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Krunchyman Jul 11, 7:25 AM
Thanks for reading!
RebelPanda Jul 10, 5:03 PM
Thank you so much! Franxx had bugged me since the start so I took notes on it as it aired, then I rewatched it to craft an argument with as much evidence as possible to support why I couldn't stand it. There ended up being a lot more issues with it than I initially expected, and it turned out being the longest (and most time-consuming .-.) review I have written by a wide margin. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Frostbytes Jul 7, 12:19 PM
I thought Kasumi as a character is pretty meh, especially since most of the other heroines are much better later on. Her routes is supposed to be anticlimactic, since the main actors don't appear yet lol, kinda same for Kei's route although it just starts the hype and ends there. My favorite route is by far the last route or Rea, and that's the favorite for most of the people anyway since the quality is vastly superior.
There is a summary though And if you want you can always watch the walkthroughs in youtube

Yeah the mobage was announced with the anime, but looks like that it keeps getting delayed. Only until recently they started this pantheon page. And yeah, acta est fabula is the one with h scenes but it lacks those additional scenarios/side stories from Amantes amentes, and Amantes is generally considered better for its extra content. The VN is a bit controversial though since its initial release, Also sprach Zarasthura gained negative reviews after the last two routes, as promised was not present.

Yeah lol, surprised to see the 10 scored reviews is getting quite some helpfuls though, but that's to be expected from some fans I guess lol
PrincessZero Jul 7, 7:11 AM
Hey, just wanted to drop by to say that your TG :re review is very nicely written.

While I am still kind of biased for TG to the point I can’t give :re a score lower than 7, I feel that you made a lot of fair points and sound really chill in your review. I agree that :re got really overboard with its character adds and that the manga’s pacing is really rushed in general, which admittedly got worse after Arima died. This also extends to the ending— while I liked the happy atmosphere I still felt that it was really rushed and came out of nowhere.

One helpful for you, keep it up! ^^
Frostbytes Jul 6, 3:28 AM
Yeah agreed.

I mean the last two routes are by far the best of the VN. Pantheon page is up now since they announced the mobage and it will be released soon I guess.
Frostbytes Jul 3, 10:09 AM
I actually uploaded up anilist review here, then deleted it when I came to know that the preliminary tag will stay as it is(it even got 4 helpful lol). If you are interested, this was the review, mostly similar to your thoughts

>I think :Re has been going steadily downhill since Cochlea arc

Exactly my point, but weirdly, fans always seem to overlook the criticisms by referring to the symbolisms and metaphors. For example, even in the last chapter too, characters from death coming back alive(seriously Kuroiwa was the most hilarious example till now) is referred to as characteristic from the last tarot card of judgement, hence it's not that bad lol.

Lol thanks, it has its flaws but it's one of my favorites for its merits like the characters and their clash of ideals, mainly got hyped since the pantheon page is up
Frostbytes Jul 2, 10:16 PM
Nice tg re review but I wish MAL updated the publishing status, otherwise the 179 completed reviews won't show up in the front page and will remain marked as preliminary review.
Perzik May 27, 4:31 AM
Thank you so much! I absolutely adore your profile pic, Yona is such a great character <3

I hope things settled down a bit and that they're less stressful! My week has been alright, busy focusing on school and trying to hand in the stuff that was due. It's worked out pretty well, thankfully.

Are you watching any good anime lately? I'd love to hear! :)
Perzik May 23, 9:14 AM
Thank you so much for accepting my friend request! <3
How has your week been? ^^
CrimsonResonance Apr 14, 1:39 PM
We've been stuck with that godforsaken behelit since the black swordsman arc! whatever miura plans to do with this I hope it's worth the ridiculous amount of wait.
lol no worries. truth be told, I myself was also expecting a hiatus after the "to be continued", thank God you and I were proven wrong.
And Miura doesn't seem to be working on any external projects atm so I'm hoping he can maintain a consistent monthly schedule from now on (or is that asking too much? lol)
I mean, it explains why he can only appear during full moons, because the moonlight apparently boosts astral energy.
I don't recall Schierke ever stating anything of the sort though. Well, she did theorise that the boy was a spy sent by The Elf King but I don't buy that for a second :/
Yeah, I just don't get those people who harp on Griffith and make out Guts to be this ray of sunshine whose committed no crime and deserves all the happiness in the world. I'd flat out be disappointed if there won't be at least some sort of friction between him and Casca.
Exactly! It was overused to hell and back. I recently caught up with Vinland Saga, another historical manga, and it was FAAAAR more tasteful in it's handling of females.
But yeah, starting from the Millennium Falcon arc it started to fade away thank goodness. And Farnese and Scheirke are great characters.

