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this anime has a lot of comedy and adventure its very similiar to dragon ball in many ways for exmaple :
both main characters are young , both have adventures trough many places , there is a lot of fights and the main characters doesn't know who his parents are..
goku ( dragon ball ) was very impressive as a kid , had a lot of strength for his age and his durability / endurance was amazing
gon ( hunter x hunter ) is a very impressive kid , has a lot of speed and agility for his age , and his sense of   read more
report Recommended by jack18l
I recommend the original Dragon Ball series if you loved Hunter X Hunter (2011). Yes it's older, but the silly themes and fun adventure stories are similar in feel, and with the many many similar story elements, it's hard not to compare the two when watching the other. If you love Gon, you'll love Goku and vice versa.

Definitely see it if you haven't.
report Recommended by explicit707
They're both about a kid going on an adventure and meeting new people and obstacles along the way. There are lot fights involve in both.
report Recommended by sandro141
Loads of intense fighting between the two of these. Both take part in worlds where characters can utilize their life force for attacks and are pitted against enemies that require them to get stronger every time. One arch for HxH has a cell like character in it also.
report Recommended by Maiku-Desu
Both are based on manga published by Shounen Jump. They both tell the adventures of a young kid, who has no parents and comes from a remote village, as he explores the world and constantly makes new friends (and sometimes enemies). The main protagonist is also quite energetic, as well as very strong and skilled for his age. Also, both anime show the main character train in order to become stronger and also participate in battle tournaments.
report Recommended by BohemianRhapsody
i have only watched a tiny bit of hxh but they just give a similar feeling
report Recommended by Xhen