Hiramoto, Akira

Hiramoto, Akira

Given name: アキラ
Family name: 平本
Birthday: 1976
Member Favorites: 191
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Prison School
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Prison School: Mad Wax
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Agonashi Gen to Ore Monogatari
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Neo Kiseijuu
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Ore to Akuma no Blues
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Prison School
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RaW Hero
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Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari
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SerhaTR0483-2 | Mar 30, 1:05 AM
Wha...Is this same guy who draws Ore to Akuma no Blues and Prison School?!
JUST TURN BACK TO THAT MANGA AND SEINEN. You don't have talent on ecchi. Everyone readed it because good art and anime, not talent.
It's sad, man...you know. No more words, just return seinen...

Kotoran | Mar 14, 3:13 PM

RodxD | Mar 9, 9:55 PM
The M in Meiko is for Meter

Hiruel22 | Mar 9, 3:26 AM
Fuck cliches

TheHowlingWolf27 | Mar 3, 11:54 PM
The ending and that epilogue that author wrote. SUCKS! ASS!!!

Polyphemus | Feb 5, 6:40 PM
what was that ending

Kyotosomo | Jan 26, 7:43 PM
What an asshole. I would love to know what the hell happened to make him to decide to toss his originally intended ending for Prison School and replace it at the last minute with a giant half-assed fuck you to his audience done purely out of spite. It makes me genuinely happy Prison School was a fluke and he'll never have another successful series ever again. He 100% deserves the shitty minimum wage job he's probably gonna have to work the rest of his life to support his NEET lifestyle once his Prison School money runs out in a couple years.

Shamo- | Jan 24, 10:02 PM
There is nothing wrong with ending, Stop the bandwagon.

Qrow4 | Jan 6, 11:56 AM
love this epic ending of PS, things kinda rushed in the last 40 chapters but at least it didnt end with a standard sweet happy end <3

ApenasUmDango | Dec 12, 2018 9:07 PM
tua foto parece um penis ;--;

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