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JizzyHitler 11 hours ago
personally i think gundam 079 is by far the best start to ther series, simply because it sets the standard for alot of the stories going forward and sets up tons tropes and traditions used in other series. Keep in mind 079 is very old and in many areas might be outdated. its a series i grew to love more and more after finishing it and appreciating alot of its thematic value more so than actual enjoyment of watching it in the moment. The move compilation for 079 is kind of a good way to cut some of the fluff from the original series and prevents some teidium from the more episodic stuff, but it does cut some things i wish it didnt, then again it also adds alot better animation at times and new scenes. I honestly just reccomend going through the universal century timeline first (079 - zeta - ZZ optional - CCA 0 unicorn)

I havent seen 00 so i cant speak for that one.
KannoSugako Feb 18, 2:08 PM
I'm all better now, which is both good and bad since having a cold it's not fun at all BUT now i have no excuse for bailing my exam *damn*

Oh hell no! You're on the same boat than me!!!! Poor thing, guess we are companions in this misery trip, lol. And also lol at that pun hahaha. Good luck for you too, i really hope you do great and survive the fearsome battle that is to come.

Thanks for the wishes, even thou i do have a bf (with whom i've been with since forever) being that i was super sick the day itself wasn't fun at all, but then again, not that we celebrate that sort of jazz hahaha.

Anyways, hope you have a nice week and that somehow time bends and we have more time in order to study T_T

I hereby decrete that we shall be successful in our exams. Ganbatte Danae!
Tsukkimaru Feb 14, 11:34 AM
Oh! How cool! I'm glad you're enjoying my comments lol, made me go back and see what I wrote. And I've always liked Kacchan but since I read the manga before the anime I had a bit more of a bias so I totally get why some people hate(d) him. Though I'm still sticking by my words that everyone will end up loving him at some point, I just have to wait a bit longer ;)
I would put every character in my favourites if I could, although I'm already reserving a spot for a certain someone once season 4/5 comes out haha!
KannoSugako Feb 13, 1:18 PM
Since i am sick i took some time off to reply some MAL messages but time wasn't enough to reply yoursssssssss!!!!! And i so wanna get to do it and dig into more Berserk and fangirl about it with you *desperate*

If anything, i hope i can reply before 22 February (my last exam date) if i didn't i'm sorry but i still have like, 200 pages to read!! And things to review and WHY DO I HAVE TO GET SICK AT A TIME LIKE THIS. But i SURELY will reply afterwards. Anyways, wait for meee pleaseeee hahaha! I haven't forgotten about you at all!

I hope you're doing fine and you're nailing those exams!!

Oh and happy valentine's day! (nor that i ever give wishes on this day but i may as well do it here on MAL)

A big hug!

Nosma Jan 10, 11:33 PM
Ye. Glad to meet you. Do you prefer english? I literally couldn't care less, it would be better to talk in english, if anything.

Nosma Jan 10, 9:18 AM
Hey there! Found you on Valk.

Are you greek, by any chance?
Valkeiser Jan 10, 8:56 AM
Ah, I see. I hated when that happened, which is why when I made my schedule during college I tried to balance my subjects to not get overloaded... Ah, that's great! Good to hear you had a good time with your friends and family. And I agree with you, I've grown out of going to clubs and crowded places, I prefer smaller and more intimate gatherings over crazy parties. On Christmas Eve I had dinner with my family and relatives that live in other states came by too, so it was a good time to catch up with them. And on New Years Eve I went to a friend's house with some other from high-school/college and had a few drinks. Overall I had a nice holidays =)

Yeah, I went to Europe some years ago but only visited Germany, England, Scotland and Netherlands. So on my next trip I want to visit the southern countries like France, Spain, Italy and Greece. They have a lot of historical places to visit and not to say the museums, so I'm saving up to have a long enough trip to go everywhere I plan to. Have you traveled or visited other countries?... Ah, if she recommends you it will be a good opportunity not only to get some money but also to deal with your anxiety, as you will have to interact with strangers and all. Good to hear you're doing better by the way. I'm sure you'll improve and control it better if you do get that job.

I watched the OVAs a few days after I told you and were actually nice. Is centered on Chise and we have a glimpse on her past in an anime original story, but servers enough to make you empathize and care for her, unlike the show that just expects you to feel bad for her out of nowhere. Anyway, give them a chance, maybe you'll like her character a bit more after that.

