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Parallel Paradise
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Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki desu ka?
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Kimetsu no Yaiba
Sep 15, 10:15 PM
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Antalk Apr 9, 8:29 PM
Any luck w/ bakabt?
Antalk Mar 29, 5:46 PM

AmmyDrammy Mar 28, 1:47 PM
tired as always, but i'm in a good mood. how are you?
AmmyDrammy Mar 17, 7:53 PM
You have one of the most organized stats ever
Antalk Jan 2, 8:03 PM
I like your profile pic!
Antalk Jul 26, 2018 6:37 PM
Do you still have a home or have the brothers trashed the place, lol. It's been about two months now, they must be getting big.
Antalk May 27, 2018 5:29 PM

LOL, nice profile pic
sadcyborg May 21, 2018 11:06 PM
I finished Monster not long after I finished 20cb. I haven’t watched it, though. Mentally preparing myself for the eps lol. 20cb would have been a great anime. Long as hell, but I wouldn’t mind bc it’s probably my favorite Psych/Mystery, after HakoMari. When I was a kid, I really loved the movie IT, bc everyone starts off as kids and best friends, then we see this leap into their future as separated adults. But tragedy brings them back together and closer than ever. This was just something super similar that I always loved. At one point, I rly couldn’t figure anything out so I stopped picking my brain and let things just unfold. Took me a long time to finish it, but it was worth it. I won’t say much until you finish it, though lol.

SO, I finished FMAB. 11/10. The feeling I got watching this show was a feeling I haven’t had since I watched Eureka Seven. Plenty of anime have become my favorite since then, but none gave me that specific feeling. For example, Chuunibyou does a handful of elements rly well (Romantic Comedy SOL), but stories like E7, FMAB, or Blood+ do MANY elements well. They make you feel so many emotions that go way beyond just laughing and crying. And you know that empty void feeling when you finish a legendary series? Yep. I’m gonna feel that for a few days lmao.

I’m glad Mustang was gonna get his sight back, but not before Havoc was treated. I wanted a LITTLE MORE with Mustang/Hawkeye, but I still love the ending. Pretty sure I cried through almost every death on the show. Definitely didn't want Greed to die (also cried lol), but I was glad Pride got a "restart" in life. Hohenheim’s death hit me hella hard. That was just painfully peaceful. On brighter notes, Winry flipping Ed’s confession back on him with the “I won’t give you half of me, but all of me” had me screaming. More than anything, I needed Al to get his body back and that made me cry more. Slightly satisfied with finishing this series bc I’m sick of puffy eyes and headaches lol.

I was gonna comment on BnHA, but your list shows you’re already caught up on the show! How do you feel about it? To touch on what you mentioned, I think it has plenty of hardships. They’re still kids training to be heroes and have already experienced plenty life or death situations. I’m excited to start reading it again. Probs gonna start focusing on manga that I’m watching or have already watched. I wanna get back into Haikyuu and AoT. I’ve started FMAB too. Might finish that fast since the anime is so fresh in my memory.

Ok, I have to talk about three anime this season: WotaKoi, Gegege no Kitaro, and Hinamatsuri. I knew WotaKoi would be amazing bc I’m reading it. I rly want more anime with adult characters, especially romcoms. The other two are unexpected gems. I thought Gegege no Kitaro would be an uninteresting kid show but it’s honestly well made. some parts have even creeped me out lol and Hinamatsuri is so goddamn hilarious. I’ve already started the manga. This is comedy done right. The humor is perfect. I love it lol. So, even though FMAB is over, I still have some great shows to watch this season!
Antalk May 21, 2018 5:49 PM
Bakabt does not need an invite as far as I know but I did submit a question form to the moderators. I will let you know.
I use CCCP Codec and utorrent 2.2.1 ( I have had horrendous fails with utorrent updates ).

