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immortal May 27, 2018 10:08 AM
20cb would be an incredible anime. I haven't finished it yet, but from the 140 chapters I've read, if done by the right studio, preferably Madhouse, it would definitely be a great anime. I haven't watched the 1990 version of IT, just the new one, but I see what you're saying. I agree that it was nice to see a group of kids, who are best friends, develop together and then a time skip happens, and events unfold where they're all connected to their past. I also like how ambiguous the author was to actually kill off the main character and appoint a new main character which is Kanna. I know many would say that Ocho and the rest were also main characters, but I see Kenji and Kanna as being the true main characters, while the others had strong side roles. I would love to talk more to you about it once I finish it. Which series do you like better, Monster or 20cb? And have you read any more of Naoki Urasawa's works?

Yes! I hate the empty void feeling. I had the EXACT same feeling after watching FMAB, so I understand lol. It's like damn, what do i do now? It's hard to put your mind into another series when your mind is still engrossed and stuck in the last series. FMAB is just a show with a great story, great side characters who receive development, great setting, world building, good humor, great great great music, multi dimensional villains, foreshadowing with no asspulls, in depth MC's, philosophical roots, etc. I can go on forever. Man I love this show. You're going to make me re-watch it lmao. I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you've mentioned Blood+ to me before. I think I'm going to start it today. I'm looking to add a few more series to my watch list. It's Summer time, so It's time to watch as much as I can before college comes back.

I'm glad Mustang got his eyes back too. It would've been hard to lead a country without them lol. I like the message attached to him restoring his eyesight. The philosopher stone, which is literally a stone created of people who were slaughtered like cattle, gave him back his eyesight. Instead of taking the stone to use for his own selfishness, he chose to use the stone to restore his sight, for the purpose of making things right and creating a peaceful world. I love that. And I agree. I think there should've been one OVA created that delved into the relationships of FMA such as Winry and Ed, Mustand/Hawkeye, and future events and outcomes. Like I would've liked to know how Pride's revival turns out, or how Ed's adventures traveling the world ended up, etc. I think there's more to this story. I really do, but even so, i think it had a graceful ending. And man, Hohenheim's death was just sad. I felt like he had such an unsatisfying life. What got me is when he was crying at his former wife's grave, and one of his last words is that he doesn't want to die, and that he very much wants to live, and then moments later he dies.. It would've been nice if he could've lived on with his sons. It just really reflects on how life really is. There are so many tragedies and hardships in this world, and it's out of our control. Life isn't fair.

I literally started BnHA right after I sent you my last message. Usually I watch the shows you suggest to me, and I finally got around to it, and wow, I was surprised at how much I'm into this series. Like I'm mind blown. I watched season 1, 2, and started season 3 in the span of 1 week. I can't remember the last time I've binged watched a series like this. How do I feel about it? I feel like this is an entertaining series that only has it's foot in the water. Meaning, I believe the series has barely gotten started yet. These kids are not even heroes yet. They're still in the early stages of training to become heroes. Just wait until they're older and they're actually in the hero force. This show could easily go on for as long as Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. I love the characters. You were so right. The author took his time to develop side characters. I love how the focus isn't just on Deku. I have two favorites so far. My number one favorite character is Todoroki. My second fav is Froggy. It's going to be very enjoyable watching these kid heroes grow up. When the inevitable time skip happens, I hope it's done right. Also, I have to make a quick comment about Bakugou. This boy is the embodiment of anger lmao. I mean this kid is a ball of anger and rage and I feel as though I haven't gotten an in-depth explanation on why hes like this. He's compared by many to character's like Vegeta and Sasuke, but even they had fleshed out reasons for their behavior. I haven't gotten that with Bukugou yet. Maybe the manga has touched on it since it's ahead, idk, but i'm looking out for a proper explanation lol. What do you think? And I'll probably start reading the manga too. And I also want to get back into Haikyuu and AOT. Although i couldn't see my self reading Haikyuu. I just feel like Haikyuu is just one of them series where it needs to be watched. And I heard AoT has been heating up lately. I feel like AoT doesn't get the praise it deserves. So many people talked down on it simply because it's mainstream. I hate people like that.

And So I read the last paragraph of your reply and went on Crunchyroll to start Hinamatsuri. I was going to start WotaKoi but I guess Crunchyroll doesn't have it. Why do you think Gegege no Kitaro has such a low score on here? If you think it's worth the try, then ill definitely try it out. Also, I see that you started Yowamushi Pedal. This show was a big favorite of mine. I think you'll enjoy it. But anyways, the first episode of Hinamatsuri had me crying laughing. That little girl is hilarious. And the Yakuza's reactions to the girl is even more hilarious. I love the part where the Yakuza is cooking for her and she says "I hope you're using organic ingredients" lol. It resonates with me because I be the same way since I'm on an organic foods diet. I can't wait to catch up.

immortal May 1, 2018 11:11 PM
Yes! There are so many amazing stories out there. If only we had the time to truly devote our attention to these stories. I see that you're reading a lot of series right now, so I can only imagine how tedious it must be to divert your attention to so many different stories. If only we had two brains, or infinite amount of time. And that's understandable. I bet you would have a very tough time with trying to start Detective Conan then. I believe the show has over 1000 episodes and its ongoing lol. You would have to mentally prepare for a show like that for years.

So, I looked at your new default picture, and I thought 2 things. One, this looks familiar, and two, this looks very interesting. I see a man in a suit with cloth covering his face, and on the cloth, I see a hand with an eye ball that makes me think of illuminati conspiracy theories. And to top it off, he's holding the world in his hands, as if it’s a representation that he controls the world. That picture is just very very interesting. So, I reversed image searched the picture and after doing that, I finally realized why your default picture looks familiar. 20th Century Boys is what popped up, and I remember placing it on my plan to watch list for 2 reasons, which is because I heard great things about it, and it's made by the same guy who created Monster, which is one of my favorite anime of all time. If you haven't read/watch Monster, you should. Anyways, after remembering that, I decided to start the journey of 20th Century Boys and man, I have to say, this manga is good......very good. I'm 160 chapters deep right now and through the journey, I've been through so many twist and turns, so many mysteries and theories, and I've been wrong time and time again. The unexpected followed by the unexpected, and even the suspense from the characters that makes you feel their despair from the depths of your soul. I love it. I know you LOVE mysteries, so I can see why you like the manga. You should’ve seen my face when I found out that Fukubei is friend. I was flipping out. I never would have guessed it. I just really wanted to talk to you about the series. I have about 80 more chapters to go, but man, it's been a wild ride.

