issue is in some moments of plot convenience. As such, I don't have anything against it, but in this show such a thing ends up undermining the main characters efforts to survive and escape because that privilege gets handed over to them instead of them earning it by themselves.

Since you have read the manga, you know how important the pen is. They never would have survived outside without the pen. How did the scientist predict that Krone would give it to the children? If he had given it to Isabella instead, it would have never reached Emma. This is what I mean by plot convienience. It is of no problem if used in shows like Naruto or even FMAB because these shows will not force us to think along with its characters. But in a show like TPN, part of the enjoyment comes from predicting the twists and turns. So such a phenomenon hits harder than it should.