I expect pics of your new kitten. I am happy for you.
Antalk May 12, 2018 5:46 AM
I would recommend going to your local dog pound ( they have cats too ). They all have had their shots and have been fixed as well. Don't look for a specific dog/cat, your future pet will find you.

Bakabt I think shut down briefly a few months back for a major modification/update. I only say that b/c their login page is different and the way they calculate their ratio has changed as well.

One of my favorite anime/manga is Chrome Shelled Regios. The anime was easy ... Netflix at first and then purchased the DVD's. Manga ... could not find it anywhere. Come to find out the publisher will not release it in the States nor foot the bill to have it translated into English, believing that there is not a market for either. Another 'baka' website, this one called Baka-Tsuki, is a translation website, where they get volunteers to translate manga from Japanese to English, or German or Spanish or Romanian. The down side, b/c the translators are not paid, it takes a long time. CSR took three years to complete ... so I would read a couple of chapters then have to wait a couple of months for the next chapter to get released. It was worth the wait imho. A side note: I was forced to stop reading CSR b/c several Japanese publishers slammed Baka-Tsuki with a massive "Cease and Desist" order b/c several publishers did not want their manga translated into English ... they realized they were about to lose out on a shit-ton of money b/c of their narrow vision if Baka-Tsuki kept translating their property. Baka-Tsuki shut down briefly until the lawyers settle things. In the end, CSR was one of the works they were able to keep working on. The bright side of this, some of the publishing houses had their eyes opened to the prospects of translating their works to other languages, that there is a HUGE market outside of Japan that want their works and not just the US but Europe, South/Central America, hell the rest of the world ... anime/manga aren't just a Japanese thing anymore.
I do enjoy hentai manga and have found a source here in the states, Fakku. What they have done is purchase the licensing rights and publish the English versions and sell them here. What sets them apart from other English translated manga is the quality of the physical product: The paper used is a higher quality stock in both size and thickness ( ok yes laugh if you must ), a jacket for the manga and like in Japan, occasionally you will get a card with some of the characters on it. They are trying to give the American/Canadian consumer a product just like you would get in Japan. I just wish they would broaden their product line to include mainstream manga as well.
Antalk May 3, 2018 4:42 PM
And you are welcome.
I am trying to think of a manly way to put how I feel about Ling and I can't. It hurts, deep. All four of us were in a funk for a good two weeks. The vet sent her paw prints to us with her ashes and our son had her paw prints made into a tattoo. About a month after we put Roxy down, my wife on a hunch went to the pound and found a mini-Roxy but didn't think I would approve. Boy was she wrong and two days later, Mabel became a member of our family, much to the chagrin of Zim. Mabel is about 5 pounds soaking wet and MY dog or shall I say I am her human. She tolerates the other members of our family but loves me.
Time will soothe your emptiness for Ling but time will not let you forget her, nor will your heart.

I downloaded Monster from bakabt which is a torrent site. I have been using it for years. Don't know how 'legal' it is but that is how I get most of my anime. Would rather purchase my anime legit ( eventually I am going to donate most of my library to the Cleveland Clinic children's ward, they have very little anime. Found out this little fact when our son spent a week there ). I venture to say the live action would probably be a multi-season show and I will watch it if/when it is made.

Going with your description of their adventure, I want to add it is not episodic like Golgo-13. Every episode is another piece of a puzzle that is needed to complete the picture. You cannot skip an episode or you will be lost. Thinking about Eva, you are spot on, she loves Tenma.
sadcyborg Apr 19, 2018 7:13 PM
I usually end up alternating. Lately, I’m watching more shows and just reading every now and then. I’ll probably switch soon lol. There’s just so many good stories. I’ve started a handful of manga and had to put it on hold or just put it on “plan to read”, bc I know I won’t be able to invest as much attention as I want. Some series are super long and I gotta prepare myself to start it lol long series = a lot of information coming my way.