Oh, for some reason, I thought I saw that you completed FMAB, so my bad lol. Good thing I didn't place any spoilers in the comments. But I'm happy to know that you’re a woman of taste. Mustang is definitely a complete badass. He was just straight up relentless. He gives off the aura that you can depend on him to get the job done. And don't get me started on Bradley. Bradley was a certified G. My mans gave no fucks. He was cut throat to the bone. The guy who voiced acted him did a great job as well. Probably my favorite voice acting performance ever. It saddens me that the guy died though. Bradley's voice is iconic. And yes, I'm glad you appreciate how there's an emphasis on side characters. Whether it's the homunculi, or winry, Scar, Ling, Mustang, etc, they all got an adequate amount of screen time and were properly developed. And yes, Olivier Armstrong is a badass as well. It would be an honor if she beat my ass lmao. The Armstrong’s and Izumi and her husband meeting was great because of their similarities. The muscle pose standoff by the guys was hilarious lol. And I'm not surprised that you've cried. It's a tear jerking show. I really liked old man Fu.

And yes. Naruto is one of them shows where you hate it and love it. I loved Naruto growing up. It meant so much to me, but the direction that the creator chose for the show ruined it for me a bit. Whether it was the unnecessary flashbacks, the non-existent development, or the asspulls, and bad writing. I still like the show, and the show, like you said, did many things right and has influenced many shows that's out today, but with that, there was a lot of bad. And I know the author was trying to bring closure by implementing the relationships, but like you said, all of it was lazy and had ZERO developments. Naruto NEVER paid attention to Hinata in a romantic way at all throughout the show, and yet, somehow, he ends up with her and has a kid? It's crazy. Sasuke and Sakura is even more weird and forced. And I'm not surprised that you don't like Sasuke. Most people don't like Sasuke lol.

So has anyone died in BnHA? That might seem gloomy but what I mean is that from what you've told me, I really want to pick this show back up, but the only thing I'm hesitant on is a scenario where the characters don't go through hardships that helps them grow psychologically. I feel like deaths are important in this type of series. I know it's Shonen, but HxH, Naruto, DBZ, etc all have implemented it, so I was just wondering. I don't want it to be a case where it's like Fairy Tail where everyone's happy, the hardships are nonexistent or superficial, and everyone lives. I just want that balance lol

Yes. Don’t you miss them innocent days? I hope to start It this week. School is over for me, so I should definitely have time to start it. I kinda want to live back in the past a little. I’m getting old lol.

Definitely let me know if you start to like World Trigger. I’ve heard it’s not that good but there could be hidden jewels within the show, who knows. Something must have caught your eye if you’re willing to give it one more shot. And I still haven’t finished Hyouka. All I remember is that it is one of the best-looking shows I’ve ever seen, and that the girl is curious about everything lol. And I can’t wait to start Space Brothers myself. There’s actually been a few times where I was going to start it but ended up not starting it. I know I will get to it eventually. What I read and watch is basically done randomly by mood lol.

Antalk Apr 26, 2018 6:52 PM
I caught part of your comment to immortal about manga. If I may, do you purchase most of your manga and if so, where?
immortal Apr 12, 2018 11:39 AM
I understand. Well once I get around to volume 2, I'll binge it like volume 1. I think I will appreciate what volume 2 has to offer based on what you said and I’m very hyped for the later volumes as well. I haven't started volume 2 yet because I'm weird with anime/manga/novels. Like I’ll start an anime, watch half of it, and then start something else. Or with manga, I’ll read 3/4 of a series and then stop and read something else. So, I have issues with sticking to one series. If I actually sat down and finished everything I've started, then I would have read or watched just as much as you……..well not really, you've watched and read A LOT lol, but still, you get what I mean? How do you do it? And you didn’t spoil anything. You gave me the least amount of information possible. It'll all still be a mystery to me.

See, I knew I remembered you telling me that you don’t usually connect with anime humor. But somehow, I knew that you would at-least chuckle at FMA. I mean, how could you not lol? And speaking of FMA, I see that you finally finished it! You must give me your overall thoughts. I agree that FMA fluidly interchanges seriousness/sadness/ and comedic moments. Nothing feels like it's unwarranted. I can't tell you how many shows, anime and non- anime, that can't find that balance. FMA:B is just one of them kind shows that gets it right. And man, I felt for Envy too. Envy was just jealous of the comradery that people such as Ed and Al had. Envy did horrible things out of spite, and being controlled, but still, it was all out of his raw emotion, which was envy. Although I sympathized with Envy, you have to admit, Roy Mustang LIT HIS ASS UP lmao. Like you could feel the blood-lust oozing from Mustang in the moments where he was slowly torturing Envy. Mustang is easily a top 3 characters in FMA. I liked Mustang, Ling Yao, and Greed the most by far. I loved Ling to the point where I named my cat after him. But yeah, tell me your thoughts and favorite charters of the show.

From your description, it looks like I would really enjoy BnHA if I really tried to immerse into the series. A plethora of individuals having their own goals and struggles highlighted in the correct way gives me cause to pause. What I mean is that there are so many shows that gets this wrong. Naruto for instance. I grew up being a big Naruto fan. Naruto was what got me into anime in the first place. Idk if you've watched Naruto, but I’m going to assume you have because of how popular it was in the states. Anyways, with Naruto, there were so many characters in his village. He was basically going on an adventure/journey with characters in his village and they all had their own goals and struggles, but the characters were not handled well at all. The creator didn’t go in depth with Rock Lee's internal struggles enough, or Ino’s struggles. He didn't highlight and connect with their individual goals consistently. Basically, most of the characters around Naruto were in the background while Naruto was in the front. The only characters that was close was Sasuke and Sakura. So, reading you tell me that Boku no Hero does this well has caught my interest. And I’m a sucker for good villains too. Villains that aren’t one dimensional or crazy for no apparent reason. lol

I get it. So, from what you told me, with Skilled Teaser Takagi, it will bring me back to my Middle School days. Your description relates to the 13-year-old me so much. There was a girl in middle school that I had a unique bond with. We would tease and cackle on a consistent basis. We were both growing up together in a poor little town, and our bond was more than friendship, at least that’s what I felt at the time. Idk about you, but I could never forget the first person I’ve bonded with. The first time that happens, it’s like an electrical surge that goes through your body lol. Sorry if I sound like some amateur novelist trying to make an analogy lol. But yeah, I would like to watch the show.
And I feel you. I know too many people who don’t/can’t rewatch series. I get the logic behind it. Everyone’s different. And with the new FLCL, idk, it might surprise you and be better than the first. Odds are it won’t because generally sequels drop in quality from the first season, but ever so rarely, that doesn’t happen. I hope it does surprise you because I know you really care for the first season of the show.

