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Banana Fish
Banana Fish
10 hours ago
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Diamond wa Kudakenai
10 hours ago
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Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Yagate Kimi ni Naru
Nov 14, 8:34 AM
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Ao no Flag
Ao no Flag
Nov 14, 2:33 AM
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Nov 13, 6:15 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Nov 9, 11:10 AM
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KannoSugako Oct 29, 7:45 AM

Danaee!!!! OH HI GURRRRRRRL!!!! It’s so nice hearing back from you, seriously!!! I mean it!!! You don’t worry about that, I know what it’s like, I find myself in the same situation nowadays, I’ve been working for like, 3 months now I think and jeez, I barely have enough time to catch up to things, so besides updating my list I haven’t been active in here.

Besides work, I’ve been doing great, I mean it’s so good to finally be more independent and having some extra cash ahaha, not gonna deny that. But it has been hard getting used to the hectic routine after so long (like I didn’t properly have a full-time job since I was in my country 5 years ago!).

How are things on your side??? How are you coping with freaking Miura not letting us know what’s going on with Casca and Guts!?



Where could I start?

Basically, Hunter x Hunter is one of those series I was like nah, I’ll never watch it and from the longest running shounen series I thought I’ll only watch Gintama. Instead, my bf was always like let’s watch Hunter, let’s watch Hunter until I finally gave up and lord, lord, even with the little free time I have now that I’m working we binge watched it so badly, there were some days (rest days from work) where we would watch 17-20 episodes! Anyways, my point is I’m obsessed with it, with Killua, with Hisoka, with the Troupe, with the world and it’s amazing characters! We even started the 99 version some days ago, and after that I’m planing to read the manga from the beginning. So it’s nice to see people that love it too <3. Still, it’s super sad that even after the anime there’s not much left to read, freaking stupid hiatus issues :(

So sorry for extending this much hahaha. Oh and you're watching Banana Fisssssssh <33333 *shuts her trap* jaklsdjkldj

Bless this child.
Noblefantast Oct 25, 10:31 AM
Thank you,I have splash free stuck in my head now XD
Noblefantast Oct 21, 6:58 PM
Hi,I like your profile pic
Menori Oct 8, 4:24 AM
Shishio was the best <3! (EVEN IF Mamura is cuuute.)

Yey we are vol.9 right now .. After each episodes I'm reading the manga to compare, and even if for now it's seems okay, for the next i'm worried ... Blanca will appear soon, and I knoow there'll be many quiet moments with lots of dialogue so maybe some of them will be cut...
(well, if they cut some political moments with Golzine I'm ok, just keep ALL moments between Eiji and Ash MAPPA plz)

I hope too concerning additional OVA :'<
Menori Oct 5, 1:33 AM
Banana fish, Berserk, Shin angyo onshi, Gintama, Pandora, HxH .... what kind of perfect tastes is it ?

Btw, I read ur comment 'bout banana fish TV, and yeah I'm bit afraid for the next .. and just why 24 and not 26 episodes ? Even two more episodes could be important ;o;
TheMaxPhoenix Sep 23, 5:51 PM

Recuerda visitarnos en nuestras diversas páginas

Yae_Sakura Sep 7, 8:29 AM
Hi ^_^
Happy Birthday :)
Baka_JimmY Jul 21, 10:51 AM
Gonna change it!!
Yona TT lol xd
Baka_JimmY Jul 20, 5:07 AM
Nice profile pic!
Yona <3
Krunchyman Jul 11, 7:25 AM
Thanks for reading!
RebelPanda Jul 10, 5:03 PM
Thank you so much! Franxx had bugged me since the start so I took notes on it as it aired, then I rewatched it to craft an argument with as much evidence as possible to support why I couldn't stand it. There ended up being a lot more issues with it than I initially expected, and it turned out being the longest (and most time-consuming .-.) review I have written by a wide margin. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
EndlessWitch Jul 7, 12:19 PM
I thought Kasumi as a character is pretty meh, especially since most of the other heroines are much better later on. Her routes is supposed to be anticlimactic, since the main actors don't appear yet lol, kinda same for Kei's route although it just starts the hype and ends there. My favorite route is by far the last route or Rea, and that's the favorite for most of the people anyway since the quality is vastly superior.
There is a summary though And if you want you can always watch the walkthroughs in youtube

Yeah the mobage was announced with the anime, but looks like that it keeps getting delayed. Only until recently they started this pantheon page. And yeah, acta est fabula is the one with h scenes but it lacks those additional scenarios/side stories from Amantes amentes, and Amantes is generally considered better for its extra content. The VN is a bit controversial though since its initial release, Also sprach Zarasthura gained negative reviews after the last two routes, as promised was not present.

Yeah lol, surprised to see the 10 scored reviews is getting quite some helpfuls though, but that's to be expected from some fans I guess lol
PrincessZero Jul 7, 7:11 AM
Hey, just wanted to drop by to say that your TG :re review is very nicely written.

While I am still kind of biased for TG to the point I can’t give :re a score lower than 7, I feel that you made a lot of fair points and sound really chill in your review. I agree that :re got really overboard with its character adds and that the manga’s pacing is really rushed in general, which admittedly got worse after Arima died. This also extends to the ending— while I liked the happy atmosphere I still felt that it was really rushed and came out of nowhere.

One helpful for you, keep it up! ^^
EndlessWitch Jul 6, 3:28 AM
Yeah agreed.

I mean the last two routes are by far the best of the VN. Pantheon page is up now since they announced the mobage and it will be released soon I guess.
EndlessWitch Jul 3, 10:09 AM
I actually uploaded up anilist review here, then deleted it when I came to know that the preliminary tag will stay as it is(it even got 4 helpful lol). If you are interested, this was the review, mostly similar to your thoughts

>I think :Re has been going steadily downhill since Cochlea arc

Exactly my point, but weirdly, fans always seem to overlook the criticisms by referring to the symbolisms and metaphors. For example, even in the last chapter too, characters from death coming back alive(seriously Kuroiwa was the most hilarious example till now) is referred to as characteristic from the last tarot card of judgement, hence it's not that bad lol.

Lol thanks, it has its flaws but it's one of my favorites for its merits like the characters and their clash of ideals, mainly got hyped since the pantheon page is up