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Dragon Ball
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Shicchi 3 hours ago
"he's basically dedicating his entire life to Kaneki"


Yeah I'm dying to see how Hide and Kaneki reunion will go aaaaaaaaaaaah
literaturenerd Nov 17, 11:43 AM
You seem to have a pretty good understanding of American politics. Most of us in the US only have a vague idea Greek politics although we know Syriza and Golden Dawn. Russia's relation with Putin is complex. On the one hand, everyone loves 1999-2008 Putin and his restoration of living standards, but by 2013 his approval rating was only around 50 percent and there were massive protests, especially by young, educated, urban Russians. When the Ukraine Maiden uprising happened, virtually all Russians saw this as a CIA coup to replace a corrupt Russian puppet with a corrupt US puppet and force Ukraine into NATO so America could kick Russia off its main naval base in Crimea and steal it. All of this to threaten Russia and warn them never disobey America. I wish I could dismiss this all as classic Russian paranoia, but there is a 50% chance that is exactly what happened. America was VERY angry that Russia took in Edward Snowden the year before and Obama may have caved to rabidly anti-Russian figures within the State Department and US Intelligence. When Putin annexed Crimea and in Russia's view stood up to America, he experienced a swell of popularity similar to George W Bush in the years right after 9/11. However, when you ask young, educated Russians in private what they really think of Putin, the results are usually more nuanced than the unanimous praise and total adoration seen in official state media.
swirlydragon Nov 15, 2:22 PM
I see, thnx for telling me about that anime lol
Cool and engaging, huh? So it depends on the LN which you are reading, I guess. And yeah, I agree that in a fantasy setting it's better if you have some visuals. Therefore, I think it's worthwhile to wait for season 2.
As for Subaru, you are 100% right. People should give that a guy a break *sigh*
Characters like Subaru are underestimated :(
You are bored during classes?
Well I am also bored during the electronics class so it depends on the teacher (whether he/she teaches good or bad) and the subject you are studying (whether you like it or not).
In my case, the electronics teacher is average imo
And yeah, I made a lot of friends. Wbu?
Also, thnx for the compliment lol
Panic attacks? >.<
It must be hard for you :\
Fortunately, I never experienced these kind of things in my life so I don't really know how you actually felt during those situations.
It's good to hear you are feeling better now :D
Thnx for asking, my university/study life is going good. As for why the two year difference between us, you could be right lol
As for Greece, every country has it's ups and downs. I mean every country has negative and positive points. I also want to visit Greece once btw
I guess, I'll visit it during my holiday vacations lol
India is developed, but there are some places which are underdeveloped and many people suffer from poverty.
I mean if you're living in a well-developed city and you belong to a rich or a middle class family then it's a good place to live.
As for your friend's parents, they must belong from a conservative family. Luckily for me, my family is quite modern.
They don't give a shit who I marry and they also don't force me on such useless things :)
And yeah, unfortunately strict parents are present in every country lol
Sorry for the late reply btw, I was kinda busy with some things.
literaturenerd Nov 14, 8:19 PM
Sorry for the long political rant. Bashing our shitty president online is all we Americans can do until Midterm elections next year.
Kunii Nov 13, 12:39 PM
Oh, I think i'll prob get used to the CGI, if it's kinda like Kingdom and Ajin xD See what you mean, the good shows always feels so short, while the shitty ones feels like it will never end xD
Haha, does feel like ear grating xD you gonna continue watching Black Clover?
Jetsies Nov 12, 12:10 AM
Thanks for accepting <3
literaturenerd Nov 11, 11:03 PM
I like my job so far. I do want to go to pharmacy school though and become a full pharmacist. The US has...problems, but I've heard Greece has its own. Our total murder rate is around 5 per 100,000 which is actually close to the lowest since the 1950s. When I was born in 1988 it was around 11-12 per 100,000. However, the number of mass shootings by deranged individuals using assault rifles has massively increased. This is certainly scary for us Americans. While the murder rate used to be higher, all you had to do was not join a gang and avoid certain areas and you were safe. Now it feels more like anyone can get randomly murdered at any time.