LoGH is pretty long. Idk, I can handle long shows well. I’m surprised that I can. Long books overwhelm me more than long shows. I watched 400 episodes of One Piece in under a month when I was in high school…don’t ask me how lmao. And I heard World Trigger is awful lol. And it’s animated by Toei Animation. I heard Space Brothers is incredible tho. I actually have that on my plan to watch list.
immortal Mar 30, 2018 12:45 PM
That's a good idea. I probably would've rather waited until all of them are released, but I was eager so i basically bought it on impulse lol. I always impulse buy on Amazon smh. Amazon Prime is a gift and a curse, but yes, I'm definitely interested in downloading them all so definitely send me a link to that.

I'm hyped to hear that it gets better. I have done some research and it's been said a lot by many that the second volume is weak in comparison to the other volumes. Do you think that's true? I mean they didn't say the second volume is bad, but it's just not anything top tier. I'll be the judge of that once I start it, but I don't expect a drop in quality. and wow, I'm interested in seeing how exactly the sentiment I said is emphasized. What volume will that happen if you remember? I really liked what I read. There's not a lot of books that can grab my attention like that.

And I actually never watched the original FMA. I have heard that it's full of fillers though, but man, isn't FMAB nothing short of amazing? I've watched FMAB 3 times and I enjoy it more each time. It's just one of them captivating shows that you can't get enough of. Not a lot of shows can make me chuckle but I've chuckled a few times watching it. Have you laughed at it at all? I remember you telling me that you usually don't find anime humor funny. But anyways, the story is well told, there's nothing that happens that isn't foreshadowed, the fight choreography is well done, and the ending is satisfying. It ended on a graceful note. Like I said, it's the greatest anime of all time to me. One day, I hope the author releases an OVA of what happens in the future. When you finish the show, you should definitely tell me your full thoughts of it, the good and the bad. And I've read a little of the BnHA manga but that's it. I heard it's good though. And I've never heard of Skilled Teaser Takagi.

I've been watching more anime lately. I was in an anime slump, but I've recently finished Devil-man Crybaby and Food Wars season 2, so I'm looking for new stuff to watch. So I will definitely at-least check out the first episode of Skilled Teaser Takagi-san. I haven't heard much about it from anyone so it must be one of those low key gems. It's been a long time since I've watched a slice of life. I like slice of life shows but it's just been a while. My outlook as a kid was similar to my teen years, but I definitely have a significant different outlook now as an adult, but yeah, I'll give episode 1 a watch. I think you told me before that you're usually not a hugh fan of slice a life with some exceptions, but I can't remember.

And I feel you. I'd rather watch new stuff too but I always go back to re-watching shows that I love. I've watched Death Note 4 times, FMAB 3 times, Cowboy Bebop 2 times, Monster 3 times, I just love re-watching shows. It's interesting seeing all the small details you missed the first time. And I feel you, like I said, everyone has different taste. I tried to watch Mushishi but I found the first 2 episodes kind of boring and I didn't like that the show was episodic. I do plan on picking it back up though.

And I've heard about the FLCL new seasons. I still haven't finished the first season. I watched the first 2 episodes and was confused out of my mind. I do plan on watching it again though. I'll probably just watch it from the beginning. It's a short show so it shouldn't be a problem. Toonami is producing the new anime, so I've heard from people that they are skeptical that it will live up to the first adaptation. They're saying that there will be all new characters too.

And I'm excited for sequels too. Spring season is just under a week away. I know BnHA season 3 is coming out. I'll give the Tokyo Ghoul anime another shot, even though i know i will probably be disappointed. And oh my god, Steins;Gate season 2 is coming out. That's probably going to be the anime of the season. Steins;Gate is phenomenal. And idk if you've played the game, but Persona 5 the animation is dropping in the Spring too. I'm expecting that to be great. It's animated by A-1 pictures too. And lastly, a remastered version of Legend of Galactic Hero's is coming out. I've heard so much about the 1980's anime version of the show. It's held up as a top 5 anime by the masses, and it's even ranked pretty high on MAL. I also noticed that anime elitist regard it as the best. I think it holds a 9.10 rating on here. Have you seen it?

And thank you! I can't believe I've been on this site for 5 years. Time flies!
immortal Mar 18, 2018 5:41 PM
It's been over a year since I've last spoken to you. Time went by fast. I resulted to only using this website to update my list because college and a full time job really took my time away smh. I stopped using the forums on here and everything. Recently, I was looking for a new manga to read, but I didn't know what I wanted to start reading. So I went to MAL to find something and then I randomly remembered that you gave me some recommendations a while ago. So I went back to our old conversations and I found that you recommended HakoMari. You gave it high praise so I finally got into reading it. I actually started it before when you told me about it, but I only read like 2 pages. This time, I read the entire first volume in one day and I was blown away and now I really want to talk to you about it.

I don't care if you take a year to respond like I did, I just want to discuss the novel and thank you for telling me about this series. HakoMari is actually the first Japanese novel I've read, and I'm happy it was my first. At first, I noticed that the story is a time loop type, which I've seen many times before in shows, so It made me wonder what makes this time loop type story different from the rest? Well for one, I was first blown away with exactly how many loops that occurred. 4,000 loops, 6000 loops, 20,000 loops, etc. I couldn't even fathom the psychological trauma one would go through if they had to go though the exact same occurrence, with the exact same people, in the exact same setting over and over and over. If it was me, I would've contemplated suicide and I'm being 100 percent serious here. 27,000 times is a very very long time. That's more than the average human lifespan..but this girl, Maria, was not only consciously aware of this, she worked her ass off to stay aware, and also figure out how to put an end to the rejecting classroom. I was a big fan of her resilience and how strong of a women she had to be to be able to handle something that is definitely a heavy mental burden. Could you imagine being her in that situation???

I really like how the story is structured. This story took the overused time loop concept and build off of it in a creative way, which was the concept of the rejecting classroom. In the last paragraph, i noted how i couldn't handle the loops, and what really put the emphasis on that is because the author took his time and told the story in a slow burn fashion. So basically i saw the psychological changes between the characters in a slow and steady progression. I don't know if you've seen a show called Black Mirror, but it's an episodic psychological type show, and the first volume of this novel made me think that this would be an excellent concept for a Black Mirror episode.

I also really like and appreciate how the authored handled the time loops within the story. The way he handed it shows me that he is a very talented author because it would take a lot of skill to pull off what he pulled off. Most stories would've handled the time loop concept by telling it from the first loop to the last loop in chronological order, but no, this author gave us pieces to the story and character progression from the present time loop, future time loop, and past time loop at different parts of the story, and it all came together to make sense. The way he pulled that off is amazing to me. At first it was confusing, but it all comes to make sense at the end.

