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Anime Stats
Days: 120.2
Mean Score: 7.26
  • Total Entries1,852
  • Rewatched39
  • Episodes7,154
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Shin Cutey Honey
Shin Cutey Honey
4 hours ago
Watching 3/8 · Scored -
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
6 hours ago
Re-watching 25/26 · Scored 10
Zero no Tsukaima F
Zero no Tsukaima F
Jul 18, 7:12 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 6
Manga Stats
Days: 8.2
Mean Score: 7.46
  • Total Entries186
  • Reread0
  • Chapters1,174
  • Volumes163
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail
Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail
Apr 29, 3:11 PM
Reading 17/43 · Scored -
GunSmith Cats Burst
GunSmith Cats Burst
Apr 2, 12:09 AM
Completed 54/54 · Scored 9
JK Yome Sakura
JK Yome Sakura
Mar 18, 12:50 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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Antalk Jul 16, 6:42 PM
2, 4, 3, 1, 5, 6, 7
immortal May 27, 8:59 AM
I got two instead of one. Brother and brother!
RealMTL May 26, 5:44 PM
Awesome! Sounds like they are making progress to get everything back to normal.
RealMTL May 26, 7:04 AM
I wouldn't be shocked if that's what happened, especially since the security on MAL isn't the greatest. But I do hope the admins will try to reach out to one of these third party devs to help them develop their app so it can be usable.
RealMTL May 25, 4:34 PM
Yeah it sucks that they just cut off all third party support. I guess you could access MAL via a browser like chrome but the website is too clunky compared to the streamline design of the app.
Lumecyow May 23, 1:49 PM

immortal May 20, 9:00 PM
I'm going to the local pound tomorrow. It's called the human anime shelter. I've been pretty busy the last few days, so I haven't had the time to stop by. But I'm definitely going to go tomorrow or the day after and hopefully I'll have a new kitten. But you're right. I'm not looking for a specific breed anyways. I just want a healthy kitten, with all of her his shots taken care of. I just don't want to experience another death of a pet.

Oh, okay. I thought I seen something about them shutting down but I didn't read much into it. Personally I never used them because i believe you have to have an invite to join and i don't have the slightest clue on how to get an invite. Maybe you could help me out :)

Never heard of Chrome Shelled Regios. But that is very interesting. To believe that there's no market for outside of Japan is ridiculous. I think many artist in Japan don't realize how many people outside of Japan graviatate towards there work. Like you said, there's customers in all countries who want to purchase Japanese manga and anime. I believe that if it was more accessible, then they would get even more revenue. Like One Piece is big in Japan, and One Piece also garners revenue from other countries as well. One Piece is a national entity. Do the Japanese get most of there money from people in Japan? Yes, but there is high demand in other places as well. Like I've said countless of times, anime and manga companies need to create one platform, where anyone in any country can access and purchase their work, in a form of a variety of translations. Would it take a lot of time and resources to get that done? Yes, but would it garner more revenue and exposure for them? Yes, yes it would. And I agree. Anime/manga definitely isn't just a Japanese thing. It's global.

I used to visit Fakku. I remember when they used to be an illegal site posting stolen hentai manga. Crunchyroll was the same way. I think what Fakku is doing is smart, but like you said, it would be great if they broaden their horizon a bit. Add in a bit more variety except for just hentai manga. Crunchyroll kinda does the same thing but their manga catalogue is very very very limited.
immortal May 11, 12:30 PM
It's been about 3 weeks since she's been gone, and you're right. I was in a bit of a funk for a few days, but it begin to subside. Of course I still miss Ling, but it's not heart crushing anymore. I know it's just a part of what we call life. Death is something that can't be avoided or bargained with. Roxy must've really meant a lot to you and your family for y'all to do that for her. A tattoo shows a strong bond. It just goes to show how a pet can truly become like family. What you said encourages me to find and accept another pet into my home. I'm going to take precautions when looking this time. I'm going to want my pet to come from a reputable place, where all it''s shots are taken care of, and everything. I don't want a pet where they're doomed from the start.

Wow. I thought bakabt shut down? I must be mistaking. There's no shame in using torrent sites. I still use them from time to time. Sometimes, shows are just not easy to get a hold of in certain areas. I use for stuff that I can't obtain through crunchyroll. And with manga, there's no widely accessible and affordable way to read it without going to illegal websites, so that's what I do. They need to make these things easier for the consumers. And yes, I would definitely watch it as well. Netflix actually does a good job in giving creators the freedom and money they need to bring their vision to light. So i expect good things from it.

Yes, that is right. Even the episodes you think are just filler, has an element in it that ties into the main story. One thing I really appreciate about Monster is all the different people you end up meeting in the show. All having their own struggles and lives. It's nice that we get to experience an array of characters instead of just the main characters basically.
Lyfa May 10, 2:20 AM
Thank you :) yesterday's one went very well. I got 5 more next week and 1 more the week after and then like 7 or 8 more in July *sighs* hahahaha, well that worked in the end I assume?;) tbh for next week ones I'd be best not to drink anything, but I can't promise myself as it's so stress relieving kinda :x
Lyfa May 8, 3:05 PM
Thanks for requesting my cards :) tbh due to rl circumstances I am still stuck at my end highschool exams which are starting tomorrow until + 2 weeks from now, I don't really wanna explain why I'm still stuck at them despite being older if you don't mind ^^ hehe it'll be fine, thank you for the offer though :) I kinda drunk allot tonight to stress relief, which wans't rly good but pfft... tomorrow's exam isn't quite a challenge anyways hehe...
immortal May 1, 10:03 PM
Actually, before i started re watching Monster for the third time, I was looking to watch it on Netflix because I read that it was available on there. Unfortunately, like you said, Netflix removed Monster from their catalog a few years ago. I would love to purchase the series but not all of it has been released in bluray. For some odd reason, they've only made half of the show available on Blue ray, so it's not even worth buying. Even trying to watch the show legally is hard. It's literally not available on any platform to watch other than illegal sites. A series this great should have more outlets. However, Idk if you've heard, but Netflix is creating a live adaptation TV series of Monster, so that shall be interesting.

That's a good method to watch the show as well. I view Monster as a slow burn, immersive, mystery-captivating show that makes you feel like you're apart of their adventure. And with Heinrich and Eva, that is true, but Eva clearly still loves Tenma. He's truly the only man she cares about. I don't think she truly ever hated Tenma. I think her stubbornness and sadness made her act in a evil way. I can't see her with anyone else. Have you read 20th century boys?

And thank you. It's been a little rocky. After taking care of a pet for so long, it would be nearly impossible to not get attached. Since she died, I haven't felt like doing much. She was family, through and through. Makes you want cats like your Roxy or my Ling to live forever. If only life were that simple.
pockyrin Apr 30, 3:21 AM
No worries ^^
Antalk Apr 29, 5:28 PM
sadcyborg Apr 26, 9:38 PM
Nah, I actually haven't bought any yet. My favs r pretty lengthy, so the cost would be too much for me rn. I've only purchased a tv series and a handful of movies from Amazon.