I finished FMA a few years ago. It was FMAB that I needed to complete lol and I’m almost done! Overall, I like FMAB way more. Depending on my feelings after I finish FMAB, it might be the tenth series I gave a 10/10 lol. Mustang is such a badass. So is Bradley. I love how they focus so much on side characters. This series is just so amazing. I love Olivier. And when Armstrong met Izumi’s husband! Lol so much greatness. Saw Fu and Buccaneer’s deaths not long ago. I’ve been crying throughout this entire show lol. I’ll tell you more when I finish. I’ve been super busy lately so I’m watching some other shows before I finish FMAB.

I never finished Naruto Shippuden. I doubt I will. I love a lot of things about it, but I dislike just as much. I stopped watching a few years ago. I’m not sure exactly when the manga ended but I remember reading the last chapters only to see a bunch of forced relationships. I could never fully get behind the hype bc I did NOT like Sasuke nor did I like the somehow apparent relationship between him and Sakura lol. Or the development with Naruto and Hinata. I loved the idea of them being together but the show gave me nothing to back that hope up. It was just lazy lol. If romance is gonna be an important aspect of a show, you have to support those developments as much as individual character development and friendship developments. I feel like the point where I was in the show had plenty of time to have accomplished some of that but didn’t.

One villain in BnHA may seem crazy for no reason. Their opinions are actually not totally wrong, but murder being a justification is a total reach lol as with all villains. The main villain has their reasons fleshed out, so you don’t really get all of it at once. But I kind of like it. Heroes flaunt their status and accomplishments as if they can save anyone, but sometimes choices and sacrifices have to be made. Some heroes may knowingly not even be strong enough to save someone, so do they deserve the status, praise, and money? I mean, it’s common sense that everyone can’t be saved, but when someone is on the sacrificial end, they are bound to have a new and twisted view of life. Not just the twisted perspectives of villains, but the heroes and citizens, too. It’s just fun to see different perspectives.

Nooo that is a great example! The show just took me back to those innocent days. You see this “maybe friendship” turn into an obvious friendship and then something more, but they are too uncertain and embarrassed to explore deeper. They hang out so much but they don’t think much of it. and Everyone around them questions their actual relationship with each other lol it’s so cute. It’s just nostalgic. I went through similar situations as both the characters. As I get older, I just enjoy that cute stuff more. Obviously, it has to be well developed with great characters, but I crave that cute romance shit lmao.

I still haven’t started the new FLCL. I think I’m going to wait until more episodes drop. I bought some anime recently so I might be rewatching some classic movies and my fav series, E7. Might start saving more money to get the shows I want. There are quite a few tbh lol.

See, I watched some of World Trigger before and I stopped. But Idk WHY I stopped lmao. It must be because I didn’t like it, but I’m gonna give it another shot. I dropped Hyouka and went back to finish that and loved it. So, who knows lol. I’m getting into Space Brothers asap. Idk if I can wait any longer. Might put a bunch of stuff on hold for it lmao. I already read and watched some of it and I think it’s funny. Plus, the brothers are total opposites and there is that sibling rivalry. Gonna be nice to see who reaches their goals first.

Antalk Apr 17, 2018 6:05 PM
I am half way thru the series and I really enjoy it. About five years ago, I could have watched it on Netflix but declined b/c it wasn't dubbed and I kick myself for being too narrow minded when it comes to Monster. I found a dubbed version on bakabt, made a copy on a micro SD card and will occasionally watch it at work during lunch and use my tablet and the smart screen feature on the tv in the bedroom to watch it as well. It is an investment in time as I find it very detailed and the story continuously flows, not getting stale. I don't invest a lot of time in long series b/c I have found that the anime should have ended 10 episodes earlier.
The reasoning for the odd couple: I noticed Heinrich doesn't blow off Eva when they meet, like all the other men in her life. They are most definitely polar opposites and they say opposites attract.