There were times in the story where there were so many unanswered questions and I wondered if they would be answered, and literally every single question I had was answered. This volume left ZERO plot holes. That was impressive. Also, the plot twists. I LOVE stories that can hit me with plot twist I can't predict, and this story did just that. There was one twist I saw coming though. I had a feeling Kasumi Mogi was the culprit. I suspected this when there were multiple loops told in the story where Kazu layed on her lap and confessed to her, and she would tell him wait until tomorrow. I thought that was rather strange and mysterious. So when I found out Kazu wasn't the culprit, I immediately assumed it was Mogi. I'm really surprised that many people didn't think this. I roamed the forums after I finished volume 1 and I was reading that people were surprised about the twist with her being the culprit. What was your theory while reading it? Was you shocked, or did you think it was her too?

I know I've been raving about this novel for paragraph after paragraph, but I have one more thing to say. This felt like a true mystery to me. Through out the story I had so many questions. Why are there so many loops, what was the exact detail of the wish, why are people disappearing in the classroom, why did Kazu's best friend die? etc. SO many mysterious components. I love it. Stuff like that is what made me want to keep reading. Like what is going on? what's going to happen. That is my type of story. This is how mysteries are suppose to go. If i had any gripe, is that I can't definitely say I was attached to more than 2 characters. The main center of characters were kind of plain, such as Kokone. But that's just a minor gripe. I really enjoyed this, I'm mad it took me this long to read it, and I can't wait to read the future volumes.I just bought volume 2 off Amazon for cheap. Does it maintain this high quality of story telling for the next 6 volumes? and I can't wait to discuss it with you whenever. Like i said, i don't care if you take a year, you're probably busy too. But I just had to talk about this series with the person who introduced it to me. I don't know anyone who's read it so you're really the only one I can discuss it with.

To your old comment. Re:Zero hasn't even been on my mind once over the past year since it ended in such a big disappointment. Who knows if a season 2 will ever come out. I was told that it gets better in the later volumes but idk, I'm skeptical. The show built up my hopes and hype, and let me down at the end. Oh well. I'll always remember the times when I enjoyed the show.

And I understand where you was coming from. Everyone rates their anime library differently. Some people are 100 percent objective, or at least they try to be, some rate on enjoyment alone, and then some rate on a balance between enjoyment and objectivity. I'm the latter, which is just like yourself from what I've read. With me, I LOVE Cowboy Bebop. It's my favorite anime of all time, and objectively, I think it's a top 5 anime show of all time. But everyone's taste is different. I'm glad you acknowledge the shows greatness, it just wasn't for you. I do have a question regarding that though. Have you ever watched a show multiple times, and each time you watched it, you obtained more appreciation for the series and realized how great it is, so you gave it a higher rating? Because that's what Cowboy Bebop did for me. At first, I watched like half of the first episode and couldn't get into it. Then a few months later, I watched it again and finished it and gave it an 8/10. And then a few months later, I watched it again and not only did it become my number one favorite, it put me to tears. I never cried so much over any fictional or non fictional story in my life. So if you ever have time, you should rewatch Cowboy Bebop and see if it effects you differently on the second viewing.

I looked at your list and I see you're watching more anime. I know a year ago you was more manga focused, but it looks like you have a balance between anime and manga. Has anything changed over the past year? such as new favorites or new top 10 shows or manga? Like I 2 times already, I don't care if you take a year to respond, but it is nice writing to you again. I miss having conversations on this site and in the forums.
immortal Feb 16, 2017 9:08 PM
I can totally relate with that. Having classes and a job just drains me and really keeps me away from my hobbies. Idk your situation but for me, I have to cut back. I have to have time to myself to adventure into my hobbies. I just gotta have a balance to things. I'm glad you're doing good. I can also relate with anime feeling incredibly long. Every once in a while, I'll get in an anime rut, where basically I struggle to pay attention to an anime for 23 minutes. I could watch my favorite TV shows, which are 60 minute long, with no problem, but with anime, when I'm in those ruts, it's hard mustering through 23 minutes an episode. I think it's because anime tends to be going at a slow pace. Like in some episodes, very little will happen, which can cause people to lose their patience, especially if they have real life responsibilities to worry about.

I've just been hearing so much about Kimi no Na wa. It's all over social media, people at my college are talking about it, I'm stoked to watch it in theaters in April. I've read up on some info on it and apparently, the creator of Kimi no NA wa is saying that he thinks his own movie is overrated, and that it could have been better if it wasn't rushed. This really ties in with your complaint because he wants to address that, but couldn't because of deadlines, thus, him having to rush his work, thus, him saying his movie is overrated. I mean people are calling him the next Hayao Miyazaki, which are BIG shoes to fill. To have that much pressure in his first film must be overwhelming.

You finishing Hyouka makes me want to pick it back up and finish it. Although my backlog is insane right now. I'll probably have more time to finish Hyouka and others because I work at Kmart, and well, if you've heard about what's happening to Kmarts around the country, then.. yeah lmao.

I feel you on Re:zero. It's funny, right after I wrote you last time saying that I have no desire to finish Re:zero, that very day, I finished Re: Zero lmao. Like I took 3 months off the series, and then when I wrote you, talking to you about it, it enticed me to just finish it already. Well I did, and firstly, it felt sooo..anticlimactic. Partly because I spent a few months away from the series, partly because there are details I don't remember and needed a proper refresher, which would force me to re watch the series, which was a hell no for me, and mostly, because this series, which was built up on hype, which had great moments, couldn't keep up the momentum it built from the beginning and finish strong. That whale arc was a blow to the series, but they could've at least finished strong. The ending was too.. nice. Like to have so much tragedy through out the show and then to end it like that, it doesn't make me eager to wait for the next season. I would've rather it end on a salty cliffhanger than how it did. Anyways, it's time to put Re Zero to rest for now. Had great potential, but couldn't harness it.

I'm not really sure how you rate.For me, it varies. Like somedays I'll be very critical with the rating, then other days I rate based on enjoyment..and then other days it'll be a balance between the two. I try to make it a balance but sometimes, I like a series so much, I overlook it's flaws, vice verca. The rating system on MAL is outdated, which doesn't help. But anyways, I'm assuming that you rate with a balance of how much you like something, and also how good was it was from an objective point of view. Just a guess, of course I'm not really sure. But with that, I agree slightly on the designs. As far as character designs, I liked some and disliked some. The Mecha designs were okay to me as well, but I won't say it's great. I thought the animation in action scenes and especially when they were in space was fantastic. As far as personalities go, I thought Kamina was just your typical shounen loud mouth, I thought Simon was a cry baby, and for a lot of parts, he was, and I thought Yoko was just used as a prop for fan service. I dropped it the very first episode I watched it, and then picked it back up a few months later and gave it a 9/10. This anime from a surface viewing pointof view, looks/seems average, but once you really pick up on the themes and the laws of their universe and how it correlates soooooo much to our own, it just leaves you mind boggled, well for me it did. The first shot gun to the chest this series gave me is when Kamina died. Kamina was an annoying liitle shit to me, but his death was so sudden, and so early in the series. The creators built him up to being the main character of the show, and then killed him off without hesitation. You just don't see that in many anime. But that's not even why it's great, like you said, the characters and their bonds and the story is what makes it one of the most iconic anime of it's time. I could go in detail about it but I don't wanna bore you lol. You struggled to finish it so you probably don't want an essay about it, but man, the series was something.

