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Over the years Dragon Balll has majorly influenced various series in some shape or form. In the case of Hunter x Hunter, one of the influences taken from Dragon Ball is the style, a style I'm less and less of. There's also the wacky situations that the characters find themselves in which the viewer will feel completely fine in suspending their disbelief for which mean both tackled the situations quite well, yet other series which have tried to follow suit have not always done so well. In turn, Hunter x Hunter has become a classic and influence in its own right thus making both series   read more
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
I recommend the original Dragon Ball series if you loved Hunter X Hunter (2011). Yes it's older, but the silly themes and fun adventure stories are similar in feel, and with the many many similar story elements, it's hard not to compare the two when watching the other. If you love Gon, you'll love Goku and vice versa. Definitely see it if you haven't.
report Recommended by explicit707
Both follow an innocent young boy with black spiky hair on a grand adventure. He makes many interesting friends along the way, the characters we meet are destined for greatness and go on to defeat many powerful enemies who later stand in their way. They both have great humour, art styles & characters. They are both also Shonen's and considered classics.
report Recommended by JVskunkape
They're both about a kid going on an adventure and meeting new people and obstacles along the way. There are lot fights involve in both.
report Recommended by sandro141
Loads of intense fighting between the two of these. Both take part in worlds where characters can utilize their life force for attacks and are pitted against enemies that require them to get stronger every time. One arch for HxH has a cell like character in it also.
report Recommended by Maiku-Desu
Both are based on manga published by Shounen Jump. They both tell the adventures of a young kid, who has no parents and comes from a remote village, as he explores the world and constantly makes new friends (and sometimes enemies). The main protagonist is also quite energetic, as well as very strong and skilled for his age. Also, both anime show the main character train in order to become stronger and also participate in battle tournaments.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
Both have an adventure charm to them. Those who like Dragon Ball may be interested in the stronger characterization and thematic moments that Hunter x Hunter has in comparison, with a simlar feel to it for some of its run-time. Those who like Hunter x Hunter may appreciate Dragon Ball as an entertainment product with a similar appeal. The protagonists are fairly similar in their tenacity and determination.
report Recommended by zenmodeman
Right now I'm having a hard time watching new shows, I'm obsessed with both these shows and I want to rewatch them right at this moment... Yet, I rewatched them far too many times, not knowing is the most critical & important factor when watching an anime. Both are set in an unknown unique world, one that will slowly get introduced to you, the viewer, explored. Characters training, evolving, while facing strong opponents with unknown abilities, both these have that. Just like Gon, Goku knows nothing about what's outside his comfort zone, both leave to get better & stronger.
report Recommended by blank
So, this two animes had a lot in common. First of all the two animes talk about the adventure of a young kid seraching something or somebody and in the way he meets a lot of characters and fight dangerous enemies. The two shows start a bit slowly but after some episode they start to fight which makes the anime even better. I honestly think that this two animes had more in common of what people think.
report Recommended by Ran30
Ever hear of a little series called Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z? With the main character Goku? Yeah. Luffy from One Piece Gon from Hunter x Hunter and Naruto from Naruto were both inspired by Dragon Ball's Goku. The creators say as much themselves.
report Recommended by gangstabrainsick
Just like Hunter x Hunter, Dragon Ball is a shounen series that focuses around a young boy meeting new people and adventuring.
report Recommended by JaiberH2O
Hunter x Hunter and Dragon Ball Both Have -Young and playful protagonists with abilities related to rock-paper-scissors -Similar production (long-running Shonen Jump series' from the 90s) -Lots of action -Missing parents
report Recommended by Fobesha
-The main character is going on an adventure and both wanted to become stronger - The main character have potential which surprises thier masters - The main character are simpleton and they are kind hearted
report Recommended by Sincere_T_
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