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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic
Both are set in a different, unique and magical world which include super powers, special abilities etc. Both have superb character development and makes it exciting to watch.
report Recommended by Jimiwaa
As you can notice how important the friendship and teammate elements are very important during the series. Hunter X Hunter is a must watch if you like Magi! I'm a big fan of both shows and I can tell how much they are familiar! The fighting styles are fairly similar to Magi, including the settings of the story and pretty much the artstyles as you can trust MadHouse. Though Magic is not included ((cough Hisoka cough)) in the HxH series, they are both very popular Shounen series. Both shows does also focus on side character's stories as it makes the show more intense and relaxing   read more
report Recommended by just-raito
Both of these anime feature a charismatic and friendly protagonist who is oblivious to the malice of the world. Both of these protagonists (Aladdin in Magi and Gon in HxH) are incredibly forgiving of the transgressions of their enemies and they see the horrible world that both of them reside in through very bright lenses. They can't (or maybe don't want to) see the darkness present within others. Both of these anime involve the main characters embarking on a journey or adventure of one sort or another and both contain plenty of high-octane fights with aesthetically pleasing visuals and cool power systems. Djinn Equips(Magi) make   read more
report Recommended by 8927361482568r9r
Magi is the most similar to HxH of anything I've watched, Kingdom especially, but is still unique with its own charm in many ways. The power system is similar to the power system of HxH, Aladdin is similar to Gon Freecss in some ways(they're both voiced by Erica Mendez in the dubs as well), friendship, moral complexity, journeys and redemption are big themes in both series, and HxH has many well-written characters just as Magi does. I definitely recommend HxH to a fan of Magi.
report Recommended by Astrul
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