And nice explanation on FLCL. I'm still lost as a whole watching it. I'm probably going to not even finish where I left off and just start over with a clean slate. This anime is very unique, that is one thing I've noticed. Hopefully I understand and I'll definitely let you know what I think once I finish it.
immortal Feb 1, 2017 11:30 AM
Three months later, and I still haven't watched the last episode of Re:Zero. Albeit, I've been extremely busy with school and having a job, but still, I haven't watched it or even wanted to watch it, which tells me that I've lost complete interest. I've actually managed to fit in some anime here in there, but just couldn't muster up the desire to finish Re:zero. During the last 3 months we last spoke, I finished Gurren Lagaan, a really thought provoking show by the way. Like people will watch Gurren Lagaan and think it's just a mindless show with shonen-esqe power ups and asspulls, but they couldn't be so wrong. I also tried watching FLCL, because the same studio who did Gurren Lagaan and Neon Genesis, which is another show I want to watch, did FLCL. Anyways, I watched 2 episodes of FLCL and it's extremely confusing. Like I already heard a lot about it, and many people say it's confusing and people give it low scores because of that. But then there are a lot of people praising it saying it's one of the greatest pieces of work ever. People who say it's great say that they stuffed 25 episodes of content into 6 episodes, and that there are so many complex themes, etc. It's a show I've noticed where there's an equal amount of people praising it and hating it. The MAL score fits that narrative. To me, I think it's confusing but I'm trying to understand it. People told me it takes a few watches. I did stroll over to your list as I was writing this to see if you watched it, and I see you rated it a 10. I would really like to know your analysis of it without spoiling too much.

I always get side tracked when messaging you lol. Anyways, with Re:zero, I agree with you. I'm going to be honest, I was forcing myself to like the whale antagonist. Like I liked Re:Zero so much, that I wanted to like the Whale arc, but I came to the realization that it was bland. I totally agree that the white whale was boring, especially compared to Elsa! Like wow, Elsa was so compelling to me. I loved the beginning. It’s unfortunate that a character of her stature didn’t show up afterwards. Like, they dragged the whale arc out. I wanted to like it, but inside, I knew that it was lackluster. Some people really do like the white whale fight, but me, not so much. With Betelgeuse, at first, the shock factor is what reeled me in. What she did to Rem was a big shock, just imagine if it was uncensored. Speaking of uncensored, I heard the uncensored version of Re:Zero is out. Too bad I lost interest. Anyways, after the shock factor wore off, Betelgeuse was just a boring plot device. With Rem, I agree. Some emotion should have been present. You don't just love someone and when they reject you for someone else, or be in love for someone else, you show no emotion. Like, that’s not how it works. You're not just going to be fully composed and okay. You're going to feel some type of way. The author didn't have to do too much, but he could have at least showed some type of emotion towards that aspect. But I guess that's not the direction he wanted to go in. Anyways, maybe Emilia will get the necessary spotlight next season, which will be years from now. And the sad thing is, even when the second season finally comes out, there's a chance I might still have not watched the last episode of the first season lol.

Your score of Re:zero seems fair. You're entitled to your opinion. It must have been a big disappointment when the show you compared to your favorite novel, gradually turned to low quality writing. I'll let you know what I think when I finish it, but like I said, I just lost the desire. I could force myself to watch it but I'm in a place where I want to enjoy what I'm watching, and Re:zero stopped giving me that joy it once has.

Nice! I really like NagiAsu. The unrequited love was something else. It was something new to me. I really want to rewatch it to refresh my memory. It's been 3 years since I've watched it. I have to jog my memory a bit with it. I don’t remember hating Chisaki. It’s a show I really need to watch over. My anime and manga backlog is crazy at the moment, but I'll probably move this rewatch somewhere on the top of the list. I wonder if they've made a good dub since then.

Wow you finished Hyouka? I remember you telling me it was boring so you stopped watching it. I also stopped watching it because the "I'm curious" bits got a bit boring. I'm surprised you gave it such a high score. It's in my backlog to finish. I only watched like 12 episodes, but from them 12 episodes, I can tell romance wasn’t going to be explored much. I'm glad you like Haikyuu, best sports series I've ever watched. I want to watch all the anime and manga on my backlog and be more active on this site again. Usually I'll log on, update my list, then log off. I'm cutting back on hours at work because it was beginning to be too much mixed in with school. So, I should respond more quickly now. How's your classes going at your college?

PS. Have you seen Kimi no Na w (Your Name)? I have heard soooo much about. Like it's everywhere. I'm trying to find an HD version of it. I don't want to watch the movie in bad quality.
EION Jan 28, 2017 2:32 PM
Hi! Thanks for the friend request.
PureFreeman Nov 18, 2016 2:44 PM
I found it, it's called SS Sisters.
PureFreeman Nov 13, 2016 9:54 AM
Ok… smh
PureFreeman Nov 13, 2016 9:27 AM
I'm looking for this manga. His sister creates an after school club. Which his crush and the class bully joins (a girl)
immortal Oct 15, 2016 2:23 PM
Hey. What's up? College has been a pain and real time consuming. I haven't even finished Re:Zero yet. I'm curious about something. I went on your list to see if you finished Re:Zero, and you did and you rated it a 7/10. A 7/10 is a good score, but I'm surprised you scored it that low. A couple months ago you didn't have anything negative to say of the show and you was talking about it being better than Steins;Gate, which I don't blame you, everybody succumbs to the hype every once in a while, but anyways, it makes me think that the last few episodes must have been mediocre in your opinion. So I'm just wondering why you gave it that score, and what's the flaws that made you come up with that score?

I heard that the last episode of Re:Zero is a big disappointment. With endings, shows can't afford to end a show off poorly. I seen it from anime after anime where the show would be great, and then the ending is terrible, which is devastating as a fan because you fall in love with a show, and you put so much time into it, and then the very ending rips your heart out because it didn't live up to the earlier parts of the show. So from you score on Re:zero, in which I really value your opinions because from talking to you, you really know what you're talking about and you have a lot of incite, and also from other people saying the ending is bad, is this the end of Re:Zero the anime? I heard they even left stuff out from the light novel to give it a happy ending...It's just hard to come back from bad endings. I need to watch the last episode so I can form my own opinion, but I just haven't had time, and I kinda don't want to now.