America's stability is also not helped by our clownish president. While we still have a solid economy for right now, Trump's constant buffoonery and failed legislation is a daily headache. He was at least supposed to help rural, White, Christians, but it doesn't seem like ANYONE is benefiting from his presidency besides the man himself and his close cronies. I'd give my left foot to trade Trump for Marine Le-Pen. He's that shitty. At least Trump will probably get himself impeached in the next 2 years. I feel bad for my Russian MAL friends stuck with at least 10 more years of Putin, who should have stepped down in 2008.
Danae Nov 10, 9:38 AM
>tfw your shitty rant review is actually read by people
Shicchi Nov 10, 2:54 AM
IKR!! My heart soaring so high when I found that post!! ; w ;
Many users where exactly? :O
I think it refers to 好き "suki", the word that Hide used. While that word is used for many things, if directed at a person it always contain romantic implication especially when it's used with "koto".
Hide's word: "Aitsu no koto sukissu mon"
Because when it's used with koto, Hide means as Kaneki as a whole. The person, personality, physical, everything. The word koto encompasses everything that is Kaneki. So basically Hide is saying he likes everything about Kaneki. He likes Kaneki.
If you read romance manga regularly, almost 90% confession uses the word "suki" (tbh it's 100% in my case because I never found confession that used other word than "suki"). And it's always always always in romantic sense.
And many translator usually translate it as "love". Even though in Japanese there is another word for love that is "Ai" but that very rarely used.
TLDR I'm screaming aaaaaaaaaah
but I refuse to hope 100% yet because I can't deal with the disappointment if I'm hoping too hard and it turned out to be a bro thing ; w ;
Kunii Nov 10, 2:50 AM
Oh I see, i've been hearing mostly about Inuyashiki, pretty hyped for it. I haven't started this season yet, prob gonna wait till most are done airing first. Heard Black Clover is kind of a disappointment
literaturenerd Nov 8, 10:42 AM
Thanks! Poor Berserk has had some rough adaptations. Anyways, you seem like a cool person! I actually majored in psychology and minored in chemistry when I was in college. Then I went to medical school and withdrew in my 2nd year (it's a long story). Now I'm working as a pharm tech and thinking about pharmacy school. Where are you from? I live in the US.
Kunii Nov 7, 2:08 AM
Oh I see, good luck on your exams :)
You watching anything from this season or last season?
Kunii Nov 4, 3:56 PM
Thank you :)
how are you doing btw?
swirlydragon Oct 27, 10:15 AM
I see, I shall give that anime a try. It seems kinda interesting :)
As for Beatrice, don't worry she becomes a important character in season 2. I don't want to give you any spoilers tho
And yeah, I also think season 2 will release soon after the OVA. But why don't you like LN? Is it because they got no pictures/images unlike VN or manga?
So that's the reason you didn't like the whale arc, huh? animal abuse xD
Tho I agree that the whale arc isn't as good as the other arcs.
Anyway, there sure are very good arcs in season 2. I can't wait for it >.<
Oh god someone who finally understands what I mean!
You are absolutely right! While it's dumb to hate Emilia, it's also dumb to hate Subaru (even tho he did some dumb things) because most of the time he was traumatized due to dying countless times. I mean, give that a guy a break!
As for the forums, I agree it's cancer.
As for Rem, that's the main reason I don't like her. I mean she got rejected, but she still kept clinging to Subaru >.<
Subaru should have kept his distance from her. Emilia is the only one for Subaru :)
And yeah, thnx. Electrical Engineering is kinda tough, but I do like the classes since I love maths and physics (and Electrical engineering mainly focuses on these two subjects).
I am a freshman tho even if you are a junior (I don't know why xD)
Study what you wanted, huh? Nice!
Hard work finally pays off!
You weren't well? Why? What happened to you?
Anyway, I wish you the best and hope you complete the classes and catch up on your studies :)
Greece, huh?
And yeah I know your country got financial crisis, but I still like Greece due to it's infrastructure, culture, people, etc.
As for me, I live in India. I do like my country, but it's not very developed.
But I do like living here :)
Life here is fine, I guess
swirlydragon Oct 18, 2:02 PM
I just looked at your profile.
So you study psychology, huh?
Where you from?
(You are also 1 year older than me, huh? xD)