Yeah, already heard some rumors about Berserk and our mutual friend Kanno is pushing me to pick it up, so I will eventually. I don't ind the gore or disturbing scenes as long as it is done in a way it fits the story and not just for the edge... Also, saw that big 10 you gave Devilman. Yuasa did a very good job adapting, wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. What are your thoughts on it?

Well, the reason I like Takagi is because of how simple it is. An innocent romance about two middle schoolers, with no cringey misunderstandings, unneeded melodrama or any of the annoying tropes most anime romances have these days. First episode was nice but I still prefer the manga over it, but is too soon to judge it. Anyway, give it a try, maybe you'll like it. As for "A Place Further than the Universe" had a decent first episode but the second one was better, looks like it has potential to be an enjoyable SoL. And I've already read some Citrus chapters so I know what to expect. I'm already anticipating the hate it will get but I don't think it will be bad, I might pick the manga back up after the season is over. What is Kokkoku by the way?
KannoSugako Jan 8, 6:36 AM

Thankzzzzzzzzzz gurrrrl! Hope you had a great time too! Did you get to eat lots of treats!? Ate a lot in general? As for how i spent my holidays i did indeed had a great time, ate a ton of food (specially Christmas related sweet food like Panettone and pandono, torrone and brownies because hell yeah). I spent both days with my family, it is how it is done most of the time and i actually didn’t wanna go out or anything crazy like that. But nothing like holidays in Venezuela were i was with my all-time pals and my sister; we had this sort of ritual were on Christmas Eve we would watch LOTR trilogy, it was so much fun. Since i wasted so much time in december i also need to study a lot, i’ve been doing it for the past two weeks now, but today i feel really sick had to stay home and i took advantage of that crappy situation to respond to MAL folks. Sadly, i do have exams, first one it’s coming up on January 23 *realization that it’s just days away*

About anyone intervening i don’t see that happening and actually, i don’t think i’d be such a good idea either. Both Central and South America have a long history of military interventions, coups and such, and it’s always a disaster and things always end up being worst. Last year people try to organize themselves and made some really huge protests, many many people died, specially young people, but nothing happened, they just moved forward repressing as hard as possible and didn’t care about the dead. It was a very dramatic period that lead to nothing. So when you think about it, there are not many options left and people has sorta fell in a state of apathy and passiveness. It’s almost as they had embraced doom for real. As far as returning there i don’t see it happening any time soon; i wish, but it’s not gonna happen, i have more or less accepted that i’m here and there’s nothing to be done about it so i try to live my life as best as possible in Italy.

I know about Greece quite a bit cause i’m always following the anarchist protest movements in there, and of course i look with lots of worry the rise of things such as Golden Dawn, just thinking about that gives me the chills. How as this economic crisis affected you? What is your take on it?

Oh how interesting! Only thing psychology/neuro related is a course i took on the neuroscience of religion; one of the most interesting and compelling things i’ve got to read about for sure. But i’m completely blind when it comes to the rest. I’m an anthropology student, currently beginning graduate studies. So i know all about anthropology and sociology related deals hahaha. Yeah i bet you are a bit scared of living alone, but it’s always a nice experience imo. And as for living in France i don’t think it’s that bad, i mean yes there are terrorist attacks but it’s not something that generalized that could possibly affect you, i honestly don’t see it happening. You would have to be extreeeeeeemely unlucky to be involved in a case like that. For the rest i bet Czech Republic and Netherlands are less appealing right? Have you decided anything yet? Do you have a time limit to do so?

Oh gurrl, i already finished Stardust S2, just to let you know, episode 19 made me almost shred a tear but i definitively cried on episode 20. It was HEARTBREAKING. We already watched the first episode of Diamond and i’m loving it. Looks super dope! I agree with you on S1 thou, it was a bit lacking in the excitement department, and stand users were mostly standard S2 it’s way better in this aspect. WHAT?! CAR RACING!? That’s also super hard for me, i remember trying to play mario and crashing all the time...i only have but sad memories with games </3 lol.