Anyways, going on to the episode we were talking about a couple months ago. I agree with everything you said. Like during that episode, I did love the honesty and that he didn't beat around the bush like most anime characters would in that situation. He could have handled breaking up with her better. Like if someone was to do that to me, I would be so salty. It'd be the worse rejection I've ever had lol. But like you said, love has no rules.For an example, Just because I love pizza, it doesn't mean the pizza has to love me back. I can love the pizza, heat the pizza up when it's cold, or even risk my life for the pizza, it doesn't mean the pizza has to be with me. You can't help how you feel. It's how you're wired. If I had to love someone that I don't love, simply because they did a lot for me, It'd basically be mental prison. So albeit, I understand to a certain degree where people were coming from, but you have to use common sense with stuff like this. You can't dictate love.

I can't wait to start Clannad again to see what you're talking about. Although you trash it, you give it it's props in certain aspects. Clannad delving away from the high school setting and entering a more mature path really catches my attention. There are too many high school romance, kiddy, tasteless comedy anime out there. Have you seen Nana? it's a romance anime and it's a mature one at that, and it's really good. I think you'd enjoy it. Also if you've watched Golden Time, the Nana from Golden Time has purposely done parallels with one of the Nana's in Nana. Btw, I said one of the the Nana's in Nana because the anime Nana has two main characters and both of their names are Nana. Anyway's, Nana is a good romance anime. Another one that comes to mind is Nagi no Asukara; have you seen it? In Nagi, they do start out in like middle school, and I know in the beginning of this paragraph I trashed romance shows with school settings but Nagi is a really good show and is the exception. I don't really care for love triangles, but this show had several love triangles going on at the same time which is something else lol. Also, when I watched Nagi, it was airing during the very first season I started watching anime seasonally, so I'll always remember it as one of the good seasonal anime that made me want to watch more shows on a seasonal bases. So Nana and Nagi are good romance shows that you should check out.

I feel you. I haven't read Alice in Borderland, nor have I heard of it until just now, is it something I should invest my time in? & I really want to read Claymore. I've heard too much about it; great things too.

Are you watching or plan on watching any of the seasonal anime this season? I heard there's a lot of trash, but there are 3 shows that has potential. I heard Yuri on Ice and Drifters had a good, strong couple of episodes. Also, Haikyuu Season 3 is airing. I've also heard a lot about an anime called Keijo that came out this season. Apparently it's a sports anime that evolves the use of butts...yeah I don't even know lol.
immortal Aug 8, 2016 2:56 PM
Okay, before I talk about the other stuff, I have to start off this reply with Re: Zero. Oh my god. So okay, Re: Zero episode 18 caught me completely off guard. The studio animating Re:zero advertised the hell out of episode 18 and said that that's where they put the most budget. Also they extended it 3 minutes more, the author of the light novel hyped it up, and the fans of the light novel were hyping this episode up to the max. So I went into this episode thinking it was going to be action packed, blood and gore everywhere, and the whole 9, but not only was I wrong, the complete opposite happened. This episode took a different turn that took me by suprise. After seeing episode after episode of the suffering of Subaru, the most hyped episode of the anime ends up showing so much depth and character development, with dialogue that would make a lot of people get in their feelings. You know an anime is good when two characters talking in the same spot the majority of the episode has your interest. There's so many ways I want to discuss this episode, that i'm going to be all over the place in this reply lol. Now I'm going to be honest, I thought Rem and Ram were cute, and they have an interesting backstory, but I didn't A LOT for them. They're not bad characters by any means, but I wasn't too crazy about Rem and Ram like most people are. Although I did come to like Ram when she helped Subaru save her sister, and I loved Rem's loyalty. But anyways, this episode made me like Rem more. It made me feel and care more about her character. Subaru saved her from herself and she fell in love with him, and even when Subaru rejected her, she still wants to stick by his side and help him with no bitterness, and no hate. There are sooooo many anime characters from different shows where if they were given the chance to be with the MC in that situation, they would do it. But Rem acknowledges that hey, if I go this route and live this alternative life with Subaru, I know I wouldn't truly be happy, because he truly wouldn't be happy, and he wouldn't be happy because he will always hold the regret of not saving Emilia and running off with Rem. When she said explained that, I was just like damn damn. Also, in conjunction with that, the author of the light novel has a spin off novel where he follows the story on IF Rem chose to live that family life with Subaru, and many people have told me that the author wrights it in a way where it shows why It wouldn't have been a good idea if that happened, which is so cool because you know that sooooo many fans were pissed off on high levels because Subaru chose Emilia instead of Ram, but in reality, with how Subaru's character is written, the Subaru and Rem relationship would not work out at all. Subaru is to Emilia like Rem is to Subaru. Let me explain what I mean. Emilia saved Subaru from his old self. Before Subaru was transported to this new world, back in Japan, he was slothful. He was a lazy Otaku who did nothing with his life. Nobody liked Subaru in Japan. SO for Emilia to come along and acknowledge his existence and give him kindness, probably inspired him to be a better person, and that is where that love grew into where it is now. Now with Rem to Subaru, like I said earlier, Subaru saved Rem from herself. He became her hero. So if someone was to go to Rem and confess their love for her and followed her and helped her through the tough times, she would reject that person like Subaru rejected her. So looking at it this way, I cannot fault Subaru.

Now going back to everybody hating on Subaru's decision, Emilia also got a lotttt of hate lol. Like I seen so many bitter people on my Twitter timeline. People hate Emilia and it's not even her fault. Like Emilia hasn't done anything wrong, and yet because of Subaru's decision to pursue his love for her and ditch Rem, everybody hates Emilia. And to defend Emilia a little bit, we know that Rem is a good, fleshed out character who has gotten a lot of character growth and loves Subaru, but Emilia's character still hasn't received a substantial amount of development, and there's a big mystery surrounding her. In the first arc, Emilia was more stern and more up tight. In the second arc, she's more fragile, and vulnerable personality wise. She is a big part of this story so I believe she will get her development.

Following up with Re: Zero, another thing that had me mind blown on episode 18 is that everything up to 18 is basically the prologue, and the story really begins now. That is what everyone who reads the light novel has been saying. They're saying that everything up to episode 18 is just a taste to what's to come. That's insane when you really think about it. SO much crazy shit has happened, and yet, it was just a prologue?? Like wow. I can't wait to dive more into this series. There are enough volumes n the light novel to make 2 more seasons of 25 episodes. I wish the light novel was translated fully.. okay I'm done. I had to go off about episode 18..episode 19 was pretty good as well. Subaru finally used his re life as a advantage in a political way. For a second, I got nervous for Subaru because I thought the whale wasn't going to show up this time, and everybody was going to get upset, and kill him. Knowing Re: Zero, that thought wasn't far fetched. What do you think of episode 18 and 19?

