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Anime Stats
Days: 386.1
Mean Score: 4.56
  • Total Entries2,433
  • Rewatched142
  • Episodes22,430
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Fumetsu no Anata e
Fumetsu no Anata e
Nov 18, 5:54 PM
Watching 10/20 · Scored 7
Aria the Natural
Aria the Natural
Nov 18, 12:31 PM
Watching 15/26 · Scored 9
Sonny Boy
Sonny Boy
Nov 18, 2:41 AM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 110.8
Mean Score: 6.58
  • Total Entries338
  • Reread12
  • Chapters13,888
  • Volumes1,654
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Nov 13, 9:55 PM
Completed 380/380 · Scored 10
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou: Comic Anthology
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou: Comic Anthology
Oct 11, 6:31 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored -
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Oct 11, 6:30 PM
Completed 15/15 · Scored -


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ERMAHGERD1920 Yesterday, 6:56 AM
Yeah, i finished Arcane after that comment and god damn is it good. I've been fairly busy with uni work so rn my only hobby is pretty much gaming and youtube. Hbu?
Asosohrab Nov 25, 5:08 PM
Hello, how do you do
Thoughts on Nioh 2?
Kevin10th Nov 24, 8:39 AM
Good to know on your fine well-being. I share the same sentiment with you on the aspect of watching seasonals. Although I've only started doing it since Winter 2021, it is now not as exciting by Fall 2021. As such, selectively picking what you want to watch by picking older anime is a better idea -- like what you've stated. Not that I've watched a lot of older anime, but I can recommend a name or two as a suggestion if you want.

My favorite in this season is easily Ousama Ranking. I heard a lot of ppl liking it for its heartwarming story. While it is, I must applaud the show for its subversive writing. It reminds me to Madoka Magica and Gurren Lagann, in a good way obviously. Besides, the appearance as a children's show itself brings a nice surprise as well, since I believe it should be watched by an older target demography. It might be too early to judge, bcs its latest ep (ep. 6 at the time of writing) was comparatively weaker than the prev. 5 eps, but it is still way better than half of the show airing in this season. 86 2nd season is an honorable mention for its continued solid direction and the notable use of flower language in its 2nd cour, although it suffers greatly in several other aspects imo.

Any Fall 2021, or other 2021 shows that you want to watch in the nearest time?
speedwagon1299 Nov 24, 12:45 AM
Yeah I'm really eager to start oyasumi punpun since I've heard only good shit about it. One outs I really love, its like a perfect combo of death note in sports anime with one punch man (Nobody wins but Tokuchi Towa) done right (lol dont come at me I'm not a big fan of opm). Higurashi when the cry seemed like a crack anime to watch but I think I'm in a phase where I enjoy manga more so I'll give it a try. Billy Bat I've heard of but the other two I haven't. Thanks a lot for the recommendations though.

Also is Mushishi really good? Should I read the manga or watch the anime?
MizuInstinxt Nov 24, 12:01 AM
yea no problem , i am good how are you
ERMAHGERD1920 Nov 22, 10:31 PM
You watch Arcane yet big boy? (no spoilers if you have or I'm gonna have to report you)
speedwagon1299 Nov 22, 6:20 AM
Do you have any other manga recs like onani master kurosawa. This psychological take is my bread and butter and I would love to hear your recommendations.
Kevin10th Nov 21, 8:16 PM
Thanks for accepting the FR. Truly appreciate the gesture.

I'm doing quite well. Likewise, how about you?

Out of curiosity, are you not following seasonal shows right when they air?
AngryPerson123 Nov 21, 2:07 AM
do you know any of your mal friends irl?
Zeloge Nov 20, 3:18 AM

HEEEY im good today !! Sry for late replyyy :c ! Have a nice day xD
speedwagon1299 Nov 19, 11:22 AM
I just read Onanie Master Kurosawa that you favourited and had my mind thoroughly blown. One of the greatest manga experiences I've ever had and really gave me an eye opening experience. Thanks a lot.
DragonSlayer1989 Nov 18, 7:43 AM
I see, understandable, although I have not watched much of Gundam franchise, many told me that The Origin was the best written part. For you, which one is better?
DragonSlayer1989 Nov 18, 4:09 AM
What do you think about Gundam The Origin? I saw you gave it 6/10...
njw031 Nov 17, 10:18 PM
i haven't read any of the jojo manga, i was considering picking up on it at stone ocean but i figured that the anime would come out for part 6 as i was still reading it, so i didn't. i don't read manga nearly as much as i watch anime, but i started chainsaw man two days ago and i'm already more than halfway finished. i much prefer having a physical copy over reading it online but i don't have much time to go to bookstores, plus it can be really expensive too. usually my parents will pay for books/manga because it's "productive" but i'll have to get a job sooner rather than later lol
ERMAHGERD1920 Nov 17, 12:05 AM
I just started the RE series lol so nice reference. (On 2 rn, plan to do 4, 7 and 8. Tried 1 but tank cam turned me off, might come back once I get into the series more bc I fucking love 2 so far.) Idk, I guess for me music just isn't that big of a part of a game unless it's DMC5/Nier Automata/Doom Eternal. I watched Sonny boy weekly a few months back but stopped watching anime altogether so I kinda just left it there. I liked what I saw tho, It weird in an intriguing way tho I don't see myself restarting it any time soon. I'd say about 6.5 so far, a bit over average.

Anime as a whole has been pretty shit lately tho I did watch all 5 eps of Wit's new show last weekend and it was good and I see a lot of potential hence the high score. Also gonna start the star wars anime pretty soon as well as Arcane once it finishes airing. That's about it until part 6 next year. What are some of your top shows this year? Prob been my least active year on this site by a long shot.