As for my hobbies besides anime and manga, as you know already i’m an avid music consumer, i also love reading (thou since i started reading manga i haven’t read that many books to be honest), i love cycling, trekking, taking lots of photographs of woods and random stuff on the streets and protests but mostly, i am obsessed about weightlifting. Ever since i started going to the gym last year i became obsessed with being stronger, being able to lift more and more weight; the sense of achievement and self-satisfaction is incredible when you get to lift more weight. I mean yeah, the physical aspect it’s really important too, but my goal always is to be stronger and inevitably to get stronger you build more muscle and as such look better.

HAHAHAH you must be joking, i’m nothing like that, lol. WHAT!?!?! How in hell am i gonna be younger than you if you’re just 20 years old!?!? You’re making me feel like a granny here *lol, i’m joking* i’m 27 years old my dear friend. I know i don’t look like it, everybody tells me so, and i’m not mad about it, in fact, i think it’s quite convenient, lol.

*channeling my inner Berserk fangirl*

*trying to calm herself a bit before looking like a maniac*

*breathes deeply*


*counts to three*


Gets pushed by Danae after being creep out with the levels of compulsive fangirling

PD: btw gurl, how are you liking Versailles no Bara? I've seen you are watching it and i'm always curious as to ask whether it is worth watching or not. Would love to know your thoughts on it!
Iris225 Jan 6, 4:30 PM
Thanks for the comment :D I Love Kaname a lot! He's incredible :D <3 I see him on your favorite male characters ;3 Just like a Lelouch or L :D They are also amazing ang brilliant :D And Yona of course!! :D I like her to bery much :D
Valkeiser Jan 1, 6:42 PM
Happy New Year to you too!!

Don't worry about it, holidays are a busy time with all the preparations and parties, and I imagine even stressful with midterms coming up. But hope you had the time to relax, clear you mind and enjoy some time for your own. What did you do this holidays?

Ah, you're from Greece? Never been there, but plan to on my next trip t Europe. Also, if you ever want to practice your Spanish I'm a native speaker of it, so I can help you out on that... Ah, it's been years since I had a panic attack, it sucks to suffer from anxiety specially since you never "cure" from it, you just learn to control it. But don't worry about it, when the time is right you'll find a job with an environment you feel comfortable with and hopefully do something you like.

Yeah, I enjoy what I'm currently doing. It took me some time to get used to all the terminology, but once I got it is actually no more complicated than any other project management position. I've been in this for one year now and I don't have plans to change jobs for now, specially with how the economy is doing. I'm actually more interested in investing in something I can live from when I decide to retire, which hopefully will be in a few years. And yes, with my career I can pursue other options but I've been out of the medium for quite some time so and catch up with all the new tendencies would take me some time I can't afford.

Yeah, from what I've heard the OVAs are a prequel that covers Chise's backgrounds and can be considered canon. A friend who is a big fan of the manga told me to wacth them as it improves the perception of her character, specially understanding her personality. And given that one of my main complains is her attitude I'm considering watch them today and see if that helps me appreciate the show better. But one cour has already passed and it still in "pretty world but weak story/characters" territory, I hope the second one after watching the OVAs will make me change my mind for the better.

I haven't watched nor read anything from Berserker, but I've been recommended to read the manga a lot. But there's already so many chapters out and constantly hearing is on hiatus has killed any motivation I've had. But I'll eventually get to it, is one of those you just have to try at some point.

And no, I have some on my list but nothing I'm very excited about. Want to take some time to watch completed shows I've been postponing like Card Captor Sakura so I can watch the upcoming sequel. But what I might try are Takagi-san (I love the manga), Yuru Camp, A Place Further Than The Universe, Citrus (because why not), and Love is Like after the Rain. What about you?
Comic_Sans Dec 31, 2017 3:19 PM
KannoSugako Dec 31, 2017 7:15 AM

Happy New Year!!! May this next year be a great one for you! A massive hug!

PD: don't ya worry, answer when you find the time too! Hope you have a great day and eat lots of good stuff haha
swirlydragon Dec 26, 2017 5:35 AM
Merry Christmas!

Hope you enjoy this day :)

Sorry if I am being a little late >.<
Valkeiser Dec 24, 2017 4:56 PM

Merry Christmas!!
Comic_Sans Dec 24, 2017 4:21 PM
Aye, Sailor Moon. Thanks