If you hear screaming in the background, that would be my wife yelling ... the Indians are in Puerto Rico playing the Twins and have hit back to back home runs.

I am truly sorry about your cat. I feel for you, I truly do. Putting our Roxy down last summer was one of the most difficult things we had to do. She was one of our kids. A few weeks after we put her down, my wife was at the dog shelter and found a miniature Roxy and we have another dog, to go along with our min-pin Zim. Your cat, she looks so chill in that pic.
Antalk Apr 16, 2018 5:31 PM
I am watching Monster as well and enjoying it. Heinrich is an interesting character ... would rather marry his job and divorce his wife, didn't even bat an eye when she left. I get a feeling that Eva and Heinrich end up together.
What's going on? Nice cat. I have only met one cat that I liked. Our neighbors cat Kilroy thinks it is a dog.
sadcyborg Apr 4, 2018 9:41 PM
Volume 2 isn’t as intense as Volume 1, but I think it’s because of the build for psychological change. Remember how O describes Kazuki in Volume 1? Most people have things they are desperate to change, but Kazuki is oddly desperate to not change anything about himself or those around him. That’s just not possible lol so he is fated to clash with those around him and fated to change. How it all happens is the best part. Volumes 3 and 4 are Part 1 and 2 of the same arc. Same goes for Volumes 5 and 6. Those have more intense storylines bc they cover two volumes. And of course the last volume is a little intense, too. So, in comparison, Volume 2 appears to be the most boring. I liked it, though lol.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say much about this, but that sentiment is expanded upon in the last volume. Remember when I compared ReZero to this novel? It goes further than contemplating, but you will see how it all unfolds.

And YES, normally comedy in anime doesn’t make me laugh much unless it’s parody or paired with a stronger genre (like Romance). FMAB is hilarious, though. I liked FMA, but FMAB consistently shifts back and forth between happy and sad situations. There is a constant emphasis on humans vs monsters, humans Being monsters, or monsters showing humanity. I was a complete mess when Envy was dying lol it was really sad. I love SO MANY characters and the animation is so sick. 10/10 imo.

Honestly, I like BnHA for similar reasons as FMAB: a BIG cast of characters that individually shine, with their own goals, backgrounds, and struggles. The MC isn’t always the star of the show. There are at least 3 other students his age that outshine by skill and fanbase, and a handful that outshine just by skill lol. He has a long way to go, so his journey is paired with the journeys of his classmates. The villains r slick af. Super hyped for season 3 lol.

I’m not rly a big fan of SOL by itself, but some of my top favs are sol/romcom, like Chuunibyou. Skilled Teaser Takagi-san is just pure nostalgia: a girl, a boy, and tease wars lol. It’s not about their relationship as a couple, but as kids growing up who have a bond that can’t really be defined as just “friendship”. I was reading it before the anime and now I want all of it animated lol
I’ve rewatched movies (been a while since I’ve even done that), but the current me doesn’t even have the energy to rewatch an entire series lol. I don’t have a problem with episodic shows or repetitive formulas, but Mushishi has only 1 character and he isn’t very entertaining. Not to me, at least. Mix that with predictable outcomes each ep and you have yourself some boredom lol. Sucks bc the plot is still interesting. Would have been interesting with maybe one more consistent character to compliment the MCs laid back personality.

It’s pretty rare for a series to produce a new season with new plot/characters and be more entertaining than the first season imo, so I’m not expecting the new FLCL seasons to surpass the first. Impossible lol but I honestly don’t know what to expect lol. Still haven’t watched the ep that dropped bc I thought the other season would start first.

I know about LoGH but never watched bc it’s so lengthy lol. FMAB is the longest series I’ve watched in a long time. Long series r just intimidating man. I don’t want to spend a ton of time investing in a series just for it to turn into complete butt after I reach the midway mark lol. But I plan to check out a few lengthy series pretty soon. Might start World Trigger again. Definitely gonna watch Space Brothers, soon.