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Days: 107.1
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May 15, 9:37 AM
Dropped 1/24 · Scored 6
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto 2nd Season
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto 2nd Season
May 11, 10:30 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
May 11, 10:30 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 9
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Jujutsu Kaisen
Jujutsu Kaisen
10 hours ago
Reading 260/? · Scored 8
Jigokuraku Tokubetsu-hen: Mokke no Mori
Jigokuraku Tokubetsu-hen: Mokke no Mori
Yesterday, 10:30 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 6
Yesterday, 10:30 PM
Completed 128/128 · Scored 8

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ReSeinen May 11, 7:52 PM

I've succumbed to my primal urges, even though I told myself I'd wait for the final season I couldn't do it, I am but a shameful worm who wishes for immediate satisfaction
TheMangaManiac May 10, 1:48 PM
Haven't watched it just yet, but maybe there's something interesting in there

TheMangaManiac May 4, 7:14 AM
[url=☆Hikari_Club]Litchi☆Hikari Club[/url] · Completed 9/9 ・ Scored 4
TheMangaManiac May 3, 5:22 PM
Gokushufudo anime just looks awful and as someone who have read 8 volumes it's just... alright? I also try to write jokes from time to time and understand how important creative punchline and timing are, in Gokushufudo it's the same joke over and over, author even reuses the same jokes from previous chapters. It's somewhat wholesome relaxing story with nothing big really happening, thus making humor extremely bland and "safe". Gets very repetitive and boring after few chapters in.

I like Saiki much more, because it has creative cast of characters plus fantasy element to it PLUS main character is extremely charismatic, but as I said, it's huge hit or miss at times. Geniunely laughed at some of the episodes from season 1
TheMangaManiac May 3, 3:47 PM
Never cared for pairings in majority of manga I am reading. Grand Blue is pretty solid humor-wise, I mean I should have expected this from Baka to Test author. Do I agree with its placement being so high in top-100? Not necessarily, but it's still a very good manga. Humor is a very hard topic in itself since different people enjoy different types of jokes. I absolutely can't stand Gintama, it just never lands for me, yet it has A HUGE fanbase. I remember enjoying Saiki Kusuo a lot, came back years later for season 2 and... it's just kinda crigne.
TheMangaManiac May 3, 12:17 PM
Top AniList manga sorted by read/favorited ratio. Quite interesting list

TheMangaManiac May 3, 4:37 AM
Yeah It did. And pretty bad... only watching it to set as completed. Not recommend. First episodes were really solid, but everything after is pretty meh art-wise and story-wise.
Potimas May 2, 8:30 PM
I saw it on your list and it seemed interesting, so thanks for the indirect recommendation. :P
TheMangaManiac Apr 29, 4:19 PM
't was a nice chapter after almost a year without new Kaiji chapters.

I am glad he wasn't portrayed as some goody two shoes and still appear as someone who hates losing and quite fishy lol. Offering taxi driver to gamble?! Are you serious? XD

"Bongo"... is a weird choice of name, but hey, when I was 19 I named a guy in my manga Mumbai. Like... it's a city!! Who names someone after a city?! Peak cringe writing... I didn't think way too long, just named him whatever, appeared on two pages only. Today I do my research
ReSeinen Apr 28, 1:29 PM
TheMangaManiac Apr 27, 10:54 AM
Still haven't read it. Will do, probably, later today
TheMangaManiac Apr 27, 5:18 AM
Ey yo Kaiji prequel got translated!!!
TheMangaManiac Apr 25, 2:06 PM
Oh I've seen this one lol. What a reference... never watched K-ON so it flew completely under my radar, but I noticed the "Don't say lazy" chapter tiitle since I had it in my mp3 player for years
TheMangaManiac Apr 25, 11:29 AM
Well it doesn't look long, that's for sure. Better this way than another 100+ chaps manga. Pretty solid so far. Can't grasp MC's gender, it's a girl, isn't it?
TheMangaManiac Apr 24, 1:49 PM
I, on the other hand, absolutely love Sentai. OP/ED are both great (tho BLOCKED IN MY COUNTRY how fucking petty companies must be lmao). I am not even annoyed by CG usage.

It has certain something to it. It's like "The Boys" meeting "Power Rangers". Might as well read the manga because I became quite invested. I like cool underdogs, maybe D is not brightest (wouldn't call him dumb, he's fine), he's against people much stronger than he is.

Yeah Kaju is very VERY cliche, you can predict the entire plot down to the letter. I've read 30-ish chapters and dropped it, it was extremely boring. More surprising it got an anime and spin-off. Shame, I liked the premise about middle age guy wanting to succeed, really wanted to enjoy it but can't

Aside from that, checking on Spice Wolf and Kuroshitsuji. Ninja Kamui is just 2 eps left, can't wait to put it in "Finished"
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