Okay, to your reply, I agree, simply spending time with each other, although slow, is vital. It's just that I'm so eager because I want more. I want the anime to be an hour long, not 30 minutes long. So I get impatient, but I do agree. I don't have a problem with slownish when I marathon an anime. Like I watched a psych show like Serial Experiments Lain, it was turtle slow, but I really enjoyed it. And I really agree with your Steins; Gate example. Note: the same studio who animated Steins: Gate, animates Re: Zero.. the connection is clear lol. Anyways, what you said is a bigggg statement. Steins Gate is known as a top 3 anime of all time. So for you to say that is big. but then again, you said you like Re Zero more than Steins Gate. So you don't actually think it's better? Because it's not blasphemy if you like an anime more than another. I'm going to fully judge Re: Zero after it's ending. I hope they can keep it up until the very end and beyond. Also, I can't wait for Steins Gate season 2 :)

And I see, so I agree with you. Millions of people are pirating anime and manga. I do it all the time. I have spent money on some stuff, but not much. Some people feel as though they should support the creator. Like if you really enjoy something, and you see a lot of quality in the work, and the author works so hard on it, a lot of people want to support that artist. So I can understand why some people want to spend money when its so easy to pirate. But with that, music and movies are also pirated, but they still make a good amount of money. So with anime, the people who put in the work should still get good pay check because anime and manga is a multi million dollar industry.

And although you haven't watched much sports series, what you say about a show is still credible because I think you have good taste and you've seen a lot of anime. So i'll definitely watch Days.

Your take on Clannad is different from others I've heard. I've actually seen a little bit of Clannad but I placed it on hold because it bored me and the character designs annoyed me because of the big gigantic eyes that took up the characters face. Clannad is critically acclaimed, and Clannad After Story is viewed as a top 10 great, so I tried to tough it out through Clannad but I failed. I plan on trying again though. You say that there is a lot of bad, and some good, and that it's long and dragged out, with more than half the episodes being of something you don't like. And it being all girls, one boy doesn't help either because that's not your taste, and it's not really mine either. but what really gets me with your view on Clannad is that you make me not want to continue it, and you make me want to continue it at the same time equally. I really want to experience those tragedy arcs that you said can't be touched, but I don't want to suffer though the shitty art and bad episodes. So i'm on the fence, but like I said, I'm going to give it a try with an open mind. I've seen 2 episodes of Angel Beats, but I have watched all of Anohana and I liked it. And me being emotional, I teared up A LITTLE at the end lol. Couldn't help it. It is what it is lol. I also liked YLIA and I really liked that. So I will take your advice and go into this series with low expectations.

I feel your pain with Psycho Pass 2, even though I didn't finish it. The fact that I've put it on hold this long lets me know that my interest in this series is gone. I loved season 1, I just wish they carried that greatness over to season 2.

And I see. Most people started out watching anime as a kid because that's what kids do lol. When I was a kid, of course I didn't think anime and cartoon were different. I watched Detective Conan and One Piece and Naruto thinking it was a cartoon like Spongebob, and fairly odd parents. But anyways, so you didn't really start until after high school? Interesting. A lot of people start in high school. I've heard of blood plus, but never watched it. All them shows you listed are shows I've heard a lot about and planned to watch, but never watched it. SO your search for the genre that holds the most interest to you, built that path to you watching and readind as much as you've watched and read? Interesting. And I feel you on that sooo much. Like before MAL, I use to write the anime i've seen in a journal LOL. MAL was a life saver.

And with me, well I started watching anime of course when I was a kid. I watched Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, DBZ, Naruto, and a little bit of One Piece. I eventually grew out of Pokemon, I stopped caring for One Piece, DBZ ended, and Yu Gi oH ended. So the last anime I was watching was Naruto. I followed Naruto from elementary, to middle school, to high school, and to college. So Naruto was my stepping stone into the anime world. One day in middle school, I caught up on the the Naruto Dub that aired on Cartoon Network. So I got on YouTube and just out of curiosity, I typed in the next episode of Naruto on Youtube, and the episode popped up. I was like wtf, how? I was baffled. SO I watched like 10 dubs episodes of Naruto that haven't even aired on TV yet, and then after the 10 episodes, the dub ran out and Youtube stated showing subbed Naruto eisodes. I was like WTF is sub anime? SO I clicked on the video and the characters were talking in a language I couldn't understand and the English was in subtitles. I was like wtf, this is weird. So I started watching that way, and it took some getting used to, but I did get use to it of course, and that's how Naurto made me understand the difference of Japanese animation and american animation, and it put me on the path to watch more anime all the way up to now. Although Naruto isn't within my taste anymore, it's still something I followed from Elementary to College and it has a place in my heart. But yeah, that's how I got into anime.

I understand your view on Monogatari. It's cool that you're able to block out extreme the stuff that doesn't hold you interest and you're able to enjoy it in your own way. And I agree with you on the age gap point. That point you make about being wary of age gaps because the development can change everything, brings me back to Re: Life. And yeah, I don't think a 16 year old is a child either. At 16, you know what you're doing. But the line of kid and adult is so complex in this way. Many think 16 is a child's age, and by law, in America, it is. Some think 16 is the right age to be considered an adult and in some places, at 16, you're considered one, some think that 16 is in between being a child and being an adult. Some people think an 18 year old is still a kid but is legally an adult. But an 18 year old, being an adult, can't drink alcohol, and in many cases, can't even rent a hotel, and a bunch of little stuff like that. So a lot of people think 21 is the true age of adulthood. What this shows is that the age that makes someone an adult is arbitrary; there's no definitive answer. It's all different answers from different people going by different factors and opinions. When the brain stops developing, when the body stops growing, etc. So it's very tricky.

And with Mayoiga, I'm actually leaning on not watching it now. I know sometimes I like to watch bad shows just to laugh at how bad it is and deconstruct it, but after I watch Glasslip it will probably be a LONGGGG time before I can bring myself to watch another awful show lol. And I feel you, it's definitely not you being an anime elitist, but you know it's always that on person that praises a bad show lol, trolling or not.
immortal Jul 29, 2016 3:58 PM
I agree. Like look, fans often do this to the sports series. You will notice that as you watch more. Like for instance, Kuroko no Basket, I'm sure you've heard of it. If I wanted to get on Google (my name) lol, to look for fan art of the series, I would be drowned with yaoi. I mean people can fantasize about whatever they want. If they want to turn heterosexual anime characters to homosexual anime characters in their own little fantasy world then fine, so be it, but at the very least, don't over-saturate Tumblr, Google Search, Twitter, and other media platforms with it. But like you said, people can do as they please, just wish it wasn't thrown in my face when I wasn't looking for it, or when I was looking for the complete opposite, you feel me?

