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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 3: Stardust Crusaders
Two classic shounen series. Hunter x Hunter and Jojo Stardust Crusaders takes on the adventure theme and brings together a show chronicling characters' journeys. The main male protagonist from both series are strong, resilient, and deep down cares about people he befriends with. In particular, they have a connection with their parent guardian. Both series has a lot of action with supernatural abilities involved and fighting spirit. I recommend both series for fans who are looking for a show with engaging storytelling.
report Recommended by Stark700
Both main characters are very strong and have huge potential in the beginning of the series Both stories show former rivals/enemies that are now friends team up to take on a much bigger threat The two MC's and their companions get stronger and become more experience after every battle they take place in Both MC's have a goal they want to achieve by the end of their journey The two series have amazing action battle scenes, adventure, comedy, super power, and shounen elements
report Recommended by Obeythealfa
These shounen battle-anime feature battles that rely more on strategy and tactics rather than on raw power and strength. Also the battles are usually short and to the point. In these anime one character doesn't hog the spotlight either. Each main character gets their time to shine.
report Recommended by Xenovius
What can you say? Battles that rely on wit, a wide cast of main characters with also big focus on the others instead of just the central one, lives are not spared, and the abilities of the characters of both universes vary from powerful to absolutely crazy. It's hard to compared JoJo's into another series out of the blue, but HxH definitely comes close.
report Recommended by artemis37
The most genial shounens ever created.
report Recommended by MegaDany97
When you look at the fights, there are nen techniques (HxH) and the stand abilities (JoJo): they work almost the same way, with strategies needed in order to win - victory is not possible without strategy and a further look at the opponent's techniques and style. Each charactern has a unique power (which is not a free choice, there are a lot of limitations) and has to create new ways to use it. If you like this kind of confontation, you'll enjoy both animes - though HxH is more strategic and slow and JoJo has more action.
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Both anime focus on young male protagonist who travels the world in order to find a certain person. They both also have a group of likable friends. These anime have an unique and balanced power system, and battles are usually won using strategy instead of pure strength. Both anime are new remakes of their older versions, and are based on manga published by Shounen Jump.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
While these are two distinctly different kinds of action series, they both are staples of the genre. Hunter x Hunter is a hallmark of shounen by its efforts to take influenes from every corner of the genre and polish them to a sheer shine in its own format. So, if you enjyoed stardust crusaders or jojo in general you will like hunter x hunter...if no other reason (granted there are TONS OF REASONS WHY WOULD LOVE THIS SHOW, ITS JUST REALLY GOOD) then because they have what can only be described demon magician Dio with the sadism turned up to the most extreme.
report Recommended by nikiyasha
Both feature interesting power systems/abilities. Neither have great endings. Both are worth a watch. Both are action adventure shonen that helped define the genre. Both have great protagonists accompanied by excellent casts. Both put a large focus on characters but contain good plots.
report Recommended by spacebishijesus
Similar fighting mechanics, with each character having a unique way of fighting and a different strategy. High emphasis on likable side characters. Nontraditional fights (HxH has a dodgeball fight, JoJo's has a poker game, to name just two).
report Recommended by brianvanwart
YES. you heard it, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. a very bizarre series, that is. VERY VERY GREAT. really. It is Worth Watching. this changed my life, changed the way i think, and changed the way i see everything. this influenced me so much, by randomly Jojo posing on the shower or when im alone and when i got to see my otaku friends. THE TITLE SAYS EVERYTHING, ITS BIZARRE AF, WITH SO MANY REFERENCES, POSES, and yeah, .......The BIZARRE adventure of Jojo. and also, The characters are very likable. A VERY GREAT Adventure Anime, the fact that every season of this series has different main characters   read more
report Recommended by Samantha_Kaka
I Made a joke REC and ppl were pissed so here iam serios Hunter hunter POwer system is inspired by JOJo's not as good yes is it a great one YES jojo starts pretty slow for some even Bad AKA season 1 1-9 But joseph gets jojo started AND part 3 makes you A fan of the serios TL,DR its an amazing show that if you give it Time You will love it also it pretty macho but also realy nOT Part 4-5
report Recommended by RiadTheWeeb1
Wacky adventures, and the power systems are unique and out of body instead of enhancements like ki or chakra.
report Recommended by theninja456123
The Best Of Power Systems. Nen and Stands. HxH's Power System was inspired by JJBA. Both series rely on strategies and technicalities of the power system. They began from simple to complex yet intriguing abilities. And both are progressively getting better in terms of storytelling. Two of the most well-written Battle Shonen of all-time.
report Recommended by Ryuko-Nijuudai
Nen is a similar to Stands and Hamon but better explained and are both heavy on world building.
report Recommended by Obsidian24
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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