Griffiths downfall? OMG, my mind is swarming with ideas.
I'm not in the least bit expecting a straightforward final battle between him and Guts, I'll say that.
Guts mentioned that Griffith is a man who always strives for greater heights. And since no human or apostle can hold a candle to him, I'm expecting him to rebel against The Godhand and possibly even The Idea of Evil itself. In doing so, he would emerge victorious, but be gravely injured, which would provide an opening for Casca, Guts and The Skull Knight to deal the finishing blow to him. And as he's dragged away into the abyss by the souls of the former band of the hawk members, he'd feel the first tinge of genuine guilt and sorrow since the eclipse, and apologise to guts and casca for all the pain and strive he's caused them (excuse me if that last part sounded cheesy XD)
Of course, this is assuming that he DOES lose. You can never rule out the possibility of him actually achieving his dream with no repurcussions whatsoever. Miura is such a master-class troll that he might actually go through with it XD
CrimsonResonance Apr 11, 1:26 PM
Yeah, though that begs the question, just who is that behelit for? (I swear to God if it's for Puck...)
"I guess we'll find out in six months"
Griffith took over the demon baby's physical body, but his astral body could've still remained intact, and that became the moonlight boy?
It is kinda disturbing that most of the fandom thinks Casca "owes" Guts an apology because of all the times he protected her? Like, yeah sure, but that doesn't undo the damage he caused??
I can agree that Miura does stumble a bit when it comes to Casca's character. Like why does everyone and their mother in this series wanna assault her? (thankfully this issue has dwindled down over the years)
Yeah, Casca is not Guts' accessory. She's her own independent person.
Oh God, I'm all for her just casually barging into Falconia and exposing Griffith's ass to thousands of people. He's sat on his high horse (pun intended) for long enough xd
I really want to know how her relationship with Farnese will unfold. Maybe she can even serve as Farnese's protector from now on, to repay all the times Farnese protected her :D

Well, the only issue is, it would take a damn good storyteller to dedicate ample screentime and development to 4 separate parties! I hope Miura can pull it off. All we can do is have faith in him
also please for the love of Mary don't switch to Rickert's entourage in the next chapter
Dinoe Apr 6, 11:25 AM
HEyyyy siSTErrrrrrrRRRRR.
Ironie Apr 6, 11:22 AM
fascist Apr 3, 9:46 PM
Traps are EXTREMELY gay.
CrimsonResonance Apr 3, 2:30 PM
Your opinions are soooo much more well thought out and structured than mine. Gaaaah, I'm jealous >.<
I would be heartbroken beyond recovery if Casca herself used the behelit to transform into an apostle, because c'mon, she just deserves at least a semi-happy ending by this point (they all do really)
I can def get behind your second theory about her opening the dragons road to the astray realm. It's possible there they could meet the moonlit boy and we could finally get some answers on just who he is crosses fingers
Me personally, I think that after she remembers him leaving her locked up in a cell for years and the attempted rape, she'd have a huge dispute with Guts and it would cause a sort of 'split' in the party, with her finally choosing to venture out on her own to impale Griffith's head on a spike, and Farnese, Serpico, Azan, Rodrick and Magnifico(?) joining up with her (of course, she could learn to forgive Guts in the future)
This would be great because one, it would mean there would be 4 major parties in the story, and I'm all for stories that have several different factions, but also it would allow Casca to at long last have some form of agency within the story.
I want things between her and Guts to be resolved of course, but I also want her own inner-plight and (justified) qualms towards Guts to be taken into account by the narrative. She needs time to recover.
I hope all that didn't come off as too messy xd