And that's true, and I have to admit that it's smart for companies to capitalize off of what people want. Not to side tract, but with all of these studios catering to people just to make a quick buck, you would think that there wouldn't be so much poverty in the anime industry. Like I've read many articles and read interviews about animators being paid like shit. Like There are animators who animate multi million dollar series like Naruto, but get paid like a McDonalds employee. It's ridiculous. Like where is all of this money going? To the higher ups? I've talked to you about this a little bit in our earlier post like a year ago, but to extend off that point I made about this in the past, no wonder there are so much half assed series out with shit tons of fan service and turning series different routes just to get in the consumers pockets. I agree with what the great Hayao Miyazaki said a couple years ago. Anime will hit a all time low and die in the next few years, and then after the death of the era of shit anime, a new and better era of anime will arise..I can't wait for that to happen. Maybe then I'll get a decent Berserk adaptation, or a decent Soul Eater adaptation, or a decent Tokyo Ghoul adaptation, and so on, and so on, and so on. The last real strong point of anime was between 06-10. But anyways, like I was saying before I got side tracked, I agree, and I really want to start Days simply because it's a Soccer anime/manga. Like Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, so I was waiting for a good Soccer anime/manga. You said you like Haikyuu more than Days, but do you think Days is good? Or at-least decent? And yes, just be ready for more and more wow moments in Haikyuu. If you come across a flaw, please let me know lol. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the series once you finish it.

I've heard that about Parasyte a lot. I heard how although the manga was great, the anime made it better. I really enjoyed Parasyte. Madhouse took a risk at bring in a techno OST, but it fitted in quite nicely in my opinion. I still jam to the opening from time to time. And I completely understand. I'm like that with Clannad After Story. After hearing a lot about it on Twitter and so forth, and now since I've know so much, I'm reluctant to start it.

And ohh, I see you already watched Ergo Proxy. I shouldn't be surprised, it's an anime that caters to your taste, and you've watched a lot of anime, so it's a given. I was sure that Re-L and Vincent would have some type of romance, but we didn't get it, which is okay. With the way they left off the ending in the anime, you'd think it'd had a season 2 or an OVA. I would love more Ergo Proxy, but then again, they could ruin the name that it has already made for itself. Like with Psycho Pass season 2. No matter what anyone says, having a bad second season is a big hit to that series. They lost fans, and many people purposely act like season 2 of Psycho Pass never existed so it won't ruin the Psycho Pass experience for them. Also, so you watched an anime like Ergo years ago? That makes me wonder what year did you start get into anime and what year did you start getting into manga? Also, what series was the stepping stone for you to venture into more anime and manga? I'm curious. You've watched and read so much, so it must have been a long time ago.

I agree, I agree, I agree. Look, with series like Re Zero, people LOVE to hate on a show that has a lot hype surrounding it. Also, a lot of people will say it's edgy and rushed and etc just to troll others who like it. SO you have haters and trolls criticizing the anime because it's mainstream. It's just so unnecessary. Like you said, the repetitive death is part of the plot, and it's not thrown in for shock value. The anime isn't rushed either. However, there is one thing that has been said by many people who watch Re Zero that I sorta agreed with, and it's that the middle part of the series pacing was turtle slow. It's not a flaw, but I just really wanted the show to pick up the pace because unlike live action TV shows, this is a show where I only get 25 minutes of it a week, so slow pacing kills me sometimes. Now if I was binge watching it once the show's over, then that wouldn't be a issue of course, but with it being weekly, it was a pain. But then I stepped back and realized that hey, the slow pacing was necessary to build up everything that follows up to this point, which has been epicness, so since I look at it from that perspective now, I understand.

I got you. Well, maybe there will be int he future And yes, Monogatari has sooo many interesting female characters. "Arararararagi kun" gets me every time lol. That tooth brush scene is one of the weirdest scenes I've ever seen in an anime.

Yes, like you''ll be surprised at how many people who don't understand Subaru's character. They don't try to put themselves in his animated shoes. (Oxymoron) Like if you notice, all though Subaru has understandably turned insane by the massive trauma and suffering, he STILL has some of his humanity. He still love the people that he has to witness die over and over and over. He still loved Rem when she was killing him. Through all of the suffering, he still has his humanity. Him wanting revenge, is part of being human. A lot of people would lose their humanity in Subaru's situation. A lot of people would quit in Subaru's situation, a lot of people would try to join and accept the witches cult, instead of continuing to try and save their friends and loved ones. So for that, Subaru is an honorable character in my book, and although he as his own selfish desires, everybody does. And Everybody would want revenge if what happened to Subaru happened to them. I like how Subaru's flaws has a spotlight put on them instead of having a flawless MC like a lot of shows out there.

And lmao, well don't feel bad, but you've convinced me to watch it by trashing it.sometimes it's fun to sit back and deconstruct a bad anime. Like why is it bad, what could've been better, name all of the plot holes, etc. It's amusing sometimes lol. And in those times, not to sound like an anime elitist, but I think like how in the hell do people enjoy series that are this bad? People's taste be all messed up. but wow, so they changed the summary? hmmm, but wait, 30 main characters in 12 episodes? I don't why I really didn't think about that..what the hell? So from the get go, to know that there will be 30 main characters and only 12 episodes, would be a good enough reason alone to not watch this series. And yes, that is pretty dumb lol. but wait, wait, wait, so you mean to tell me that although all of these people, by their actions, don't give a shit about heir life's and yet, when they get their, they care about the people they're around, wtf? It just sounds so illogical it's ridiculous. The ONLY possible way i could even scratch the surface of defending the characters caring about the people their surrounded by in this Forrest, even though they willingly joined a bunch of strangers in the first place, is that if the the characters were suicidal, so they went to this Forrest with a bunch of other suicidal people to die, and then when they get their, they realize that they don't want to die, so they start to give a damn about the people around them..but even then, that's not what the story is about, and the characters aren't suicidal, so even though I tried, I can't defend that lol. and damn, it gets worse? smh.. They had the nerve to mark is down as psychological? Jesus I agree. If they would've made it a lot longer then maybe, but 12 episodes.. come on. I definitely see your frustration.

But damn, your rant really does make me want to watch this series for the sole purpose of shitting on it. Idk if my attention span can take it though if it's too awful, which you are saying it is. I will try to sit through it and deconstruct it though.